LOS ANGELES (WCCO) — A new study shows a controversial diet plan may actually be the quickest way to safely shed pounds.

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After the explosion in popularity of Atkins and similar diets that advise more meats and fewer carbohydrates, doctors went on the defensive saying this was one recipe not to follow because it could lead to heart disease.

A new Johns Hopkins study, however, found that these diets don’t harm the arteries, at least in the short term.

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According to the study, participants who exercised on a high-fat diet also lost weight faster — 10 pounds in 45 days. Those who exercised on a low-fat high-carb diet took 70 days to lose the same amount of weight.

Researchers say they’re going to test the study participants again in six months to find longer term results.

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“What will affect your arteries may take a long time to build up,” said nutritionist Karen Congro. “So, in the beginning it all seems well. But eventually, if you remain on a very high saturated fat, we know for a fact you probably will have a problem.”