DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Tim Pawlenty is casting himself as the Republican candidate willing to tell the country hard truths as he seeks the presidency, announcing in corn-dependent Iowa that its prized federal subsidies for ethanol should be phased out.

Pawlenty made his first public appearance Monday since announcing his candidacy late Sunday. He told supporters and GOP activists in the leadoff caucus state the nation can no longer afford to support the corn-based fuel additive.

Pawlenty says he knows it’s risky to challenge the prized subsidy on Iowa soil, where the former Minnesota governor must win or do very well in next year’s caucuses.

Pawlenty also said he plans to discuss changes to Social Security Tuesday when he campaigns in Florida, home to millions of the nation’s retirees.

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Comments (96)
  1. Steve says:

    Sorry, T-Paw, the job description IS “Entertainer in Chief.”

    And the let-the-next-guy-deal-with-it approach that you used to sink Minnesota into its current disastrous financial condition won’t be tolerated at the national level.

    Maybe you can run as Bachmann’s VP. ( – what did I just say?)

    1. Don_J says:

      …well, you’re half right… I think Bachmann will be they GOP candidate (so sad). Look at what they have, she’s the only one willing to stand by anything she says… she’s load and always wrong or just flat out lying, but the truth does not matter when you’re LOUD AND POINTING FINGERS AT EVERYONE BUT YOURSELF! Another reason she’ll get it is because the Tea Party is taking over the GOP (lay with does, you get fleas), sucking up to the TP in the mid-terms is coming back to bite them in the ass. And third, when you look at it, they have no other choice, again based on that relationship with the TP..

      I LOVE IT!

      1. manny from mn says:

        No, Don. Steve is all the way right. Not just half right.

    2. WARMINSTER says:

      So Pawlenty’s lengthy and bitter fights with Democrat controlled Legislatures who insisted on ignoring the Minnesota ‘s balanced budget amendment every year somehow put us in debt? Oh wait, we had a NATIONAL RECESSION. Can you imagine how much worse thing swould be if he had just signed off on everything those moron’s want every year?
      Maybe you jokers can tax the rest of the job providers out of the state now that we have Mark Dayton. Heck, who needs a job right?

      1. Citizen says:

        @Warminster. What jobs? Did some of the companies in Minnesota create jobs?

        1. Ruth says:

          “Children who are victims of failed personal responsibility are not my problem, nor are they the problem for our government.” — Pawlenty, April 2001

  2. Scott says:

    Everyone in MN will have to tell the rest of the nation how he trashed MN and left us in an enormous debt. No way he has a chance of getting the GOP nod if he doesn’t even have majority support from his home state.

    1. WARMINSTER says:

      So Pawlenty’s lengthy and bitter fights with Democrat controlled Legislatures who insisted on ignoring the Minnesota‘s balanced budget amendment every year somehow put us in debt? Oh wait, we had a NATIONAL RECESSION! now I remember!
      Can you imagine how much worse things would be if he had just signed off on everything those morons wanted every year?
      Maybe you jokers can tax the rest of the job providers out of the state now that we have Mark Dayton. Heck, who needs a job right?

  3. What?! says:

    “Fiscal fix-it man”? Right. Just like he ‘fixed’ Minnesota. Good luck with that.

    1. Chris says:

      You guys just won’t accept the fact that the sate would be worse off if he had not stuck to his guns!

      1. manny from mn says:

        Chris, that’s an idiotic statement. To what “guns” are you referring? Or are you just reciting lines out of your TeaParty playbook? You mentioned “the fact.” What fact is that, pray tell? Don’t be a GOP parrot. Think for yourself.

  4. GOPSUX says:

    This d***head won’t announce in his own state, because the laughter would be deafening.

    1. Common Cents says:

      Personally, I think he didn’t announce here because he isn’t very good at dodging tomators.

    2. GOPSUX S**KS says:


      Why don’t you run for office!

      with your “lefty” vocabulary “SUX” an “D***HEAD” I’m sure you would make every other Lefty A***OLE M*******CKER SO HAPPY they would S**T!

      get a clue and keep your 12 year old comments to yourself…

      1. William says:

        Like yours?

        1. see the point? says:

          That was the point William…..see how stupid it looks?

          1. William says:

            I don’t really have an iron in this fire, but I am curious. Have you also admonished those who make insulting comments about Governor Dayton or President Obama?

  5. Swamp Fox says:

    How can he fix America when he left Minnesota “…in big trouble”? How can he accuse the President of not having ‘courage to look people in the eye and tell them what we have to do” to control government spending when he was gallivanting all over the country to be a trial horse for the GOP 2012 Presidential bid? Governor T-Paw left the state in a fiscal mess.

    How can he show “our [Federal] finances are out of control when he couldn’t control Minnesota’s finances? And, last but not least, as he enters the boiling cauldron of primary Presidential politics how can he say, “I’m not running for entertainer in chief” when his political legacy thus far is one resembling a tragic comedy of financial errors?

    If he couldn’t run this state in a prudent forthright positive balanced manner then how can he run a country with problems 10,000 times worse than Minnesota’s?

    Homer Simpson and/or Mickey Mouse are looking rather good at this point to run for President. At least we know what they stand for politically!!!

    1. Charlie says:

      Oh give it up already…

      That is not true and you can’t make it true by saying it over and over…

      He was tough on the budgeting and that is what the US needs too!

      1. st. paulie says:

        So you think he did a good job, charlie? If so, the entire state is laughing in your face.

        1. Tea-Paw for Prez says:

          @st. pailie….

          I love your blanket statement….”the entire state” is laughing in your face….

          Yup…you are “the vice of the state” arn’t you!

          I live in the State and I’m not laughing. So, as most lefty’s…your WRONG! Just because YOU think something is true…you think the world thinks the same way!

          The bottom line is YES, he did do a good job. Could it have been better? Yes! Considering the “tools” he had to work with, he did the best job he could.

          Tim is a good guy with a head for BUSINESS, and that is what our Govt is! NOT a “welfare” program like Obam and Deer in the headlights Dayton think it is.

          I am NOT a Bachman fan….(she’s about smooth as 60 grit sandpaper if you ask me) but “T-Paw” is a good guy that I feel would do good things for the US.

          I bet you “st paulie” will vote for Obam, as he is doing SUCH a great job! That right there proves your clueless

          1. GOPSUX says:

            What dribble.

            1. LOL..Dribble...funny word says:

              Like Dale Dribble? On King of the Hill? Yup…if sure that’s you!

              1. Jack Hoff says:

                Well, it’s actually Dale Gribble. Dribble is what you get when a con servative expresses his or her views.

          2. keel says:

            What business would that be? The guy is an attorney. He worked for a couple of years for some tiny software company with less than 50 employees…but not as an operations manager. Truth is…he has no business experience whatsoever. You are entitled to your opinion…but not your pretend facts

            1. keel over says:

              @keel…that is the problem with you people….you read what you WANT to think in EVERYTHING that is written or spoken out there…

              My quote is “Tim is a good guy with a head for BUSINESS” in that he knows what it takes to run a business…UNLINE trust fund Baby Dayton!

              So he may be somewhat “limited” in owning a business or running a “big” business…..but look at Obam…he was limited in govt experience and he became prez! So throw that out the window!

              1. keel says:

                Dimwit. Which kind of “you people” are you referring to: I’m German/Scandinavian, Catholic, graduate of St Thomas Academy and College, University of Minnesota, US Marine veteran of Vietnam, and retired COO of an international electronic component manufacturing company. Is it that kind of people you refer to….or perhaps just anyone who has anything negative to say about any Republican. I’ve wasted enough time on this already.

        2. Charlie says:

          ST PAULIE GIRL, Sure, whatever you say … NOT!
          More people in this state agree with what I said, so there you go again painting a picture that only you can visualize… because it is made up BS!
          Stop while you are ahead, because he is a great leader with integrity…
          more than what we can say about you …

      2. Swamp Fox says:

        Maybe he was tough on budgeting but at what cost to the state? He only made matters worse with his myopic tunnel vision economic policies that ravaged the MN middle working class taxpayers. When the bottom fell out of the US economy, MN was in no shape to survive the oncoming recession. You can’t have just cost cutting to the budget without a steady incoming revenue stream to work over the deficit. That’s just plain ECON 101 when I went to school!!!

        Sorry Charlie, but T-Pawl flunked basic budgetary economic principles. Six Billion negative red-ink dollars support that fact!

      3. Good Ol Boy says:

        Please tell me what “tough on the budgeting” really means, and how Minnesotans are better off now because of it.


  6. Jack Hoff says:

    A great big turd.

    1. HAHA says:

      What about Prez Obama?

  7. dan says:

    Glad to see He finally made up his mind. Good Luck Tim!

    1. heisajerk says:

      His mind was made up YEARS ago, when he abandoned his job as Governor. Bad luck Tim!

      1. huh? says:

        Hello! When did he “Abandon” his job?

        Wow……you lefty’s are unreal!

        1. Michael B says:

          Troll much?? Your inability to use an apostrophe correctly is giving you away. Tell me, what belongs to the lefty? Or are you making a contraction?

          He abandoned his job with about two years left in his final term; when he started leaving MN to give speeches in other states. He’s as phony as that embarrassing southern accent he started using.

    2. Steve says:

      This liar won’t get the votes from any Conservative, Republican or Democrat from the state of Minnesota, Mr Fee’s couldn’t run a state and now thinks he can run at the National level. Mr Stupid just doesn’t get it. Retire Timmy Boy and move to Iowa. We don’t want you in Minnesota

      1. Chuck says:

        Steve, What color is the sky in your world???

        He has only been gone for a year and you thnk you can paint history like that?

        Stop it already and be real…

    3. st. paulie says:

      Dan, people like you scare me.

      1. Southern MN Mom says:

        st. paulie, people like you scare me.



  8. Murph says:

    If Tim Pawlenty ever told the truth it would be big news.Sadly the pdb won’t mention any of the things that made people hate him so much.Deeper into the election process those skeletons will come tumbling out like the legion of the Devil to break down any wall of silence he might still muster. So BONE a petite there Tim when you are forced to eat your dishonest words and deeds!

    1. Mike D says:

      Yes, because the buffoon we have now in the oval office is so much better. T-Paw won’t get the nod, but you can damn well bet the Republicans will be back in the office in 2013!!! GOP 4 LIFE!!

      1. Chris says:

        I didn’t know Mike D’s mom was in office???

        1. Mike D says:

          good comeback. Pretty soon you’ll be big enough to vote in a real election instead of that mock one they will have at your Jr High in 2012.

          1. Ralph says:

            We cannot believe that WCCO had not deleted the above message yet… what is this junk??? = not funny and tasteless…

      2. Michael B says:

        @Mike D
        I don’t think they’ll have much of a chance in 2013 now that everyone sees that they used “job creation” catchphrases to get into office, and then ignore job creation once they were there. The GOP has done nothing to contribute to the economy. They, like you, have no real ideas beyond “I don’t like Obama because he’s a liberal”.

    2. Charlie says:

      Forget it, as he is a straight up individual…

      Some may forget, like you, but we will not = he is what we need in Wash!!!!

      1. Michael B says:

        Yep. He’s exactly what we need…a moron with no ideas besides calling taxes “fees”. And people like you buy right into it.

    3. Chuck says:

      Murph, Take a step back and imagine for a second that you are mistaken….

      how embarrassing is that? We feel for you making some of the comments that someone has told you are truths… so sad!

  9. Patrick says:

    Yawn. Just imagine how many kids could go to college for the money this underwhelming, smarmy little boy is going to spend on a failed campaign. Granted, it will be fewer kids than before he ensured tuition went way up but still it would be a lot of kids. T-paw, I mean this from the bottom of my heart; You deserve every bit of failure that you are about to experience. You are a pathetic excuse for a man.

    1. StraycatStrut says:

      Kids go to college… graduate… then what? Back home to Ma & Dad because there is no jobs, Hope and Change buried us? TPaw is / would be way better then O’Dummy in office now. He’s Irish now.

      1. Michael B says:

        Keep deluding yourself into thinking that Pawlenty has ever done anything helpful. I’m trying, but nothing comes to mind beyond an increase in potholes, bridge collapses, and the destruction of public education in Minnesota.

    2. Chris says:

      Where do you come up with this junk????

      The reality is much different and you need to brush up on it…

    3. Slim says:

      Patrick, So your kids’ tuition went up and now you are at war with him forever?

      We understand your sadness, but if you want improvement in Gov, get used to it!

      You think there is no cost to providing for everyone and everything… not the case = this is a zero sum game that is just moving chips around the table…

      Unless you support No-bama’s printing money scheme… further cheapening it, and ending up with a woese problem because time has lapsed!

      We need someone strong enough to stand up and do the (unpopular) things!

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Anyody who comes up with an insulting nickname for the President, based on his actual name, is not worth listening to.

  10. SR says:

    With a state government shut down during his time as governor, among other problems that Pawlenty left the state with, he as a FAT chance in he!! of becoming president. That’ s NOT the kind of leadership this country needs. All he cares about is himself and trying to further a pathetic political career. Sorry Tim, you ABANDONED your blue collar values that you grew up with in South Saint Paul.

    1. Charlie says:

      SR, That is a real stretch and makes no sense at all… He is still a MN guy and a successful one at that…

      Oh, you must be one of the people that believes that if you have success you are outomatically the bad guy and it is you against them? Must be…

  11. George says:

    Weasel Nose has entered the race. Who will be next? the guy that the MN GOP House of Repr. chose to give opening prayer last Friday?

  12. James says:

    Timmy, Are you reading any of this stuff? He won’t announce here cuz nobody wants him around, well almost nobody. Maybe he could run to Mexico with all of the other crooks.

    1. Slim says:

      Crook??? Wha tthe heck, what we call yo uthe same?

      There is not basis for that slam, so give it a rest….

  13. Chris says:

    T paw T tim….this is too funny. Obama will trounce you in any debate. Further, you are too weak to authorize a mission like the one that successfully took out Osama bin Laden….Welcome to the club of Minnesotans who ran for and lost the Presidency.

    1. Change Chris' diaper says:

      If the debate was to lie about how they would run the country..your right…Obama would win! That’s what got him into office the 1st time!

      And stupid amreicans like YOU still believe Obama!

      We were ready for a “change” a year after Obama took office! He was right…we voted for change in 2008 and we will again in 2012!

  14. GOP 4 Life! says:

    Love how everyone is getting all worked up. Nobody cares about MN and its 10 measly electoral votes. We all know the states that matter at this time are Iowa and New Hampshire.

    1. Don_J says:

      …so you think (or wish) they’ll just “overlook” his record… FAT CHANCE!

  15. Chris says:

    Would you like to hear some interesting news about Tim Pawlenty??? So would he………………

  16. IwonderIf says:

    This guy thinks that he did something great in MN ” Moved us in a Conservative direction”
    You killed us!..What world does this moron live in. tell the truth when he cant handle the truth.. Right!

    1. Chris says:

      He did not kill us… he probably saved us, at least enough to avoid cuts like some have done… What is your beef with him, did he cut one of your favorite charities??? Sound like you entitlement folks are still smarting and that is great! Just do not cloud the issues by making up stories….

  17. Chris says:

    I like how T paw T Timmy claims to have balanced the budget. Dude, if there is a projected deficit I don’t see how you can sit there with a straight face and say that it was balanced. Apparently being truthful only applied for the first seconds of his campaign.

    1. Ralph says:

      Yes, Chris, it was balanced when he did it 2 years ago… ermember, they do a 2 year budget… also, the difference is in the revenue side, because sales taxes are way down due the continued economic slow down. Please get it right!

      1. Chris says:

        Wrong. Never listen to a guy named barf

        1. Oh..too funny Chris says:

          OH! AGAIN… are SO FUNNY…”Ralph…..Barf”….WOW! too clever….

          I think Chris is Spanish for “Mental Midget”

          Or does it stad for:

          C- Can’t
          H- Hear
          R- Rebublicans


          I like that better

          1. Michael B says:

            @Oh…too funny Chris
            You’re right: Republicans is stupid.

  18. clvgb says:

    So which media idiot decided on the nickname “T-Paw”? I’d like to know if the media have little huddles where they all get together to figure cute names for all the people they report on. Pretty silly, like a bunch of 5th grade girls.

  19. Southern MN Mom says:

    I LOVE THE GUY!! He makes Liberals, Marxists and Socialists angry and uneasy and never gets angry at them for their ignorance!


    1. st. paulie says:

      and i never get mad at you for yours

      1. Chris says:

        Capitalism would be fine but that is not what we have here when Bush started the too big to fail doctrine

        1. Charlie says:

          WHAT???!!! This is getting out of hand now…. Bush started too big to fail? … unbelievable … I am done with this post.

  20. Keen Observer says:

    What’s the difference between Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin?

    Palin quit serving her state in the middle of her reign as governor, and Timmy………….

    Never mind, my mistake

  21. Niner says:

    I cannot believe the negative comments on this. T Paw didn’t put us in the hole, the voters of Minnesota did when they elected Jesse Ventura. He refunded money, that wasn’t there, reduced rates for licensing vehicles and gaming. WHY? Cuz he wanted to make in the books! He made my book alright! As for the comment of Tim not being able to make a decision on Bin Laden, well, I think anyone would be able to make that decision. It’s the only Obama has done right in office anyway! And as for blaming hime for shutdowns….how ridiculous! Gov’t shutdowns happen. State shut down during Ventura’s term for 2 weeks. And now we are looking at a State shutdown. WTH! Its those liberals in office that want to give my hard working money away to anyone who wants a hand out……BULL! GO T PAW!

    1. Keen Observer says:

      If you cannot believe the negative comments on Timmy, you must have been living in Tibet the last 8 years. He is a joke, and a bad one at that.

      1. Chuck says:

        Keen… He did what he was ssupposed to do… what part of telling the truth and doing the hard thing do you not understand??? Go Tim!

        1. go away tim says:

          What part of telling the truth and doing the hard thing does TIMMY not understand? He’s as honest as his stupid southern drawl.

    2. Charlie says:

      Niner has hit it out of the park and we agree 100%!!!

      Thank you for talking some sense to these cry babies…

      What are they going to think when we have to make even more cuts in MN and the US???

      They better get used to it, as we can expect some Wisc type moves here because it is necessary!!!

    3. Good Ol Boy says:

      “Its those liberals in office that want to give my hard working money away to anyone who wants a hand out”

      Please be specific. I would appreciate details of this, not just exclamation points, and emotion.

  22. Matt says:

    I still love how the republicans are still blaming Bush’s mistakes on Obama. Obama has made some questionable moves, like with GM, but it was proven to be the correct choice to back GM, save the company save the jobs, and it turns out it is creating jobs. oh also we made money on the deal as well…

  23. HENRY says:

    The first thing he does is call the President a liar. Not much class. What about the 17 jobs lost at the MN Dept of Commerce so he could outsource to a international conglomerate out of Great Britan. How does that help Minnesota?

    1. Roger says:

      Yes… he did the right thing on both counts… what is your point and what is the problem with that??? Did you work in the Dept that got trimmed? Expect more of it, as it does not look like you can handle it… just want to keep blowing money like you have it!!!

  24. Chris says:

    Tea Paw’s damage control folks came out in full force

    1. Charlie Chan says:

      Hmmmmm – Bachmann has no DC folk so this is a positive in Pawlenty’s favor. 😉

  25. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Almost any Republican could beat Obama in a debate..he has a record now, unlike when he ran for Prez and there was NOTHING in his past to indicate if he knew how to do anything

    1. Slim says:

      Good point … Thanks!

    2. Tears, Tea Pee and Depends says:

      Really ????? LMAO
      I’m afraid there’s not a Republican that could win a debate against anyone – and that includes the teenager Bachmann hides from. LMFAO
      Go GOP ….. lol

    3. Good Ol Boy says:

      Umm, I really really hope Michele Bachmann can debate a live human on TV. Heck, I’d watch her lose a debate to a fish.

      But saying any republican can beat Obama in a debate is silly. Have you heard the man speak? Probably not. And if you did, what you really listened to and swallowed was the Republican response to it.

      Basically, you see and hear whatever you want to, and no matter what it is, it bolsters YOUR position and sinks the opposition. It really wouldn’t matter what that thing was you heard, because you really don’t care in the end, as long as you can twist it pro-republican and insult the people who disagree.

  26. Purple brandy and TP says:

    So …. if ya on – board with the MN GOP wanna be’s anyway …. you got the Him and the Her.
    Given MB is 100% flake but T-Paw has been living in La-La Land of “no new taxes but fee you to death” the question is this.

    WHICH one gets your vote?

  27. Pam Nevers says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Pawlentless if you paid me. Miss All Tachman and him should start their own Jack Ass side show.

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