By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota state lawmaker is getting worldwide attention for his pro-gay comments he made during a hearing and those comments are now been seen on YouTube. In 48 hours, there were more than 180,000 views.

State Rep. Steve Simon, DFL-St. Louis Park, made the comments Monday in a Minnesota House hearing on a bill for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

He questioned Minnesota clergy members using religious arguments to support a ban on gay marriage. 
“Sexuality and sexual orientation are a gift from God,” said Simon. “And I think that’s true.”

“How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?” he asked.

Simon said he was reacting to a parade of Minnesota clergy in House and Senate committees testifying in favor of a gay marriage ban.

Reverend Tom Parrish, a Lutheran pastor from Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, said he has ministered to many people who “practice the gay lifestyle.”

“While our goal as Christians is certainly to love others, it does not exist in a vacuum. Love is predicated on the truth of God’s word and His intent for the world,” he said in the hearing.

The video on YouTube of Simon is generating thousands of comments online from around the world.

Simon, who is not gay, said he didn’t plan his remarks in advance or expect the response afterward.

“People will go on to the next thing in 24 hours,” he said. “Everyone’s going to forget my name very quickly. It’s not about me or my name but I do hope the underlying message endures.”

Simon said he’s received hundreds of emails from across the country from people who have seen him on YouTube. All but two of them, he said, supporting him.

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  1. Jim says:

    Blinded by Authority

    To believe in argument by authority as you do is no reason for anyone to take you seriously.

  2. Richard Pettey says:

    God didn’t create marriage. The church did.

    1. Tom says:

      Richard Pettey

      The church didn’t create anything. Marriage is just a piece of paper. The couples decide where to get married. Yes they can choose a church, some choose at city hall in from of the justice of the peace, some in a park setting, their own back yard, etc.

      1. Wayne says:

        If Marriage is JUST a piece of paper than gays don’t need it then. Not to mention why should any of us get married if that’s all it is?

        1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

          Some pieces of paper can be very powerful, e.g. the Constitution, the Magna Carta… don’t underestimate the power of paper.

          1. Wayne says:

            Well there is a huge stack of some of the most powerful papers in the world and in history. Its been all put together in a book called The Holy Bible. I would strongly recommend you pick one up or barrow one from someone and do some reading. I recommend the KJV but to each there own. That is one stack of powerful papers I put a lot of faith into and amazes me all the time.

            1. Laura says:

              Your religion does not belong in our constitution – nor does you hate. This is a country of Freedom – YOUR oppression needs to stay behind YOUR closed doors.
              On a side not – be careful of using God’s name to justify hate – it could come back to bit you.

              1. JP says:

                Too bad you think religion doesn’t belong in the Constitution, because it is certainly there. Also it’s in the Constitution of all 50 states.

                1. Laura says:

                  God’s in our constitution – not religion. People with more than a simple mind understand the difference

                2. llp says:

                  Sorry it might be in a state constitution but if you search the US constitution there is not one mention of or the word god.
                  Amendent 1
                  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Goverment for a redress of grievances.

                3. Jim says:

                  The state will dictate no religion, period, unlike England who was dictating religion at the time of the revolution. That is all that is in the constitution. Read it. That doesn’t give religion or their believers any special rights to decide who can have the rights the constitution guarantees. It doesn’t give religion ANY special rights or authority. Period.

              2. Ron Gensler says:

                Laura,,,it’s not hate to quote the Bible…..

                1. Laura says:

                  No it is not – but is is blasphemy to use the bible to preach your intolerance. Just so you know – I went to Catholic school most my life – I know my bible.

            2. Brian says:

              When you read it does it teach you to spell?

        2. Tom says:


          Marriage is just a piece of paper. Couples go to govt center too file paperwork, etc, then after that it is up to them when and where. And there couples who choose not get married and live together and have kids and that works for them. And if people like you have a problem with that then that is your problem not theirs.

          1. Wayne says:

            Im not saying I have problem with it, Im just saying that if you think your marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper than its no wonder why the divorce rate is so hi. Especially when couples don’t live Godly marriages.

            1. Jim says:

              Just what is a “Godly marriage” Wayne? One you think is godly? Who made you god and judge?

            2. Tom says:


              So you think that the divorce rate is so high because it just a piece paper? That is total non-sense. Marriages fall apart for various reasons like money, or they have found someone else after a few years. But if your theory that divorce rate is so high among straight couples is because of a piece of paper? Then how would you explain couples that have been married for about 50 years? Did their marriage last that long because of a piece of paper? Or maybe it was because they both made the right choice at that time?

      2. StraycatStrut says:

        Over 200 comments, many heated… as would be expected. I say…. give the people a chance to vote on this hot issue and go with it. The American way of doing things seems in order. Let the people decide. Sounds reasonable.

        1. John says:

          It’s not up to other people to decide the rights of minorities. I don’t get to “vote” on whether black people deserve to get married; neither should I be allowed. Similarly, I don’t get to “vote” to determine whether two gay strangers get married. It’s preposterous and goes against every protection of minority rights this country has (on paper, at least) supported throughout its history.

          I, obviously, have no idea what ethnicity, religion, class, etc. to which you belong. However, just think if some people decided based off of their holy text that one of the groups to which you belong without any free choice of your own didn’t ‘deserve’ the same civil rights as everyone else. Would it really make sense?

          1. Mr. M says:

            WELL SAID!!! TOTALLY AGREED!!!

      3. CrazyMN says:

        As a gay Minneasota resident, I hope I can opt out of paying taxes for schools that I do not use that only educate the offspring of bigots. Is that possible?

    2. KM says:

      God created marriage way back in Genesis when He created woman from Adam’s rib and said in Chapter 2: 24 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

      1. Amanda says:

        Again…. that is religion…. RELIGION does not dictate the constitution of USA…. so leave your religion out of this and come up with another argument… OH wait, you don’t have another one

        1. Wayne says:

          Really? This country was founded on old testament laws. Religion has been taken out of to much already because of people with your attitude. I dare you to compare the public school system to a christian private school system and tell me that the christian one is worse of, has more crime, has more drugs, has more disrespecting children, etc. As soon as we start letting the governments think that gay marriage is ok we might as well legalize drugs, make it ok for adults to date children and other perversions.

          1. Amanda says:

            Sure Wayne, sure.. you are free to believe in whatever you like, I am free to believe in whatever I like… keep your kids in that pink bubble and keep yourself in that one as well!

            1. Wayne says:

              That’s it? Go back and look over your history. You don’t have to admit that I am right I understand pride, but I know I am…its not that I believe I am.

              1. Amanda says:

                Again, you are free to believe what you want, and I am free to have my own beliefs… that is the beauty of life

              2. Wesley Hazlett says:


                The United States was founded by men that consecrated this Country to the Lord God Almighty. These men had a personal relationship with God. That is why the Lord brought this nation from a puddle of blood to the strongest nation in the world in just a short amount of time.

                When a Country divorces itself from God there are horrific consequences that result in severe judgements. Look at Israel how the Lord blessed it and how God judged Israel when they turned to sexual perversion and whoring after false gods.

                Wayne is just saying that unless the people of this nation repent, get right with the Lord- we will be destroyed. This may be through war or through policy but it will happen. The divorced Country from God is a horrific thing to be in so that is why Christians are earnestly contending to share the truth of God’s Word to those who are openly engaging in behavior that God abhors.

                1. Wayne says:

                  So well put Wesley. Thank you very much for making it clear. 🙂

                2. Dawn says:

                  They believed in god, but they were not christian. They worked hard to keep religion out of the government and government out of religion. We need to keep it that way. Countries that don’t have religion entrenched in the govt have much lower more stable cultures.

                3. Jim says:

                  No they didn’t Wesley. Nice try on rewriting history. Jefferson thought god was a concept created by men who wanted control, like you Wesley, not men of reason. You might try actually reading the public record. Remember the constitution was written during the brief period of the Age of Enlightenment. That age is long gone. Now we have the helmet society and blow-hearts.

                4. KB says:

                  then move to a different country if it’s so horrific to you.

                5. Dave says:


                  It’s of historical record that these same Men you bestow such high honor upon were also slave owners, didn’t believe Women should have equal rights, etc…
                  You appear to be an Idealogue, like many in our great dysfunctional nation.

          2. Ryan says:

            1) How’s the drug war working out for ya? Notice how drug violence and amount of available drugs has continually increased. Im not sure what your point is with your argument outside of perhaps attending a focus group that was blindly against drugs vs. actually using facts to come to a rational platform.

            2) The public education has been largely corrupted by utopian nonsense. It has nothing to do with religion. If liberals and the teachers unions would actually work towards the best interests of the children, then they would be able to compete with private school systems. Again, this is more of a political matter than a religious matter.

            3) Has the country not evolved since the adoption of the constitution? Do you really think that if the “founding fathers” looked around at our current political environment and some issues such as the internet that they might have to tweak the constitution in a little bit.

            4) Remember, people justified Jim Crow laws by using the bible as their justification. Hell, even some rednecks today will tell you that inter-racial marriage is frowned upon by God because of something in the bible.

            Your arguments are weak.

            1. Wayne says:

              2) Politics, oh yeah another place where God isn’t allowed. I guess we have seen how well that has worked to huh? Just saying. That at all the places where God is welcomed and where man has eliminated him from and tell me that without him the world is a better place for it.

              3) The constitution was fine why tweak something that’s already good? Again this is likely a “well so and so might get offended so we better not do that or say that.”

              4) well not that I am against it but I can see and understand the reason behind it. But the Bible also says MAN AND WOMAN. Should we just say “Hay times have changed now so lets just do this so that gays can be “happy” also”? Slipper slope man, slippery slope.

              1. Ryan says:

                God is out of politics? What are you talking about? Republicans cant go a day without mentioning the defunding of abortion using religion as its justification. There’s TONS of republican culture warriors in congress right now – you are grasping at straws. You just have a problem that the majority of Americans dont support this culture warrior nonsense and so now its time to start kicking and sreaming like an uptown lib.

                The constitution was too vaguely worded. Even constituionalists would agree with me on that.

                And your argument against point 4 is just sheer denial. Spin it anyway you want to help you feel better, but the bible has been used to justify all kinds of behaviors that are now frowned upon by the majority in society.

                You are on the losing side of this battle,

                1. Wayne says:

                  Well I am a republican but sadly yeah that is about it. Funny how the ones with a title as being “religious” also are grouped as being “republican”. God needs to be EVERYWHERE not just “sprinkled” in some places and not others. So then we should just do and change things that dont offend the mass majority of society because after all we want everyone to be happy at what ever cost right? Hope you dont have any young kids. Someone is going to think its OK to have sex with them and if its done enough maybe we can pass a law that says that would be OK.

              2. Wesley Hazlett says:

                The Lord God Almighty and His Name will be sanctified when the Christ returns and until then we as Christians must suffer persecutions and great violence at times.

                I will not look forward to the day when many will say LORD, LORD, did we not witness for you in America?? Did we not go to church on Sunday??? Did we not celebrate your birth on December 25th???

                Oh God we have become such a reprehensible and self rightous people who actually think that we deserve heaven because we think we are good!

                God bless you Wayne and let those who know not God continue to rail against us as though we are fools for we are fools for Christ in a world that hates God-

                But this is the truth, He that suffered and was beaten for our sins is coming back and it will be a dreadful day beyond measure for those who have rejected His free gift of Salvation.

          3. Connie says:

            People who take gay marriage and jump right into pedophilia frighten me … how does your mind work like that? Gay people do not want to marry children. It’s most often heterosexual white men who are pedophiles. Stats will prove that to you.

            1. Wayne says:

              Im not doubting any of this but my point is that if gay marriage is legal then we might as well legal other perversions too. and sadly pedophilia would likely be the next.

              1. Amanda says:

                I am sure of that Wayne… I think you are the biggest closet case that I have ever seen in my life…. get out of the closet, you will be a happier man

                1. Wayne says:

                  closet case. Yeah I got a WIFE with two TEENAGE KIDS that aren’t even my own and have made a sacrifice to not have my own since my wife is unable to bare any more and I AM a closet case…ROFLO yeah you got me there.

                2. Amanda says:

                  so????? that you are married and raised kids is not a prove… so I am safe to assume that you and your wife don’t have sex… I mean, the BIBLE says that we can only have sex for the sole purpose of PROCREATION. so I am sure your wife is OK with that too… and so do you! man you better be a priest

                3. Wayne says:

                  Where in the Holy Bible does it say that sex is ONLY for procreation? I might have missed that one. Please seriously give me the reference I would love to read it. After all I want to make sure Im right with God and having a perfect marriage.

                4. Amanda says:


                5. Amanda says:


                6. Wayne says:

                  I KNEW IT…a “believer” who is gay and catholic…wait and you said know what your talking about…LOL. Hopefully this isn’t to big of a word for you but do you believe in transubstantiation? Here is a link for you You tell me its in there but you don’t know the reference? Do you actually go to church on a regular basis or read the holy bible on a regular basis? what “kind” of people am I?

                7. Amanda says:

                  Wayne, Wayne… please go to church or some place else, to try to recruit or should say PUSH your beliefs…. I have my own!

                  It will be funny when this bites republicans in the a… ! LMFAO

                8. Wayne says:

                  You sure like those easy way outs of a good argument. I defend my belief and share with those who need it or are searching for it. Funny how one who defends his beliefs is said to be “pushing” it and yet you sit and cant defend your appropriately.

                9. Amanda says:

                  That is the point… I am not trying to defend anything… I am free to have my own beliefs… and don’t try to push them into anybody! simple as that…

          4. JT says:

            “This country was founded on old testament laws.”

            So how many of the ten commandments are actually law, then?

            And why is it that the 2 valid commandments, not killing people and not stealing, were in place before the arrival of christianity? Not killing people and not stealing are pretty simple concepts to understand, and are hardly new additions courtesy of christanity. Even countries with different religions (or no religions!) have laws against those things, because they harm society in ways that are very easy to see, with or without the bible.

            Do you really need a book to instruct you not to kill people? Is that book the only thing stopping you from being a bloodthirsty murderer? If that’s the case, then I’m quite certain that your “morality” isn’t the result of you being a good person, but only because you’re being coerced into it by threats from a violent, vengeful god.

            If you need threats to live your life as a decent person, you’re not a decent person. Your hatred is more destructive to this country than two gay people wanting to marry.

          5. TS says:

            Wayne, if this country was founded on old testament law as you suggest, then the most accurate definition of marriage could just as easily be between a man, his multiple wives, his slaves (many male) and concubines. The old testament is full of examples of marriage definitions that are NOT one man, one woman. Read the text of that bible you thump. They did teach you to read at your private christian school, didn’t they?

        2. Minnesota Mom says:

          @amanda…..a marriage IS a religious ceremony. thats the point of it. to join a couple together before god. it’s not a state ceremony. It’s all about religion.

          1. Amanda says:

            Then leave it at the church! not in the constitution

            1. Minnesota Mom says:

              @amanda, absolutly agree. that is where it belongs. it’s all up to the churches to decide according to their beliefs. so then, all the gay people need to quit fighting for the right to be married in the state legislation process. who was it that insisted on these rights? who is it that is pushing for this legislation? Find a church to support your right to get married.

              1. Wayne says:

                A church that believes in God, Jesus, Adam and Eve and gay marriage…..good luck. Do the Catholics even do that?

                1. Connie says:

                  There are a lot of churches who now consecrate gay marriages. Just because it doesn’t fit your description, doesn’t mean to get to pass legislation against it. I thought we lived in a free country? Gay people are certainly not free to enjoy the rights and privileges of their heterosexual counterparts. I get a feeling you’d all like to live in a white world where everything was straight and narrow. Good luck with that.

              2. Dawn says:

                You don’t want gays to get married in churches, but you also don’t want them to get married legally. There is a difference in getting married according to church rules and married according to the law. Whey are you trying to use churches to keep gay people from getting married according to the law? You are able to get married without a church, why can’t gays?

              3. TS says:

                No one is pushing for rights. The Republican controlled house and senate are pushing an amendment to place discrimination in the MN constitution. Why is it so important to discriminate?

          2. Ryan says:

            Then by your argument, you should be ok with the government looking upon all marriages strictly as Civil Unions. Man with man, woman with woman, or man with woman.

            GIve the term “marriage” back to the church, but the GOVERNMENT should look at all unions as civil unions regardless of sex. This would also mean that marriage would have no stature in a court of law – only in a church.

            Judging from your comment – you would be ok with this.

            1. Wayne says:

              More separation of church and state. Yeah that’s a bright idea. The state needs God more than anything. Even if you don’t agree or see it that way. “Let the churchy people do things how they want and everyone else can do what they want that way no one is offended and we all can be happy.” Typical thinking that ends up going no where good.

              1. Connie says:

                You can’t expect all people in the state to ascribe to your same religious beliefs! You’re entitled to yours and I am entitled to mine!

              2. eastside_evil says:

                “The state needs God more than anything.”

                Wayne, you’re in the wrong country, dude. GET OUT.

                1. Wayne says:

                  Oh no I will be staying here the rest of my life. Well unless I were called to become a missionary for my amazing church. I will also be helping as many as I kind find God as their lord and savior. But thanks for offering me a ticket out. I will have to pass however. Also since I was born in this wonderful country I would not want to leave.

                2. eastside_evil says:

                  It isn’t up to you to push your beliefs on me, my kids or anybody else. I won’t follow yours, and you won’t be allowed to dictate to others either. Sorry pal.

        3. KM says:

          Well Amanda, you’d better re-read your history books, and not the revised versions…this country was founded on Christian principles. And FYI – the First Amendment says the Federal government shall not establish a religion. Interestingly, many state constitutions established state religions in our country’s early history.

          1. Ryan says:

            And many state constitutions also institutionalized Jim Crow laws as well using the bible as their justification. Most people today would say that was a mistake. Its similiarity of the anti-gay argument and those that were anti-black in the 60s is just disturbing.

        4. Tom says:


          I have said the same thing!

      2. Mr. M says:

        I think Betty Bowers can shed some light on this.

    3. john says:

      Marriage is sanctioned by God ,plain ,and simple

      1. eastside_evil says:

        Says who? You?

        I don’t believe that, and you can’t force me to. You also can’t force me to live by your god’s rules (which men created, not a god)

        1. Wayne says:

          Says God and the Bible. Go a head take a look, you will find it. Its amazing how anyone who is a believer “forces” other to believe to. That’s just as likely as gays wanting to sleep with EVERYONE who is of the same sex and even I know that’s not true.

          1. Jim says:

            The bible has no place in determining who can marry. If you want to subscribe to tenets of a cult so be it. And that’s where it ends.

          2. JT says:

            The bible is a work of fiction used to control people.

            Stop trying to use it in an actual debate.

  3. Is it or isn't it? says:

    I watched the video and I find it interesting that he spends only the first 19 seconds talking about how this should not be a legislative issue and the remaining time talking about being tolerent of gays. If it’s not a legislative issue then he should get off his soap box.

    1. M B says:

      I saw it as more of a “we shouldn’t be forcing religion into legislation, but as long as you aren’t going to listen to anything else, how about this religious argument…”

      1. Wayne says:

        Why not do it “religiously”? Is it because it might be done RIGHT? Or maybe its because it might offend someone (God forbid)? Or maybe because some people know that if they turned to the Bible for answers that THEY couldn’t run things the way THEY would want to do them. This country would be a far better place if we did things more biblical.

        1. Amanda says:

          I am sure it will…. but thankfully it will not be! so you better pack and go to another more religious country! I am sure they will take you in a hart beat

          1. Wayne says:

            Well the best part is that God dies on the cross for you too. Even if you don’t believe in him. Because Im a believer doesn’t mean I “hate” those of you secular people. But its odd how much hate I get for being a believer. Food for thought.

            1. Amanda says:

              Oh, no that is where you have it wrong… I do believe in GOD… the GOD I know, will not judge, hate or try to change anyone… will just accept everyone for what they are.

    2. connie says:

      It’s a legislative issue because the Minnesota Family Council made it one. It shouldn’t be but it is thanks to the small minded narrow thinking of a small group of hateful individuals.

      1. Wayne says:

        So because it doesn’t fit with YOUR belief, this group of people are instantly small minded and hateful. Funny.

        1. Amanda says:

          And just because it doesn’t fit in your belief, then people have to be treated differently?

          1. Wayne says:

            Well then leave everything as it is. Don’t have a vote, don’t make it an issue, and then that way we can all pretend as though it never happened.

            1. Amanda says:

              WHY??? so you can still treat people differently?? you didn’t answer that!

              1. Wayne says:

                Ok so then pass the vote and then everyone is happy right? After all its the united states, land of the free and home of the gay. “We seek to please everyone so that one no matter who you are you will be happy here. Everyone gets treated different for one thing or another whether it becomes a legal issue or not. starting to feel very “=” and “coexist-ish” in here….lol

                1. Amanda says:


        2. Dawn says:

          So because gay marriage doesn’t fit with your belief it is evil and must be outlawed and prevented in every way?
          How does it affect you if gays want to get married?
          Your version of religion doesn’t match my version. Who gets to choose? The bible was written by people. It was handed down from various kings and church leaders that wanted it to present their vision. That is what you want to base our government on?
          Did you know that catholics weren’t able to hold office in a lot of states at the time of the founding of the US? Something about founding fathers trying to keep religion from trying to run the government. Washington, Jefferson, etc. weren’t even christian. They were deists (believed in god, but not Jesus)

  4. stace34 says:

    Your arguement is insane. How does any one elses marriage affect you? Why shoudl you or anyone else be threatened by the idea of treating others fairly and equally? They already marry in church ceremonies, why should the state not recognize the union?

    1. Marjorie says:

      Yes, I agree with stace34. I hope if this goes on the ballot, people do not just vote yes without full knowlege of the issue, like they did with the Legend fund.

      1. eastside_evil says:

        It can’t be on a ballot. It isn’t for the public to decide.

        1. The other Bob says:

          eastside lover: If its not on the ballot for the public to decide, who exactly should decide? The public officials we elected? Or only the gay community that it affects?

          1. eastside_evil says:

            Shouldn’t the gays decide for themselves? You certainly shouldn’t get to decide. It isn’t for the public to decide for gays. Gays should be deciding this for themselves.

            If you’re not gay, why should you get a say at all what gays are allowed or NOT allowed to do? Answer me that?

            1. The other Bob says:


              If only gays get to vote on rights that affect them then these statements would make sense in your small mind:
              Only gamblers get to vote on new casinos
              Only drinkers get to vote on the legal drinking age
              Only hunters get to vote on gun rights
              Only actual tax payers get to vote on what govt money is spent on – Wait a minute, that’s a great idea!
              Only pot heads get to vote on legalizing pot
              I hope that answers your question

              1. JT says:

                Your analogies leave a lot to be desired. All of the above situations you’ve described actually have an impact on the community, whereas two gay people marrying has no impact on anyone, other than self-inflicted torment by religious people who are angry that they can’t dictate how others live their lives.

                In all the situations you’ve described, there are opposing positions based on real outcomes that will affect the communities they are enacted in. In the case of gay marriage, the only outcome is that gay people get married. Any anger/strife that religious people choose to feel about that is self-inflicted, and not actually an impact on a community unless the community is comprised of hate-fueled fundamentalists.

                Gay people getting married would have zero actual impact on your life. Period.

                1. Jo says:

                  Amen! I’ve been married for 25 years and have not felt any horrible effects from my brother’s relationship with the same man for more than 30 years. I only feel anger that they cannot have the same legal benefits as my husband and me. Not to mention that they live in fear of harassment and must be careful who they tell of their relationship. They would never harm anyone. And if it makes a difference, I’m Christian, have taught Sunday School for more than 25 years and am a well-respected member of my community.

                2. I agree Jo says:

                  I am not gay and yet I don’t like how elected officials try to present gay people as somehow wrong and because of that they need to pass laws to hinder them as if they need to be restrained. I agree Jo, I am agry that our goverment wishes to restrict gay people from having the same legal benefits as non gay couples. Repulicans say less goverment and yet they want more goverment to dictate how we should live our lives. They want to set an agenda according to their way as if their way is the right way and of course they are right and must pass laws.WHat about the budget and unemployment?

    2. bob says:

      Sadly it’s an abonimation against God! Ifor one really don’t want the creator of everything mad beacuse morons like you think your feelings are more important that his laws.

      1. Andrew says:

        Bob, people not following the golden rule are the true abomination against God. It is the Lords place to judge, not ours. .

        1. Bob says:

          Oh okay now your telling me not to judge which means your judging me.

          1. Andrew says:

            No Bob, I’m just referring to scripture. Take it how you will. God’s will compared to your actions is between Him and you. Though you should note, even though I see your view as wrong, I’m not trying to amend the state constitution to prevent it. I’m a limited government conservative and think that the state and federal government have better things to do than wage someone’s twisted moral crusade.

            1. Blizno says:

              “think that the state and federal government have better things to do than wage someone’s twisted moral crusade.”

              Hear hear!

              1. The Trend says:

                God? oh you mean your imaginary friend up in the sky?

          2. James says:


            Keep in mind that the bible and religion is what you believe….it may or may not be what others believe. So for you to tell people they should follow your religion is wrong on so many levels. Considering that we live in a country where we have freedom of religion. If you feel that our government should follow your religion, please tell me why the divorce rate is over 50%? Why is it so easy to get a divorce. If you wanted a country that practices your religion shouldn’t you head over and live where ever your religion came from? It sure as hell didn’t start in the United States.

            By the way you can’t prove that bible of yours is real….nor can you prove it isn’t real…so if you worry about yourself and the people you care about we wouldn’t be having this issue. Personally back then when it was written “gay people” didn’t exist like they do now, I think your taking the “one man one women” line all wrong. It’s very easy to misunderstand things when you aren’t able to form your own opinion, instead you believe whatever people tell you to.

            “A wise man once said, believe half of what you see, none of what you hear! But around this town, people believe everything they hear and make up what they see!”

            I think it’s time that “Gay” people write there own bible….so they can throw it back in the faces of these people…

      2. Blizno says:

        “Sadly it’s an abonimation against God!”

        Says who? The Bible also says that eating shellfish is an abomination against God. Wearing clothing made from two different fibers is an abomination against God. Talking back to your parents is such an abomination that your father is required to drag you to the town square where everybody must stone you to death.
        Read the entire Bible, the horrific parts as well as the lovely parts, and then tell us how much God wants you to treat gay people as inferiors.

        Also, with us in two-plus wars, the super-wealthy manipulating the political system to destroy even more American freedoms so they can get even richer, global warming starting to be strongly felt and certain to get much worse, is this really the issue you want to concentrate on? Have you nothing more important to do?

          1. The Trend says:

            God who? ya know the guy in the book written by superstitious goat herders 200 years ago who thought the earth was flat

            1. The Trend says:

              i meant 2000 years before all you crackpots out there get apoplectic

      3. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        It also sais in the book that you read that it is not your job to judge. So how are you feeling justified to tell people that they cannot marry? Irony, no couldn’t possibly be.

        1. lib says:

          When the Bible talks of not Judging it means “the heart”, only God knows your heart, but as a society we most certainlly can judge actions, and certainlly actions that can lead to the destruction of traditions and moral standards of several thousand years.

          1. eastside_evil says:

            Destruction of what? What destruction have gays caused? You’re worried about your traditions, so gays have to pay for it by not getting married? Seriously?

            Moral Standards? You can’t be serious. The crumbling of the moral fabric of this world and country is so far distanced from the equal rights push of the gays, that you can’t even lump them in the same conversation.

            Prove it or retract your absurd claim. Good grief. How dumb!

            1. lib says:

              Evil, be careful that you don’t want something so much that God blinds you to your sin. You need to take everlastilng damnation into account. Your sin is no worse than any other, but sin it is, and you need to be repentant. I know you don’t want it, but I am going to pray for you, specifically for enlightenment.

    3. Tom says:


      That is a good question: How does any one elses marriage affect you? Simple answer: It doesn’t. Like I have said many times that these type of people only have one argument and that is a Religious one. You take that away from them and they have no argument. People like this don’t adapt too change very well. But another question to these people would be do you really believe what you are saying? Or is it that is what you are told you believe?

    4. TF says:

      I don’t understand the argument, what does marriage have to do with government? It’s governments encouragement of marriage and children that got us into this mess, it should be there problem to fix.

      Eliminate all marriage from all government forums and keep the vernacular where it belongs, in church. If your church marries you, then you are married, why should that effect in any way the government.

  5. . says:

    It’s truly sad to see how ignorant people still are. Grab your bibles and run to the South. We don’t need you.

    1. M B says:

      wow… how un-Christian… Hope you don’t hold a bible with that mouth…

  6. Brittany says:

    Yet, sadly, murderers and rapists are still free to marry. Seems a little unfair if you ask me.

  7. Don Julio says:


    If you listen to the enitre post, you will hear that he is reflecting on nature vs. nuture. I don’t think you can get anyone to agree that Rapist and Murderers are born Rapist and Murderers.

    1. Jose Cuervo says:

      Why not? Gay people think they were born that way, I’m sure Rapists and murderers are just as delusional!!

      1. Amanda says:

        Seriously… OK to end this debate, it is true, Rapist and Murderers are born that way to… is what they call sociopaths… but there is a difference between a rapist and murderer and someone that only wants to share his/her life with another consent adult, I don’t see how is that harming you? I can understand why a rapist and a murderer may be scary to you…. besides they EXIST, so we GAY people. that is never going to go away, not even if we don’t have the right to marry, we will share lives together, we will still raise kids and mos importantly we will EXIST

      2. Monica says:

        Jose if a pretty woman walks into a room and your heart beats faster thats a reponse that just happens you didn’t do anything to make your heart beat faster.if a handsome man walks in the room and the same thing happens then what? You didn’t intend it to happen you didn’t learn to make it happen it just happens either your attracted to men or women you don’t get a choice it just happens, now if you don’t act or you do act on those feels thats a different story but people don’t choice to be gay or not any more than they decide to be born black, white, male, female, or in your case ignorant (although you can still learn) GET IT!!

      3. James says:

        So Jose, is it true that all Latinos breed like rabbits? Are their backs really wet? Do older woman really have thighs so big they can make tortillas on them? Are you at all angry with what I wrote? Do you like being associated with something other than the truth? Then don’t draw parallels that have nothing to do with being gay. Thanks.

      4. eastside_evil says:

        What should be done with gays? Kill them? Force them to live on an island away from the christians?

        1. THIS says:

          they should go back into their closets, and close the door. live in shame like they used to.

          1. OPEN YOUR MIND says:

            THIS….There is nothing more of a closet than your closed mind. You’ve already closed all doors to understanding…

    2. Check It Out says:

      Not so sure about that, read about tests ran by Dr. Amen on temporal lobes. Some have a tendency more towards it than others because of temporal lobe development.

  8. GJ says:

    Whatever side you are on regarding marriage, the right thing to do is for the people of Minnesota to be able to vote on this. It’s too big an issue to be left just for a few to decide. It would be seen more legitimately if voted up or down.

    1. TS says:

      So why don’t we vote on ALL marriages then. If some of us are denied rights that the rest of you receive, no one should be allowed to marry and get those rights.

      1. Withit says:

        AMEN, AMEN, AMEN !!!

      2. Blizno says:

        Why did you do it? What possible use to anybody was posting that comment?

        1. Jose Cuervo says:

          Made me laugh…

      3. GJ says:

        So then what types of marriages should not be recognized? Where would it stop? Anyone could make your same argument?

        1. Tom says:


          Well if the Religious Right had their way the only marriages that would be recognized would be the ones that take place in a church. If the marriage does not take place in a church then it should not be recognized. All marriages should be recognized no matter where they take place. And if a couple chooses not be married and just live together then they should have that right to. Times change and some people just have hard time dealing with it.

      4. Wayne says:

        There is no need to vote on ALL marriages because marriage is a biblical unity between MAN AND WOMAN. Doesn’t matter if YOU believe in the Bible or not, that’s fact. To allow gays to marry would be perverting the TRUE meaning of marriage. Hey while we are at it we might as well make it ok for people to marry animals and for kids of any age to marry.

        1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

          An animal or a child cannot legally give consent. An adult can.

          1. Wayne says:

            That’s the point….if its legal the child (under 18) can say yes at the alter just as easy as an adult can. An animal doesn’t have a choice to becoming someones pet either but that happens on a regular basis so that view is shot.

            1. Amanda says:

              The point is that marriage by definition, should be the union of two consenting adults… that they are not related to each other…. so please tell me where a minor or an animal fits in here?

              1. ohoh says:

                I am a woman, how dare you tell me I can’t marry my sisiter!!!

                1. Wayne says:

                  LOL. Maybe in the south that is allowed. Wait the comment someone made to me was for me to grab my Bible and head down there. Why is everything down there? lol

                2. Wayne says:

                  Yeah ohoh your sick for thinking you can marry your sister and then you criticize on gays…how dare you…ROFLOL (that was sarcasm btw 😉 ) Well aiwt whats wrong if I wanted to marry my younger brother…i mean we love each other so why not right? How dare you Amanda try and get in the way of that.

              2. Amanda says:

                because marriage by definition is….. the union of 2 consenting adults, that are not related by blood…. DUH

                1. Wayne says:

                  wow you really didn’t take that seriously did you? lol

                2. ohoh says:

                  A Man Duh, why should we discriminate against siblings? If they are of the same sex they should be allowed to marry. frankly if you can marry a woman I, as a woman should be allowed to marry my sister. How dare you tell me I can’t, do you think something is wierd about that?

                3. Amanda says:


                4. Amanda says:

                  No i don’t think is weird… I think it’s sick! yock… i can imagine me wanting to marry my sister… but hey, if that floats your boat.. I say go for it! it’s not going to affect me in a bit, so why do I care

        2. Tom says:


          What is your argument that marriage is just between Man and Woman? Is your argument because only a man and woman can have kids? Well there are couple out there who choose not to have kids or can’t have kids because of medical reasons do you tell them that they can’t married because of that? And how would letting to gay people get married be perverting marriage? Because it would go againest what people like you would call a “tradional marriage”? Well “traditonal marriage” went out the window years ago. And like I mentioned in another posting on this page. This is 2011 times change and there people like you who don’t like change.

        3. Dawn says:

          The bible is not relevant to making laws. Otherwise we’d have to go back to multiple wives, slavery, pedophilia, massacres, wife beating, etc.

          1. wayne says:

            The Holy Bible that has God and Jesus approved of those things? i think your reading the wrong book. The Bible has been made not relevant only because parts of government try to repress it….Oh hey kind of like how they repress gays. Hate to tell you but if the Bible was made to be more relevant in making laws the state, country, world would be a better place…not a perfect place but better.

      5. Jim says:

        Absolutely Right! If straights get to decide if gays can marry then gays get to decide if straights can marry. Further more, the majority of us who don’t have children get to decide if we will pay the enormous amount of taxes we are currently paying for those who do. My motto is: If you bring them into the world you pay for them not me, I wouldn’t have given the go ahead to rob me of my hard earned pay so you could have a few moments of pleasure.

    2. Amanda says:

      Yes, let us vote in all of the marriages then… that seems more fair to me, why my happiness has to lay on someone else decisions

      1. jake says:

        I wish I could have voted on my sister’s marriage. If God didn’t want there to be loser brother-in-laws . . . .

      2. Wayne says:

        So gay couples will be “happier” about their relationship together only AFTER having a wedding or getting married. My happiness started when I first met my wife not AFTER getting married. If they are waiting to be happy then they shouldn’t even be together in the first place. everyone in support of it always plays the “Well why cant they be happy” or “they aren’t hurting anyone” cards. Get it through your heads ITS NOT ABOUT THAT.

        1. Amanda says:

          Oh no we will be happy… we will just have all of the tax breaks and credits and rights as you do… are you willing to give them up? if that is so… then no more fight

        2. Amanda says:

          What happened??? no answer to this one


          1. Wayne says:

            even if you did, we’d still be married and be able to marry….but how does hospital visitations and immigration rights come into this? Oh yeah all caps doesn’t really do much for you either…lol

            1. Amanda says:


              1. Wayne says:

                Im down. Feel free. Oh yeah population is getting less anyway simply because families now are having fewer children then our parents generations. Just a little factoid for you.

                1. Monica says:

                  population is not down are you an idiot we have 215,000 people every day joining the earth and that counts those who die we are way over populated GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE SPEAKING

        3. Dawn says:

          Then what is it about? And the bible is relevant. Legal marriage has a huge impact on financial and health care rights and responsibilities. And if just meeting your wife made you happy, why did you feel the need to get married. Don’t you think gay people might want to get married for the same reasons? And how does gays getting married affect you and your marriage?

        4. Jim says:

          Get over yourself Wayne. I’m sure your so called wife hopes you will before “she” dies.

    3. Tom says:


      Then why not have people of MN vote on everything instead of just selective issues?

      1. GS says:

        Not all issues are this important to society as a whole. I believe marriage is a cornerstone for our society and it’s well being.

        1. lionette says:

          wow, great. As if our 50% divorce rate speaks so highly of the heterosexual vows. Why is everybody so hung up on what is in essence a bedroom issue?

          The law should be if you want a marriage by clergy then go there. If they are okay fine. If not then go get marriage by civil. Let people make their own choice if they want different- or same-sex marriage.

        2. Jim says:

          Reality is the cornerstone of society GS not fables and myths, no matter how convenient they are for you.

    4. eastside_evil says:

      Vote? Why do you get a vote on what gays are allowed to do? Gays don’t get do vote on what YOU get to do, so what makes you the special one?

      This is not something anybody should get a vote on.

      If you don’t want to be married to a person of the same sex, then don’t. Why do you get to decide for someone else? Your bible doesn’t get an opinion, nor is it relevant.

    5. James says:

      GJ, it’s only a big issue for you. When you vote on me, parenting me with what I can have or not, according to you, it’s obviously not YOUR life that’s affected. Would you allow a vote on your personhood? I doubt it. But that’s hetero-privilege.

    6. eastside_evil says:

      GJ – Wrong. That is NOT the right thing to do. What the vote would really be about is who thinks being gay is for them, and who thinks it’s not for them. What do you think the result would be?

      Why should non-gay people get to decide what gay people can or can’t do?

      1. Wayne says:

        Ok so let gays vote and if their vote out ways those that didnt vote, then gay marriage it is. But guess what? That wont happen or will it pass if it did take place simply because of the numbers.

        1. Amanda says:

          read the comments and make your numbers, I see more people in favor than against it… I see more comments from same haters though

          1. Wayne says:

            Well let me speel out for you what I meant. Let the entire gay community vote and take those numbers against those who are not gay and see what numbers come out ahead.

            1. Amanda says:


              1. Wayne says:

                Full of HATE? because I dont agree im full of hate. Sounds like words of someone who is gay. Think before you speak God also wouldn’t want you to hate. He would want you to forgive.

                1. Amanda says:


                2. Wayne says:

                  I dont need to run to church to ask for forgiveness all I have to do is ask God and he will forgive. Ill be sure to pray for you to and that you find happiness and that I hope to you hold any of this against me. I suppose you being gay and me being the one who is against it I guess I could see how that would be viewed as “hate” so do you hate me because Im not gay? Doesn’t Gay mean happy? you don’t seem happy.

                3. Jim says:

                  Yes Wayne you are full of hate. You use this forum to violently attack a group of people who have never done you wrong. That is hate Wayne. Irrational hate.

                4. James says:

                  Wayne, call it love, that’s fine. But what you say and do spells hate to me. If it feels like hate, acts like hate, and smiles like hate, it’s hate. And you hate.

    7. Dawn says:

      Yea, we don’t need to protect the rights of minorities. We are the majority and so therefore what we says goes. Doesn’t matter if it affects us and what effect it might have on the minority. We want everyone to be just like us. Those people that aren’t like us should go back to where they came.

      1. Jim says:

        Dawn my dear, this is a Republic not a Democracy. The difference is that the majority can not tramp on the rights of the minorities no matter how fun that would be. Read the constitution my dear.

  9. bob says:

    Really are you that dumb?
    Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.’ For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh

    1. TS says:

      So did god say that or did Moses, or whomever you believe wrote the first five books of the old testament? First, you have to buy the fairy tale that the book of Genesis is a factual account. If you accept that, you also have to accept that MANY of the kings, prophets and leaders mentioned in the old testament had MANY wives AND concubines, so don’t tell me that your religion has always defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. If your bible is accurate and truly the inerrant word of god, then the basis of your one man/one woman argument is ridiculous and a lie. I can quote many, many verses in your bible that refute your definition’s claim. If you choose to ignore the fact that most men could buy a wife or two, a slave and concubines (all scriptural), you cannot honestly expect us to believe you when you choose another old testament verse that you like and wish to enforce.

      1. Tom says:

        Oh so when jesus talked about marriage that was a fairy tale as well or was it he didn’t exisit in your little world?

        1. eastside_evil says:

          Jesus is not a legislator in the state of MN, Tom. He gets no opinion. Nor should he get one. Nor would he get one if he were alive. It isn’t for him or you to decide.

      2. Bob says:

        Geez Ididn’t know it was my bible but it’s okay in the end Iwill only feel sorry for all you fools when your looking at God and he sends all your beliefs down the toliet to Hell with all the sinners who turned away from his word. Oh wait here comes all the bible thumper condesending comments to me now

        1. eastside_evil says:

          Your opinion is moot, Bob. Don’t get gay married if you don’t want to. Your god is far more ashamed of you, Bob, than he is of a gay person. Believe it.

        2. Dawn says:

          Then let god deal with the gay people. Leave them alone and stop trying to repress them. It isn’t for you to judge others. Hmmm, isn’t not judging others in the bible? And something about loving all and treating them with respect? Or do we just pick out the parts of the bible that we like and ignore the parts we don’t.

      3. Wayne says:

        Just because some of the men had many wives and concubines doesn’t mean that God or Jesus agreed with it. When he talked to the lady at the well, he KNEW that she had a husband and that the man who was in the house was not him. He never said he was OK with that. Unless you know more than I do on the subject, Jesus nor God said having multiple wives/husbands or the like was ok and was what defined marriage.

        1. Amanda says:


          1. Wayne says:

            Did I say in there some where good and others weren’t? I must have missed that part. So where in the Bible does it say gay marriage is ok and not a perversion?

            1. Amanda says:

              So where in the BIBLE says that it is??? with that exact wording… please show me the reference

            2. Jim says:

              Who cares what the bible says? Apparently Wayne does. Let’s have a biblical trial of Wayne to see how many bible dictates he violates on a daily bases. Are you ready for that Wayne? Do you really know your bible Wayne? I doubt it.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      That’s a STORY. It wasn’t mean to be literally interpreted, Einstein… Good grief.

      1. Wayne says:

        Well please tell me how it was meant to be taken. It seems you are very educated on the subject. perhaps a Theologist?

  10. lol cat says:

    Hai nooz troll!

  11. Withit says:

    Again like other people have said, grow up, get your head out of some useless book and join the rest the world, and do it NOW

    1. nate says:

      There are many immoral things that humans feel compelled to do; it’s a part of our nature. We all have a tendency to want to do things that are wrong, but to not be condemned for doing them. God did create us, but sin distorts who we are truly meant to be. We can go ahead and make marriage between two men or two women legal, but that doesn’t change anything. It is not a part of God’s original plan. Same thing with divorce.

      1. eastside_evil says:

        Nate, you don’t have any idea about what any god’s plan is or what any god wants. You just don’t. You merely accept the opinions of other humans who don’t have any clue either.

        Can’t you just let the gays live and work and play and do all the things you do, without you telling them they aren’t allowed to, because it bothers YOU??

        I mean, dang! How arrogant can you be????

        YOU get to decide what THEY do is immoral, but you’re just fine, right? LOL!

        If divorce is so bad, why are heterosexuals allowed to go against your god’s plan? Why is the line in the sand here, but not there?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you may want to visit your theological concepts. God creates people in his own image. Would you consider him a racist / murderer.

    1. Blizno says:

      Have you read the Bible?!?
      Of course God is a murderer. Remember the story of the Flood when God decided to kill every animal and human being except for a handful that He allowed to survive? Did the millions of children sin so horribly that they deserved to die? How about all of the fetuses still in the womb? What did they do to offend God so horribly?

  13. v says:

    God just called.
    He doesn’t want you on His side.

    Your comments alone disqualify you as someone who believes in His word.
    I hope someday you’ll realize that your time and energies are better spent being kind and tolerant. I feel sad for you.

    1. bob says:


      Do you even know how to read? I’m stating facts. 2 men and 2 women can’t keep the race going. So why on this eart would God want Gays here?

      1. Amanda says:

        maybe to test tolerance and respect…. if you are a truly man of faith, you should know that HATE is a MAJOR SIN…. see the point now!

        Maybe he has all of US GAYS here so people can learn how to be tolerant and how to respect other peoples wishes! think about that one before you reply, PLEASE

        1. Bob says:

          No you gays are here because satan has twisted what your suppose to believe and your going down the wrong path. I’m not hating only stating the facts maam or is it sir

          1. Amanda says:

            Sure, sure…. you keep thinking that way and continue your HATE life… that is going to buy you a heaven ticket all right!

            JUST SAYING

          2. Blizno says:

            Bob, please, please learn that “your” is not the same thing as “you are”. You have made that blunder many times on this thread.

            Pay attention: “you’re” is the contraction of “you are”.
            “You’re” means “you are”.
            “Your” DOES NOT mean “you are”; it means something completely different.

            I try to ignore grammar blunders but you are so consistent in this blunder that I had to tell you about it.

          3. eastside_evil says:

            There is no satan. And you do not get to legislate others based on your twisted belief in satan. Sorry. Again, it doesn’t work that way.

        2. Fed up says:

          So, you can state that you’re “tolerant” and “respectful” of those that believe that gay marrage shouldn’t be allowed? BS, typical hypocritical Lib.

          BTW, I don’t care who the hell you marry, I just like to point out how all of you Lib’s are always spouting about tolerance or respect when you give NONE when somebody’s view is different from yourself.

        3. sad says:

          Amanda, if anyone knows about hate it is you. Look how insulting and virulent you become just on a discussion of you not getting your way.

          1. Amanda says:

            Insulting??? how?

      2. TS says:

        Why don’t you ask God and stop speaking for him?

      3. Michael says:

        So infertile people should be forbidden from marrying…?

        Just wondering.

        1. Amanda says:

          That is what they are trying to say… or people that will like to adopt instead of having their own kids

      4. eastside_evil says:

        What should be done with gays, Bob? Should we herd them up and kill them?

        1. Amanda says:

          Oh, wait don’t give him ideas

  14. M B says:

    Again… so much for Christian tolerance…
    Also, You might want to be careful when bible-thumping parts of the bible that even The Church believes shouldn’t be taken word-for-word.

    1. bob says:

      Oh so you are an expert. I imagine your non denominational church taught you that right after they said your a good person and noty a sinner.. what a joke you are

      1. Amanda says:

        That has nothing to do with being GAY or STRAIGHT….. if you don’t see that fact, then you are lost in this world! go back to your bubble! and it is up to the PARENTS to teach faith, so that again speaks very well on how STRAIGHT couples are raising their kids!

        1. Bob says:

          Well I’m just not someone who fell for some Lib professors lies in college. I’m sure your parents love you which is fine but your committing a sin and Idon’t want my kids watching you and your partner sucking face in public. It’s not natural. Hell I have gay friends who think you pushers are nuts.

          1. Amanda says:

            For real??? and you think just because I don’t have the right to marry, I will not exist??? come on!

            And yes, I agree I have a daughter and I don’t want her to see you and your wife sucking face in public either! that is call EDUCATION… maybe you don’t know how to raise your kids and that is why you are so afraid!

            So let me ask you something, if you think you are saved, and you have never done anything wrong, because I assume that you only have sex, to procreate, not because you feel the desire… why do you care of my SINS…. worry about you and your life, let everyone else alone

            1. cc says:

              “why do you care of my SINS…. worry about you and your life, let everyone else alone”

              Practice what you preach….

              1. Amanda says:

                I do…. I am not the one that is worrying about everyone Else’s life!, am I?

                I only respond to GOD on my actions, no one else, and I believe in what I feel deep in my heart, not what everyone else tells me to believe

      2. Amanda says:

        @ Bob…. That has nothing to do with being GAY or STRAIGHT….. if you don’t see that fact, then you are lost in this world! go back to your bubble! and it is up to the PARENTS to teach faith, so that again speaks very well on how STRAIGHT couples are raising their kids!

        1. Bob says:

          So now your just going to copy and paste? Nothing original to say?

          1. Mama J says:

            Mama J.

    2. Mr. M says:

      TRUE THAT! Betty says it best!!!

  15. withit says:

    Bob, they don’t have to procreate. There are enough idiots out there coughing up babies that will NOT get half the care they should. right now you seem to be the qu**r one, to use your term.

    1. bob says:

      Yeah beacuse your wonderful society of not allowing God into your life causes people to have no morals so they just run around and have sex with anyone they meet

  16. Jack Daniel says:

    Jose if right.

    How many murderers, molesters and criminals must God create before we realize that is what he wants?

    Sound right to you? Not saying gay marriage is wrong, just saying that Mr. Simon’s argument is flawed.

  17. Stanley says:

    Why is government in the marriage business anyway? Consenting adults that want to have a union recognized by the state should be able to do so in the form of a civil union. The churches can then marry whoever they choose or choose not to marry.

  18. M B says:

    I would like to leave this to the people to decide, but honestly, after seeing how people think and get their information, combined with their inherent laziness in all things political, I’m not sure I can trust them to make an INFORMED (key work here) decision on this. So many believe the FUD that’s spewed and choose not to research the issue on their own from objective (another key word) sources instead of biased ones. Of course, that seems to be how things have run for the last decade and a half.

    1. Jose Cuervo says:

      That’s how we ended up with BHO

      1. Amanda says:

        Yes, and better get use to him for another 4 years

        1. Claire says:

          Why, because of the “inherent lazy” people who turn out to vote for Osama?

          1. Amanda says:

            For whatever reason you want to call it, I will call it because he is a good president, better than BUSH for sure

            1. Claire says:

              If your definition of a good president is spending money like a downtown whino, drinks 40 oz’rs, not creating a single job in over 2 years, breaking almost every campaign promise and creating a Health Care progam that will bankrupt our Nation, then you should rephrase your good to a great president! Good riddens in 2012

              1. Amanda says:

                Yup, Yup… GO OBAMA 2012

                1. Paul says:

                  Um… For the record, Obama wouldn’t take any photos next to some gays because it wasn’t going to be in the press.


                2. Amanda says:

                  OK???? so??? what does that have to do with anything?

              2. TS says:

                I can think of at least one job he created, leader of al qaeda. Contact Osam bin Laden for details. Oh wait, you can’t, PRESIDENT OBAMA kept that campaign promise, something W couldn’t do.

                1. Listen says:

                  Bush started the war on terror… not obama.

                  And furthermore, as if it wasn’t for “timing” … why then couldn’t Obama have done it 1 month in office?

                  It’s neither Bush or Obama – it’s the military and them alone.

              3. Amanda says:

                And exactly how many jobs have the GOP created so far… ZERO, NONE, NADA… oh wait yup, they created one… the extremely expensive attorney to defend DOMA… he is getting paid 520.00 an hour… wow! that good way to keep expending at minimal

                1. common sense says:

                  Amanda, a lot of Republicans are business owners…
                  Thats starting jobs.

                  Not to say there aren’t democrat ones either, it’s both sides. More than that, anyone who is wealthy is typically a job creator.

                2. Amanda says:

                  @ common sense….. and your point is???

                3. Dinae says:

                  My husband and I own a small advertising company. We have hired 3 new employees after seeing some common sense finally move back into Washington. I am just one small part of the jobs that will be created by decreasing govt oversight and the give it away mentality.

                4. Claire says:

                  Thats worse than the $45,000 we just paid an writer to speak a a public Library. Glad to see all those funds going towards the Arts is being spent so well! Gee, where does that money come from? Hunting & Fishing License and Lottery. I guess you can argue against these topics but love the benefits!

              4. eastside_evil says:

                Claire, you racist pig of a b*tch…

                40 ouncers? Really?

                Grow up, fatty.

                1. sad says:

                  You should just shorten your name to Evil.

                2. Claire says:

                  Thanks for the laugh, I need that after reading all this drool today. Sorry for getting you so worked up, didnt mean to hurt your feelings

                3. eastside_evil says:

                  You didn’t get me worked up. You reminded me of how racist white America is.

  19. MikeL says:

    When someone, anyone, can tell me why one man sticking his pipe in another man’s plumbing merits extra rights and privileges, including the so-called right to redefine a tradition based on natural and moral laws handed down through the centuries, then and only then will I get on board with this gay-marriage B.S. Someone? Anyone? Yeah. That is what I thought.

    1. TS says:

      No one is asking for extra rights or privileges. I want the same rights and privileges you enjoy. I could actually care less about marriage, I just want the same rights you enjoy. Again, your definition of marriage is only 2,000 years old or less. How many concubines and slaves are mentioned in the bible. If you really want a biblical definition of marriage, you better be careful what you ask for. Many other definitions of marriage existed long before Jesus was born and commented on marriage.

      1. Jake says:

        TS, you have the same rights. You want to change the right. You have the right to marry one person of the opposite sex and have it recognized by the state. You want the right converted to the right to marry one person of either gender. Marriage has not been a union between two people either in the eyes of the state or most religions. It has been a union between a man and a woman. A close, loving, and even sexually-based relationship between people of the same gender is not a marriage by that definition.

        The traditional notion of marriage was grounded in large part in procreation and child rearing. Same sex relationships are not. Child rearing may be a part of a same-sex relationship, but it is not the fundamental component of the union, for obvious reasons. So, what is the advantage of recognizing same sex relationships as “marriages”? How does it improve society? Nobody is stopping same-sex couples from being couples, so how is the world better by the state recognizing a commitment between a same-sex couple as a marriage?

        1. KC says:

          So by this logic…does it mean that heterosexual married couples who decide not to have children should have their rights taken away because they are not improving society with their offspring?

          1. Jake says:

            No, it does not follow. With benefits to heterosexual couples, there will be some inefficiency in that some couples will choose not to or will be unable to have children, and society through government has considered that acceptable. With same sex couples, the inefficiency is 100% as the union will not yield children without third party participation.

    2. louis says:

      Mike learn how to type the learn ho to use spell check

    3. Zelda says:

      Um, why would one man sticking his pipe in another woman’s plumbing merit extra rights and privleges?

  20. ce says:

    Well Being GAY and Living in the state of Minnesota! Let me say!!!!
    I pay my taxes every year in ths great state of Minnesota along with my Fedral taxes, Just like u all.. U want to take my rights away…my right to be happy and enjoy life…Shame on U!! If the table was turn and all U straight people could not get married how would U feel?
    I have to watch all U married couples destroy the word marrage with the word divorce…maybe there should be a law saying..”once U are married U stay married “…

    1. Bob says:

      If we are detroying marriage then why on earth would you want to be a part of it?

    2. Jake says:

      Ce, you’re no different than a single heterosexual person who works and pays taxes. How is their lack of access to the rights of straight married people different than yours? If there has not previously been a right to marry a person of the same gender, how are you having a right taken away?

      I guess the fact that I have never had a right to the government paying for my annual vacation to the Bahamas means the government takes that right away every year they fail to provide it to me. Can’t explain why I love the Bahamas. Just born that way, I reckon.

  21. Bob says:

    Okay thanks for letting me spend my lunch hour winding all of you up it was entertaining to say the least.

  22. lib says:

    Because of this God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error..

    1. eastside_evil says:


      You think people are going to become gay if gays get to marry each other?

      You christians are the wackiest, most judgmental, least holy individuals on this earth.

      If there’s a heaven, none of y’all will ever know about it or see it.

  23. Janice says:

    Why is government trying to legislate religion? Marriage is religion, a civil union is a legal, recognized “marriage” in the eyes of the law. To be legally “married” you must get a license and file proper paperwork with the state. Any church can perform a marriage in their religion that is not recognized by the state. Not all religions are against gay marriage.

    Marriage has become a generic word, like band-aid or Kleenex. I was not married in a church, but I was legally married in the eyes of the state.

    Also, they are pushing that marriage is for children. I did not have children, nor did we want any children. From what I have read and hear, based on Republican reasoning, I should not have been allowed to marry. This point seems to be one that is being emphasized as a reason gay marriage is wrong. Is this amendment going to restrict a legal marriage to only those who want children? What about the religions that allow gay marriage? Are these not going to be invalid in the eyes of that religion’s God based on government law? What about the couples that are legally married in another state? MN does not recognize their marriage now, why not, it is legal in that state/country?

    There is freedom OF religion and FROM religion in this country. NO ONE is forced to follow a religion, but for some reason Republicans seem to thinks so. And they are the ones that want laws to follow the Constitution, they just have not figured out what Constitution yet.

    1. Jake says:

      janice, not to be picky, but since you’re a constitutional scholar, I merely point out that the Constitution does not provide “freedom OF religion and FROM religion.” There is merely no establishment of religion. But you obviously knew that.

      1. Janice says:

        @ Jake First Amendment and various state and federal court rulings.

        1. Jake says:

          @Janice Such as?

      2. Dawn says:

        No establishment of religion means that religion is not allowed in government, laws are not made on the basis of a religion’s views. So that means I get the freedom from religion being dictated to me. I get to choose what one or even if I choose to have one. Arguments that are based on ‘because the bible says so’ are not valid and have no place in laws.

  24. Amanda says:

    You can’t fight IGNORANCE

  25. Ronald says:

    This would not even be an issue if government didn’t provide economic and legal benefits for marriage. Get rid of these and its a non issue. Get rid of tax benefits, inheritence benefits, etc and we have no problem. People can do whatever the hell they want. There would be no need for a state ‘legal’ wedding. Those that want church weddings can abide by the laws of the church.

  26. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    The people that do not want to allow gay people to marry will look just as stupid as the people that tried to make it so black people could not marry out of their race. You all will be proven wrong and ignorant bigots in time. Think back on the people that would not allow black people to marry and see what your ideas on that are as of now, you do not see the similarities with that and allowing gays to marry? If so thank you ever so much for making my screen name true.

      1. S says:

        OK i WAS AGREEING TO Ignorance must be bliss

  27. Dyslexic Palindrome says:

    Two funny bits of note:
    #1. Its funny that people against gay marriage, say like Newt Gingrich can marry two or three times. Does he uphold the sanctity of marriage? It would appear not. He was cheating on his then wife with his soon to be wife during the Clinton Hearings. Now isnt that a little bit of hypocrisy?

    #2.The real reason so many politicians come down against Gay Marriage? It has very little to do with God. Insurance companies line the pockets of our politicians when they run for office, naturally. Insurance companies dont want to pay out monetary and other benefits to “partners” who suddenly are given more rights than the standard “civil union” might offer. So guess what, your garden variety Local, State and Federal politician suddenly believes its a sin against God (Their God, the Special Interest Group de jour) to allow such a thing to go forward….

    Im pretty sure God or The Gods can smite and do what ever the frell they dang well please. If they really despise a person or group or thing, it can be gone in an instant without our flawed 24 hour news cycle, 7 second camera cut logic to explain how they did it. Besides, we do a great job all by ourselves screwing up this beautiful blue mudballl of a planet and its indigenous population. We dont need the help…. 😦

    1. Mr. M says:

      AGREED. Well said.

  28. Rae says:


    You ignorant waste of space. I have a sibling who is gay and deserves the same rights and priviledges and everyone else. Your God is certainly not my God as he is the only one to judge us. If you’re married, man do I feel sorry for her but what the heck she’s probably just like you in her thinking. I wonder how you would react if one of your kids were gay – it’s genetic not a choice idiot!!

  29. eastside_evil says:

    Why do you get an opinion on who a gay person can marry and who they can’t? What gives you the authority to even open your stupid mouth and say what you think?

  30. James says:

    You got your equal rights, but not others Jose? And your response is trite. That means you went out on a limb, and fell off.

  31. Minnesota Mom says:

    as a straight person with many friends and family who are gay, i dont understand why the gays need to have a marriage? why must you insist on *marriage*? why can’t a civil union be enough? it would give you the same rights as me …without calling it marriage? it would seem to me, that the main reason people object is the word *marriage* which has been defined for the last 2000 years or so, as being between a man and a woman…..soo, lets compromise……you can have unions….and we can have marriages…..same benefits….why is this option not good enough?

    1. cb says:

      So, separate but equal, like segregation?

      1. Minnesota Mom says:

        seperate but equal…..yes. the key word being equal…if this is all about getting the same rights as straight couples who marry, this would seem to accomplish that. its the insistance on the use of the word marriage. segregated? how is it segregated? gays don’t live in only one place in minnesota. they live in all of our communities, and most of us have someone in our own families who are gay. I am not against gays getting the same tax breaks and credits as the rest of us, I just don’t want yours to be called marriage like mine, because its not the same. the two unions are different by the very nature of the sex of couples getting married. its that simple. gays could have the same rights already if they dropped the insistance of it being called a marriage.

        1. TS says:

          Minnesota Mom, I wish you were correct. I stated early on in this vile conversation that all I was concerned about were the rights and privileges that come with civil marriage, this really has nothing to do with religioin or the word marriage. It is about the more than 515 civil rights that heterosexual couples enjoy from my government that gladly collects my tax dollars to educate your children ( I don’t care what you call it, all I am asking for is justice. Look that one up in scripture and see what Jesus had to say about it.

          1. Minnesota Mom says:

            I would gladly stand behind and support your getting the same benefits that I get from my being married, as you would get in your union. marriage has everything to do with religion….it is a religious ceremony, uniting a couple before god, with god. You have the same right to find a church that supports your beliefs and get married there.

          2. Claire says:


            Who paid for you education? The taxers payers of MN did. Who pays your brothers, sisters, cousins education, MN tax payers. How are you any different than a single person or a married couple who does not have any children. Its our responsibility as tax payers to support and pay for a public education.
            My tax dollars are collected to pave the road in front of your apartment that I will never use. It pays for your rail system that I will never use.
            Your agrument lacks substance

          3. Mr. M says:

            TOTALLY AGREED !!! WELL PUT !!!

        2. eastside_evil says:

          How does it hurt you if it’s called being married? You have not demonstrated any potential catastrophes. Not a single one.

          I challenge you to tell me how it will ruin your marriage, my marriage, or your neighbor’s marriage if gays can marry. What will happen that you’re so afraid of?

          1. Minnesota Mom says:

            I never said it hurt me. this is a religious issue. not a state constitutional issue. why is it, that after 2000 years, gays feel that they get the right to define and change what has been univerally accepted as a marriage? again, it’s obviously NOT about getting the same rights…….it is the insistance of gays to use the term marriage.

            1. eastside_evil says:

              Univerally accepted by everybody not gay, you mean.

              And again, if it doesn’t hurt you then mind your own GD business and keep your mouth shut.

              If it doesn’t affect you, then your opinion means NOTHING.

              How does it affect you AT ALL. It doesn’t. So just shut your door to the world and be quiet about it, geez.

              1. Minnesota Mom says:

                universally accepted is a term that most people…..including gays understand. even the gays accepted it. its only recently this push to change it. and why is your opinion so much better than mine? telling me to mind my own business and keep my mouth shut? whatever. this is my business. I do not want to see gay people getting married in my church. as is my right. my church and religion does not believe in same sex unions. prove that gays wont demand to get married in churches that do not believe in those unions.

                1. Amanda says:

                  but nobody here is talking about church… church will not marry if they don’t want to… we are talking about civil rights… so then people that decided to get married but they don’t do it in the church then should not be call marriage either… for all I care it should not be call marriage license

              2. The other Bob says:

                I am starting to wish you never opened the door to your closet. Now that you have started to swear and tell people their opinion means nothings is really making you sound stupid.

          2. silly says:

            If Gay marraige becomes legal, churches and pastors that do not believe in the gay lifestyle will be FORCED to marry gays. That is what this is really all about the gay community are bullies, cival unions are not good enough. The bully gays want to FORCE the religious establishment to not only acknowledge their lifestyle, but to FORCE their marraige in the very house of God, where it is an abomonation to God.

            1. eastside_evil says:

              “If Gay marraige becomes legal, churches and pastors that do not believe in the gay lifestyle will be FORCED to marry gays.”

              Prove they would be forced to or shut your mouth.

              PROVE IT.

              1. silly says:

                Evil, when it became leagal for gays to adopt children, the largest and oldest adoption agency in the country had to close it’s doors. The agency was a Catholic agency run by nuns. Guess where every gay went to adopt? It was now the law, either the agency gave children to gays or face the LAW. They closed their doors. You bullies will demand that every church and pastor marry you or go to jail,

                1. eastside_evil says:


                  I think you actually believe that. Nevermind that this has never happened where gay marriages have been allowed… Ever…

                  Don’t let facts stop your fear-spreading though.

    2. stanley says:

      By asking why can’t a civil union be enough you are yourself insinuating that it’s not equal. interesting how you want your “marriages” separate from civil unions, like it’s better to be lumped in with marriages such as britney spears & jason alexander (55 hours), who wants to marry a millionaire, etc. etc. the list goes on and on. but that’s better than being lumped in with your many friends and family that are gay that may want to be married? WOW

    3. Dawn says:

      So long as what they can have is actually equal. The church(es) don’t own the concept of marriage. And the word hasn’t been around for 2,000 years. The people mentioned in the bible didn’t speak english.
      And who gets to choose which version of the bible or other holy book to we go by/.

  32. Amanda says:

    So everyone that has a mental illness is gay???

    1. The Other Bob says:

      No but everyone that is gay has a mental illness

      1. Amanda says:

        OH I see… then let me go and start collecting social security, since I am disable… thanks for the info, now I can just stay home and have a free ride

        1. The other Bob says:

          I figured you already did

          1. The Trend says:

            Sorry “other bob” it’s straight people who crank out all the kids they cant afford who are bleeding the taxpayers dry.

            1. The other Bob says:

              I agree. Lets get these people off welfare and get them to work. Being paid by the govt for doing work on your back every night is stupid.

            2. The other bob says:

              Sorry Trendy One, see my copmment below

          2. eastside_evil says:

            Bob, if there’s a god, YOU are the one he is ashamed of, not Amanda. It’s YOUR kind that is the blemish on society, not gays. YOU are the problem. You shouldn’t get an opinion or a vote on anything to do with gays, and you STILL have not demonstrated how gays being married affects you in ANY way, let alone negatively.

            1. The other Bob says:

              I there is a god, you are in big trouble! I never said I had a problem with gays, just that they have a mental illness that attracts them to people of the same sex, that’s all.
              Have a great day!

      2. Zelda says:

        You’re kidding, right?

        1. Zelda says:

          (i meant The Other Bob… that gays have a mental illness. What a bunch of baloney.)

  33. heather says:

    If people would understand the word of God and understand the Bible and what it means we wouldn’t have to have issues like this!!!

    God loves everyone no matter who they are, but if you do not follow the word of God it is called sin.

    We as humans should not judge…that will come on judgment day when God decides who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

    1. eastside_evil says:

      God isn’t the president of the US, heather. Nor do you get to make decisions about the legality of gays based on what you think god thinks. Sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

  34. eastside_evil says:

    Nobody wants to marry a goat.

    Marriage is not about sex.

    You shouldn’t get an opinion, as this does not affect your life in any way shape or form.

    1. Jake says:

      You sure about that? I’ve seen some pretty good lookin’ goats. Easy to cook for, too . . . .

      1. Tom Willard says:

        And waaaay less nagging!!

  35. eastside_evil says:

    The combination of two people with mental illnesses is how you came to be in this world.

  36. LBJ says:

    He’ll keep creating imperfect people until the world comes to its senses and repents. We may be called to love everyone but we’re not called to approve of or legitimize sin. Here’s a message to the gay community: Yes you are dearly loved of God. And there are those who can help you overcome if you wish. But you need to move toward a loving God. Acknowledge your affliction. It’s no better or worse than anyone else’s. He will meet you in your present state, just like He met me in mine and countless others who dared to bow their knee to Him. The easiest thing to do is nothing at all. God bless and God speed.

    1. Amanda says:

      WOW… that is all I can say

      1. pat says:

        Amanda, are you back in town? I thought you were only here for the gay rally last month? You must be a one woman/man crusader. You need to read Romans 1 versus 24 thru 32. Take care God loves you.

        1. eastside_evil says:

          Nobody needs to read any of the bible to understand that telling another human what they can or can’t do that doesn’t affect any other person is WRONG.

          1. pat says:

            What are you afraid of Evil? It is just another book to you, why don’t you crack it open and read Romans 1?

            1. Amanda says:

              I do not need to read anything… I know what I need to know about religion… I happen to be Catholic… but I have my own beliefs… and that is between me and GOD… nobody else

              1. pat says:

                I know many Catholics that have been hurt or disilusioned by the church, but you should not abandon God. Read Romans 1, I think it will speak to your heart. I wish you well.

                1. Amanda says:

                  I have not abandoned GOD… I have a very good relationship with him!

                  I just know how to separate things in life and I don’t try to force my beliefs into anybody

  37. Fritzrl says:

    From a former Minnesotan to all the MN Christianists commenting on this thread — a question:

    The Koran has a lot to say about what constitutes sin, and lays down some pretty strict rules about behavior, particularly for women. F’rinstance: wearing of the hijab, subjected to murder for ‘dishonoring’ their families.

    And the Baghavad Gita also outlines for Hindus the rules for a ‘good life’ including celebration of holidays and honoring the entire pantheon of gods.

    Do you Christianists follow the rules outlined in the Koran or the BG? No? If you don’t, I bet it’s because you’re neither Muslim nor Hindu, therefore the ‘rules’ in those books don’t apply to you, right?

    If that’s the case, then why do you feel that those of us who do not read your holy book, or care anything about its contents, should follow the ‘rules’ that it contains? Why should your biblical law be applied to atheists, jews, muslims or buddhists? And why should biblical ‘rules’ be embedded in civic law for everyone to follow, even non-Christianists?

    Just askin’.

    1. lib says:

      You shoulld care sir because you reap the benefits of a Judeo/Christian culture. The religions you site above would simply murder you for your lifestyle, not Christians who want you to see the error of your ways and become “right with the One True God”. God lets the sun shine and the rain fall on the unsaved as well as the saved, hence your life in this wonderful country, but when you leave this life you will be spending eternity somewhere, and it is now when you choose that destination.

      1. llp says:

        Didn’t some god fearing christians institute slavery and bring about jim crow laws.

      2. Fritzrl says:

        Well, you certainly sidestepped my question quite deftly. But I’ll ask it again, and I’ll type very slowly so you’ll understand: If you don’t obey the laws in the Koran, a book you do not ‘believe in’, then why should I obey the laws of the Judeo-Christian holy book, which *I* do not ‘believe in’?

        No matter. The bottom line for me is simply this: If ‘believing in’ your holy writ will then entitle me to spend endless eternities of time in your company and that of the vindictive and petty deity that you worship and reveal to us in your comments, then…I’ll take a pass, thanks. Any hell would be far better than that.

  38. Tom Willard says:

    Well done Jose!! That’s the first thing I thought of too! Naturally if someone supports that lunatic Simon, that are going to bash you and your comment. But you’re right!!

  39. Uriah says:

    Government got us into this mess and they can get us out. Get rid of all benefits for married couples. No government marriage needed, end of story.

  40. DanW52 says:

    Marriage is a religious ceremony. All the state does is bestow and require legal benefits and responsibilities to two people. So who those two people are is up to those two people. If a religion says that only a man and woman can get married and belong to their religion then fine. But a religion can’t tell the state what to do.

  41. Trev says:

    God created the alcoholic too but…he too makes a choice…

  42. swerver says:

    Listen gays whether you marry or not you can still drain each others bags in your mouths, so why cry, disgusting animals

    1. eastside_evil says:

      Your obsession with draining bags into your mouth is a bit disturbing. Close your eyes, shut down your browser and stop looking at that type of material if it offends you. Nobody is asking or forcing you to participate or be gratified by it.

  43. ilywatia says:

    Hey, let’s get a constitutional amendment on the ballot against spending state money on sports stadiums for billionaires. I’d like a vote on that for a change… especially since I can’t enjoy tax benefits as a married person.

  44. Bens says:

    It’s obvious that the anti gay marriage and anti Obama hate groups and the open minded educated groups will never come to an understanding. It’s like wrestling with a pig in the mud. Pigs like to get dirty, i don’t. and one final thing to consider— many points in the bible indicate that Jesus could have been gay and there was some connection with John. won’t you be embarrassed when you die and face God, to find out that he liked and created the gay people in this world. “Judge not lest you be judged”

    1. sure says:

      God did not create gay people….he created man and woman. THEN he gave them FREE WILL.

  45. Stop says:

    This is so sad. Put it to a vote for all people and put the congress and senate back to basics like creating JOBS.
    All the comments are bashing believers and it sounds like the work of satin to me

    1. eastside_evil says:

      The work of satin? LMFAO!

      No. Don’t put it to a vote. Non gays have no business deciding what gays are allowed to do.

  46. Good Bye says:

    Just go back into your freakin closet…..tried of the whole “gay” thing…..try California…..

  47. S says:

    why is everyone so angry. If someone is in love and wants to get married I say if I can so should someone who is GLBT! Equal Rights People. There is such a thing here in this country as freedom of religion. If you can choose which religion you want how can you say just because your religion states one thing the whole country should follow? Love is so important these days we should celebrate it in all forms. Not get angry and try to stop it? I just dont understand some of you. I cant believe you are kind religious people you think you are.

    1. S says:

      are you so important that you think yours is the only religion there is??? hmmm? think about it for a second. Remember what country you are in.

  48. Zelda says:

    Jeepers, what to do with the BISEXUALS?
    I was “married” to a woman many years ago. “Married” in quotes since it was not legally recognized, but married in our hearts and in front of friends and family. Unfortunatley, the relationship did not last. I later married a man, and although it was not a religious ceremony (a judge presided, not a minister), we were considered to be legally married, along with all the rights and privileges that attend legal union. Both relationships were serious and long-term, and ones I entered into with love and happiness and serious commitment, yet only one was legally recognized. That has always bothered me… just because the second marriage involved someone with different plumbing, it was treated differently and believe me, had many more advantages than the first marriage. It’s ridiculous, really.
    Human sexuality lies along a continuum, with completely, utterly straight people at one end and completely, utterly gay people at the other. The rest of us have some degree (small to great) of bisexuality. If you’re all honest with yourselves, you’ll realize this.

  49. Frank says:

    The majority said slavery was right, then changed to segregation was right, and we finally corrected it to equal rights for everyone. So why should the majority dictate marraige? Tyrnany by religion is still trynany. We signed a treaty in 1797 that stated we were not a Christian country.

    Do those who are so anti gay have a problem with their own sexual orientation?

    Marraige is important because it would give gays the equal protection of the laws enjoyed by the straight population. Perhaps if we call it a civil commitment the self righteous could accept it.

    Note: the Bible called for death by stoning at one time for adultry. We could go back to that but it would make a pretty good dent in the population

  50. Bob says:

    Guess we know what blows up Simons skirt

  51. IT IS WRONG says:

    Alot of talk about God. God is a belief. Nature is not. Being gay is not part of nature. It is WRONG. Just because everyone is jumping off the bridge doesn’t make it right.

    1. jacqueline. says:

      @ IT IS WRONG.

    2. zelda says:

      @IT IS WRONG – your ignorance astounds me.

  52. llp says:

    I’m just wondering why there is so much hate from all of you christians. Oh I forgot it’s OK to hate others who are not lokie you. Sunday is the most segregated day of the week.

  53. NICE says:

    This state lawmaker looks like he takes it up the chute.

    1. zelda says:

      @NICE – Um, how about NOT nice? What do you care what anyone does in their bedroom, much less this congressman? Who cares? Your comment is ridiculous.

  54. Mama J says:

    mama J

    What would you do if you found out your child was gay???? The bible also says to NOT judge. I bet you would turn him or her away and make them sit and read the Bible…. Just because someone is Gay, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT HUMAN. WE ALL BLEED RED AND If this is the land of the free, then gays should be able to feel free to be just as unhappy as the rest of us.. lol let them get married. it’s not like you have to go to bed with them. Some people need to grow up and let others live their lives in the way it makes them happy. I think that one of my sons is gay but he is too scared to talk about it, should I treat him like dirt and hand him a Bible? I DONT THINK SO. AS A LOVING PARENT, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY SON AND BE THERE FOR HIM. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!! GROW UP PPL.

  55. jacqueline. says:


  56. Jodi says:

    Everyone, including all of those clergy, should remember we live in a democracy. The Constitution is not driven by any of their “ideals” nor does it try to rein them in. However, as a democracy all are created equal and should have equal rights under that democracy. The Constitution protects those religions to define what they believe and will follow. It does not also give them the right to push those beliefs onto all others. Stay out of government. If you don’t — those religious sects should lose their protections as non-profits, they should all have to abide by any and all laws passed.
    Are these the same religions that 50 years ago frowned on marrying outside of your religion, race, ….

    1. Minnesota Mom says:

      we do NOT live in a democracy…..we live in REPUBLIC. …and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands. one nation under GOD.

      1. jacqueline. says:

        and if you found out your child were gay you would pick the bible over your son???? But let me guess, you taught your children that being gay is bad.
        go back under your rock.

        1. Minnesota Mom says:

          i never said anything about my children, I was simply pointing out jodi’s misinformation regarding democracy. that chip must be heavy on your shoulder jacqueline. and FYI, everyone single one of us grew up being told that being gay was wrong. at least if you were born before 1980.

          1. jacqueline. says:

            @MN MOM,
            You should maybe reread your statement and go back to school. and just an FYI for you, I was born in 1968 and not once was I ever told that being gay was bad. My parents weren’t trying to turn me into a bigot like the rest of your parents. My parents taught me that EVERYONE bleeds the same and you should never judge according to race,color or sexual preference. It’s really sad to know that it’s 2011 and so many people are still so prejudice. And the So called religious nuts are the worst. If they believe in the word of the lord then why judge anyone? The Bible even says to NOT judge!!!
            And why would you say I have a chip on my shoulder just for asking a question? Kinda sensitive aren’t ya?

  57. Believer in Love says:

    Church and state are supposed to be separate according to our Constitution. Marriage between man and woman (only) is based on religious beliefs. Therefore, it is a civil right for gays to marry. Religion should be taken out of the picture when making decisions like this that effect people’s lives. I am not gay, but believe they should have the right to marry. Christianity (or even atheism) is a form of belief. Our laws are not to be decided by this. They are to be decided by civil rights.

    Another thing, which I will never understand, is the fact that people cannot understand that people do not choose to be gay (for the most part). It is a scientific principle that there are asexual people (born with both sexes). God also made these people. Why be so narrow minded that you cannot accept that other differences can happen within the gestation of a baby. At initial creation, we have both sexes. DNA takes over after that. Why is it impossible to understand that there are variances upon this process. Some may be caused by what we’ve done to the earth, food, hormones, etc., around us that may have an effect on how we develop.

    I am very spiritual. Believe that God is love, not condemnation. Accept and love each other, not look for ways to dislike each other. Look for the good, not for the different.

    One on the ten commandments is about adultery, yet no one goes after these people. They’re breaking one of the main directives of God…????

    Love, accept, encourage, spread joy and forgiveness. Gay marriage does not hurt anyone. In fact, what a wonderful thing if two people love each other. How can you call that a sin?

    We all sin, daily, all throughout the day. Whenever a married man has a sexual thought of a woman he sees, that’s a sin. If we tell “white lies”, we sin. Sinning, unfortunately, is part of the human experience, We will never be able to live a life “free of sin”.

    Didn’t God want us to not judge, to love, to care, to give and forgive. Isn’t that the more important thing? We should provide service to others less fortunate, how many people take some time out of their life to volunteer to help others? I We all find it easy to condemn, criticize, judge.

    God is loving and all forgiving. I personally do not believe in hell. He is totally forgiving and loves us all. Man created hell to scare others into behaving, God forgives us. Not that we shouldn’t try to live a loving life, but he forgives us.

  58. J.Dog says:

    The religious leaders that oppose same sex marriage keep saying same sex marriages shouldn’t be recognized because it goes against the laws of God. If that’s true, then all Justice of the Peace and court held marriages between a man and a woman should be null and void because, under law, the word “God” is forbidden to be spoken in those ceremonies.

  59. JinMpls says:

    The government should get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses. Leave the decision up to each individual church whether they and their congregations choose to recognize gay marriage. BTW, many Lutheran, Methodist and other denominations do support gay unions including mine.

    The next step is that government should take away all “special rights” given to married couples. Once that is done, both sides should be happy.

  60. JinMpls says:

    The government should get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses. Leave the decision up to each individual church whether they and their congregations choose to recognize gay marriage. BTW, many Lutheran, Methodist and other denominations do support gay unions including mine.

    The next step is that government should take away all “special rights” given to married couples. Once that is done, both sides should be happy

  61. LogiGal says:

    Gays aren’t “created” – they’re molded after birth AND it’s never been a question of them being “wanted around.” It’s about shoving their lifestyle into the educational system and other institutions as being “normal.”

    1. James says:

      LogiGal, Heteros aren’t created – they’re molded after birth AND it’s never been a question of them being “wanted around.” It’s about shoving their lifestyle into the educational system and other institutions as being “normal.”

      What is true for me, is true for you.

  62. zelda says:

    Wow. I had no idea that there are so many bible thumping, narrow-minded, ignorant people in Minnesota. I feel like I’ve entered a weird plane of existence, maybe Alabama circa 1900. All this spouting about sin and hell fire and eternal damnation is unbelievable and rather saddening.

    1. Wesley Hazlett says:

      All this talk about the Creator of the universe becoming a sinless human being in Jesus of Nazareth and laying down His own life and shedding His own blood so that mankind may be justified in the sight of Almighty God is rather saddening.

      Thank you Lord for saving a wretch and a sinner like me from a real sad existence in an eternal hell that you Saved me from through your amazing love that I rejoice in.

  63. Michael T. says:

    I find this form of argument terrible. The problem is that it works when advocating for the acceptance of any type of person, even if their actions are criminal. To break it down….

    “How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?”

    In syllogistic format

    People group X exist in significant quantity
    God created people group X
    Therefore God wants it around and it should be accepted by society


    Murderers exist in significant quantity
    God created Murderers
    Therefore God wants murderers around and murder should be accepted by society


    Pedophiles exist is significant quantity
    God created Pedophiles
    Therefore God wants pedophiles around and pedophilia should be accepted by society

    It works for anything.

    1. Amanda says:

      Sure, it also works for Straight people…. and also, faith people, and also smart people,

    2. James says:

      Michael T, please don’t try to draw parallels with things that have nothing to do with being gay. really.

  64. Pork Chop Fan says:

    I’m voting for the ban. And since voter ID will not have been passed yet, I am voting for it twice.

    1. Amanda says:

      Then I will vote for the repeal 4 times

  65. Paul says:

    I think this country has more to worry about than two gays getting married. And If they did how does that effect you. Everyone becomes so self righteous. Were all human and I mind my own business. Everyone should do the same

  66. zelda says:

    The argument that equates gays with murderers is invalid. Human sexuality is a state of being, while murder is an action. We aren’t talking about the sex act here; we are talking about the very nature and essence of human sexuality. You can’t separate yourself from your sexuality.
    Think about it: if you’re straight, but never have sex the rest of your life, you would STILL be straight. If you’re gay, but never have sex the rest of your life, you would STILL be gay. All you straight people out there, think about this and picture yourself as celibate from today on. Would you still be straight 20 years from now? Yes? That is because your sexuality is part of YOU – it is not an act in the bedroom.

  67. zelda says:

    (Does anyone know why my comments aren’t showing up in date/time order? What gives?)

  68. jeff says:

    it’s funny how all the christians like to insert their religious morals into society as a whole through our government…….the problem with that is our country has a great many immigrants and they want their fare share of say too. wouldn’t it be funny if legislation was put in and passed that all women had to wear burqas? well why not? right? what’s good for the christian goose is good for islamic gander. I PROMISE YOU THEN THE CHRISTIANS WILL BE UP IN ARMS ABOUT INSERTING RELIGION INTO GOVERNMENT BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE CUZ YOU PAVED THE WAY!!!!!!

  69. Gary says:

    If GOD made Adam and Eve and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Brought on a fllood and told Noah to bring in animals two by two male and female. What do you think he had in mind. Also, this Country of the United States Of America was built on faith. I don’t know about you but I’ve read the KJV of the bible and I read of GOD’s wrath.

    1. JT says:

      “If GOD made Adam and Eve and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Brought on a fllood and told Noah to bring in animals two by two male and female. What do you think he had in mind. Also, this Country of the United States Of America was built on faith. I don’t know about you but I’ve read the KJV of the bible and I read of GOD’s wrath.”

      Generally, when people make decisions based on the potential of retribution from a threatening authority, we call it ‘letting the terrorists win’.

      At what point will you realize that your imagined god is a terrorist, and you’re letting the terrorist win over and over again?

      Also, if you actually believe the Noah story, there is seriously something wrong with you. Perform even the most rudimentary of measurements and you’ll understand that whoever wrote that fable simply had no idea as to the breadth of the animal kingdom.

      In hindsight, science has shown many of these tales to be 100% impossible. In the legal system, once you are able to forensically prove something is a lie, it’s generally proof that the storyteller is a criminal. Somehow, the bible gets a free pass, as it contradicts itself over and over again and presents impossible scenarios which defy physics and common sense, and people don’t bat an eye. “Oh, god probably shrunk them animals”.

  70. Yes! says:

    Well said Simon! All of it!

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