By Mike Max

By Mike Max, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Twins infielder Michael Cuddyer is a versatile baseball player, but what you may not know about the Twins player is that he’s a pretty good photographer.

Cuddyer’s journey through the big leagues has been a good one. Maybe that’s why, as a veteran, he’s allowed to appreciate and think deeper these days, which is in part why he’s got this new hobby.

He bought a camera this off-season and is taking it on the road and taking pictures. He goes into cities and stadiums with a goal: to capture it.

“Let the fans see perspectives and stadiums that they wouldn’t be able to see,” said Cuddyer. “We have access to so many different parts of the stadium that even professional photographers don’t get access to.”

It has blossomed into a new and long term hobby.

“I think it will be long term,” he said. “My son is two and a half and as he continues to grow older and hopefully into sports. Whatever he wants to do, I’ll be able to take pictures of him.”

April is probably not the most breathtaking month for Minnesota photography.

“We’ve only been here for five days and, obviously, it’s a little ugly out there. We’ve got about 75 more days to go that I can take pictures of Target Field,” he said.

Mike Max

Comments (3)
  1. Matt says:

    If he could only focus on earning the $11.5M he’s making this year by increasing his batting average above .240 instead of focusing on photography… He’s on pace for an astounding 23 RBIs this year. Brutal.

  2. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    Figureed the comment above was going to be said at somepoint. However, it’s the Twins team as a whole who need to play a bit better and they showed glimpses of hope against Cleveland this weekend by hitting in clutch scenarios. I still see the Twins winning the Central, let’s be serious Cleveland and Kansas City will not be the top teams all season.

  3. a baseball player and fan says:

    Matt, if you had played baseball in your life, you’d know that slumps happen, and when they do, focusing does not always help, and often prolongs the slump.

    That said – Cuddyer is leading the team in HR’s, at-bats, games played, and positions played. The problem with the Twins is HARDLY Michael Cuddyer.

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