HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — The city of Hastings is looking to curb vandalism at a local park by installing a device that emits a high-frequency sound only heard by teens and some adults.

Parks and Recreation Director Barry Bernstein said their looking to redevelop Cari Park near Red Wing Boulevard and are considering adding the security device known as SonicScreen, made by Miracletech Security. It would be installed by Webber Recreational Design, which is a company in Hastings.

“It’s a sound barrier that would be activated when the park is closed to reduce loitering on the play equipment,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein said the security device is specifically designed for kids ages 12 to 18. It omits a high-pitch sound at 17.5 Kilohertz that can irritate teens. Some have described the noise as a mosquito buzzing in your ear or fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

The tone has a 50-foot radius so neighbors living nearby shouldn’t be bothered.

“It doesn’t effect animals,” said Jay Webber of Webber Recreational Design. “It doesn’t effect them from the standpoint of not being able to hear it.”

The reason adults can’t hear it is because at the age of 20 you begin to lose your high-frequency hearing.

“Those decibel levels basically go away from our ability to hear them,” said Webber. “We actually have an option of having a child or an adult version for the actual sound. I can hear the adult setting and that’s more for vagrancy on boardwalks where people are trying to sleep in a park.”

The technology was designed in the United Kingdom to keep kids from loitering in certain areas. Teens have adopted the mosquito sound as a ringtone and some use it during class so teachers can’t hear it.

Bernstein is looking to place the deterrent in the new design of Cari Park. He said vandals have struck the park after dark several times.

“Part of the structure has been set a blaze,” said Bernstein. “We found human excrement in our tube slides. Urine on our tornado slide. It’s been tagged.”

Bernstein said they’re also considering installing security cameras, lights and other voice monitoring system.

“A voice will come on and say ‘Please remove yourself from this area,'” Bernstein said.

Hastings has $60,000 to replace the aging park. The SonicScreen system will cost around $7,000 and will be included in the cost.

Bernstein said the security system will save the city money in the end. He said they have five maintenance workers that oversee 400 acres of parks and 33 miles of trails. Whenever someone vandalizes a park, it costs the city not only money but time.

“It’s more significant not in only in dollars but in time,” Bernstein said.

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  1. Darren says:

    Remember when we were kids and we were caught doing this? THe belt is what happened on a bare bujtt. But u can’t do that anymore but that is what these kids need that and a few cops to do some police business with them when they get busted.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      The kids doing these vandalisms are very young teens, not the 17 year olds. I used to live in this neighborhood. It isn’t a hangout for the burnout 17-20 year olds at all.

    2. Good Ol Boy says:

      I lived there. It is not grown-ups vandalizing the park. It’s kids. There is no presumption here. Or do you live in that neighborhood and know something nobody else does?

      1. Salad Monster says:

        I live here now, and I have for two years. I think you’re out of touch. It’s mostly older teenagers and young adults (17-22) hanging out there now. If what they say about this noisemaker is true, about half of these punks are too old to be affected by it.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Hanging out there != vandalizing it. I stand by what I said before and that is that the older kids aren’t the ones pooping on the slides or blowing up a bic lighter.

          1. Salad Monster says:

            So you think the vandalism is being done remotely, by people who aren’t in the park? Or do I need to spell things out very very clearly so you don’t get confused?

            From about midnight to four in the morning, people (mostly young males) between the ages of 17 and 22 are in the park. Or do you have some magical way of seeing into a park that I live near, and you don’t?

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              What’s with the attitude?

              Yes. I think it’s being done remotely, you friggin moron. Geez. What’s with the insults? If you live on the park, you can agree with me that squad cars won’t do a darn thing, and you can agree that watching from homes for vandals will not be successful either. Now get off your high horse.

              No, I think it’s being done by young teenagers just the way it was before. I seriously doubt 22 year old men are pooping on the slide and burning BIC lighters.

              Or is that what YOU think is happening, Einstein?

              1. Long Neck says:

                I find it ironic that you criticize someone for having an “attitude” while hurling insults in nearly every post you’ve made.

            2. Salad Monster says:

              Aw, I see I’ve upset you. Maybe it’s time you got off mommy’s computer and had a nice little nap.

              1. Les Johnson says:

                Mommy’s computer?

                Is that really still being used on the Internet as the cyber-bullying tactic du jour? Really?

          2. Long Neck says:

            But vandalizing it does mean hanging out there. One has to be present in order to commit vandalism, do they not? If the older kids are the only kids in the park, how can you maintain that someone else is responsible for the vandalism?

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Telaporting poop lol

            2. Good Ol Boy says:

              They’re the only ones? I very much doubt that.

    3. Jim Strathmeyer says:

      Yes, Darren, child abuse is the exact sort of thing that leads to this sort of behavior. Thanks for talking about your past abuse, I know it’s very hard for people, but the important thing is that we do not continue the cycle of abuse and treat our children this way.

  2. Brian says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the unintented consequences.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Such as?

      1. CBinMD says:

        Such as peoples pets for a mile around going freakin nuts each time this noise machine is activated

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          @bad young girl:

          I’m sure you thought your response was very clever, but you simply did not come up with any “unintended consequences.”

          @CBinMD, do you have any legitimate reason to believe that will happen? Yes or no.

          1. Will says:

            Unintended consequence….how about that it doesn’t solve the problem but spends tax payer money. All the kids have to do to avoid the noise is simple soft foam ear plugs, and I would say that would be unintended. An easier solution is more police doing rounds combined with more motion activated high-powered lights in the trouble areas.

            1. Will says:

              Well, as I read down, I see that simple foam plugs don’t seem to work. I bet Bose will sell more headphones then.

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          No. Not a concern. Next?

      2. Davis says:

        Repelling all teens?

      3. Davis says:

        Such as all teen being driven away.

      4. ProudAmerican says:

        Ear plugs will be sold out!!

  3. Mr. Reality says:

    You can probably buy ear plugs at the same place they sell spray paint and sharpie markers.

    1. idiocracy says:

      I’ve been laughing at your comment all day.

    2. Big Bear says:

      Or they will just wear I-pods with the gangsta rap turned up to max. Neighbors should form a protection group and any brat who gets caught vandalizing will get a good arse whooping. Any paper-shaking lawyer who tries to defend the rights of the little thugs will get a harder beating.

  4. Pate says:

    I don’t know about that whole thing regarding adults who cannot hear high frequency sounds.And what about kids who listen to music at ear-splitting levels? Don’t tell me that they can hear a high frequency tones after that.Good luck,Hastings.

    1. Rose in NYC says:

      There’s an app on the iphone, I believe, that emits a high frequency sound that 99% of people under 30 can’t hear.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        do you (or does any other poster) know the name of this app?

        1. idiocracy says:

          You’ll probably find something if you Google the following terms-
          iphone app mosquito ringtone
          iphone app ultrasonic ringtone
          iphone app dog whistle

  5. Otay Alan says:

    Would the money be better spent on video cameras?

  6. IronAngel says:

    Ear plugs don’t help. I have unfortunately run across one of these things before. At 30, I luckily (or unluckily, in this case) retain my sensitive hearing. SonicScreens do nasty work. As for consequences, I have personally observed two other adults that couldn’t hear it, but developed headaches while in range that eased off when they left the area. I strongly support this measure though. It’s a good idea.

    1. Kay says:

      I’m the same way. I’m 25 and I can hear high-frequency noises too and they can be really awful sometimes. It’s like the sharpest sound you’ve ever heard, but very high-pitched. Ugh, I get chills just thinking about it. Also, what about dogs? Aren’t they very sensitive to high-frequency sounds? It’s sounds like a cruel way to prevent crime, and who’s to say it’s preventing anything? It’s sort of like the pat-downs and body-scanners. Let’s make everyone miserable all because of a few bad apples. This kind of blanket approach to security doesn’t really stop anything because they are punishing everyone, it’s just not efficient, nor is it a just way to “secure” people.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        “Let’s make everyone miserable…”

        That isn’t the situation here. You are not thinking this through clearly.

      2. alex says:

        Kay, don’t worry about these frauds.

      3. heatherfeather says:

        It’s the liberal mantra: If one errs, all suffer.

        1. Alan Soucy says:

          Let’s pay you $5 an hour and you can be Playground poop patrol captain !!!! And no it’s not a liberal matra… Liberals accept this type of behavior… Bad Johny 25 year old you pooped on the slide…. Shame on you…. Don’t do it again and again and again….. No harm no penalties no foul!!!!!!

      4. Alan Soucy says:

        At 25, what are you doing in the park at night. Stay out of the park…. It only has a 50ft radius for each device installed…. It won’t affect you at home…. Idiots….

        1. Les Johnson says:

          I tried to tell them the same thing, Alan, but somehow toddlers will explode in their beds in Rosemount, and dogs as far away as Burnsville will start howling at the moon. Bats will collide with semis causing horrific crashes as well.

          Additionally, the Rhodes Scholars commenting here have notified me that small children will easily disable the device, and senior citizens walking by the park will have their pace makers start on fire.

          Good luck selling your logic based on truth and facts. They ain’t in the market for such things.

          1. Alan Soucy says:

            lol… I rarely reply to this kind of dribble… For some reason this time I felt compelled… Losing battle with the world brain trust !!!! We’re in BIG trouble :-@

  7. Good Ol Boy says:

    Nobody needs to be in this park after 10pm anyway. There isn’t anything to do in the dark there. It’s isolated enough that nobody is going to have their ears tortured while sitting in bed watching TV or outside in their yards. This is a fantastic idea, and I can’t wait to see how well it works and where else it can be used.

    1. Choad says:

      Nobody *needs* to be in a park at all. Your make-believe lack of necessity doesn’t justify this ridiculous and ineffective measure. I can’t wait to hear about how this fails miserably, doing nothing bust costing taxpayers money. I’m glad I don’t live in that garbage heap anymore.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Let me clarify “CHOAD” since you couldn’t figure it out on your own.

        Nobody is ALLOWED in the park after 10. Therefore they don’t NEED to be there.

        Do you get it now?

        1. Choad says:

          All that paint you’re huffing seems to have affected your reading comprehension.

          If you want anyone to understand, you’re going to have to explain yourself better. Nobody can make any sense of your inane, illogical ramblings.

          The park’s closing time has nothing to do with the effectiveness of this machine.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            It doesn’t seem you’re making any valid or cogent points here. Were you planning to?

            1. Choad says:

              So you admit to being too stupid to understand what I’m saying. That’s at least a start. If you really thought this plan would work, you’d provide some solid evidence.

              Since you have none, I must assume you are admitting defeat.

              1. MrNiceGuy says:

                Choad… the only thing that makes sense in your writings is your name.

                1. Choad says:

                  So you also admit to not having any valid arguments. Very well, I appreciate your honesty.

  8. Adults might not hear it but dogs all over the neighborhood will and there will be a constant canine He!! all over the area while activated!

    Wonder if it will also drive the rats out of the park into other parts of the community?

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      “Adults might not hear it but dogs all over the neighborhood will”

      False. Stop trying to spread lies.

  9. Jack says:

    It’s lible to attract a thousand dogs!

    1. Les Johnson says:

      The word is “liable” and no, it isn’t “liable to attract” ANY dogs.

  10. Jeff Prager says:

    As freedom and liberty slowly slip away the sheeple cheer.

    1. Rose in NYC says:

      Freedom and liberty? To do what? Willfully destroy someone else’s property?

      1. Dan says:

        Teaching young people to be responsible with their liberties is no easy task, but it is most certainly imperative to the future of freedom.

        1. Choad says:

          People are terrified of real freedom, because it requires responsibility. The typical American, as evidenced by the overwhelming majority of posts on this forum, would actually prefer an Orwellian police state. They’d give up every ounce of their liberty for more comfort and security. Who cares if the phones are tapped, just as long as my curly fries are hot.

          1. JC says:

            Hey, how old are you.

        2. Jimmy J says:

          Dan you are totally correct. To hurt someone to get them to behave is just teaching violence… How bout some respect education? Or how bout some parental liberty to paddle your kids arse when they do a high enough level of bad…? No that requires work from the adults and adults do enough work at WORK right??? Silly humans grow up and teach instead of ban!!!

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Nothing’s being banned here. Did you even read the article?

            Real freedom? Come on. This isn’t restricting anybody’s freedoms. Kids already can’t be out that late. And the park is closed. Nobody’s freedoms are being touched here. Please LEARN TO READ.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              RAW RAWR RAWR I AM ANGRY!

          2. Steve Bubba says:

            People are too lazy to teach their kids. They’d rather believe in a magical device that makes teenagers behave.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              So if it isn’t the Berditzmans down the street whose kids are doing it, then are the Berditzmans the lazy ones if they want this device installed in the park?
              Your comment didn’t make much sense.

  11. Jim Speed says:

    GREAT! Tell them what you’re going to do and they’ll wear ear protection .. and YES, typical gun range hearing protection DOES work against high frequency sounds. These very high frequency waves are EASILY deflected by Anything. lower frequencies are NOT affected by protection as much.. this is why low frequency and ELF extremely Low frequency waves can be MILES across.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      @Jim Speed

      12 and 13 year olds are going to come to the park with gun range hearing protection in order to hang out and poop on the slide?

      Really? I think you need to ponder this a bit further.

      1. Nacho Mama says:

        You’re right. After some pondering, I see that the sound isn’t harmful, just annoying. They won’t need ear protection at all to poop on the slide. This won’t stop any vandals.

      2. IHateTyranny says:

        Who says its kids that are pooping on the slides? I would argue that Adults are more likely to defecate in public spaces then are teenagers or children.

        1. Good Ol Boy's Mom says:

          Good Ol Boy is 57, and he still poops on the slide every time we take him to the park.

        2. Les Johnson says:

          Interesting argument, but it doesn’t ring true when faced with historical evidence.

  12. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Kind of stupid!!!! What about the teens and young people who are not causing any problem in the park. Maybe they’d have better luck pumping in music by Vivaldi or Beethoven.

    1. Adam Copp says:

      So what gives the noise machine a right to be in the park after 10pm? Are we giving rights to machines that we don’t give to humans? Is that what this country is about?

  13. Phil says:

    My Hearing is still good (I am into my 40’s) and I hear all kinds of things. Good behavior starts at HOME and at a young age. If sonic devices don’t work what is next

    1. idiocracy says:

      This has just about everything to do with targetting people who have not experienced ‘hearing loss’. It is a pretty specific hearing loss.

      {insert insult about uneducated responses here}

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        My point was more to address the fact that newborns won’t be freaking out 4 blocks away and 50 year olds with great hearing won’t have a problem either.

        Thanks for jumping at a perceived opportunity though. Sort of predictable.

        1. idiocracy says:

          You (Good Ol Boy) have no idea how far this tone will reach, unless you are in fact a part of the company that made this device or similar ones. I’d give you a small amount of credit if you were an audiologist or even an audio engineer.

          This device will probably be hooked up by people who can’t hear the tone, how are they going to know how loud the volume is? Maybe they will turn it up just so they can hear it? I don’t know. But, neither do you. PLUS- Setting at a volume that is suitable for daytime will carry much further at night. Just something else to consider.

          Knowing that someone will attack your biased comments isn’t a huge feat of intuition.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Actually YOU don’t know, but I DO know.

            I went to their website and read the specs. Did you?

            The volume is configurable.
            The range can be shortened to 50 feet.
            The sound range can be shortened or widened to affect a larger age range or a shorter one.
            Pets are not affected.
            It doesn’t matter if it’s “hooked up by people who can’t hear the tone.” The settings are manually configurable. It isn’t a guessing game.

            A setting in daytime? The device is to be used dusk til dawn. The daytime usage is not a valid concern, so that is moot.

            So, now that I’ve cleared your list of irrational concerns, do you have any legitimate ones? If not, a simple “no” would suffice.

            Thanks for playing.

            1. idiocracy says:

              I will admit I didn’t visit their website because I don’t care. You are the only one that seems to care about this, we’re all laughing at it…and by extension, you.

              Volume is configurable- I expected as much. Manual volume control isn’t a safety feature though.

              Range CAN BE shortened to 50 feet- What’s it’s default position? What is the max? Are you going to be able to set it precisly?

              Pets are not affected- Is there video of this device near an animal? What frequency does a dog whistle operate at?

              It absolutely matters if it’s hooked up by people that can’t hear the tone. Who’s adjusting it to make sure it only affects the intended area?

              Daytime- When they install it during the day and set the volume, will it be too loud when it’s in use at night? I’m going to bet just about anything that it won’t be installed during the night time.

              You know why people say this is a waste of money?
              1) It doesn’t solve any problems, it just moves it.
              (where? that sounds like an unintended consequence)
              2) Murphy’s Law (paraphrasing) – If someone can, they will. (see #3 & #4)
              3) Any damage to the device, short of rendering it inoperable, could result in the device activating during the day.
              4) Any damage to the device, including rendering it inoperable, will result in replacement costs.

              Oh, now I see all that irrational concern you were talking about. But, I believe it’s called rational concerns. Whether or not they are valid, has yet to be seen. I have been waiting for you to offer some proof that this works without side effects. You alone have been defending this like we insulted your god.

              Whatever fight you’ve been fighting on here, I hope you’re happy. I’m sticking around here so I can laugh all day. Hey, it’s monday. I’m bored. I don’t have any tone emitting devices to mess with. Maybe I’ll drive to Hastings, I think I feel a BM coming on.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                Just not great insults. I’m almost disappointed, had I not fully expected this to be your response. So unimaginative. Really.

                You want the answers for the questions you posed? Go find them. I’ve posted what I found on the Internet from the manufacturer and other sites. I’m really sorry, but without installing it or having created it myself, I don’t have that information to share with all of you uninformed, reactionary, knee-jerk responders who think seniors and dogs 4 miles away will howl at a full moon if they put this in. I mean good god people…

          2. idiocracy says:

            Taunting? Really? I’m not interested in insulting you, I think you have insulted your self enough with your postings.

            I don’t actually want answers, because I know you don’t know them. The questions were to make you and anyone else think. This device is not the second coming of christ.

        2. wHATEVER says:

          You don’t know this. Your OPINION isn’t any more credible than anyone else hear. Old man.

    2. Andrew P. says:

      This entire thread you have accused people of either not comprehending the article, or simply not knowing how to read. What are you so upset about? That somebody would have the nerve to disagree with you. It really reflects on your own level of intelligence. Like the school boy at recess calling all the other kids dumb. Does it make you sleep better?

      Phil’s post here wasn’t some uneducated response. It may have strayed from the topic a little, but certainly not as ridiculous as some of the posts you have made. Why don’t you relax, buddy?

      1. Andrew P. says:

        My post here was directed at “Good Ol Boy”.

      2. Good Ol Boy says:

        First of all, I’m not upset at all.

        Secondly, what I’m correcting people about, and accusing them of not reading about, is because people are stupidly assuming dogs will freak out all over the city. They’re freaking out thinking kids walking by will be affected, as if a 6 year old will be walking in the park at midnight. They think bats will fly into windows and chaos will erupt.

        I’m not the school boy at recess calling anybody dumb. But the comments I referenced above were truly stupid and not legitimate concerns, which I did point out. So, honestly, why didn’t the people who made those uneducated comments at least read and interpret the article? You aren’t curious?

        1. Andrew P. says:

          Perhaps they did read it thoroughly. How can you presume to not what another person is thinking? Based on the few words they have typed, you can now read their minds. Sir, you’re jumping down throats for no cause. Am I curious as to why some people who post can’t write a full and complete sentence? Yeah. It sort of scares me, actually. I can say this at least: while I don’t understand your apparent hostility towards some of the other posters, I can certainly appreciate your ability to write clearly. See how easy that was? Being nice… I promise it won’t hurt.

          1. Andrew P. says:

            “…presume to know…” (1st line). My bad.

          2. Good Ol Boy says:

            Thanks, I went to college.

            You’re mistaking my tone with hostility then. It’s not hostility. But how many of the commenters lived or live in a home on or near Cari Park?

            How many even lived or live in Hastings?

            How many looked up the device on the Internet to see that the range is limited, it doesn’t make dogs or bats crazy, and people nearby aren’t affected?

            Why jump to these conclusions and then brashly post how bad of an idea it is based on those misunderstandings they had that were wrong to begin with??

            1. idiocracy says:

              “How many looked up the device on the Internet to see that the range is limited, it doesn’t make dogs or bats crazy, and people nearby aren’t affected? ”

              Um, I have to ask you if you have looked up the device on the internet for evidence that it does not affect dogs or bats. It looks like you haven’t since you actually refused to investigate earlier- “You made the claim, you back it up. I’m not going to research your claim.” (that was you)

              Ok, you did post the selling points…er…specs:
              “SonicScreen Specs

              SonicScreen does not affect children under 12 or pets.
              Motion activated
              Configurable frequency range and volume
              Dusk-to-dawn sensing available”

              There is no mention of a timer. Dusk to dawn is not a perfect mechanism. Now if it rains, it could potentially activate during the day. Good thing it’s weatherproof.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                “Dusk to dawn is not a perfect mechanism. Now if it rains, it could potentially activate during the day.”

                So you’re not sure if they are using more advanced technology than a child’s night light? Seriously?

                You don’t think they can configure it for an hour range, like 10pm to 4am?


              2. idiocracy says:

                Must have hit a limit on number of replies. I have to reply to my own post, but I’m replying to Good Ol Boy-

                How do I know if they are using more advanced technology than a child’s night light? “Dusk to Dawn” only speaks to one thing…light. Given that companies put products together using inexpensive parts… We don’t know. But, it’s possible. And what part of advanced technology would get around spray paint over the sensor?

                As for an hour range- sounds like a timer, which I don’t seem to see on the specs. Is it smart to put it on a timer? Absolutely. Does a timer make this a magical fix-all device? no.

            2. Good Ol Boy says:

              “And what part of advanced technology would get around spray paint over the sensor”

              A simple light timer like the ones old folks use when they leave for the weekend. Device comes on at 10pm, shuts off at 4am. Period. No light sensor, no spray paint technique to fool it. Come on. You didn’t come up with that?

              1. idiocracy says:

                Using a timer in your argument that someone can’t spray paint over a light sensor?

                I didn’t see timer in your bible. (spec sheet) Isn’t that everything I need to know? End All, Be All and such?

                A timer is good, a light sensor is good. They are not infallible. How about daylight savings time? Possibility of a timer triggering early. City workers are not going to be on top of changing that.

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  They all have the potential for failure. All electronic devices have that as an inherent possibility. They all have the possibility of being misconfigured as well. Human error always lurks behind the scene as a potential pitfall.
                  However, has it occurred to you that these potential failings may have been discussed by not only the company marketing the product, but also by the board members who debated the implementation of the device to begin with? Due diligence is standard operating procedure, and for you to assume that none of these possibilities has even been discussed comes off as a bit naive. No offense.

  14. Rowdy Boots says:


    How about a boot on the ass for these little jerks? The Libs will spend us into perdition just so they can experiment with every possibleway to raise children except what works: DISCIPLINE


    1. Jimmy J says:

      Good ol boy, you have a very limited life if your going to sit in this blog and crtique everyones comments. We see you support the noise makers, because we see your a noise maker too… Birds of a feather…

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        I have a limited life if I comment?

        I support keeping the irresponsible kids of irresponsible parents from vandalizing public resources.

        What do YOU support?

        1. Good Ol Boy

          “I support keeping the irresponsible kids of irresponsible parents from vandalizing public resources.”

          That’s all fine and good and would assume that most of us here are with you on that point alone. It’s just that most of us don’t believe that these sound machines are a responsible method of dealing with the problem.

          One must always consider all potential angles of any potential solutions and we’ve already presented way too many of the pit falls. Personally, I don’t know what would be the best solution but I know enough about sound to know that this is not one that should be utilized.

          Instead of attacking everyone who you don’t agree with, maybe you should broaden your scope of knowledge and learn how to have a respectable debate about the issue. Who knows? Something good may come of it.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            It wasn’t my intention to “attack” anybody. Perhaps it was your misperception of my comments that led you to incorrectly assume such intent.

            Have you considered that maybe (just maybe) this has already been researched?

            Or do you think it’s more likely someone is just going to try and see what happens when they hang an electric dog whistle at a park?

            1. Hey GOB, go ahead and post YOUR proof. You keep demanding proof from everyone else yet we’ve yet to see one iota of ‘proof’ from you.

              Typical virtual loud mouth.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                I’ve posted it over and over again on this article comment section.

                Go find it.

                Virtual ignorant sloth.

                1. You’ve posted side of the box specs which are selling points, not proof. Essentially, two different things.

                  And then you continued to resort to your favorite retort: Attack.

                  You and the company (supposedly) claim that it will not effect children under the age of 12. Huh? That tells me one of two things. Either the device will not deter anyone, let alone teenagers, or it is harmful to young children. Actually, whether one consciously hears the device or not, it does have an effect on the body if it’s tuned at high enough decibels (which is not the same as pitch or frequencies).

                  On a side note, I should know better than to try to reason which such vicious, closed minded vermin.

                2. Choppy says:

                  For Good Ol Boy (the name says it all), advertising jargon is the truth. I think he needs to spend less time swilling cheap beer in front of his television set and learn to think critically.

                3. Les Johnson says:

                  What’s your definition of cheap beer?

                  The name says it all? Actually, people steal all my names and pretend to post as me, in a juvenile, pointless, and completely ineffective form of cyber bullying. I have to come up with new ones every day or two. I find it amusing that my words have such an angering effect on the seemingly less intelligent of our fellow commenters, to the point where they try to stalk me, contact me outside the comment section, steal my names, and attempt to harrass me with personal insults about my family. Talk about pathetic.

                4. Magatha says:

                  Aw, poor GOB. You were proven wrong again, so you resort to ad hominem attacks. Name-calling is for children. You need to grow up you want to play with the adults on the Internet.

              2. Good Ol Boy says:

                “That tells me one of two things. Either the device will not deter anyone, let alone teenagers, or it is harmful to young children.”


                Those ideas of yours are both debunked by reading the article thoroughly. And again, thanks for playing.

          2. Good Ol Boy says:

            Why should I consider any possible angles? If the advertising people say this magical black box will keep teenagers out of the park, then that’s what it will do! I bought another magical box from the same people that is guaranteed to keep elephants out of my apartment, and do you know what? I haven’t seen an elephant in my apartment EVER! Zero! Because the magic box keeps them away, just like they said it would! Beat THAT for proof!

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              So childish.

              Unfortunately, I am not susceptible to bullying, online or in person, and you are no different.

              Copying the moniker will not change your rate of effectiveness from zero, lad.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                I’m sorry. My colostomy bag ruptured and now my apartment smells like Fritos.

  15. JOe Dutra says:

    An enemy tribal drumbeat might work better.

  16. fact says:

    Keep voting liberal minnesota, and all you do is end up with more crime and killings.

    1. Opinion says:

      We’ve been voting liberal. What has the crime rate done? You are too simple to post here. You are violating the standards of intelligent posting.

      1. fact says:

        Dear Opinion:
        Uh… yeah. So, how many years has Minnesota been voting liberal?
        Oh, and how has crime changed in that many years? Oh.. yeah thats right worse…
        and it will continue to get worse. Don’t be a fool.
        ha ha wow are you an idiot! Man you must be a REAL winner.

        Facts are facts moron. Sadly, it’s just common sense and you fit the bill for STUPID.
        How sad… what a pathetic loser.

  17. JH says:

    I hope they don’t vandalize the noise machine.

  18. Sammie Jo says:

    so the brats will get earplugs, what a waste of money.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      You think vandals are going to wear earplugs to come hang out in the park and poop on the slide and start small fires? Do you HAVE any young teen children? How absurd.

      1. idiocracy says:

        I have to ask- Do you have any young teen children? If the vandalism is boredom related, then this might stop it. But, if they are determined to poop on a slide and give the finger to the man, ear plugs are such a trivial item for them to grab before having their fun.

        Actually, the fact that you couldn’t comprehend a teenager premeditating their vandalism has me worried.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Yes. I do. I have a 17 year old, a 14 1/2 year old, an almost 13 year old, and an 11 1/2 year old. I also have an 8 year old.

          How many do you have?

          1. just sayin says:

            boy I feel sorry for everyone of your unlucky offspring.

            Talk about the luck of the draw; having this POS as your father.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Based on what exactly? Please be specific. Thanks for taking the time.

              1. Andrew P. says:

                Based on you being, or attempting to be, a d0uc(he) bag to every other person who disagrees with you on this forum.

          2. MK says:

            stop having children your stupid!!!!!!! What don’t people get THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD STOP IT!!!

            1. Good Ol Boy says:


              That was two consecutive failed attempts at an actual sentence in English. Yikes.

            2. Andrew P. says:

              Ugh. I really don’t want to. But I agree with Good Ol Boy here. Please type your thoughts in a manner that we all would understand. That is, English. Heck, Spanish would work for many. Just, please, no more gibberish.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                “Ugh. I really don’t want to. But I agree with Good Ol Boy here.”

                It sucks, I know. You’ll find it happening more and more, the more logic you apply to your planned arguments.

          3. idiocracy says:

            I don’t need to have any kids to know that you never grossly underestimate an opponent.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Looks like you may have done that here today. I’m just sayin…

              1. idiocracy says:

                I shouldn’t have skipped lunch, I could have used the engergy to laugh at that.

                I’m pretty sure I don’t underestimate. I’ve come up with how many ways that thing could be defeated, you haven’t legitimately refutted one and you’re claiming victory because…?

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  All devices can be defeated if someone puts enough time and energy into defeating it.

                  Heck, with some of the elaborate cheating scams out there, it seems kids often spend more time and effort in cheating than they would have just hunkering down and studying.

                  I just don’t think that will be the case here.

                  As far as not legitimately “refuting one” I believe the part about it not affecting dogs is correct and accurate and proves the other 15 people who claimed it would affect dogs – wrong.

          4. St Paul says:

            Stop reproducing!! Your attitude will be passed on to your 5 kids, hope the mom has a better handle on life than you.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              You should be so lucky that’s the case. My kids understand and agree with my approach on life. Take care of yourself, mind your own business, and accept responsibility for one’s actions. Yep, I’m awful alright. You buffoon.

      2. Brandon says:

        If you had half a brain you’d realize that the challenge in vandalizing something is part of the draw for vandals. So yes, the inconveniences will actually encourage the very act the noise generators are trying to prevent.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          For these vandals or for all vandals, regardless of age?

          That is a false generalization, even if it is an occasional motivating factor.

  19. James2 says:

    Can’t we pass a constitutional amendment or something?

  20. Cathy says:

    This will not only bother teens, but small children passing by. And don’t forget the dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, etc… I think this is an annoying waste of money. And I think age discrimination is an ugly thing, whether someone is 14, 40, or 84. Just because someone is young, it does not mean they are automatically culpable.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      She did say, “passing by”, didn’t she (assuming Cathy is female – sorry if you’re not)? And wouldn’t “passing by” then infer that the “small children” are not actually IN the park.

      Please learn to read and comprehend the words. Thanks.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        The device has no effect on people outside the park.

        You did read that in the article, didn’t you, Andrew? Or maybe you couldn’t get through the big words and you skipped that part.

        Either way, that isn’t a concern.

        1. Andrew P. says:

          Please copy and paste the part of the article where it said it would have no effect on those outside the park.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            It is activated by Motion Sensor. It’s not just blaring high-pitched noise on a constant broadcast.

            It has a 50ft range limitation.

            Any other questions?

            1. Andrew P. says:

              I get that its activated by motion sensor. But is it not possible for a vandal to trip that motion sensor alarm while a law-abiding teen is standing outside the park.

              Also, the 50 ft range is not in the article. You either made that up, or “found it online”. Either way, nobody is commenting on its range because we are commenting on the ARTICLE. Anybody can scour the internet and make up a “range”.

              You clearly didn’t read my last post correctly. Here it is again (emphasis added): “Please copy and paste THE PART OF THE ARTICLE where it said that it would have no effect on those outside the park.”

              No further questions.

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                I read an additional article here: http://www.hastingsstargazette.com in which they detail these things.

                I’m sorry if doing additional research somehow violates your ethical code of online debate, Andrew.

              2. Good Ol Boy says:

                It operates by the power of JESUS MAGIC! If the website says it works, it works! Also, tinfoil keeps the devils out of my brain.

          2. idiocracy says:

            “I’m sorry if doing additional research somehow violates your ethical code of online debate, Andrew.”

            You can start the day refusing to research possible side effects, but then do whatever that is?

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Once again, you post garbage with no meaning. I’ve found a disturbing pattern in your comments. None seem to be sensical or have a point. Was that intentional?

              1. Ted Pedriana says:

                so since you’re the biggest smack talker on this thread…. maybe you can explain to me how this won’t affect animals.

                1. Good Ol Boy says:

                  Because it’s MAGIC! IT IS MADE OUT OF 100% PURE JESUS MAGIC!


    2. Les Johnson says:

      Cathy, that is a false statement. The device does not affect pets. It states so in the article.

      Also, it won’t affect any small children walking by, due to the fact that small children won’t be in the park after 10pm.

      Additionally, there is no age discrimination at play here.

  21. RS says:

    Uh Oh, here come the age discrimination Natzies!!!!!

  22. plyutz says:

    I know of convenience stores that play classical music to keep the youngsters from hanging out.

  23. myuskin says:

    How about handing out job applications at the park entrance? That will keep a lot of people away.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      It’s a neighborhood park in a large field area between the townhomes and single family homes. There is no “park entrance” per se.

      It’s more of a playground surrounded by open field than anything.

  24. Bob says:

    This good old boy is a real ass, do you work for the company that makes these sonic devices?

    I just think your “this will happen, can’t wait for it to happen” attitude ignores quite a bit. The system is likely to expensive, the board that is responsible for putting it up have likely gotten 1000 emails from
    Drudge Peeps saying they are outraged, it strikes everyday people as heavy handed so I would not be surprised if this never happens

  25. Good Ol Boy says:

    Because you don’t like my opinion, Bob? Does that mean I should call you names for having a contrary opinion too? Grow up, Bob.

    Have you ever even BEEN TO CARI PARK, Bob? It’s a simple question. I’m basically asking if you have any idea what you’re talking about in this situation. Well, Bob?

  26. Tired of it says:

    Anyone else remember this story from a half a dozen years ago when this first surfaced in England?

    How come everything England gets we get?

    Gosh, it’s almost as if both countries are owned / managed by the same group of people.

    1. I hear ya says:

      At the time, the reasoning was to deal with teen “flash mobs” another great import from the UK that’s suddenly appearing here and being used to create and enforce new laws just like it was done there.

      That and CCTV, a service based economy, a unified centralized banking system….

      Keep smiling, acting stupid and pretending this is all just coincidence people.

      1. Tired of it says:

        It’s called “The Mosquito” or “the Beethoven” in France and “the Swiss-Mosquito” in Switzerland. They also use it in, Ireland, Belgium, etc…

        Sounds like a good marketing company worked this one out, cause it’s the same excuse every time. – do some research.

        By the way, the kids today being as they are, use the sound as an adult proof ring tone.

        I also find it sick that since most of the people commenting on here cannot hear it, it’s more than acceptable. (as long as it’s not me, then I’m all for it. mentality.)

        And I think the red neck loud mouth gas bag bully on here “good ol boy” has a poopy slide fetish since he’s really beat that image into the ground. – You loud mouthed jerk “cough”; show some common respect you half whit.

        1. Tired of it says:

          They actually do have a version for adults and children alike… It’s called the LRAD or Long Range Acoustical Device and it’s used consistently on people exercising their first amendment rights.

          This is probably nothing more than just an effort to desensitize people to things like audible “non-lethal” deterrents, by making them more and more common place. Keep wishing it on the other guy folks cause eventually the only “other guy” that’s left will be YOU.

          Remember it was the international community (UN) that said in order for countries like the United States to use “non-lethal” technology on the battlefield they must prove it on their own people first. (Enter tazers, sound cannons, etc)

          You’re test dummies folks, please for the love of God smarten up.

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          I’m sorry, “loud-mouthed jerk”?

          What is that based on?

          I used to bring my kids to that park when we lived in that neighborhood. I saw the tiny fire lit in the little passageway between the slide and the other parts.

          I saw the poop on the slide.

          So it turns out you’re the “half wit.” Yes the word is “wit” not “whit.”

          Thanks for playing and proving you don’t know anything about Cari Park, anything about me, or anything about after hours control of teenagers in off-limit areas.

          1. Andrew P. says:

            Please explain why someone must have intimate knowledge of this park in order to have a problem with what’s going on in it? It it possible for Americans to become upset over something. Think about it. Must one be from Los Angeles to be (or have been) upset over the Rodney King beating? Of course not.

            How long has it been since you lived near that park? Can you really say for sure that its kids NOW that are vandalizing it? Are you hiding out in the bushes somewhere (and if so… creepy)? I’m not actually denying that it is teenagers. It probably is. But you seem to believe that everything you believe is right, those who disagree are “clearly” wrong, and that your lame put-downs are actually causing hurt feelings. In reality, we only feel sorry for your kin.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              I’m not one of the people who says someone is “clearly” wrong. I don’t really like using that word in debate.

              I’m not using any put-downs, lame or otherwise.

              “Please explain why someone must have intimate knowledge of this park in order to have a problem with what’s going on in it?”

              I asked the question because people think random strangers walking by will be affected. This park is not setup for random strangers to walk by. It’s in the middle of a vast field. The houses are on the very outskirts of this field. That’s the reason the vandalisms are so easy for them to pull off. It’s isolated. Squad cars can’t “drive by” and check it out.

              “How long has it been since you lived near that park? Can you really say for sure that its kids NOW that are vandalizing it?”

              It’s been since December of 2003. Quite a while. But the fire and poop incidents happened while I lived in the neighborhood. Neighborhood gossip among the kids had them bragging about it and laughing. At the time, they were 12 and 13 years old. However, a close friend lives a half block from there and has lived there for over a decade.

              No reason to feel sorry for me or my kin, but thanks for the unnecessary and undamaging insult.

  27. great grandma Nancy says:

    If you have someplace you want teenagers to stay away from just play classical music and they leave right away, our town tried it a few years back when they were hanging out and causing trouble at the town square (plaza) where the workers went to eat their lunch, as soon as the beautiful music came on the kids vanished and the workers relaxed and had a pleasent lunch and rest.

    1. Cowboy says:

      Great idea.

      Unintended consequence: One or two might learn to like it.

    2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Anybody remember the movie “Mars Attacks” and the turning of Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call” into a weapon to repel the invaders? Maybe it would work here.

      If all else fails we can always fall back on sharks with frickin lasers on their heads.

  28. lefty says:

    yea right only teens can hear it hell teens can’t hear anything

  29. Rcik Simm says:

    I have a noise machine they could borrow. It is a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with rock salt. A couple of discharges from this weapon will deter any vandalism for quite some time especially if the rock salt hits the buttocks. This will make the screech machine a thing of the past.

    1. Choad says:

      I was waiting for an Internet Tough Guy to make an appearance! Thanks, you worthless redneck – you made my day. Why is the shotgun always the weapon of choice in your violent masturbatory fantasies? Too old and feeble to aim a real weapon?

    2. Good Ol Boy says:

      Sorry, but you can’t discharge a shotgun inside Hastings city limits.

      Any other brilliant suggestions other than shooting the kids?

      1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

        Bear traps?

        Sharks with lasers?

  30. Pencil Neck says:

    What do you bet the sound generators will be vandalized!

    1. Turdmidget says:

      They will be. All it takes is one kid with a pair of earplugs (or slight hearing loss) and a few tools. It happens regularly in England, where these machines are very popular. They’ll keep replacing the machines, kids will keep destroying them or taking them as trophies, and the cost will increase because people are too lazy, stupid, and apathetic to treat the root cause of the problem. It’s easier to get angry and scream at the symptoms (or buy a machine to do the screaming for you) in the hopes that they’ll go away.

  31. Andre says:

    This is an affront to human dignity. Horrible idea that comes at the hands of a very lost culture.

    1. LOL Dignity says:

      Yeah, because the sonar screen offends all that ‘human dignity’ possessed by roaming groups of destructive teens up to no good … Just sayin’.

      1. Turdmidget says:

        Your assumption that this machine only affects people who are “up to no good” speaks volumes about your ignorance.

        1. LOL Dignity says:

          No, YOUR assumption that I didn’t research the subject prior to commenting is what speaks volume about ignorance.

          1) ACCORDING TO ARGOSECURIITY website: “Adults, small children and pets in close proximity to the system are not affected.”

          2) LOITERING IN A PARK after closing time is, ipso facto, being up to no good.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            I’m agreeing with you. I wasn’t addressing my comment to you to begin with.

            1. LOL Dignity says:

              You moron. You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

              1. Good Ol Boy says:

                I would argue that it appears I’m the only one who does. Nobody else has a viable argument against the sonic screen.

                1. idiocracy says:

                  “Viable argument”

                  Just wondering if you mean ‘viable alternative’?

                2. Good Ol Boy says:

                  Nope, that’s not what I meant.

  32. Hmmmm says:

    What are the odds that the noise machine will be immediately vandalized?

  33. Cowboy says:

    Libs resorting to treating their children like dogs rather than actually raising them with discipline and respect fir others.

  34. idiocracy says:

    Love the hate-filled comments. Such a constructive conversation.

    When the teens realize that ear plugs work, then they’ll hang out in the park all night. No one will look for them there because the noise machine is running, keeping the park safe…right? These new earphones that fit in your ear like ear plugs will probably work just as well and they can listen to thier music. What do you want to bet they won’t hook it up right, and the motion sensor starts the sound during the day too?

    ‘Unintended consequences’ can’t always be defined… To me, that’s kind of the point in the phrase.

    Flame on haters!

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      “When the teens realize that ear plugs work, then they’ll hang out in the park all night.”

      Obviously from someone who doesn’t have teenage kids… Very obviously…

      1. idiocracy says:

        Things are that obvious when you take my sarcasm out of context…

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          My apologies. Sarcasm is a tough interpretation in online comments.

          1. idiocracy says:

            That, and you’re stupid.

            1. idiocracy says:

              Ahh, just to let you know that wasn’t the original me (idiocracy). While I’m inclined to agree, I purposely avoid direct insults.

              1. idiocracy says:

                “However, you seem to think it’s a day 1 certainty and we are powerless to counteract it. ”

                I gave no such timeline. It takes balls to attack something like that the first week. You are powerless to counteract it.

                “In my world, the parents can still outsmart the children. Sounds like your world is run by the kids. Sorry for your luck pal.”

                In my world that means you’re doing it wrong. If you can’t make the kids smarter than you, you are holding them back.

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  Sorry, but there isn’t a way to make a 14 year old smarter than I am. And that isn’t due to holding him or her back. You simply can’t duplicate the experience and knowledge and wisdom gained by living 20+ years more than they have, and having a decent post-secondary education.

                  If you can make a 14 year old smarter than you are, then I’d say you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer. No offense intended. I don’t think anybody here would say their young teenager is smarter than they are due to their fantastic parenting skills.

            2. Good Ol Boy says:

              From comparing my comments to yours, I’d say mine sound more educated.

              No offense.

              1. idiocracy says:

                I was only inclined to agree because of your comments like that.

                I’ve been voicing valid possibilities/concerns and your response (to everyone) has been ‘no + insults’. That doesn’t sound educated to me. If you are a company rep, or even related to someone that works at the company, you need to stop talking. You are making it worse.

                In your world it is not possible for a kid to break in to adjust a timer to allow a headache inducing device to be On during the day.

                In your world it is not possible for a kid to cover up a light sensor allowing a headache inducing device to be On during the day.

                In your world it is not possible for a kid to cover up the motion sensor allowing the device to sit there unused.

                In your world it is not possible for a kid to vandalize the device just for sport.

                In your world a kid isn’t smart enough to pick up some foam ear plugs.

                In your world, did the kid poop directly on you? Is that why you are making sweet sweet internet love to this device?

                After this conversation and reading your abundant insults- I want to mess this device up. Here’s the kicker- I don’t have that much of a problem with it. I’ve only been voicing concerns and pointing out how the kids you are grossly underestimating would go about messing this thing up.

                1. Good Ol Boy says:

                  There aren’t any insults, let alone abundant ones. Don’t be such a sally.

                  In my world, all those things you mentioned are possible, yes. However, you seem to think it’s a day 1 certainty and we are powerless to counteract it.

                  Well, that’s YOUR world. In my world, the parents can still outsmart the children. Sounds like your world is run by the kids. Sorry for your luck pal.

  35. XPIIOLT says:

    Sounds like an Orwellian nightmare to me and should be stopped, immediately.

  36. Ghostsouls says:

    On a brighter note, Hastings, Minn. reports a huge increase in sales of ear plugs, bringing in a hefty sum of much needed tax money to the city!

  37. Depending on how they have these things programmed, I doubt it will be only the ears that will be affected. If set high enough to bother people, which is their intent, than it will be absorbed into the body. May cause nausea, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms even if the ears are well shielded.

    My biggest concern is how it will effect the bio-diversity in the area. The bats alone will be confused and crashing into things. (They are very good insect eaters helping to control mosquitos and such.) The neighbors are going to end up with more bats in their belfries than are already infesting their Town Hall! Deer, fox, insects, rodents, birds, squirrels, etc. will be adversely affected. Just waiting to hear the complaining from the very same supporters of this dumb idea once they get their wish…. and you know what they say about being careful what you wish for.

    1. No, I’m not ‘making it up’.

      Go take a little time and research the biology of bats and how they navigate. Also what happens to them when their sonar fields are obstructed.

      Once you’ve bothered to do so, go do a little research on how sonic frequencies can affect the human body.

      I’ve done my research but it’s painfully obvious that you have done none of yours.

      1. Apparently, you don’t know how to use Google either.

        You know (obviously, YOU don’t), it’s very common and basic knowledge that bats navigate via sonar signals. Gesh!

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          SonicScreen Specs
          Exlusive, ultrasonic Mosquito Sound Technology that deters after-hours gatherings by emitting an ultrasonic tone that’s unpleasant to teenagers.
          Configurable to a lower frequency to deter older age groups from loitering.
          SonicScreen does not affect children under 12 or pets.
          Motion activated
          Configurable frequency range and volume
          Dusk-to-dawn sensing available

          1. Andrew P. says:

            It’s interesting to note that further down this thread, Good Ol Boy contradicts this very post..

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Do tell how please.

              Are bats to be considered pets, Andrew?

  38. ENOUGH OF THIS says:

    how about shoot at them with rock-salt!

  39. jes says:

    So dumb…and unlikely to work.

    How about increased patrol Randomly parking squad cars there? Neighbor hood watch? A night in the slammer to make an example? A combination of all those should do the trick.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:


      “Randomly parking squad cars there?”


      There aren’t roads in the park and there aren’t roads alongside it to view what’s happening inside it. Do you have any intelligent questions?

      1. idiocracy says:

        Really? roads? jes’ comment isn’t intelligent because there aren’t any roads? I’m sure glad I bought the ‘drives on grass’ upgrade for my car.

      2. jes says:

        Oh, I’m sorry…there are no roads leading to the park? Odd, but ok. Yes, they can still park on the grass. I assure you it’s ok.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          It’s not odd. You just don’t understand the setting the park is situation in. Picture three golf course Par 4 fairways alongside each other. There is only a single green in the very center. The houses are way, way off to the sides. No roads, no parking lots. Again, this is not odd, and there’s no place to park on the grass either unless you think they should drive between houses along the road and drive 500 meters across the park grass to park next to the slide. I doubt you were suggesting that though, right?

  40. Rob Schumaker says:

    If I was a teen I would adjust the timer to let off the sonic screeching from 8am to 5pm when the most kids are in the park. That would be more entertaining than simple vandalism. Glad I’m not a teen anymore. 🙂

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Hey Rob, I’m not sure the teenage vandals will be the ones in charge of the timer for the device.

      I don’t know for sure. I’m just speculating…

      1. idiocracy says:

        Another underestimation… It is possible that the timer will be in a poorly secured box that a mischievous pooper could break in to.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Is it? Are you on the planning committee for this? I sure hope not if you plan on putting it in a poorly secured box that a child could figure out how to open and manipulate. Yanno?

          1. idiocracy says:

            In the same respect, you cannot guarantee that only authorized personel will be in control of the timer… That’s if they use a timer (refer to specs). If the device only relies on the light sensor, a good climber and spray paint will activate the device 24/7. If the opponent can’t win, they can and will make it so no one wins…Just for the fun of it. I mean, why would they want to play at a park where people poop on the slides?

            Oh, I just got it! You are on the planning committee and you are trolling for ways to defeat or vandalize the device, so you know what to look out for. You’re welcome.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Where are you getting a “light sensor” from?

              1. idiocracy says:

                “dusk to dawn sensing available” = light sensor

  41. ed says:

    Lightly playing classical music is also an excellent youth deterrent. It might not work at an open space like a park, but at store fronts, downtown malls, coffee shops, etc it works great.

  42. Rachel says:

    Why should broke cities pay taxpayer money for this? Make the product commercially available for businesses / housing developments to buy it and protect themselves?

  43. Good idea says:

    When I was younger we hung out in a local hamburger resturaunt. They later turned the air on so cold and played loud elevator music. We still went but did not stay long. I think this is a good idea.

  44. Davey says:

    Brought to you by Democrats!

  45. Hank Warren says:

    Audible torture, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      @Hank Warren

      Barack Obama did this now? Wow, that’s a stretch…

      1. Andrew P. says:

        No. Hank Warren here just pops up in pretty much every other post. “Audible torture”… What a joke. We all just have to ignore this guy.. It’s always the same spiel.

  46. Paul Revere says:

    Washington DC tried this last year. It lasted only until the first complaint was filed: “[Dave] Moss, and members of the National Youth Rights Association, filed a complaint with the D.C. Office of Human Rights, alleging age discrimination. The city agency asked Moving Sound Technologies to voluntarily remove the Mosquito pending the conclusion of its investigation. The company pulled it out, and has no current plans to put it back.”

    This won’t last in Minnesota, either.

  47. Jimmy J says:

    A non violent solution to troubled kids and education for the lazy ass parents and citizens in the area of this park to step up and do a little work to protect their neighborhood. You say a comment you have commemnted and commemnted and commemnted, and for the most part have just been rude. Why don’t you try setting a good example for them four kids you have and be a respectful parent… Hmmm just a thought smart guy!

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Umm what?? I haven’t been rude at all. And actually, I have 5 kids. If you see them out at the park, they’ll be the respectful ones, not the vandals.

      1. Jimmy J says:

        You’ve repeatedly called people names, used insults instead of logic, and then posted nonsensical ramblings where you’ve contradicted yourself. You’re the rudest person on this comment board.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Jimmy J, you are an idiot and an imbecile. I have never called anybody names, and your insinuation that I am “insulting” people is just another delusion brought on by your feeble brain. Perhaps you should stop smoking the crack pipe.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Again, this is someone posting AS me, not actually me. He thinks he’s a cyber bully, but isn’t.

            I didn’t post that.

  48. jamadan says:

    I don’t mind the concept, but I guarantee it won’t work. Nothing motivates a teen more than an adult telling them ‘no’. Lay down a gaunlet like this and you’re challenging them to find a way around it. Bet the incidents of vandalism skyrockets after it’s implemented,

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      I’ll take that bet.

  49. Alexander says:

    What about the teenagers — or for that matter, babies — living in the houses adjacent to the park? Will the volume be low enough to stay out of their homes and (if any) backyards?

    If no one is allowed to be in the park at the relevant hours, just put in a noisemaker at a volume that will drive everyone out of the park, but not bother the local residents. If you can’t do that at a pitch everyone can hear, what makes you think you can do it at a pitch only young people can hear?

    Or do you just not care if young people get hurt?

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Get hurt?

      Where are you reading THAT?? I think you’re just making it up. Or are you about to provide detailed evidence supporting your very odd claim?

      1. Alexander says:

        Perhaps I should have said “suffer.” But I think a headache can count as getting hurt. And if you don’t count having your home made unlivable as a harm, please give me your address and your keys.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          What evidence do you have to even suggest something so completely absurd, Alexander?

          Please be specific.

          1. Alexander says:

            What is absurd? That a sound designed to make it unbearable for you to be in a park will also make it unbearable for you to be in your home if you can hear it there? That a loud, shrill noise can give you a headache?

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Nobody’s home is 50 feet from the park. Moot point.

      2. idiocracy says:

        The tone can give everyone headaches whether you can hear the tone or not. If it’s loud enough or close enough to a home, it could induce pain. Sustained “use” may even effect coordination, which of course could lead to unintended-consequence pain.

        The system they use could very well be fool-proof and work exactly as you think it will… But, you can not trust someone who is $elling $omething for the unbiased 100% truth. You can not trust someone who is $elling $omething to have fully tested it for unintended consequences. You can not trust someone who is $elling $omething to acknowledge that their product could be at fault for an unintended consequence.

  50. Ra Ra Roomba says:

    Ban Good Boy’s family from the park and BOOM problem solved! Couldn’t be any more obvious that his little rugrats are the slide pooping perpetrators. How can you adequately parent five children when you dedicate so much time to commenting on news stories…

    Common sense would urge Hastings to stand up a police detail or a security camera if these “vandals” actions are as terrible as described in the article, but what good is common sense nowadays…..

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      We don’t live near there anymore, and yet the problems persist. Interesting that the neighborhood hasn’t gone up in class any since 2003…


      1. Ra ra Roomba says:

        So you stopped pooping on the slide? I guess you and your kids influenced the entire neighborhood.

  51. Jason says:

    Neighborhood watch. If the park is surrounded by homes maybe someone can call the police. Screeching machines in park to repell teen, something about this just seems off.

  52. Delhiman says:

    Will one of these noise makers keep Obama out of the white house?

  53. healthywannabe says:

    I have a better idea; how about we use this on the Puppet Masters, President, and our Congressional and Senate EVERY time they lie to us and/or spend OUR money that is not in our best interests and/or that is not Constitutional!

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Ummm, did you read that it won’t have any effect on people under age 25???? Goodness gracious, sakes alive…

      1. Andrew P. says:

        From Good Ol Boy’s OWN POST:
        “SonicScreen Specs
        Configurable to a lower frequency to deter older age groups from loitering.”

        So it can deter older age groups, provided they are no older than 25 huh?

        Goodness gracious, sakes alive…

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Provided it was set for that.

          However, that would not be the application here.

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          Do you know who coined the phrase “goodness gracious, sakes alive”?

  54. Mississippi Justice says:

    Or you could place a couple machine gun posts to take out infiltrators, take one or two of them out I gurantee the rif raf will go somewhere else. Then this place could be randomly watched. The guilty would never know when life as they know it will end when they destroy property.

  55. Lois says:

    There WILL be unintended consequences. I discovered at work that I have the high-frequency hearing of a teenager and I’m 38. I went through 3 computers complaining that the squealing sound was driving me nuts. No one else could hear it, though, and our IT manager was beginning to think I was either crazy or a troublemaker. Then they gave one of those computers to a young co-op student. She couldn’t stand the sound either.
    My point is that there will be innocent people disturbed by this technology.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Only if they’re within 50 feet of it and are in the park when they shouldn’t be.


      It’s configured to work during certain hours only.

      It has a range of 50 feet.

      It doesn’t affect pets or people younger than 12.

      1. Alexander says:

        Where do you get the idea that “It doesn’t affect pets or people younger than 12”?

        1. Andrew P. says:

          He’s allegedly getting on this information from “the manufacturer’s website”… He keeps contradicting himself though. And pretty much everyone sees it but himself. Imagine being the child of this guy? Poor kids..

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            It would be an impossibility to post specifics from the website and have those specifics be contradictory. In any case, that would hardly be my failing.

            Can you imagine being “a child of this guy?” Being exposed to hunting and fishing safe practices, being taught to be a man of honor and integrity, being taught to be responsible for one’s actions, keep a positive attitude, and treat others as they want to be treated?

            Ahh yes… The horror… The horror. 😉

      2. Andrew P. says:

        Haha, you moron:
        From Good Ol Boy’s OWN POST:
        “SonicScreen Specs
        Configurable to a lower frequency to deter OLDER AGE GROUPS from loitering.” (emphasis added)

  56. Big Bill says:

    Try lights, and an “occasional” police drive through, that is rational. Some screech machine that has not been justified as a mainstream alternative? Not thought through. You will make some company rich and give them a great story for advertising all on tax payer’s bill. Here is your new slogan, “Start lightin’ it or keep fightin’ it.” Send me a t-shirt.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Police can’t drive through this park.

      It has no roads within it, and none close enough around it to see the park playground equipment where the vandalisms are taking place.

  57. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Gee, I bet teenagers aren’t smart enough to buy earplugs, or even ear BUDS that jams their own brand of noise (I mean “music”) into their sensitive little ears.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Vandalism is not a premeditated act. It’s a spur-of-the-moment act of destruction. They won’t bother with the ear plugs to go smash a bic lighter and burn it.

      1. idiocracy says:

        Vandalism can be spur of the moment, or it can be premeditated.

  58. andy deckard says:

    The kids are bored and need stimuli. That’s the job of parents and parenting. I have my own screech machine. It looks and sounds exactly like my foot breaking across some lazy, lippy teenage ass. Re-channel that negative energy. Parents are to blame then it’s up to the kids and their developing personalities to decide which path to go down. Lazy parents, a screech machine is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of in a long time. There must be some good weed in Hastings. Stoner idea. How about motion activated night vision cameras? Perhaps piano wire across the park. How about digging a pit with sharpened stakes at the bottom or wet cement. Lots of wet cement. Maybe set the park up like an Indiana Jones film or sell it off to France. Then it’s their problem. C’mon.

  59. dookie says:

    Just browsing the comments and figured out a couple things here.
    1) Technology is awesome if this actually works.
    2) Good Ol Boy NEEDS a dam job that does not allow trolling

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      I’ll bet I have a better job than you. No offense. You brought it up. 🙂

  60. dookie says:

    GOB, advise to you:
    -clean up that acne
    -lose 50lbs
    -move out of your mother’s basement

    Do these 3 things and your attitude will improve a bit. Might even get laid by a real woman.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      No acne here.

      Not overweight by even a pound.

      I own my own home. A nice one even.

      Anything else?

  61. smellslikerustyinhere says:

    Hey Good Ol Boy, do you think we don’t recognize you?

    RUSTY you are still an idiot!!

    How about trying LIGHTS first, cheaper, easier and it won’t mess up anyone’s hearing (dogs included)……sometimes a simple answer really is the RIGHT answer!!

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Rusty? lol

      Sounds like you have a whole list of friends here.

      Nobody’s hearing (dogs included) will be “messed up” by the sonic screen. Please read more carefully next time. Thanks.

  62. First Last says:

    Couldn’t they just play Barry Manilow instead?

  63. John Bleach says:

    Uh, many of these youth have impaired hearing due to iPods and other devices that has compromised their hearing. What a stupid typical libtard approach to bad behavior: pay big bucks to technology to kindly convince children to not do that…

    Old and better way: Use fire trucks to blast them silly with high pressure water, arrest the punks and bill the parent (usually there’s only one) for the use of the fire trucks, water, and any damage they were a part of. If the parent can’t pay it – foster home the kid and eliminate the parent’s free money for making the offspring.

  64. Alan says:

    Unlike rodents, teens can buy ear plugs. If they want to cause damage, this won’t stop them. It’s a huge watse of money.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      The could. But they won’t. These kids are young teens, and these acts of vandalism are fairly small. Additionally, acts of vandalism are crimes of opportunity and are almost always spur-of-the-moment crimes. 12 and 13 year olds are not going to go out and buy ear plugs and then come light a bic lighter on fire in the covered area at the top of the slide. It just isn’t going to go down like that.

  65. Sue the city says:

    My work put one of these machines in and refused to take it out when I complained that it was driving me nuts (headaches, ear aches, etc). I am 39. I sued them for creating this terrible work environment and causing me distress and won $57,000. I’m curious to see how this device goes over with the adults who can hear the noise. Surely the city is worth more than the tiny company I used to work at.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      The machine is magic. It can only be heard by people who have the intent to cause vandalism. It uses magical elven spells to read minds, and screeches into the brain of anyone who thinks about pooping on a slide.


  66. markH says:

    Maybe some concerned neighbors could just lay-in-wait for the desecraters and beat them half to death. Some broken bones, a few lacerations to the head, face, and torso, and the message would be learned without the noise machine. Peace.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Riiiiight. Like you’re going to do anything. All you can do is talk tough on the Internet, and you’re not even very good at that. Nobody is afraid of you.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Stop making fun of me!

  67. Minnesota Teenager says:

    LOL at people who think this will actually work. How gullible are you guys? You really think annoying sound is going to keep me out? Seriously, sound? I don’t like the music they play in the shopping mall, but that doesn’t keep me from hanging out there.

    I’ll still walk into the park, take a dump on the slide, and walk right out. Only this time, it will be twice as fun, because you idiots will be scratching your heads wondering why your magic box didn’t keep it from happening.

  68. mary says:

    How are they going to ‘drive away’ the deaf teenagers?

    1. Good Ol Boy says:


      Did it take you all day to come up with the off-the-wall “deaf teenagers” comment?

      My goodness. Don’t be proud of that one. Yikes.

  69. tray says:

    All that is needed is a high quality STILL camera mounted on a pole that flashes a strobe RANDOMLY, say every 2 to 7 minutes or so.. No one can predict when the camera will flash and every one will know that they risk being photographed if they are TRESSPASSING after hours. Duhhhh—And HIDE the camera and put the strobe light NEAR, but not on the camera itself.

  70. Mike123 says:

    It sounds like the park is surrounded by houses on all sides, I guess if any teenagers live in those houses, they will have to move? Or never open a windor, or go in the yard? Or are they going to tell us that the noise is not audible past the boundary of the park.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      It can’t be heard beyond the edges of the park. It has a MAGICAL BARRIER FIELD that stops sound with the POWER OF THE LORD. So the sounds vibrations hit the magical fence and turn into pixie dust and are completely invisible to the ears .

      You can be standing at the edge of the force field and not hear anything. But you move just ONE MILLIMETER and suddenly your head is trying to explode! It’s FOOLPROOF!

  71. Barney says:

    What about dog’s ears?? Glad my dog doesn’t live near that parK!!

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Doesn’t affect dogs. This has been covered ad nauseum.

  72. Lombard Street says:

    The pseudo journalist is semi-literate. Shocking.

  73. Brandon says:

    I’m 34 and can easily hear noises at this range and higher. Not everybody loses these high frequencies from their hearing as they age.

  74. Ted Pedriana says:

    So why will this not affect animals? Seems like they just said that so people would assume that it’s true. But I can’t see how it’s possible, seeing as how 17.5 K is right in the most sensitive range for many dog breeds.

  75. granma gramma says:

    I would love to know if anyone is willing to proof read articles before they submit them to the web.

    ‘effect’ is used incorrectly in this article. The correct word is Affect, ie the sound does not affect animals.

    effect is incorrect in the instances used because an effect a product of an action and we are talking about the action which requires the word affect i.e. to produce an effect or change (alt. to attack, lay hold of).

    Couldn’t the writer not even realize that it doesn’t even sound right when read out loud.

    Then we wonder why the kids today are illiterate, if they follow examples like this article to construct their writing!

  76. Ted Pedriana says:

    there is no way that is won’t affect animals

  77. OK..I HAVE to say it... says:

    If we could make a machine like this that would drive the Lib’s, Somalis, welfare recipients, and Oprah out of MN…..we would have paradise!

  78. Ted Pedriana says:

    The Heffner study (1983) shows clearly that many dog breeds are MOST sensitive to frequencies of 10-20 kilohertz (top end 45k). The machine emits 17.5 kilohertz (top end of human hearing is approx 23k). Since the machine’s “range” is based on its effectiveness on humans, the distance would have to be adjusted to determine its effective range on other species. For example, 50dB of 17.5k might only reach 50 ft for a human, but for a dog, the area would be exponentially greater since they would likely hear the 17.5k at 50ft with only 1dB of amplitude.

  79. idiocracy says:

    And this is my parting shot. I’m leaving work and I’d rather relax than talk to a wall that insults back.

    “I’m not using any put-downs, lame or otherwise.”

    Most of your insults were lame or otherwise.

    -There is no presumption here. Or do you live in that neighborhood and know something nobody else does?
    -You are not thinking this through clearly.
    -Let me clarify “CHOAD” since you couldn’t figure it out on your own.
    -Do you get it now?
    -It doesn’t seem you’re making any valid or cogent points here. Were you planning to?
    -Please LEARN TO READ.
    -Really? I think you need to ponder this a bit further.
    -You did not comprehend the story. I am tearing the gold star off your calendar for today. Please learn to read.
    -Do some research before you snap your uneducated responses. I mean wow.
    -So, now that I’ve cleared your list of irrational concerns, do you have any legitimate ones? If not, a simple “no” would suffice.
    “are stupidly assuming”
    -Please learn to read and comprehend the words. Thanks.
    -Or maybe you couldn’t get through the big words and you skipped that part.
    -It’s a simple question. I’m basically asking if you have any idea what you’re talking about in this situation. Well, Bob?
    -That’s the whole core of this project you buffoon.
    -From comparing my comments to yours, I’d say mine sound more educated.
    -I’m guessing you are inventing it from your overactive imagination and not from any factual studies done on the devices. Thanks for playing though.
    -Do you have any intelligent questions?
    -Or is that what YOU think is happening, Einstein?
    -you friggin moron
    -My goodness. Don’t be proud of that one. Yikes.
    -Virtual ignorant sloth.

    Thanks Good Ol Boy. I was able to excercise my restraint in this … (using this loosely- ) debate.

    1. Concerned says:

      “Good Ol Boy” is a sad, angry man. He needs professional help.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Sad? Angry? None of those were demonstrated.

        What has been demonstrated is my opinions bother you all so much, that you dedicated an inordinate amount of your day trying to copy my username, post insults about my parenting, post speculation that I’m fat, have acne, live in my mom’s basement, etc.

        That is fairly indicative that it is YOU who needs to grow up and/or needs professional help.

        Good luck. I hope your insurance is as good as mine is.

  80. Vic Livingston says:

    This comment elicited an “awaiting moderation” message when all other comments appear to post instantly — so I am re-posting. Government contractor censors — do NOT tread on me….

    This is an OFFENSIVE WEAPON SYSTEM similar, if not identical to, the military’s “Sonic Scream” acoustical microwave weapon. It causes pain, headache, ear-ringing. IT IS A FORM OF TORTURE. And prolonged exposure can cause CANCER and other debilitations of health, including irregular heartbeat, perhaps even heart attack in some persons. It is similar to another microwave radio frequency “directed energy weapon” being used to silently torture, impair, subjugate and damage Americans who have been extrajudicially condemned as “dissidents” or undesirables — as this veteran journalist has exxposed here:

  81. AwwFerChrissakes says:


    So I’ve been to Hastings several times. Nice little city. However, I personally do not care about Cari park or the teens (12 or 22 years old) that are pooping on the slides. I dont care if they put up one or fifty of these boxes. I dont care if they do or don’t work. Why? It doesn’t affect me. I’m not going to cry over it or call people nazis, ignorant, liberals, etc. What I am going to do is keep my teens in the house after curfew like I should be doing whether or not there is a sound box at any park to prevent or deter teens from congregating.
    It seems to me that everyone here is arguing with GOB about why he’s a fool for thinking something like this could work. I think this, if the city or community wants to try something out, awesome! Personally I think its great that they’re trying something at all. Also, extra patrol? Really? How about we let the PD concentrate on the bigger issues in the city?

    But, I digress.

    GOB, I wanna start a fan club for you. Your commentary is educated, hilarious, and your humor and sometimes-not-so-subtle sarcasm has kept me entertained even when it’s concerning a subject I couldn’t care less about.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      You’re not very bright, are you? I bet it’s your kids who are pooping in the park.

    2. Will Change Names says:

      Thanks, it appears I already have a fan club of someone using my moniker, so from now on I’ll just change it with every comment, and we’ll see if the wannabe cyber bully really has as little to do as it seems…

  82. Darren says:

    So if these pepole are under age, then they are breaking a minimal of 2 laws, the curfew law and the park hours law. If they are causing vandalism then they are breaking a 3rd law and if they are pooping on the equipment I can think of a few other laws that are on the books. So if these young people are breaking all 4 laws, and the cops don’t seem to want to get out of their cars because the kids can outrun them, then maybe it is the responsibility of the parent to know where their underage children are after 10pm. I imagine these kids live somewhere in the neighborhood and are not driving to the park so this should not be that hard to narrow down who is doing this.

  83. Matthew says:

    WCCO, please learn the difference between the words “effect” and “affect.” You’ve used the wrong one in this article.

  84. wHATEVER says:

    “The tone has a 50-foot radius so neighbors living nearby shouldn’t be bothered.”

    This says it all. There is no reassurance that it Will NOT affect nearby communities therefore it will not be installed.

    Add surveillance cameras and increased police patrols to clean up the area. Quit trying to look for the cheapest, easiest way to get it done. Do it right.

  85. Josh says:

    I would be all for this idea if it were not limited to an age group. This is age discrimination. This will only encourage senior citizen led vandalism.

  86. Chief Joseph says:

    Who the hell even goes to Hastings???

    1. Les Johnson says:

      I do. If you don’t, why did you bother commenting?

  87. Todd Palin says:

    you all need to maybe log off for awhile..take a few deep breaths..resume your online job search..your folks will be home soon & expect an answer as to how you spent your day.

  88. Stir the pot says:

    THE JEWS!!!!

  89. Proper Grammar User says:

    “Parks and Recreation Director Barry Bernstein said *their* looking to redevelop Cari Park near Red Wing Boulevard”

    Really guys? Try “they’re”, not “their”.

  90. sorcha says:

    They could at least proofread the article.

    In the first few paragraphs alone, I found:

    “Their” instead of “they’re”.

    “Effect” instead of “affect”.

    These people have English degrees? Seriously?

    1. sorcha says:

      Also, “omits” instead of “emits”.

      Come on, people.

  91. Grammar Lady says:

    You need a new proofreader.

  92. BanjoLawson says:

    Next step: the ‘brown note’.

  93. Nick says:

    “Those decibel levels basically go away from our ability to hear them,” said Webber.

    Decibels are a measure of the strength of a sound. Frequency is a measure of how high pitched it is. Is anyone else disturbed by the expert who’s selling this thing not actually knowing the basics of sound physics yet, with no apparent understanding, claiming it is safe?

    His claim about animals not being able to hear it is blatantly, painfully wrong too: Dogs can hear human voices (relatively low frequencies). They also hear dog whistles (higher frequencies than ANY humans can hear which is why they appear silent). That means they hear right across the range that includes the top of human hearing that teenagers can hear. They can absolutely hear this. As can many other animals.

    It’s also not his invention. It was used in England a couple of years ago. In the end, public outcry had it pulled from use.

    Sorry, but he sounds like a poorly informed opportunist trying to cash in on someone else’s [bad] idea.

  94. e says:

    There are noise limits that should be considered; just because only teens hear it does not meant that local wildlife won’t, and if a nearby neighbor’s young baby can no longer sleep; they should be able to sue.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Good grief. There are no newborn babies within 50 feet of the slide. The device doesn’t affect wildlife.


  95. Fenrisbh1 says:

    This is a smart decision. The youth in our society need to understand that public works are not for them, and they are not welcome near them, because if you are under the age of 22 (about when the effectiveness of this system drops off), you are a vandal.

    Why not just take that $7,000, as well as all the money from the additional installations of this system as the city quickly realizes the vandals will move to wherever these systems aren’t, and use it to build a place for these kids to go, something for them to do? If they’re out spraypainting graffiti on kids’ slides in the middle of the night, then clearly spending time at home isn’t a viable option, because parental oversight isn’t there. And moreover, if that’s how they spend their time, they’re really not bad kids, you know? They’re just punks. They’re not evil people and have not lost all hope of functional integration with society. Acting otherwise is irresponsible lazy and fearful.

    I know a great guy who studied sociology at Drexel and was a skateboarder. He’s done a lecture route across the U.S. in recent years on skater culture, and has contributed to suburban communities building skateparks, which are rather cheap—ironically sometimes even cheaper than skate-proofing every flat surface in the community to deny skateboarders a place to practice their hobby. It’s made the communities accept skaters for normal people, and the skaters are grateful to their community in return, typically volunteering to build the park and maintain it by picking up trash in the surrounding area and repainting slides in the neighboring kids’ park.

    For these kids in Hasting, why not start a mural arts program? Ask them to use their spraypainting skills to beautify the community. Give them a formal venue in which their expertise can be appreciated. It’s worked wonders in Philadelphia, and I see it have the most profound effect on high school kids, who want to be artists, but can’t afford good materials, because there are no art stores in their neighborhoods. There are hardware stores though, so they can get spray paint, and you can make a stencil out of pretty much anything, even cardboard lying around in an alley. Their schools have all cut the art programs years ago. What do you expect them to do?

  96. Wastrel says:

    This just gives them a reason to vandalize the park. Before it was just mindless destruction; now it’s war. Also the statement that it doesn’t “effect” animals is a lie.

  97. Angelisa says:

    Affect, not effect. One would think a writer would know the difference. Geeze

  98. tryecrot says:

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