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AMES, Iowa (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty promises to devote the time and resources needed for an extensive campaign for Iowa’s leadoff precinct caucuses.

After speaking and taking questions for an hour Tuesday in Ames, Pawlenty told The Associated Press that Iowa activists expect one-on-one attention. He says such campaigns are common in the Midwest and he’s comfortable with that personal approach.

Pawlenty has formed a presidential exploratory committee and recently announced the hiring of Iowa staffers for his likely caucus campaign.

Although some expect Pawlenty will get a boost with Iowa voters because he’s from a neighboring state, Pawlenty says people don’t choose candidates based on geography.

Pawlenty plans another event Tuesday night in Adel. On Wednesday, he’ll speak in Urbandale, then tour the Pioneer Hi-Bred Research Center in Johnston.

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Comments (5)
  1. Paul Bunyon says:

    So Iowans can find out that Timmy of full of it one voter at a time?

    Good luck with that. They could just have called me and saved some time.

  2. Harvey says:

    Pawlenty says people don’t choose candidates based on geography.
    The nay sayers now can not say everything TP says is bull. His only shot is to convince the voters one at a time..

  3. Paul says:

    Give it up you loser. We didn’t want you and the nation doesn’t either. Move to Iowa and make us all happy

  4. Sheeple says:

    Tim “The Tool” Pawlenty. He’s got the charisma of block of wood and the personality & sincerity to match. Parroting 30 year old divisive Reagan rhetoric has caused enough damage. Let’s hope the useful idiots are done drinking the Kool Aid soon, this country can’t take any more poor leadership by morons like The Tool.

  5. Al says:

    He will come in way behind Huckleberry. So long, jerk!

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