ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Some schools in the St. Paul School District will start as much as an hour earlier or an hour later this fall under a new system which varies school day start times.

Some parents are upset that little input was gathered from the public on how the staggered start times would impact schools.

The new “tiered” busing system is projected to save the district nearly $2 million.

Dr. Conrad Iber, director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorder Center, said he is concerned that the change will affect those particularly vulnerable.

Research, he said, shows that teenagers have a biological impact on puberty that results in a delay of sleep onset about one or two hours. Iber said there is evidence that inadequate sleep can affect a child’s mood.

“But not just mood changes. There’s an increased risk of suicide. There’s evidence that lack of sleep results in poor performance in school,” he said.

Iber said parents can help in the transition by valuing sleep, and making sure all electronics are off at bed time.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

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  1. tuna-free dolphin says:

    Hilarious. Suicide? Please. What is it about even the attempt to lower education costs, that brings the liberals out of the woodwork like roaches? Then they wheel out the “experts”. Too funny. These wouldn’t be the same “leading experts” who got caught cooking the books on global warming, would it? You know, the Oxford climate blokes who were making up dire scenarios and giving it to the U.N. to scare people into giving the govt. more and more control? I guess some people think that as long as someone wears a white lab coat, has a degree and is put forward as an “expert” that it must be pure science with no political agenda. Pseudo Science is the new hammer of crazy liberal ideas. Give us what we want or your kid will commit suicide. These liberals are shameless. How far will they stoop?

  2. Phid says:

    I don’t really understand how this necessarily affects sleep. If a kid has to wake up an hour earlier, then he just needs to go to be an hour earlier. Yeah, so it takes some parental involvement.