MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — All Minneapolis public schools except one will be open Tuesday in the aftermath of a deadly tornado.

Seven schools in north Minneapolis were closed Monday after a tornado swept through the Twin Cities Sunday. The district says all those schools will reopen Tuesday except for Plymouth Youth Center, which remains closed due to power outages.

School bus routes will run as normal. Families who chose to drop off their child at school will also need to pick up their child at school. Students who ride the bus to school should also ride the bus home.

All Fridley public schools also were closed Monday because of the tornado.

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Comments (2)
  1. mark says:

    there is also a school that was hit so hard that it is closed for the rest of the year. Sojourner Truth Academy. This school is home to more then 300 students. why would wcco not put that in the news? is it becuase we are a charter school?

  2. Raymond says:

    It’s because charter schools are not real schools. They’re places for drop out teachers to get a job, and for kids to get a a subpar education.

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