MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The state of Minnesota hit a grim milestone over the last week, when nine road deaths pushed the state’s road fatality count over 100 for the year.

The Department of Public Safety said that number is still pacing below 2010’s levels. If trends continue, 2011 should end with a tally of about 375 road deaths.

Last year’s final numbers haven’t been announced yet, but 2009 saw 421 deaths on the roads.

Officials credited positive driver behavior as well as increased education and trauma response for the lower numbers this year.

The State Patrol, though, cautioned that drivers should remain on guard and driving defensively as we move into the summer season.

“Memorial Day weekend is historically the launching point into the deadly summer driving season,” said Lt. Eric Roeske. “As warm weather and bicycle and motorcycle traffic returns, everyone needs to be attentive to create safer roads, and motorists must be buckled up.”

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  1. Discusted says:


    1. Discusted of Discussing This says:

      Perhaps you could be so kind as to travel in the right lane, as opposed to the left lane where the faster traffic is trying to get around you. Thank you and have a great day.

      1. markH says:

        Perhaps. But tailgating is still a dangerous (and selfish) means of attempting to intimidate another motorist with the threat of an accident. Remember-your accelerator only operates YOUR car, not the car in front of you. So, riding someone’s butt in the hopes that he will speed up or move over only opens the door for an accident in which YOU will be at fault regardless of any excuses you may have. Keep that in mind next time you’re tailgating. Peace.

  2. ALS says:

    Yes, that is “discusting”… lol