By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) –- People in Brooklyn Park put aside part of their weekend to head to the polls. It was Election Saturday, a rare day to cast a vote in Minnesota.

Brooklyn Park’s former mayor, Steve Lampi, died from cancer in February, two months after starting his third term. The city had 60 days to hold a special election to find his replacement, according to city clerk Devin Montero.

Montero said the Brooklyn Park City Council decided to hold the election on a Saturday, instead of a Tuesday, to maximize voter turnout.

Voters that came out said they had to do their research, with a choice of 12 mayoral candidates on the ballot.

“The city charter doesn’t call for a primary so we had 12 candidates on the ballot, 12 candidates that are all diverse,” Montero said. The candidates include a former mayor, a current council member, a few female candidates and a candidate from Liberia.

Liberian native Princess Parker said the only race that matters to her is a campaign built on character. She’s lived in Brooklyn park for more than a decade.

“Knowing our past mayor, he was a great man,” Parker said. “I chose to come out here in this rain and vote today, to make sure the right person took over and run Brooklyn Park. I am a mom of four, my kids are growing up in Brooklyn Park; I want a decent community, a community that is free from gangs and everything else, that can only happen if we have a leader.”

Longtime Brooklyn Park residents Penny and Steve Sobczak said they also took time trying to research the best candidate, wanting someone who is dynamic and pro-business to help boost Brooklyn Park’s economy.

“There are big shoes to fill, we have a lot of things happening in our community that are really important,” said Penny Sobczak. “I think it was a tough election just because there are so many people on the ballot.”

Montero said the city of Brooklyn Park won’t know if a Saturday special election did attract more voters until after the polls close at 8 p.m. As far as who is leading the mayoral election, Montero said, with 12 candidates, it’s too tough to tell or pinpoint a clear frontrunner.

Results will be posted on the city’s website Saturday evening.

Comments (7)
  1. Patrick says:

    I went to vote at 3PM today and I was the only voter the 10 minutes I was there. I guess the turnout will be quite low. Too bad that most of us care more about royal weddings and such and so little about governance of our own communities.

    1. Dale Cook says:

      hey patrick – ever consider we all cared enough to vote early? why would you post something so lamely annoyingly whiny?

      1. Patrick says:


        You can call me whatever you want, just look at the numbers. Also my assertion (which is true, by the way — only 9k out of 40k voted) was based not entirely on the fact that I was the only one there, it was also based on the running vote count on the vote scanner machine at my precinct.

  2. neenee says:

    Very assumptive of you.

  3. Itsme says:

    Where do you find an honest politician?????????????????/
    First you exclude the Jews by voting on the Sabbath.
    everyone else in P.P. is out scoring crack.

  4. Pavel says:

    Maybe the other 31,000 could not find their driver’s liicense??

    1. Henry says:

      Winfred Russell all the way