ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Legislature has sent Gov. Mark Dayton two bills that put new state limits on abortion, but the Democratic governor supports abortion rights and is likely to veto them.

The state Senate gave the bills their final votes of approval Friday. One bill prohibits abortions starting at 20 weeks after conception unless it would save the woman’s life, or prevent lasting physical impairment.

A separate bill passed to ban public funding of abortions. Both bills passed the House and the Senate with support from most Republicans and a handful of Democrats. But neither mustered enough votes to override vetoes by the governor.

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Comments (17)
  1. Tom says:

    I smell veto! As well he should! It’s between the woman and her Dr!

    1. mikey says:

      Which woman? The one in the woman’s womb or the one talking to the Dr?

      1. Tom says:


        The one talking to the Dr! Do you want someone sticking their nose into your medical business and getting between you and your Dr?

        1. Let's reason together says:

          Doesn’t the woman in the womb have a voice in the matter?

          1. Pat says:

            A “fetus” is a “person” only when it is viable outside the womb. The government has no vested interest in how a woman deals with her own medical choices. If she wishs to terminate a pregnancy for any reason prior to viability, it is her moral choice, not the governments, and certainly not yours, or the churches. Her conscience and her doctor should be her only advisors.

            Do you understand?

            That is the law of the land.

            1. Tom says:


              No they don’t understand that is why they keep bringing it up. But yet if the gov’t would try to get involved in their medical decisions they would be arguing the exact opposite.

            2. Let's reason together says:

              So just because the woman is very small, it’s O.K. to kill her?

  2. Johnson says:


    Ha Ha Ha to you anti abortionists who are wasting our time…


  3. tim says:

    Thank you, Republicans, for doing your job and getting this bill passed.

  4. Kevin says:

    Why does it look like he is making doo doo in his depends in this picture????

  5. MAJ says:

    This must be a hard decision for Gov. Dayton because the rich have always been big supporters of Planned Parenthood. P.P. is the leading provider of abortions in the state.

    1. Tom says:


      If that is true that is very interesting because Dayton wants too tax them and the Repubs want to protect them. You would think that the Repubs would not want too protect a group of people who support Planned Parent Hood. And if The Relgious Right know this why would they want too protect the rich also?

  6. The Right Thing To Do says:

    Govenor Dayton, Do the right thing. Sign the bills into law.

  7. Pat says:

    Another “jobs” Bill going to the Governor? Wow! What a productive and edifying Legislative leadership we have! How many good jobs can this bunch create? Are there that many Minnesotans? I’ll bet that anti-gay marriage Bill will produce tons of high paying, work for us all!

    Why, oh why, did you vote these bozo’s into office? They have actually done less for the good of Minnesota and Minnesoans than any legislature since the inception of the State. Have they spent any time trying to reach a budget resolution? Were they elected to represent all of us or just the Christian right? You betcha!

  8. gomer says:

    Most pregnant women say, ” I felt the Fetus kick” right?
    Or we are going to name the fetus John.

    1. There's a conscious person in that womb says:

      Luke 1
      41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

  9. Jonas says:

    Why does ‘CCO insist on using this picture of Governor Dayton? They use it all the time, and it’s kinda pathetic. Show some respect, whether you agree with him or not. I’ve been a loyal ‘CCO follower since the 50’s, but am starting to wonder.

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