EDINA (WCCO) — Coyotes are showing up more and more in suburban areas, and people are starting to worry. In Edina, several homeowners recently spotted coyotes in their backyards. One pet owner even had to block a coyote from taking her dog.

Three weeks ago, Becky Bennett said her beautiful backyard retreat turned into a horrifying scene.

“He came up into the backyard to get her,” said Becky Bennett, who says she’s now afraid to let her pet out alone. “I heard her yelp and I just came running. I knew what it was. I knew he had her.”

Smokey, an 18-year-old Schipperke, was captured by a coyote.

“He was carrying her and was at the end of our property and going into our neighbor’s yard,” said Bennett. “I just came out the door and started running and yelling and screaming and being as big as I possibly could — waving my hands and screaming at it to drop her.”

Fortunately, the coyote let Smokey go. Her back suffered puncture wounds and it took her 10 days to be able to walk.

Edina Police sent in a sharp shooter to look for the coyote, but they didn’t find anything.

Meanwhile, a few miles down the road, several more coyotes were spotted.

“My dog was over in the grass and two coyotes were surrounding it and it was really quick, I ran and they took off as soon as they saw me,” said Linda Sherman.

Right now, Edina officials are checking around to see what other cities are doing about coyotes.

Homeowners are saying that something must be done soon before something worse happens.

“We’re lucky it was our pet and not our grandchildren,” said Bennett.

If you’re confronted by a coyote, the DNR says to make yourself look big, wave your hands and make a lot of noise to scare it off.

The DNR doesn’t keep track of the coyote population, but it does say it’s growing.

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Comments (15)
  1. bob 2 says:

    We’ve had coyotes in our yard in Columbia Hts. Reporting it was futile.” SO WHAT DO YOU THINK WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.” They attack my dogs and they are DEAD MEAT. I’ll take the jury trial, thank u . I live in the city not the great north woods………. come on DNR or animal control do something about this problem.

    1. Shaina Henry says:

      I so agree with you. If one takes any of my animals I will personally go after them and take the jury. The DNR really needs to step up their game in the dang cities. I live in SLP and have seen a few around my place, but of course it’s a Mom and Pups(SOB!!)

  2. steve says:

    Why not give us an address in the story so those of us that might be nearby could be on the lookout!

  3. yote coyote says:

    really???? Bennett your grandchild. Come on now. you rabbit size dog looked like a tasty meal for that hungary yote. you should call Ace Ventura Pet Detective I’ve heard he can handle those critters….

  4. C Jensen says:

    Sure hippies…..whine and cry about animal rights, increase my hunting license fees, take away my hunting lands and then cry cry to the DNR and local police when there is a coyote in your backyard. Some animals aren’t so cute and cuddly when you hit them with your car or they eviscerate your pets are they?

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      C Jensen
      What the he!! are you talking about? Who “took your hunting lands”? From the sound of the post that you have there, you are the only one crying at this moment. From the story how do you know that these people are not hunters? There is no proof of this or anything else you are stating. I would say that the “hippies” are not to blame if you lost your land, I would say you may want to pay your taxes so they are not “taken” from you.

  5. old yelper says:

    Now that Osamas been caught, maybe there are some seals looking for something to do, give them a call, eh?

  6. dave says:

    Can’t have it both ways, part of the allure of a ‘beautiful backyard retreat’ is probably nature and the animals. If you want that, then don’t complain, or maybe move to the asphault jungle (city) where you’ll just have to contend with squirrels, rats, and thugs.

  7. dumjensen says:

    Funny, he pulled the hippy card.

  8. Anneyk says:

    We live in Eden Prairie and have had a minimum of 20 different sitings of coyotes in our BACKYARD alone, in less than a month. Last week we observed a coyote walk right up to our neighbor’s house. They come out at all hours of day and night. Frankly, I am terrified of them, but our animal control people say there is nothing that can be done. We have a huge yard, but we don’t dare let our dog run around for fear the coyote will get him.

  9. eastside_evil says:

    Don’t be terrified. Hunters sit in fields covered in masking agents, camouflage and sitting behind a blind making wounded animal calls just to get the coyotes to approach them.

    There is nothing for a human to be “terrified” of in a coyote. They don’t want to haul off your unbehaved 5 year old from her swingset.
    The coyote is the terrified one when it sees you, trust me.

    Now your 9 lb floofball canine on the other hand is just waiting to be a victim of a coyote’s opportunistic hunting nature.

    For no fee at all, I will come remove coyotes from your neighborhood.

  10. again? says:

    I have had numerous coyote’s in my backyard and they have never attacked my 2 dogs. Then again I have 2 pit bulls and they go after the coyote’s when they are in the yard. If you have small animals you have to expect that they are not going to be able to fend off anything for themselves. Welcome to MN, we do have wild animals in this state. Not blaming anyone or saying you cannot own a small animal, just saying that you have to think about the whole picture. These animals have been coming into town because of the easy food sources such as garbage cans that are not sealed, people putting food out for other animals, and people not watching their pets. You cannot blame the coyote’s either as they need to eat too.

  11. Jack says:

    Plain and simply, Wear real fur, Prices go up, Harvest increases, Population goes down, Coyotes move out of the city

  12. westymom says:

    Why can the “authorities ” authorize goose and deer control hunts, but do nothing about the coyote issue, which are bigger dangers than deer and geese combined?

    We have eliminated birdfeeders, and birdbaths, trimmed bushes down, and installed dusk to dawn lighting…we already have a fence, I am doing my part, time for the authorities to step up….when you see coyotes strolling through the neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon, its time!

    1. Kris says:

      Put the bird feeder back up and lure the coyotes into your yard and kill them, this is a simple solution. All you need is a small game license. Or call eastside -evil and he’ll come do it for you. Coyotes fur make lovely mittens and also nice hats, since you live in MN you’ll need them anyway. Nothing better than making yourself something useful.