By Bill Hudson

CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A Chaska, Minn., bar is closed temporarily after a man was stabbed to death there overnight.

According to police, 35-year-old Jason David Foster was stabbed in what was called a “disturbance” inside the bar.

Witnesses told WCCO-TV that Foster was standing up for some women who were being accosted while walking away from the bar.

The men accosting the women were told to go outside. Foster was then stabbed several times outside in the bar’s parking lot.

He was taken to the Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska, where he was pronounced dead.

Three men have been taken into custody and are being held at Carver County Jail. They are 32-year-old Jesse James Rogers, 38-year-old McCarther James McGarry, and 24-year-old Travis James Fritz.

They face potential second-degree homicide charges. Fritz and McGarry also face potential first-degree riot charges.

Kelley’s bar was to remain closed Friday evening. Police said it may stay closed through the weekend.

The bar’s owner, Kelley Sharp, had already been scheduled to meet with police next Tuesday to discuss authorities’ growing concerns with the establishment. The meeting will happen as scheduled, police said.

Comments (76)
  1. tuna-free dolphin says:

    That’s just a disturbance? Meanwhile, someone graffitied a racial slur on a garage door in Chanhassen and the sheriff is putraged. Me thinks the sheriff has his priorities backwards. He must be a lefty. Outraged over racial slurs, murder not so much.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Find something to complain about. You’re shouting at the wind for no reason without any purpose in mind.

    2. dah-der-dolt says:

      Both towns have police departments, sheriffs are irrelevant

      1. jimmyJaames says:

        Chanhassen has no police dept. They contract with carver county for police services.

        1. factdealer says:

          Oh ok well this didnt happen in Chanhassen so not sure why that even matters.

  2. JamieinMN says:

    That’s just sad. He was simply sticking up for women (doesn’t happen very often) he probably didn’t know and he gets killed :-/

    1. advice says:

      My son will be of age soon and I hope he has taken my advice I have given him whenever a story of a bar fight comes up. I always tell him if a bar fights start, leave, don’t stand outside, leave, go somewhere else. Just go. It’s too easy to either get hurt or hurt somebody when drinking is involved.

      1. JamieinMN says:

        That’s good. It’s amazing what alcohol does to people.

  3. Reasonable says:

    I’m still trying to find the welfare receipient angle and how that causes more crime etc.. here. But c’mon man, this is Chaska!

    1. Rick says:

      Well….I am in Chaska alot….or like we call it….little Mexico……its a work nite….its 1:30 AM…(most working people are sleeping)……it was 3 thrug gang types…….and I know of a few Mexican gangs in Chaska…… money is on the welfare types….

      1. Fast Lopez says:

        Stabbings are usually accompanied by Mariachi music, true.

      2. @rick says:

        rick im as racist as they come, but you’re def. clueless mexican gang did this? Wow find a breathing tube, you can’t breath on your own

      3. jaime says:

        they were black, not mexican.

  4. AMB says:

    Man, people like this complete coward must feel tough. First you accost some women, then when a MAN calls you out you need to stab him? Bad news for you, you will not be allowed to have a knife in prison, so what are you going to do when your cowardly deeds write a check your ass can’t cash in prison?

  5. Kevin says:

    Lets see……Chaska……………3 thiug gang types…… money is on some fine young Mexican men……..just saying…..

    1. justathought says:

      “Three men have been taken into custody and are being held at Carver County Jail. They are 32-year-old Jesse James Rogers, 38-year-old McCarther James McGarry, and 24-year-old Travis James Fritz.”

      Mexican?? Sounds a bit Irish if you ask me.

  6. holly says:

    he was a good man. i know of at least 2 other times he defended a woman against another man. he had the biggest heart ever. so sad he is gone! RIP my friend.

  7. holly says:

    oh and for the record it was not a mexican. it was 3 black men nobody knew. everyone at Kellys bar are regulars nobody ever seen there men before.

  8. John Frykman says:

    Nothing good comes from late nights in bars. They should close them at 10:00 PM. They should still be able to get drunk and rowdy, but won’t disturb working people.

    Something tells me the guy who did this has been in trouble before. Likely has killed other people and got away with it.

    Publicly drunk and disorderly people should spend a minimum of 30 days in jail to think about what a mess they’ve made of their lives.

    1. ralph nader says:

      Late nights in bars will get you laid more often than just about any other method.

      1. Tyrone says:


    2. stumpdealer says:

      So if you get rowdy at a bar, you should lose your job??? Because you can’t miss 30 days at any job and still be employed. You’re a tree stump.

  9. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nickel……….

  10. Huh? says:

    I am simply amazed that people are so blinded by their racist view of the world that they can insert race into any news story that did not even hint that any specific race was involved.

    1. Realist says:

      Umm… read the rest of the comments genius. A witness posted a comment. Do you read before you comment?

      1. Huh? says:

        Realist I read the comments. How do I know if they are telling the truth? And why are spme going on and on about black people as if they are bad? I have read this stuff and much of it is racist biggoted remarks.And because I say anything you sarcastically call me a genious?

        1. Realist says:

          It is often the case that idiots describe themselves as ‘genious’ but are ironically ignorant to the fact that the word is spelled ‘genius’ – much to the amusement of us intelligent people.

          You don’t know if she is telling the truth, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt because she knew the victim. Further, why are you asking me why some people are posting hateful comments? Am I supposed to get into a deep discussion with you about their upbringing or the role the media plays in demonizing blacks? Yes, many people post hateful comments here, but don’t be so quick to defend any specific race when you yourself don’t know what race the suspects were. Will your tone change if it is revealed that 3 black suspects have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of this man? I highly doubt it.

          1. youknowitstrue says:

            I doubt it, because she’d a mudshark!

          2. idiots. says:

            It is rather amusing to see people call others ignorant and then have 5 words spelled incorrectly in their comment.


            ^^ here are the suspects… if anyone is still confused. The first 2 men were the ones that stabbed Jason – he identified those 2 as he was dying in the ambulance – and the 3rd one, Travis Fritz, is being wrongfully accused as he was trying to help Jason when the cops pulled up, but they thought he was hurting him. Witnesses will set the record straight at his trial.

            Stop the racist talk! Jason would be devastated to hear this talk. He was sweet, kind, and helpful to everyone. As his friend, I want these men to pay for what they did, but it has nothing to do with race.

  11. Kelly says:

    Time to close that bar. Then they could get rid of 5-10 police officers needed to patrol the downtown after 2 pm

  12. Yuk says:

    Those who spit up outrageous soooo untrue facts about a specific race (such as allen here) have caused more harm in this world than any!

    1. Kevin says:

      Wow….what colors are the clouds in your drug induced world? Do you watch the news? Everyday blacks or somalis or mexican or hmong are beating, shooting, or raping others.

    2. Realist says:

      Read the other comments. A witness clearly posted that the suspect(s) were 3 black men.

  13. holly says:

    Jason Fosters life was taken by 3 black men. i am not saying anything negative about any race. i am just posting a fact

    1. Realist says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

  14. Ven says:

    You are a fool..I’ll leave it at that, LOL

  15. Kent says:

    Every article on this site will end up with racist remarks if it is posted long enough.
    Too bad this is still prevalent.
    Think I will stop reading the remarks..Makes me sick.

    1. Agreed says:

      Me too, makes me sick.

    2. Realist says:

      That’s what happens when you grant people anonymity in a public forum. If this makes you sick, I wouldn’t recommend reading the remarks for a political news story. They really come out of the woodwork then!

    3. captainobvious says:

      Why is it rasicm when a spook kills some1? its reality everyday

  16. Kevin says:

    Gosh Kent and Agreed we wont miss you. Put your little heads back in the sand and have a nice life. I just post on facts…..a Somali from Mpls just blew himself up in Somalia…..a Somalian woman in Mpls just stabbed some people in front while trying to shove the Quran down their throats…..two Somalians were 2 of the 6 people shot last sunday night…..The other 4 were black……these three balck men just stabbed this white man in Chaska…..several Hmong beat two men with bowling balls in maplewood…..and these are stoires from the the past few days… if by me saying immigrants are killing this state offends you…..tuff cra*……you are part of the problem……GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK….you are the liberal morons who have created this freakin mess…so turn your head and hide like good little glitter throwers…..

    1. Realist says:

      I’m sorry Kevin, but you the one who is a moron here. You are insinuating the only non-white people commit violent crimes. That right there shows you are an ignorant, narrow-minded bigot.

      1. Kevin says:

        Read the paper… can the truth make me a biggot….there were no white people shooting each other this past week……although there was a balck man in Alex who robbed and killed a woman….and an Asian guy who shot his prego wife in the stomach……gosh I am such a narow minded bigot…..and ignorant…….typical glitter throwing rainbow flag comment……no answer to the statement just attack……face the facts… the paper and follow the news……now put your sippy cup down……and go back to work so you can pay for this wonderful diversity you bring to me…

        1. Realist says:

          Ok Kevin, so you are telling me that only non-white people committed violent crimes this past week? Is that what you are claiming?

          That overuse of periods is pretty cute by the way.

        2. jeri says:

          I Like rainbows

    2. Jason says:

      Kevin is just stating facts. Sorry if this offends some, I guess im a racist as well. I for one will continue to live from my experience in dealing with different people. Those that continue to ignore the trends will perish at thier own hands. No offence Kevin, your name should be the real realist

  17. missU says:

    jason was a good guy and did not deserve this. He always had a smile on his face, he was a great man. His family is in my prayers, may he rest in peace. Also I hope that the men who did this rot in he** they took a good man away us.

  18. holly says:

    first of all you are all missingthe point of this story! Jason was a Hero last night and several other times. he stepped in to help someone that needed it. Race has nothing to do with it. it could have just as well been 3 white men that took his life. the point is if you want to remember Foster then comment here if you are just here to insult a race go somewhere else. o and btw i was not a witness as someone stated before i am a friend of the victim who was informed of some details not added in this article

  19. Factpointer says:

    When is god gonna stop making colors? Killing the world slowly.

  20. holly says:

    please out of respect for the victim and his family and friends stop with the racial comments and lets remember Jason for who he was and why his life was taken.

    1. @holey says:

      You were the 1 that stated it was 3 black men, yet other reports say it was not, so if you’re weong about the 3 black men then you started the race debate, Ms. insignifigant Holly

  21. Jeff says:

    The guy who did the stabbing is a black man.

    Go to:

    See the guy sitting in the back of the Carver County Sheriff’s squad car?

  22. allan says:

    You might not like what I have to say. Blut every word of it is true. Forget about being a racist. I’m a realist.

  23. white people says:


  24. Makes me sick says:

    A man is killed an all you can do is argue about the race of the accused. Does it matter? No matter who did it, it happened and no race is excused from something like this tragedy. And for the record I went to good ole Chaska High with one of the accused, not a black man. Not even close. Yup a white person actually committed a crime. Are you surprised? Get the facts straight, do your research and don’t accuse innocent people, or races, of something they had nothing to do with. And I don’t know why someone would say it was 3 black men, when it clearly wasn’t. Talk about racism. Makes me sick.

    1. annoyed says:

      The white person you speak of did not commit a crime here! He is being wrongfully accused. He is one of the 4 guys that stepped in to help the girl being harassed. Foster got stabbed by the 2 black men and Travis got accused with them. Once all the facts come out, they’ll realize he was on Foster’s side.

  25. Human being says:

    This is disgusting. Not only was a man killed in my town for sticking up for someone, but there are sick people posting racist and ignorant comments on here! Stating that the killer was black isn’t racist…but making generalizations like ones stated are (welfare etc) . Unless you want things like this to be happening to YOU, please try to read a book sometime in the near future.
    PS Just because someone has a brain and isn’t racist doesn’t mean they’re liberal, so don’t even try that one with me.

    Rest in peace Jason Foster, I didn’t know you but from what I’ve heard you seemed like a nice guy, and I’m sorry that this happened to you when you were doing the right thing.

  26. Jeff says:

    @Makes me sick

    The guy sitting in the back of the squad car doesn’t look very white to me:

  27. Gomer says again says:

    well Gollllllllllllllllllllllllly !
    Imagine that ….. someone gets killed outside a bar ….. by some drunks ……. feel for his family but …… whats new about a death when booze in part of the equation ???????
    Booze and dope kill . Pretty simple.
    No dummy – it’s not the person alone either. They don’t get stupid when sober and straight. 😉

    1. Sherlock says:

      That bar is for alcoholics, it’s sketchy as hell, I thought this stuff happened every day there… Thankfully it doesn’t but yeah, booze + men = violence? Who knew?!

  28. Gary Olson says:

    If the women were being herrassed, they could have asked the bartender for a safe escort (ie law enforcment) to their vehicles or a safe ride home. Although it sounds like the victim was trying to do the right thing, no one needs to be a hero to do the right thing. where was the bar-tender, why did not other patrons help out? I do not know as I was not there. Plus any racial comments do not add any creditability. There as many white gangs out there as any other race.

  29. justathought says:

    I want pics of the perps!!!

    1. missing jason says:

      man on far right, Travis Fritz is innocent. He was Foster’s friend and they got him confused with the 2 guys who actually did it. But the two other guys were identified as the stabbers by Foster as he was dying.

  30. Eric says:

    Not going to take the time to read through all these posts. I live in Chaska. Built a house here in 2003. Since then our leaders decided to open up section 8 housing within view of my front window. I spent 300K for my house. My cars have been broken into three time the last two years. Two unregistered sex offenders have been extracted from said section 8 housing. Cops are now a regular fixture on Clover Ridge Drive.

    Mr. Kelly’s Bar owner. If you’re being brought before the city I would please ask that you remind them of the untold dozens of objections from residents who opposed their “vision” of this city.

    We were once crowned a top 10 place to live in the USA.

    We’re now a casualty of what happens when you accept government handouts. We might as well turn Chaska into a landfill. Maybe we can obtain a top 10 landfill ranking.

    1. Some Advice for Eric says:

      Eric, just a thought. If you hate what is happening with the section 8 housing – would it not be better to volunteer your time and energy to helping the people living there have a better life? If you help, maybe just maybe you could be part of a solution instead of only complaining. You might be able to change the government but from the sounds of it you would rather sit around and complain about the “liberals” and “immigrants”. It sounds like you want some advice on what to do: start helping the people in the section 8 housing. Get to know them. They are you neighbors and they might stop breaking into your car. Or move. Doing nothing is worse than doing something and failing.

      1. joke says:

        Spoken like a true section 8 person, asking for more help, expecting people to help even more, i loathe your existence

    2. jane says:

      Sorry to hear this Eric. I moved due to Section 8 housing. Too many people just sitting around with nothing to do. They can’t even pick up there own trash.

    3. Kevin says:

      Oh Eric……you are such a racist!!!!! It is diversity….now quite down and accept it….or a Federal Hate Crime is coming to you…….looser people DESERVE housing just like you!!!! Illegal mexicans….somalians……and homng….deserve to live where you live!!!!!! If you dont like it……move out of diversity land….

  31. Confusing says:

    Some of the racist comments that were here earlier have been deleted; yet response to those statements remain causing more confusion.

  32. truth says:

    Jason was a friend of mine and he would be sick to see what people have been posting in their comments. We need to stay focused on the main reason this happened. Jason lost his life sticking up for a women to another man. Jason has done this before and I bet would do it again. He was the type of guy to give you the shirt off his back if you were in need. People need to leave race or color out of this because every single person is just as capable of making terrible decision as did the man, the color of his skin didn’t make him kill Jason. Let’s be real under our skin we are all made up of the same matter and it is either in you or not regardless of your skin tone. What is this world coming to that someone has to think twice before doing the right thing because they may lose their life over it, how sick! The man who did this clearly does not have a heart and is messed up mentally and we all know that people like this come in every shape and color. I pray that people will start to wake up and realize cause and effect and that their ridiculous and outrageous behavior comes with a price. I think it is best if everyone who does not have the straight and true facts on this specific situation to refrain from posting it to eliminate confusion.

  33. Alice says:

    Jason, thanks for being such a great friend. You will be greatly missed by many. The world is a colder place without you.

  34. tonja says:

    Thanks Chaska for showing your true, redneck, racist, and intolerant views. You carry on now, and be sure verbally abuse anyone who doesn’t look like you… you sorry load of pathetic pukes. I paid $300K for my house. Wahhhh. I have a sense of entitlement! Waahhhhh. I’m white and wealthy and think I’m entitled to never have an ounce of crime within 2 zip codes of my house, waahhhh…

  35. mermLert says:

    you definitely love Vestidos de Famosos and get big save

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