REDWOOD FALLS, Minn. (AP) — Jurors have convicted a 41-year-old man of killing his girlfriend’s toddler son more than two years ago in southwest Minnesota.

The jury deliberated about two hours Wednesday before finding Donald Warren Hayes guilty of first- and second-degree murder.

Hayes claimed he was carrying 13-month-old Robert Azure Jr. when he tripped over a fan and the child fell to the floor, hitting his head.

The boy suffered a fatal brain injury at his home in Redwood Falls on Sept. 24, 2008. An autopsy revealed multiple skull fractures and other injuries in various stages of healing.

Hayes told investigators he was caring for his girlfriend’s children while she was working.

Jurors found there were aggravating factors, which could affect sentencing.

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Comments (2)
  1. brent says:

    Grab a rope, lets find a tall oak tree!

  2. sad says:

    You know the mother is guilty as well, “multiple skull fractures and other injuries in various stages of healing” no way all that happened withoujt her knowledge, she may have inflicted some of the wounds. Poor baby to have suffered at the hands of these brutes.

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