DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A Duluth grandmother has a reminder of the Elton John concert she enjoyed recently — and it came directly from the Rocket Man’s dressing room.

A huge flower arrangement was delivered to the home of 93-year-old Harriet Schwenk a day after Elton John’s show at the Amsoil Arena last week. The arrangement stood half as tall as the 4-foot, 7-inch grandmother.

Schwenk and her granddaughter had an eighth-row seat at the concert thanks to a freelance concert promoter who used to live in Duluth. Schwenk was a baby sitter for promoter David Van Puffelen many years ago. Van Puffelen arranged a backstage tour for Schwenk before Sir Elton arrived for the show.

Elton John’s assistant allowed Van Puffelen to deliver the dressing room flowers to Schwenk the day after the concert. Schwenk tells the Duluth News Tribune she even took them to church to show off the arrangement.

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Comments (7)
  1. Dave Seavy says:

    It’s always nice to read a story like this. When she was David Van Puffelen’s baby sitter, she never dreamed something good like this would happen.

    1. Kip Charleston says:

      Indeed, it is wonderful to get some good news for a change, Sir Elton has shed a ray of light upon this old lady, that may motivate her to keep going through her last few years…God Bless!

  2. JM says:

    What a great story! She must have made quite an impact on David for him to remember her after all of these years. Story gave me chills. Here’s to you David for being such a great guy and making Schwenk’s day!

  3. zagwee says:

    Saw Elton John down in Florida a few months ago, best show I have ever seen.

  4. jld says:

    🙂 What a wonderful story…people working together to make that woman happy; I bet it made her week! Thanks to all who were involved – you did good!

  5. JS says:

    Would it have killed Elton to pick up the phone and wish her a good day? I mean, flowers are nice, but can you imagine what that would have done for her…

  6. Debbie Taylor says:

    This is a great story indeed. My grandmother does not act 93 years old and has a wonderful zest for life. She took care of David and his siblings for years, so she is more of a family member than just a babysitter. David and his family have always loved her and her family. We did have a great time and it did make her week. Thank you to David for making this such a fun memory for us!

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