By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

This is a really tough question. As a dad of two young boys, I think about the right things to teach them. If (more likely when) they get picked on by classmates, I think the right thing for them to do is to walk away.

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But what happens if things escalate? If a bully is constantly picking on my son? If someone pushes him or punches him? Should he walk away or should he fight back?

This question came to our mind after a story that our sister-station in Baltimore did. Watch the video and watch how the mom encourages her young son to fight:

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Is this the right thing to do? Is there a time where the only thing to do is to fight, physically — to stand up for yourself?

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I’d be interested in your thoughts. We’ll use them in tonight’s Good Question at 10.

Jason DeRusha