By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

I promise we’re not stuck in the middle of a series of Good Question rants. Last night we talked about Canada Geese. Tonight we’re talking about dandelions. But haven’t you noticed just an explosion of them this year?

Andy in St. Joseph emailed asking about all those dandelions. Why are there so many this year? And why are they so tough to get rid of?

I’d love you to email me pictures of dandelions. And not just the ugly pictures — I want the pictures of your kids making cute dandelion art projects. I want it all! And I’ll use it at ten.

We also make talk with a local chef who uses dandelions in his food. Share in the comments: is there anything good about dandelions? What’s your secret to get rid of them?

I admit I feel a little like Andy Rooney: “And what’s the deal with all these dandelions?” But I usually end up with great information in these kinds of stories, so wish me luck! See you tonight on TV at 10.

Jason DeRusha

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  1. Robert Moffitt says:

    We just had a neighbor yell at one of my co-workers because of dandillions on our lot at work. Neither cute nor cool, pal.

  2. nodandelions says:

    No dandelions on my lawn, but some people are just too lazy to pull them out. The secret is to pull them out before they turn white – the white stuff is dandelion seeds – Best time to pull them out is approximely 2 hours after a rainfall.

    1. YoMaMJ says:

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll get my lazy butt out in the yard this weekend. 🙂

  3. Kevin Hendricks says:

    My kids love picking the dandelions and I love the color they give to everything. Too lazy to pick them? Ha! Too stuffy to enjoy them! 😉

    Here’s a pic of my daughter with a bouquet:

  4. Clean Yard says:

    Pulling out is not the anser. If you don’t get the full root with it they just come back two fold. You need to spray and continue spraying all summer long. Takes a few years to get under control good. Don’t give up, your neighbors will appreciate your effort.
    I also have neighbors that don’t give a crap about their yards and it’s really frustrating when you try to have a nice lawn.

  5. Dawn (from Coon Rapids says:

    Here’s why you love dandelions, because when I was little I would take them to my Mom and when my kids were little they were bring in a bunch with the biggest smile on their faces and now my grandkids pick them for me and it NEVER gets old. So what if they die by the next day as long as there are little kids in this world the dandelions get picked.

  6. edinanmn says:

    YOu have to keep after the new plants, and apply weed and feed, but it’s not that hard to deal with. The tap roots are NOT two feet long as reported by the “expert” but maybe up to 10 inches deep.

  7. AlexB says:

    I loved the frolicking in your news tonight. No joke. It made the show so awesome!