ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The owners of the Minnesota Vikings sent a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton and all 201 state lawmakers saying that the cost of road improvements near a new football stadium in suburban Ramsey County shouldn’t prevent it getting approved this year.

Zygi and Mark Wilf sent the letter Saturday. They say they understand the state is “facing significant challenges” but that the team waited patiently while lawmakers approved other stadiums. The team wants the state to kick in just under a third of funding for a $1.1 billion, 65,000-seat stadium in Arden Hills.

Dayton and legislative backers are worried the transportation costs would exceed their $300 million cap on the state share. The letter says the team is working with other stakeholders to determine the exact transportation costs and determine how to pay them.

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Comments (31)
  1. Sam Maass says:

    I hope the Arden Hills location is approved. I just might consider going to a game there. I would not get caught dead in the downtown cesspool they are currently in.

  2. Ron Dondelinger says:

    The Vikings can quit asking for hand-outs, thank you, and just pay for whatever stadium they want with their own money. Then EVERYONE will be happy.

    1. Tailgunner says:

      Just like the Twins and Gophers did..You Jackwagon………….

      1. Brian says:

        The Twins and Gophers also didn’t demand a retractable roof that is going to significantly add to the cost in a time with extreme budget difficulties.

        1. John says:

          Brian, the Vikings are not the ones who want a roof. That was brought up by the state.

  3. Earthman 2020 says:

    Here’s an idea Ziggy: build a new stadium that only costs around $600 million and pay for it yourself. Quit harassing the taxpayers. Just because we (involuntarily) kicked in money for other stadiums here doesn’t mean we are obligated to kick in any more money for your stadium. Unless you are willing to grant the state of Minnesota part ownership of the Vikings then forget about it, we the taxpayers are overburdened now the way it is. Sorry Ziggy, but the taxpayers need much more out of this deal than what you are offering us in return.

    1. tool smith says:

      I wish you liberal donkey would feel this way about your other programs in the state.

      1. organic tool says:

        Earthman you organic donkey you don’t understand business ideology do you tool?

        1. Earthman 2020 says:

          organic tool you don’t understand capitalism do you? It’s when capital, property and enterprise are PRIVATELY owned and managed for a profit.

          We are living in a state that is looking to cut poor people’s healthcare coverage (MN Care) while at the same time contemplating giving away money to some millionaire sports owner? This is not the time to be asking taxpayers for any money. Period. Ziggy has the money to do this himself. And if he doesn’t feel he has enough or doesn’t wish to use all of his own money then he can grow his business like most small business owners do – by getting a loan! If he wants to take a loan out from the state of MN then I’m all ears for that. He needs us more than we need him, wake up people, do not let this man hold our state hostage.

  4. tom says:

    They will settle for a non retractable roof which lowers the overall cost by few 100 million allowing this to get done. Murderapolis is a junkyard.

    1. Mike says:

      I love all the “Murderapolis” comments! I would take a few murders over living in some horrible suburb

  5. Dennis says:

    I really hope that Governor Dayton and Ziggy can come up with some kind of innovative solution in order to green light this project. Everyone knows that unemployment is a problem, and nobody has been hit harder than those in the construction sector. Our construction industry is in dire need of JOBS, that is one thing the vikes plan will do for certain. 13,000 full and part time jobs will be created, including 7500 good paying construction jobs over the next 3-4 years. Once the stadium is operational it will support 3400 permanent jobs, with a total personal earning potential over
    100 million. There has got to be a way to finance these road construction projects either through a public infrastructure bank, private investors or some kind of combination of both.

  6. tom says:

    time for the losers to move to LA, they can be with the other entitlement crowd out there

    1. Eric says:

      Like a broken record, the old “move to la” tantrum is said once again. It’s tiresome. I’m for a new stadium, just try and get a better compromise, Dayton.

      1. If you hate the Vikings, move elsewhere or shut up. says:

        You can expect at least one idiot in every Vikings related article on this website to pull the old “viqueenz move to LA lulz” comment.

        The Vikings aren’t losers either. You want to talk about an NFL team that has consistently had a losing record? Try the Buffalo Bills. I bet you idiots weren’t saying anything last year after the Vikings had a 12-4 season and beat the Cowboys in the divisional round playoffs.

        1. Guy says:

          Sure they are – just take a look at last year’s stats – numbers don’t lie. Oh-and when is the last time they actually WON a stupidbowl?

          We’ll stop the “go away & don’t come back” one time AFTER they stop showing up with thier hands out for corporate welfare

  7. Bryan says:

    I’m 40 years old and the Minnesota Vikings are as Minnesota to me as sweetcorn in summer and icefishing in winter. I really hope we get this stadium deal done so I can continue to enjoy the MINNESOTA I’ve known for another 40 more.

  8. DLW says:

    Pragmatism out the window? All the infrastructure is already in down town, starting all over in Arden hills, wastes all that infrastructure 100’s of Mil. I’m curious do some of you folks actually think about this stuff beyond y0our personal interest? Lets waste a $ multi-billion down town investment, especially when we have multi billion $ deficits, really can some u=of you guys actually connect the dots?

  9. Widget says:

    I don’t know , how about expanding gambling ! Maybe a Racino ! The tribes are laughing at us ! Politicians are all paid off ! Let’s get together and rally at the capital , who is in ?

  10. Jason says:

    No taxpayer money. How many schools have been closed in the past 2 years? Priorites folks.

    1. demo says:

      inefficient non productive costly schools…. you are a lib for sure

      1. Jason says:

        You couldnt be more wrong….

  11. Back off, Mr. Ziggy says:

    Mr. Ziggy can go pitch rocks into the Pacific Ocean! Mr. Ziggy has been begging for a handout for years because he knows it’s always better, and easier, to spend the other guy’s nickel instead of your own.

    Well, we don’t have any nickels left, Mr. Ziggy. It’s time for you to pay your own way for a change and leave us alone so we can figure out a way to pay off the $5 billion we already owe on the state’s credit card.

    We can’t afford to subsidize you, Mr. Ziggy. Quit asking, you’ve worn out your welcome here.

    1. lib says:

      lib that doesn’t understand the free market and business concepts….

  12. Tom says:

    Maybe the Vikings should move to another state if state of Minnesota does want to pay what it takes to build the stadium. It will not be to hard to get another team.

    1. Jeff says:

      Yes, it will! Do you watch the NFL And listen to what the league has to say? Good luck!

  13. Gee, you iz smart says:

    So help me understand this. In a “free market,” I own a profitable football team. I decide that if I can get a new stadium, with more seats and amenities, I can increase my profits substantially.

    Okay, this is where I get confused a bit. Is the “free” part of “free market” the part that I get “free” from the taxpayers to help me pay for the new stadium that will make me richer than I am?

    Okay, now I get it. It’s a “free market” because I get “free” money from the taxpayers.

    Wow, you sure know your “business concepts.” Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I’m going to buy a football team so I can get into this “free market” business concepts thing myself!

  14. wondering says:

    I hope someone can answer these questions – who would actually OWN the stadium? Do owners actually own a portion? Do they pay “rent” to play there? Does the owner get ALL the ticket sale profits? Concession stand profits?

  15. Gee gotcha there lib says:

    Gee sort of makes lib look like he got a “D” in kindergarten biz class. I do think Gee understands that free market stuff pretty well though – he describes it very accurately 🙂

  16. Upnorth says:

    The reutilization of the Superfund TCAAP site for this application is the best. Can we include language that it’s MN businesses that will design, build and maintain it? I watch them on TV and would never wander into Minneapolis and there horrible traffic and one ways. However, I might wander down from upnorth if they are in Arden Hills. So, if I can drive 150 miles those city folks should be able to handle 10 miles – right? The only draw back is MN 300M. Why can’t the County’s get this 300M back with interest over the next 10 -20 years? I mean a deposit right back into thier general fund from the stadium comminsion?

  17. You're Out'a Here says:

    Bye-bye Vikes.

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