ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill that would have required voters to produce photo identification before casting a ballot.

The Democratic governor rejected the legislation on Thursday, saying it would have cost local governments $23 million and lacked broad bipartisan support.

The proposal got only two Democratic votes on its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The bill from Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer would make all voters show photo IDs before getting a ballot. Provisional ballots cast by those who couldn’t show IDs would be counted only if the voter personally went to a local election office to prove his or her identity.

Kiffmeyer is also pursuing the bill as a constitutional amendment that would bypass Dayton and go directly to 2012 voters if approved by the Legislature.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Why would this not go through? We have to show a photo ID when we buy alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Wouldn’t the government want us to make sure the person who is voting is actually the person who is singing their name when they go to vote? I’m so sick of each party blaming the other one!

    1. Welcome to America says:

      It’s because Dayton LOVES illegal aliens, he needs their votes.

      I support legal immigration!

      1. Paul says:

        welcome to america your stupid and as we all know we can’t legislate STUPIDITY!!!!!! lookup poll tax it has nothing to do with illegal aliens !!!

        1. DR says:

          There is no desire to cut out voter fraud on the dem side. You are required by federal law to have a photo ID to open a bank account and you need a bank account to receive any type of social security check. So people already have the ID, Democrats are afraid what will happen if people actually have to show their ID.

        2. Derrick says:

          Your the one that needs to look up poll tax! This is NOT a “Poll tax” Its about requiring a photo ID to vote! Who cares if it costs a few bucks… besides 99.9999999% of Minnesotan’s (not to be confused with Minnesota’s total population) have photo ID’s and/or drivers license.

      2. Citizen says:

        Illegal aliens can already vote using their ILLEGAL DRIVER’S LICENSES available at the street corner near your local “stop N go’ store.

    2. coolbreeze says:

      Wow…deep thinking at it’s best. Does that mean making a person spend the time AND MONEY to become a US citizen is a “poll tax” too?
      Really…is it too much to ask to show some ID to vote? Really?

    3. Dave says:

      Hey STUPID… they should already have photo ID’s… its called a DRIVERS LICENSE. IT wouldnt cost a penny!

      1. Jennifer says:

        It’s a choice to drive. Not a mandate. We all have choice, we all have freedom. And we all have the right to vote.

        1. Jack says:

          no you do not have the right to vote in minnesota if your not a resident or illegal.

        2. ssd says:

          You don’t have a right to vote under my name…unless you say you are me and don’t have to prove it with an ID… it is a known fact that we do not 100% voter turnout for any election, it is also known that when they show people the list so they can sign by their name, that you can read other names, then call your non-registered or multi-voting buddies and tell them the empty names on the list. Everyone has a right to vote once per election, under their own name. That is what this is about…we are already on the slippery slope.

        3. st paul says:

          But, we also have a CHOICE to vote. So.
          You have a choice to buy cigarettes too, but it’s a RIGHT at 18, which also, at 18 you can legally vote, so why not provide ID for something like this??

        4. IronDioPriest says:

          No, we don’t all have the right to vote. Some do not. Non-citizens. Illegal aliens. Felons. Non-residents. Deceased people. The mentally incapacitated.

          We make decisions and delineations between those who are allowed to vote and those who are not. It is not a universal right to all human beings.

          Voter ID laws merely provide a means to authenticate a person’s eligibility to vote. It provides a tool to determine whether the person showing up to vote is actually allowed to do so according to the law.

          There is and can be no legitimate argument against it aside from plainly stating that one wishes to make voter fraud easier to accomplish. Cries of “poll tax” and disenfranchisement are ridiculous on their face.

      2. Jennifer says:

        Yes, you do pay money to get your drivers license or state ID. I wouldn’t go around making statements like that AND call others stupid. Just trying to help.

        1. Citizen says:

          Jennifer, if you don’t have a driver’s license and require a picture ID to vote, the State of Minnesota WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT ID–otherwise having to pay for the ID is an unconstitutional poll tax. I see the price tag for this “proposed” amendment is now up to $23 million and counting. Remember, the state-mandated ID’s will have to be provided FREE every time the holder’s address changes, and for all new requesters, every year. Plus, there will be initial and continuing election judge training. Ultimately, some of these state ID laws will be thrown out by the courts. This is simply an exercise in spending money in many ways. Besides, in order to register to vote, you already have to show an ID and prove who you are, after that you sign the register.

          1. Jennifer says:

            I noted that from your earlier post, I was trying to find where the 23 million number was coming from and didn’t make the connection. Thanks much Citizen, it puts it together. There seem to be three ways in which people feel voter fraud occurs. One, illegal aliens in our state. Two, people from other states or from our state pretending to be someone on a list. Three, felons. As pointed out before, I don’t see how this would help in two out of three cases. I tried to find any research on voter fraud in Minnesota. It’s all anecdotal. So, this would be 23 million dollars poorly spent.

      3. Election Worker says:

        So only licensed drivers will be allowed to vote in our future elections?

    4. Ruth Thomas says:

      Look up “Poll Tax” and you’ll have your answer.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Poll Tax = Not valid comparison

    5. Jennifer says:

      Any amount of money that you must pay before you are allowed to vote is a poll tax. You must purchase a state ID. This is a slippery slope, one I’m not in favor of going down. As far as the 23 million that it would have cost the local governments, it seems to me that if this is the case we have republicans who are willing to spend spend spend.

      1. ssd says:

        Point number 4 of the bill clearly states that no fee may be collected for the issuing of a voter ID…there is no voter tax or slippery slope. If you do not want your voter ID, then whose do you want? That is the slippery slope, people voting for others and doing it often.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Sorry for my spelling error… should say “signing” not singing.

  3. captainobvious says:

    Why would this cost local government 23million please enlighten me, also every1 should carry a photo i.d. anyway why is that 2 much to ask.

  4. Joe says:

    None of this makes sense. I always have to show my ID when I go to vote. Another “problem/reaction/solution” brought to you by the letter R.

  5. mamatellie says:

    You can read the bill here….
    Everyone seems to forget how much garbage gets thrown into these bills. One of the provisions in the bill would make it illegal for guardians to help disabled people vote….there’s a lot of junk in the bill that’s ridiculous….that’s the main reason.

    1. Good for Dayton says:

      Very true. Some bills have some good to promote yet it seems that part of the bill was used to mask the bad and the intent of the bill. The cost is real. And it is unneccesary. Voter fraud is so low. I don’t mind showing my id when I vote, and if that is all it was to it, sure, sounds good, lets do it. But it is not all that is in the bill and it seems it hinders the drive near the end of the voting time to get people to vote, considerably it will. Why do Republicans all over the country push to have this bill and why do Democrates say no to it? Seems like there is something behind the Repulicans that is under the table.

      1. food for thought says:

        Kinda like a 10,000+ page goverment health care bill that was pushed through in a week that isn’t even a voted choice of the american people…

  6. mamatelliek says:

    I’d like to add that the bill would’ve eliminated using accepted proofs of residency, including vouching for someone. So, for those of us in a poor financial situation who have moved several times and can’t always afford to change our address on our ID (like mentioned in the above article) we wouldn’t be able to prove we lived in the district. There are lots of other fun tidbits in there. Enjoy….fun reading for sure. 😉 And for anyone who would like to make a comment about me having internet but not affording to update my ID, I don’t have internet, I go online at my parents house or the library, so don’t bother with your mean comments.

    1. DR says:

      It’s 13.50 to update your id, so that means in a years time you need to cut out about 1 dollar a month to get our id updated in time for election. You can do that, I am sure of it.

      1. Jennifer says:

        slippery slope. I don’t want any tax in order to vote. It’s my constitutional right as a citizen.

        1. Citizen says:

          The IDs have to be provided FREE of charge every time someone needs one–every time someone moves and gets a different address. If the ID is not FREE it constitutes and UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLL TAX. What part of “FREE” don’t you posters understand? Plus, the cost will be closer to $35 since there are 11 other states already enduring the costs of photo IDS, so there is a track record to look at.

          1. Election Worker says:

            Provided for free??? Someone is paying for it… Another tax levied by Republicans.

    2. Derrick says:

      Why are Democrats SO afraid of a TRUE level playing field… why are they SO afraid of TRUE equality? They distort the truth and manufacture stories and dream up angles to justify anything just to guarantee another Democratic voter.

      1. Julie says:

        I left the dem party, because many of the leadership lacks integrity. What is worst is that no dem calls them on it. They say or do whatever it takes.

    3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Isn’t it illegal NOT to keep your ID current? In MN, it’s 30 days to update a driver’s license. You need to include that into your cost for moving. BTW, I don’t get it that if you are poor, how can you afford to move “several times”?

      1. Jennifer says:

        Let’s see. Couch hopping if you are homeless, yet you still have the constitutional right to vote. Domestic violence shelters, abused and yet you still have the constitutional right to vote. I’m happy for you, you have lived a privileged life.

    4. Good Ol Boy says:

      “So, for those of us in a poor financial situation who have moved several times and can’t always afford to change our address on our ID”

      If you’re that poor… Whose computer and Internet are you using?

  7. Hit the Panic Button GOP says:

    Why are Republicans so paranoid? Always looking to dictate solutions for problems that don’t exist.

    1. GN says:

      The simiple solution is to make everyone a unionized government employee.
      I can certainly pass paper in a circle, visit the water cooler several times per day, retire after thirty years (or less) with a good pension, health care and maybe China will foot the bill since the Dems somehow think that money grows on trees. Oh on the voting subject, with no ID lets continue to do what we are currently doing importing a freeluncher vote from Mexico, and several other South American countries. Anyone from China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea etc can vote to continue the welfare programs to ensure the unionists stay in power.

  8. jan says:

    according to the polls, a large majority of Minnesota voters are in favor of photo ID. I have no problem showing my photo ID but they want illegal immigrants to be able to vote so that’s why Dayton vetoed the bill

    1. SR says:

      That is the primary reason why he vetoed it. It’s so that he can keep his questionable voting base. A large majority are in favor of it. Wisconsin just PASSED a voter ID law. Dayton needs to wake up and realize that illegal is a CRIME, NOT a race.

    2. Citizen says:

      Illegal immigrants have illegal driver’s licenses, thus, they have photo IDs and will be able to vote. I overheard a conversation where a woman offered one of her FIVE illegal ID’s for identification to a clerk.

    3. BF says:

      You are right,Jan! Dayton wants the illegals to vote so the Democrats will get more voters!

  9. Wick says:

    Why would it cost local govts $ 23 Million didn’t the recount for franken far out do that figure. Wake up if you have to show ID would the votes not go the way you want the Dayton.

  10. Mike D says:

    I bet if the Republicans passed a bill to give the Governor a raise, he’d veto that too just because it came from them.. GROW UP YOU BUG=EYED PIECE OF DUNG

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Yep! He probably would veto THAT. He used his senate wages to fund bus trips for the elderly to go to Canada to purchase prescription drugs. He didn’t need the money then and he knew it. He’s probably still in that financial situation.

      1. Dan says:

        As a senator he turned down senator’s wages and he used his own money to fund elderly trips to Canada to purchase prescriptions. Get your facts streight.

        1. Yes, so true says:

          So true!!!!! Yes, come on get some facts rather than tell “lets drag him out of office and on the street” stories to promote yourself.

        2. just pointing says:

          Straight. Not streight.

  11. Michael says:

    Dayton knows the democrats can’t win if they have to show picture ID. There would be no more election fraud and MN would become a GOP state. Just like Dayton wants to raise taxes for the rich. If you do that they , the rich will past it on to the middle class. Things always rolls down hill. This how stupid the dems are….

    1. A Voter says:

      Were is the proof that voter fraud is taking place in Minnesota?
      How many people have gone into vote only to find that someone else has signed
      off in their place?

      1. DR says:

        The first time I voted in MN I went in with a utility bill, they used that address and took my word that I was the person that paid that bill. They had no idea who I was or if I lived there. Take a piece of mail from a vacant house and no one would know the difference, unless they had to show ID

        1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

          Did you do your civic duty and report the voter registration person? I didn’t think so. You just used the experience to gloat whenever the occasion came up for you to do so.

          1. Sue says:

            What was there to report? That really is all you need to present to become a registered voter in this state. So, in my small college community, we have the college kids out in full force on election day – registering to vote here in this community (which they know nothing about and have no concept of the issues facing our community – only that a candidate is a Rep or Dem) – while they’ve already voted in their own communities using an absentee ballot. As I also went to the college in my hometown – I know that this in fact actually does happen. My roommates just had to prove they were on the lease in our apartment – and were registered to vote. No questions asked. As a 19 year old, I didn’t know any better. (Thank our awesome public education system for not teaching me proper civics, I guess!). If I had, I would’ve turned them all in. One was a crazy uber left wing Dem, another was a crazy uber right wing Rep, and the other one – like me – voted on the issues, regardless of party affiliation.

    2. Jennifer says:

      The election fraud that is most concerning is about felons, if I’m correct. How would an ID stop a felon from voting? Do felons have a special ID? Is there a big letter ‘F’ stamped somewhere? No more election fraud, that seems to be a very strong statement. More republican thinking that doesn’t hold water.

      1. GN says:

        Interesting thing about the term felon — it really means nothing. Grand theft of middle class funds by political parties is a far greater a crime than some smuck that stole a car at age 18. Examples: Farm Welfare, Corn Based Ethanol, Railroad Disabilities Act (1946), Davis Bacon Act (1931), Dairy subsidy based on distance from Eau Claire, Wi (1931), paying for secondary education for farm kids while daddy makes millions. Want to get the country back on track, repeal all these laws and hundreds of others and throw all government employees back to the wolves on the private sector side of the fence.

        1. Jennifer says:

          Sounds like interesting reads. Thanks for the information!

  12. allforid says:

    Why pay for a drivers license then? You took the test and passed. End of story. Right? You get pulled over for something and you just say, “Officer I know I passed the test so I do not need to prove it to you.” Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it. ID is part of life. Get over it. If you move all the time then skip McDonald’s for a day or a few music downloads or whatever it takes. Even with short 6 month leases it is twice a year for a new ID. Big deal.
    BTW, the law says you have to have current address information on your license anyway within so many days of moving. Don’t move at election time.
    Does a problem really exist? Who knows, no way to verify without ID matches.

  13. Alex V says:

    This is a solution in search of a problem. Exactly what supposed problem would Voter ID solve? Last time I checked, neither my immigration status nor criminal record appear on my drivers license. Also, this isn’t just a voter ID bill. It would also essentially ban college students from voting on campus, and would stop people with physical impairments from receiving assistance to fill our their ballot. Minnesota consistently has the highest turnout in the nation, is imposing all these extra restrictions really worth it? I bet turnout will drop by at least 10% if this passes. Whatever happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

  14. tomas says:

    Politics is funny! (born in 1970).

  15. Cache says:

    It’s time to “recall” Dipsomaniac Dayton…this little small spoiled brat obama wanna be “dictator thug” is out of control…This DA has vetoed every bill that was for the taxpayers of Minnesota. The poll tax red herring is just that a red herring.

    1. Jennifer says:

      For the taxpayers? How so?

    2. Good Ol Boy says:


      Hey, don’t let the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about stop you from saying something REALLY dumb..

  16. terry says:

    If a person is not intelligent enough to carry proper ID then they shouldnt be voting anyways.

    1. Jennifer says:

      What if I wear mismatched shoes? Or my hair is different colors? What if I lock my keys in my vehicle outside the polling place? How about if I have dark skin? What if I’m a woman? Who gets to decide what makes me “not intelligent enough” to vote? We’ve been through these debates in the past. EVERY CITIZEN has the right to vote. Even if they are “not intelligent enough”.

  17. Rory says:

    Why the GOP even brought this up when only about two dozen people were brought up on voter fraud charges over the last couple of years and about 99% of them were felons who weren’t suppose to vote anyway. I try not to affiliate myself with either party, especially the GOP which has really gone off the nut over the last 2 decades.

  18. Derrick says:

    How would it cost $23M? If you don’t have a photo ID or a drivers license you don’t vote, and everyone EXCEPT illegal aliens has a drivers license OR a photo ID. If there are people that exist in this society without either they are an infinitesimal segment of the population and are SO out of touch with society and the world we live in they shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway! How could anyone live in today’s society without driving and/or requiring a photo ID at some point in life?

    1. Citizen says:

      U.S. Constitutional law says unless an ID is provided FREE to anyone who requests that ID, this law would be unconstitutional, Derrick. Go back and read your 9th grade civics text again. There are a lot of elderly and disabled people who will need picture ID’s to vote. There will need to be initial and recurring election judge training and possibly new scanning equipment. Anytime anyone moves there will be provided an UPDATED PICTURE ID FREE–every time. This will be a recurring cost to the State of Minnesota. Illegal aliens have illegal driver’s licenses, so they will STILL be able to vote if they really want to.

  19. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

    I thought the Republican Party wanted LESS government — NOT more! This would be another law! Ridiculous! BTW, there is a lot of junk in this bill. Read it here:

  20. Ruth Thomas says:

    OK, so it’s wikipedia, but it define’s what’s wrong with this bill and proves that all legislators need to be tested on the constitution before they take their oath of office.
    “In U.S. practice, a poll tax was used as a de facto or implicit pre-condition of the exercise of the ability to vote. This tax emerged in some states of the United States in the late 19th century as part of the Jim Crow laws. After the ability to vote was extended to all races by the enactment of the Fifteenth Amendment, many Southern states enacted poll tax laws which often included a grandfather clause that allowed any adult male whose father or grandfather had voted in a specific year prior to the abolition of slavery to vote without paying the tax. These laws, along with unfairly implemented literacy tests and extra-legal intimidation,[1] achieved the desired effect of disenfranchising African-American and Native American voters as well as poor whites who immigrated after the year specified.”

    1. Jennifer says:

      Thank you Ruth, very helpful.

  21. Concerned says:

    Stupid question…why is it that when the GOP wins an election lately, it is the “will of the people” and a mandate (even if they won 43% to 41%), but when the DFL wins it MUST be voter fraud?

    1. concerned and blind says:

      Someone obviously wasn’t paying much attention to the last election….

  22. Alex V says:

    Also, the number that I have seen in most sources for the total cost is $40 million, not 23.

  23. Perfect - Thank You, Mary. Minnesotans Truly Want This ! ! ! says:

    “Kiffmeyer is also pursuing the bill as a constitutional amendment that would bypass Dayton and go directly to 2012 voters if approved by the Legislature.”

  24. Pavel says:

    TO GN:

    You are really sick! I am not a government employee, but I have had service from many who were (and are) excellent employees. You have a very “jaded” mind. You need to open it up and “air it out”.

  25. Dayton MORON says:

    How would this cost 23 million???????

    I’m sorry, if anything – they should ENCOURAGE this – as people would go and PAY themselves if they want to vote, for an ID – and the state would make that much MORE in revenue.

    Dayton is a F’in IDIOT. As I stated before, he has NO idea how business is.
    And, this voter ID shut down, is him merely trying to keep himself and other lying democrats all the votes they can get – lies lies lies cheating POS.

  26. mpls sux says:

    I’m naming my junk, “dayton”. So I’ll use it like he does to Minnesotans… F’em.

  27. kevin says:

    Everyone with a legal ID raise your hands now. OK put your hands down and now everyone with no ID or and illagal one raise your hands now.

  28. Election Worker says:

    While the intent of this bill may seem beneficial, there is too much risk of collateral damage by preventing/discouraging an eligible voter to participate if they do not have an approved photo-ID.

    Wisconsin’s just-passed bill does NOT accept any of the UW system IDs.

    This bill is simply unnecessary and bravo to Dayton for standing up for the little guy once again.

  29. Kevin says:

    Dayton is a moron! Another idiot who is playing to the growing illegal community……Dayton needs kto put his big boy pants on and vote for the people of MN….not his future…which will be short….

  30. IronDioPriest says:

    There is one and only one reason to oppose requiring voters to definitively identify themselves in order to vote. Fraud.

    If you oppose making sure that only legal citizens with the right to vote can vote, you support fraud.

    Democrats rail against requiring ID, indicating that Democrats understand that voter ID laws will inhibit their ability to commit voter fraud. Voter ID laws will prevent dead people, illegal aliens, felons, non-residents, and the mentally incapacitated from voting, and that wipes out a meaningful margin of the Democrat constituency.

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