FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) — Bail is set at $1 million for a western Minnesota man accused of attacking his 68-year-old mother with a machete.

KBRF-AM reports 46-year-old James Howard of Dalton made his first court appearance Wednesday.

Howard is charged with attempted murder and assault. KFGO-AM reports Howard told paramedics he intended to kill his mother, Barbara Howard, to end her suffering from cancer and diabetes.

Court documents say James Howard also told them he used a machete to injure his mother. He was hospitalized in Fergus Falls with what deputies say was a self-inflicted neck wound, but is now in jail.

According to the complaint, Barbara Howard is on life support at a Fargo, N.D., hospital with a severe skull fracture. At the family’s request, Sanford Medical Center is not releasing her condition.

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Comments (22)
  1. What a nutjob says:

    “Howard told paramedics he intended to kill his mother, Barbara Howard, to end her suffering from cancer and diabetes….” With a violent and painful death?! How compassionate…

  2. Ann says:

    Maybe hes got autism

  3. sad says:

    Poor woman, to have suffered so at the hands of her son. I wonder what else she endured at his hands before this final act?

    1. Still Burns says:

      Seriously. Who hasn’t at one time or another wanted to take a swing at Momma with a machete?

      All jokes aside, my condolences to the family. My Dad went hard with cancer/diabetes. My mom made his last days hell, hence my snark.

  4. Klint Klanwood says:

    White people are Awesome and Not Violent…..

    1. kevin says:

      Yea, but Klint, don’t this happen everyday in the hood?

  5. weee says:

    I say hack him to death with a dull rusty machete !!

    1. weee says:

      what makes you think his mom had anything to do with his actions.Like its her fault! LAME EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!

      1. we says:

        Why do you blame this poor woman for her nut case kids actions? ARE YOU ON CRACK?????

      2. wow says:

        Wow, are you serious? You don’t even know this family!! I personaly know this family and I know for a fact that the mother is not to blame.

        1. wow says:

          I’d really like to know what other stories you are speaking of because obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. Like I said before, you don’t even know the family! You’re really going to go off of what other people are saying?

          1. michellefrommadison says:

            Actually wow, to correct your continued errors, there are many sites available that show just the opposite of what you are saying. But, that’s typical conduct from people not very well-educated. To attack and deny proven facts makes you appear either a bit slow or just lazy and content with remaining uninformed. Many people like you are afraid of the facts of some cases and it appear you are quite content remaining ill-informed and mis-informed. Perhaps a physician’s prescription might assist you in obtaining some motivation for the truth you so desperately are avoiding. May God help you and make you well.

        2. wow says:

          Really? You really took the time to write all that out? Did you not read what I said before when I said that I KNOW THE FAMILY. And by the way, not everything that is online is true. How do you know those facts are proven? Unless those facts came directly from the family, they’re not proven facts. So basically, you’re saying that it’s okay that she was attacked and that she deserves to be suffering? You honestly think her son is innocent?

  6. lee says:

    i guess u rather have ur son kill u then any other strangers

  7. kevin says:

    And now for the bad news, lots more adult children moving back in with elderly parents! Time to sell that house and head for Florida before the loser comes back home! LOL

  8. Carol Flahave says:

    How can anyone so insensitive and uneducated make a comment that this person might have autism.? That is a very cruel remark

  9. michellefrommadison says:

    Yes, wow, really. I really don’t care about the family, the mom needs to be investigated, charged, and incarcerated for doing what she has obviously done to the male. Is there a death penalty in that state? If so, might be about time we deplete the death row inmate numbers a bit, including her.

    If you know the family, you too should be held on charges for not protecting the male from that monster-mom. Documented, verifiable, and proven.

  10. iknowwhatwecoulddo says:

    michelle, you need to get mushroom stamped!

  11. mosesbulldog says:

    michelle you don’t have a clue i know the family and have for years hi is a druged up looser that didn’t give a damm about anybody but himself she tried to help him and look what it got her i told her many times to leave him out to rot but she couldn’t do that to one of her children she always told me i hope he gets life or better yet the same thing he did to her would be more to my likeing so until you know what you are talking about you can go to hell

    1. wow says:

      I completly agree with you!!! I don’t understand how people can say all of these horrible things when they don’t even know the family!!

  12. Chitownex says:

    I dated Jim when he lived in Illinois and i agree with mosesbulldog. Jim is a druged up loser. He was mentally and phsically abusive to me, I lived in fear. When I did break up with him, he tried to kill us both. The man is whacked out on drugs, not right in his mind. His family was enablers by protecting him and not getting him help. I have always kept tabs on him making sure he was always in another state, away from me. I am so sorry for his family’s loss. I can finally sleep knowing he’s in jail for a while. If he is charged with murder and was given the death penalty, I would do everything in my power to watch him die.

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