MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Some Muslims in Minnesota are relieved to hear that Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat.

Lori Saroya is president of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. She says Monday that she feels a little safer now, knowing his decades of plotting against innocent people have come to an end.

She says bin Laden is a symbol of religious extremism, and because his voice was so loud, he was drowning out mainstream Muslim voices all over the world. She says most Muslims reject extremism and terrorism.

Zahra Aljabri is assistant civil rights director for CAIR-MN. She says it’s unfortunate that bin Laden was connected with Islam, because he doesn’t represent the religion. She’s relieved officials stopped his rhetoric and the threat he posed to citizens worldwide.

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Comments (6)
  1. Riiiight says:

    Maybe this group needs to addrss some of the issues facing it’s own MN Muslim population. Why was this man allowed to hold meetings in mosques?
    A Minnesota man accused of helping young Somalis travel from the U.S. to fight in their homeland has pleaded not guilty.
    Twenty-six-year-old Omer Abdi Mohamed, of St. Anthony, entered his plea Monday in federal court in St. Paul.
    A superseding indictment made public last month accuses Mohamed of holding mobilizing meetings at mosques and homes and conspiring with others to provide money and weapons. Mohamed faces a July 19 trial on terrorism charges.

  2. JB says:

    Do you really think a man guilty of sending thousands of Muslims and non Muslims to their deaths for his beliefs and not that of a peace loving god is deserving of resting in peace? If you really believe that, then all great warior leaders should merit resting in peace, since they all fought and started wars for their god or betterment of their people. Or is it only your peopel that desrve heaven and not others that impose no restrictions on how you live your life?

  3. silly says:

    I hear he was wrapped in pig skin and given the old heave ho off the ship.

  4. Riiight says:

    All I see on this forum is either hatred of Christians or hatred of Muslims. I still want to know why this man who has been charged was allowed to meet and recruit in Mosques?

    I don’t hate Muslims or Christians. I just want to know why CAIRN-MN hasn’t address the problems within their own community?

  5. Allah Loves Tasty Virgins says:

    Who gives a sh** what Minn Muslim have to say????

  6. Don says:

    Are you responsible for the killing of abortion doctors in the name of Christianity? No. In the same way you can’t hold Muslims responsible for crazy people who claim to be Muslim. It’s not THEIR problem to address, it’s OUR problem as a community to address. Riiight is WRONG.

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