ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota lawmaker wants the state to make plans in case the federal government goes bust.

The bill from Republican Rep. Keith Downey of Edina would require state agencies that get federal funds to make contingency plans in case the federal government becomes insolvent.

Downey’s bill is up for a hearing in a House government panel on Thursday.

He and GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean also hold a news conference to talk about the legislation.

The proposal tells state agencies to pinpoint their risks from federal financial instability and develop plans to handle the loss of federal funds.

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Comments (12)
  1. ohoh says:

    Good thinking, the states should keep most monies at home, not be dependent on the federal govt. to send it back.

  2. Pork Chop Guy says:

    Wow, a politician actually planning ahead. Good to see.

  3. Mike says:

    More hyper sensational, inane, fear mongering from the Republican party.
    This is getting sooooooooooooooooo old…………

  4. shoptillidropgeneration says:

    What’s even more old and ready to bite ALL of us big time is the federal government continuing to spend huge amounts of money it doesn’t have and expecting our kids and grandkids to think the previous generation was ok that they pay the bill for our incompetence & irresponsibility. Horse—-!

    1. cut back! says:

      agreed!! It’s getting soooo old people thinking they can spend what they don’t have. I can’t do it with wellsfargo, and neither should the federal government. Cut back, cut back!!

      1. Mike says:

        cut back!-Cutting off your nose to spite your face never works and when the government starts affecting you and your precious children, don’t say, “I wasn’t warned…………”

    2. jimmy says:

      When Reagan was president Republicans claimed debt was no problem. When Clinton was president Republicans claimed that the debt was the number one problem. When Bush was elected Republicans claimed debt was no problem. Which is it Republicans?

  5. Tom says:

    Cut Back

    Apparently you forgot during the Pawlenty administration that had too ask US BANK to set aside some money just in case that state could not pay the bills. And of course the state is broke because we do not bring in REVENUE!

  6. Alan says:

    Perhaps they should be telling people to be drawing up contingency plans for what to do when the state closes down.
    If the state agencies draw up plans what they would do without federal money, the Republicans will say that this is what you don’t need to do and cut it. Either a terribly brilliant idea, or the Republicans do not have a clue as to what the money gets spent on and who provides what. I would opt for the later. The proof is in their own budget proposal. The governor handed them a budget almost three months ago and they still haven’t come up with a counter proposal. Many of the legislators are not new to the job.

  7. GIMME says:

    Revenue problem, or spending problem? Hmmm? Wouldn’t a prudent person, any prudent household plan for balance before continuing with any idea that spending what we don’t have is good for everyone?

    Nah, the ungrateful kids deserve what we give ’em, including all my bills! GIMME MY ENTITLEMENTS, Baby, and don’t forget the inflation factor!

    1. jimmy says:

      Gimme you must be a conservative, you show the same kind of greed that they have.

  8. Gimme says:

    Jimmy you must be a conservative, you show the same kind of intolerance that they have.

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