MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- Police responded to a shooting in downtown Minneapolis early Saturday morning in which a 23-year-old man was shot in the stomach while waiting outside a car near a strip club.

Police said the shooting happened near 2nd Avenue North and 3rd Street North close to Sex World and the Choice Gentleman’s Club at around 3:30 a.m.

The victim suffered non-life-threatening wounds and was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment, police said.

No arrests have been made, but police will continue to investigate.

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  1. Bryson Powers says:

    Alcohol + Warehouse District = Gunshots

  2. pepper says:

    My old hometime Chicago had 4 homicides and 12 shooting last night. Its gonna be a long hot summer.

  3. Victim du jour says:

    Notice how the media doesn’t spin this as a hate crime? Like shooting someone isn’t an act of “Hate”

    With their mindset, the racist graffiti in Chaska is worse, even thou gang symbols are more easily linked to actual real acts of violence in the news.

  4. zee the reporter says:

    Thats it~~~ the police need be step up downtown or im not going!! zee reporting in!

  5. thumbody says:

    Dad always said nothing good happens after 11 pm

    1. whatgoesround comesround says:

      Hey Hey ! got the right of it Thumbody!

      Like, vote again council — keep bars open even later/longer — then all this nite stuff will shift to daylight – drunks wont know the dif

  6. Dave Seavy says:

    It makes no difference what race is involved – the fact is the shootings have gotten so far out of control, and the city appears to be doing little to stop it. There is absolutely no excuse for this to be happening. Put extra patrol on at night if you have to, but the leaders of Minneapolis need to step it up or nobody will want to visit or live there. I lived in the TC for 12 years and loved it, but now I wouldn’t live there for all the money in the world. It’s sad, but reality.

    1. Brandon Pryatel says:


      Tell me again the city is doing nothing. Between “shots fired” technology and more patrols crime is done significantly over the past 3 years.

  7. Ven says:

    make a visit punk

    1. Dman says:

      Make a visit??? What you think your a tough guy????

  8. Brandon Pryatel says:

    Excuse me? While technically the warehouse district is “North Loop/North Minneapolis” DO NOT lump everyone in the same category. Where do you live Dman? Maybe I can make some sort of ignorant, racially motivated, broad generalization of your area.

    1. Dman says:

      your a moron… the fact of the matter is, it is blacks doing the shootings you dumb moron…. I am not racist.. I speak the facts…. why don’t you do a study and see how many black people commit shootings in minneapolis versus white people….
      Brandon, you are a moron…

  9. MNnotnice says:

    and your last name is penn…so therefore you should be given admittance to university of pennsylvania. sounds about right according to your logic. get out in the world.

  10. Old Bob says:

    I don’t hear anything about gangs of white swedes doing the shooting

  11. jeff says:

    over the years gangs, mobs etc. have lost their way. it used to be that you’d become a criminal and make enough money to be a productive member of society (eventually) those days are long gone. it isn’t about becoming productive finacially anymore. it’s about ego and self and power and blah blah blah. if gangs had any morals, (i know that’s like an oxy moron) or sense they’d at least do some frickin’ gun training so they aren’t puting 11 year old girls into comas and paralysis and dirt naps. anyone associated with a gang needs to be tried and prosecuted as a terrorist!!!!!!!!!! america has to step up up to the plate. we have enough terrorism to deal with abroad without getting it from our own people.

  12. Gary says:

    “You probably cross the street when you see black people.”

    I just moved here from New York City, and you learn quick that “white guilt” is a sure fire way to get mugged or worse. So if it’s after midnight and I’m alone and see a group of blacks, hispanics, whatever coming towards me, you’re DAMN RIGHT, I’m crossing the street! I’ll risk being labeled a racist if it means I get to go home and not to the hospital. Sorry, a few bad apples DOES spoil the bunch.

  13. Cheers.. says:

    You feel safer around black gangs, than you do police, ok you may not be rasict but you’re a fool, and im guessing a color. Lol @ Dman

  14. Gawrence says:

    Plain and simple.. there are too many lowlifes wandering the streets, brainwashed to crime and stupidity. Their brains will never come out from the drugs and alcohol. And I can only imagine the stress a Police Officer faces every night in Minneapolis. I recently visited the city for FOUR days and nights.. Two of the four I called for gunshots that woke me up.. Believe me, the Minneapolis Police were responding to my calls and every other citizen that took the time to get out of bed and make the call. I saw them coming down the street in minutes. I also received many Thank You’s from the 911 Dispatch. Those of us who have lived longer, KNOW the USA is indeed in serious trouble. And Minnesota has nothing to be proud of, Being State Number three in fifty, in the amount of pathetic alcoholics.

  15. Primetime Editorials says:

    close down that strip club

  16. Jim Bob says:

    Coons are so ignorant & violent. I’m glad prisons are full of em’.