By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Workers are clearing away debris, as quickly as they can from areas ripped apart by Sunday’s tornado.

At least one person is dead and more than 100 homes are damaged or destroyed in North Minneapolis. The city is working to find shelter — long term — for those who have nowhere else to stay.

Demetria Fuller lost most of what she owned in the tornado.

“This was devastating. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. I’ve seen it on TV all the time and to actually be living it, this doesn’t even look like North Minneapolis,” she said. “I’m shocked.”

Part of Fuller’s roof was torn off, the windows were blown out and inside the place is covered in insulation and broken glass.

“It could’ve been much, much worse so I’m so grateful,” she said.

Grateful, mostly, that everyone is safe.

“My baby was in that room about to be sucked out when my husband ran in and grabbed her,” she said.

Her baby is doing just fine and her husband is out trying to find them a new place to live. They have 11 children — ages 1 through 21. Ten of them, live at home.

“It’s been the worst thing to ever happen to us,” her daughter said.

She and her other siblings spent the morning salvaging what they could and then carted everything across the street to a three-bedroom home their landlord is letting them use temporarily.

“My baby, she only has her diapers, that’s it,” Fuller said. “We’re just taking it step-by-step. We got some peanut butter, we got some bread so we’re just going to move on.”

Even the glasses Fuller is wearing are broken. But she said it’s all about keeping perspective. She said she feels it everytime she sees her children.

“I watched them sleep until like 5 a.m.,” she said, “just watching them sleep, grateful that I can see them sleep.”

Comments (13)
  1. Louis Freehdomfries says:

    11 kids? Holy sewage treatment plant. I’m afraid these are all of our kids, financially speaking.

  2. Terry says:

    God Bless their family……………..They will get through this. Louis..have you ever heard of Love Thy Neighbor ???

  3. Sandy says:

    I am sure there is a lot of love for thy neighbor…unfortunately the neighbor needs to get on some birth control….How many neighbors kids are WE supposed to be responsible for?
    And Terry…how much LOVE are YOU willing to show thy neighbor….$$$$$

  4. Thankful too says:

    I’m ashamed of your callous reactions. They are a beautiful family –thankful to be alive, thankful for their peacefully sleeping children, and thankful for their bread and peanut butter. They know what is truly important.

  5. sickofthenegativity says:

    Wow..I can’t believe the comments I am seeing. How inconsiderate can you be?? All you are concerned about is the fact that you MIGHT be giving money to this family….Don’t be so judgemental on everyone and every situation. I am so appalled at this. Heaven forbid something happen to your family and strangers have nothing good to say. It’s all ignorance. Get out of your little “bubble” and realize that we are all human. Plus the only thing you got out of this story was the fact that she has 11 kids and not the fact that they ALL made it!!!! Just remember the saying about Karma.

  6. Greg Sain says:

    Fear not, defenders of humanity… the knuckle-dragging neocons will all go the way of the lowly neanderthal… extinction.

  7. been there says:

    These comments are made by some sad people! How do u know that both parents don’t work full time jobs or that their older children don’t work to help support the family? If this was a white family in Edina, no one would be making these thoughtless comments! Grow up jerks! Get yourselves to North Mpls and help the heck out!!!

  8. missy says:

    Praise god that they are alive and can be together as a family! It is time for minneapolis to stand together and rebuild the city. If people from the suburbs want to be negative let them. God is good and will be with this family and the northside as they rebuild!

  9. Drea5141 says:

    It’s sad that people have to leave ignorant comments like some of these..Where does it say that this family is looking for money? This is a tragedy that could have happened to anyone rich or poor, family size 1 or 46 for that matter. This family and numerous families have lost everything and it breaks my heart that in a time of need some people still only look out for self. I live in North Minneapolis and I have seen the devestation, maybe a few of you should leave your plush suburban homes and see what this awful tornado did instead of just making stupid comments about people you don’t even know.

    1. factdealer says:

      If your poor you dont have 11 children wake up

      1. drea5141 says:

        Where in this article does it say that Mrs Fuller’s family is poor? Is it because she lives on the North side or because she’s black? If this was a white family with 11 children that lived in Maple Grove would you make the same racist assumptions?

  10. dudetou says:

    She has 26 hands in every ones pockets. Section 8 , welfare no birth control and wants more help?? Does not mention any type of job she is holding or if there is a dad to all these kids or dads that are helping support this tribe. suppose you can’t get a job when pregant all the time. Should have used some sort of birth control years ago. Just a thought but why don’t we in Minnesota follow Wisconsin and stop giving all this welfare??

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