MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis high school that was set to be phased out may actually get more students next year.

Minneapolis School Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson recommended phasing out North High last fall because of lower enrollment and failing test scores.

Johnson now says she wants 9th graders to enroll for next year because there is a new plan in place that will provide students with advisors, mentors and internship opportunities.

“Much has changed since my initial recommendation,” said Johnson, in a press release. “The work of dedicated community members as well as our new consultant, the Institute of Student Achievement, has convinced me that the incoming freshmen class will have a quality high school experience. I made this decision because I believe that the trajectory of North High is about to change drastically. We are definitely moving in a positive direction.”

Johnson said Principal Peter Christensen will oversee the school through the transition and will help students stay focused on academics and engaged in the process of redesigning the school.

Comments (3)
  1. enough of North says:

    I got news for you Minneapolis — you have no soul but yourselves to blame for the taxes you pay.
    This is the reason your districts waste more money than any place in the state – this school has ZERO business remaining open. Oh wait – the touchy feely neighborhoods of few want it open. And you all are caving in to it.
    I don’t care to ever hear a cry sent about taxes – not a single whisper

  2. Rachel White says:

    How exactly does a principal help students “stay focused on academics?” I am pretty sure that is an internal thing that can’t be forced on anyione.

  3. ... says:

    i dont care how far id have to drive my child, i would never, EVER send her to that dumpy ghetto school. ick! it should be SHUT DOWN. and those kids should be sent to public schools, and outer-city schools. those kids will never change partly because of what their parents have brought them up to be. there is NOTHING positive about North Minneapolis/Brooklyn park what-so-ever!

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