ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Potential GOP presidential contender Tim Pawlenty wants the U.S. to recall its ambassador to Syria and seek economic sanctions to send “a clear and strong signal” opposing the nation’s violent crackdown on demonstrators.

In a written statement Friday, the former Minnesota governor also pressed President Barack Obama to seek a formal condemnation from the United Nations Security Council.

At least 75 people were killed Friday when Syrian security forces fired bullets and tear gas at protesters. It was the bloodiest day of a month-long uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Obama is condemning the latest use of force against anti-government demonstrators and says the regime’s “outrageous” use of violence against the protesters must “end now.”

Pawlenty is among several Republicans considering a bid to challenge Obama’s re-election next year.

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Comments (7)
  1. Swamp Rat says:

    T-Paul wants the US ambassador to Syria recalled and to seek economic sanctions against Syria.–Giving or sending “a clear and signal” to Syria that we in the US disapprove of Syria’s gunning down demonstrators. OK, that sounds Presidential for the proverbial soundbites but what decisive actions does he suggest for the political and economics messes that this country and home state are in?

    Oh, well, thus far his ratings are near the bottom of the Republican Presidential candidate circus just above Michelle Bachmann. It would help his image and election bid if he would help the country and Mn get solvent again!

  2. froggy says:

    I want Pawlenty out of the U.S politics….how about that ?…the brain dead douch bucket!

  3. William Luedtke says:

    Lets stay out of the politics of the Middle East. All we are doing is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood by coming to the aide of the rebels.

  4. fight for your country weasel says:

    Send Pawlenty to Syria instead

  5. Frank says:

    Other than oil Syria has not much for exports. If they did not sell their oil to Europe, they could sell it to China or India. No big deal. This is another Pawlenty blowing a big pile of smoke.

  6. america dont vote for this jerk says:

    T-pawn when will you make a decision that helps minorities?
    Maybe when you get rid of your racist mindset?

  7. me says:

    It seems as if the Repubs check to see what Pres. Obama is doing and then take the exact opposite stance. Libya? Libya? Bueller?

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