DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The Duluth School Board has approved a contract for its next superintendent that pays a base salary of about $175,000 per year.

The board voted 3-0 on Tuesday on the three-year contract of I.V. Foster Jr.

Outgoing Superintendent Keith Dixon made about $160,000 this year, although he also received about $80,000 in severance.

In terms of overall compensation, Foster’s first-year salary is an increase of about 0.5 percent over Dixon’s.

Board member Tim Grover calls that change “extraordinarily modest.” He says the board has done a good job for the community and taxpayers.

Foster’s contract calls for a 1 percent increase in the second and third years.

District human-resources director Tim Sworsky tells the Duluth News Tribune the salary is in the range of what comparably sized districts pay their superintendents.

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Comments (5)
  1. Wow says:

    Wow, no wonder Duluth is in such financial trouble. Paying one guy this much for a job that a teacher(with a base salary of probably 35,000) can do.

  2. Mike Merker says:

    It’s never been a funding problem for students. It’s how the districts spend the money. This is why I am against any increase in property tax and state funding until they come up with a viable solution. For the amount being spent, every kid should be college ready!

  3. Citizen says:

    A salary of this amount for a school superintendent is one of the reasons why taxpayers get so incensed over property tax increases and public employee salaries. This salary is more than a federal GS14 astronaut receives. It is more than many senior federal managers make. I highly value teachers and education, but I seriously question if any school superintendent is worth this amount of money for what is essentially a political job interfacing with the school board. Governor Jesse Ventura once proposed that schools in a county just have one superintendent to oversee all the separate schools–sounds like an even better idea now!

  4. June tea says:

    And people wonder WHY we have a Govt shut down happening!

    I’ll say it again…

    MN has a SPENDING problem
    MN does NOT have a TAX problem!

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    And I keep seeing a TV ad about not raising taxes on rich people and hurting the “Middle Class”

    The TV ad with a guy wearing a hard hat saying cuts in Education will hurt the middle class.

    I guess “Middle Class” people want to see $170,000 salaries for people who don’t even have to be in a classroom at all.

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