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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the second straight day, temperatures in the Twin Cities reached record-breaking levels.

By early afternoon Tuesday, temperatures had reached the 96-degree mark in Minneapolis, toppling 2004’s record for this day.

But that wasn’t the end of it. WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said the day’s high ended up being 103 degrees — something that hasn’t happened in Minnesota since 1988.

Shaffer said wind gusts reached near 40 mph too, pushing a blast of heat across the Twin Cities, which was the hottest of the hot.

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory, which means that the combination between heat and humidity are enough to be considered dangerous. Experts warn to drink plenty of fluids, even before you are outside. They say don’t wait until you are thirsty to have that first sip.

If you can, stay inside and out of the sun. It is best to be in an air-conditioned room or in the shade, if you have to be outside. Also, if you have relatives or older neighbors check up on them to see how they’re doing. Often elderly are the most vulnerable to heat illness.

Many schools in the Twin Cities don’t have air conditioning. The Minneapolis, St. Paul and Anoka-Hennepin school districts are trying different things to handle the heat.

Teachers are giving students lots of water breaks and keeping physical activity to a minimum and in some cases canceling recess. In Minneapolis, spokesperson Rachel Hicks said some teachers are taking their students outside to have class in the shade because it’s cooler than in the classroom.

At Dowling Urban Environmental School, some parts of the school have AC and some don’t, like the gym. Students had a shortened and low key P.E. class and were also allowed to bring water bottles to their classrooms to help stay hydrated.

In the Anoka Hennepin School District, some parents kept their kids home to keep them out of the heat.

WCCO-TV’s Holly Wagner Reports

On Monday, there were eight people that had to go to the hospital because of the heat illness.

The temperatures also did a number on some sections of roadway. An area near Interstate 94 and the Lowry Ramp buckled under the heat. Crews had to shut down traffic to one lane while they made repairs.

Highway 100 in St. Louis Park also buckled and the middle lane was closed while it was fixed.

Monday’s high temperature was a record breaker reaching 97 degrees. The old record on that day was 95 degrees reached back in 1987. Before that, the last time we reached 97 degrees in the Twin Cities was May 2009.

Comments (51)
  1. Carl says:

    And Michele Bachmann wants to abolish the EPA. Suspicious.

  2. G Dog says:

    Somehow she’ll blame the heat on the “libs”.

  3. Dale Gribble says:

    •I tell you what it is. It’s your quote un-quote pollution control. I heard on talk radio you don’t even need ’em. It’s just the latest nazi government plot. Open your eyes, man, they’re trying to control Global Warming. Get it Global. That’s U.N. Commissars code for telling us what the temperature is gonna be in our outdoors. Let it warm up I say.. We’ll grow oranges in Alaska.

    1. IWonderIF says:

      Ahhh ignorance is bliss!.. Rush is not your friend

    2. Ryan K says:

      Dale its already 105 down here. If it gets any hotter I’m going to kick your ass. Great episode of King of the Hill.

  4. J says:

    I love this weather!!

  5. Reasonable says:

    Loving this weather is just down right mean!
    My poor Black Lab can only get a 10 minute walk before she’s just too hot to keep going.

    1. laura says:

      How old is your Lab? I love this weather and so does our 7 yr old chocolate lab. Yesterday she wais outside running and playing with the kids and playing fetch. Our family loves being outside and so does our dog. She hates the winter, she doesn’t get to go for a run, she doesn’t want to go outside to go to the bathroom and she hates the snow. I see nothing mean about enjoying the heat, maybe you could buy your dog a pool and let her/him enjoy some swimming time to cool off.

  6. J says:

    I’m not complaining either! I’ll take this weather any day over one of our horrible winter days!

    1. Les Johnson says:

      I’d take the 50s and rain every day and twice on Tuesday before suffering through this intolerable weather. There is nothing that can be accomplished outdoors when it’s 100 degrees with a 70 degree dewpoint.

      1. laura says:

        les you are missing out on a lot. My parents didn’t and still don’t have air conditioning while I was growing up. My dad would tell my sisters and me that we complain in the winter how cold it is we can put up with 3 months of heat. And he was right we all survived the heat and we weren’t allowed to sit in the house all day in the summer, we played baseball everyday with the neighborhood kids no matter how hot it was

        1. Les Johnson says:

          I’m not missing out on a thing. It’s 101 degrees in Prescott at the moment. There is nothing a human needs to be doing outside at 101 degrees with a 125 heat index.

          Sorry, and no offense.

          I wouldn’t send any of my 5 kids or 2 dogs outside in this heat, and I sure wouldn’t go out there myself.

          1. Ryan K says:

            What do you think the people in the south and Texas do most of the summer deal with it dude. It isn’t that hot out. With the wind blowing it feels really nice out. After a long winter this is nice. Tho rainy 50 degree days are nice when I need to get house choirs done.

            1. kieron says:

              What’s a house choir? Is that something like a Greek chorus that follows you around while you’re at home?

              1. Otis says:

                For all you spell check Nazi’s out there. GET A LIFE really our all you people English teachers. Bet you folks can not do math or fix cars or design web pages.

                1. Deonte Davon Demetrius says:

                  You axe a lot of questions, Otis. Know what ah’m sayin?

          2. laura says:

            sorry les no offense but my kids and I spent the better part of the day outside playing in our backyard, playing in the sand box and then we hit the pool after lunch. We then went to their older brother’s baseball game. the day before we were at the pool and then went to their older sister’s softball game, never once did my children complain about being outside, it wasn’t until we came home from the ball game and they were told it was time to come inside that my 2 year old cried because he wanted to stay outside. If you give your children lots of water to drink and sunscreen I see nothing wrong with encouraging them to be outside when it is warm. We will enjoy the warm weather as much as we can because in less than 6 months it will be 10 below with 50 below windchill

            1. Les Johnson says:

              If you read the article, meteorologists and doctors were advising not to be outside unless necessary, and if it’s necessary, to be in the shade, out of direct sunlight and consuming lots of water.

              I’m sure you know more than they do though. Have fun! 😉

              1. laura says:

                don’t worry we will and did, we will spend the day outside in a few hours again and we will have fun. My children are all healthy, which we are very thankful for, and as long as they can cool off in the pool and have plenty to drink I don’t see anything wrong with being outside. My son had fun playing baseball last night as did my daughter playing softball the night before. none of the kids complained about playing or being outside, I heard more complaints from some of the parents about it being too hot and blah blah, my response to them was did you enjoy sitting out here a few weeks ago when it was 45 degrees and sprinkling? This is summer kids should be encouraged to still go outside even if it is only for a little bit, adults complain that kids aren’t active enough or just want to play on the computer or video games but then parents like you tell you kids they shouldn’t go outside because it is too hot, you can’t have it both ways. If

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  “my response to them was did you enjoy sitting out here a few weeks ago when it was 45 degrees and sprinkling?”

                  LOVED IT. Caught a largemouth bass weighing almost 3 lbs about 3 Fridays ago in the rain, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and raingear.

                  Can’t have it both ways? Sure you can. When the weather is sucky outside (under 40 and bad weather, or over 95) then I don’t mind if they’re inside camped out in front of the xbox360 or the TV watching a movie.

                  But when it’s safe to be outdoors, I kick their little butts outside and tell them to stay there or else I start assigning chores. Last weekend 3 of our boys said they were bored. I had them pick a piece of paper out of a hat, labeled 1-3. Whoever pulled #1 was first up to mow part of the lawn.

  7. Cindy says:

    I love the weather more heat and I love the humidity as well. Summer is as Summer does, looking forward to those hazy lazy days of summer!!

    1. Mike says:

      Me too! LOVE the hazy summer heat, love it love it LOVE IT!

  8. DARREN says:

    I love the heat, bring it on!!!!!!!!!! A month ago everyone was complaining it was too cold.

    My question of the day is, what did everyone do before Air Conditioning and before that fans? What did the people before the last 100 years do with this heat?

    Or maybe we are all just a bunch of whiners and complainers with nothing better to do then complaoin about something we can not do anything about.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      “My question of the day is, what did everyone do before Air Conditioning and before that fans? What did the people before the last 100 years do with this heat?”

      They suffered heat exhaustion and heat stroke and they died. This is widely documented. It is not “whining” to find 101 (with 125 Heat Index) to be too hot to go outside.

      I can’t hunt or fish in this weather, and the kids soccer won’t play in this heat either, so it is useless to me.

  9. CJ says:

    My dog and I just did a nice 7 mile run and jumped in the lake right after! This weather is great and there is always something to do in Minnesota even when it is cold. I love this place!

    1. IWonderIF says:

      where is the “like” button

  10. Steven Lancer says:

    Tennis anyone?

  11. jan says:

    My pansies just fell over backwards and withered even though I watered them. Maybe I should take their advice and not go to my outdoor class tonight. I’d hate to fall over and wither too.

  12. LIBERAL says:

    Classic example of global warming.

  13. Christine says:

    It’s hot, yes. But it’s windy. And we have the option of dressing down. Play in a sprinkler, have water balloon fights. Set up a lemonade stand. Teach your kids how to enjoy the weather instead of keeping them inside. Tell them that the military men and women that are overseas deal with this heat all the time, and they have to be dressed in combat gear. If you spoil your kids with A/C, are you prepared to put up with the whining when the A/C breaks? Appreciate the state we live in, and the weather we are having. At least we aren’t having horrifically destructive weather at the moment. I will be outside in my daughter’s kiddie pool, because it will be all too soon before the snow starts falling. 🙂

    1. Les Johnson says:

      That’s all fine and good if you’re into water fights, water balloons, sprinklers, and beaches. I’m a little old for those activities. Set up a lemonade stand? For real? Is this 1985?

      I disagree that A/C is spoiling anybody. If my A/C broke, I’d have someone there fixing it immediately.

      I appreciate the weather we have today. The last two days, however, have been impossible for me to get yard work done or be fishing.

      1. laura says:

        my kids set up a lemonade stand every year before the tiny college we live by is out of class… they have made “alot ” of money to a 14,10,4,3, and 2 year old. and no it isn’t 1985 but you still can bring back some of your childhood memories and introduce them to your kids. I don’t know where you live but we live in a small community and I see a lot of kids having lemonade stands during the summer. Water fights, water ballons, and the sprinklers are fun no matter what age you are and for our kids they are even more fun when they can get mom and dad wet. Maybe you need to losen up and enjoy doing the things you did as a kid with your children, you might think differently about the heat. Oh by the way my dad was out on the lake yesterday and Monday doing his favorite summer time job… fishing

        1. Les Johnson says:

          I live in a town of 3000 people. I’ve seen a couple neighbor kids with a lemonade stand a few times. Last weekend we sent our 4 boys over to the neighbor kids’ stand so they could get a few quarters. They’re usually out there for 2-3 hours, nobody comes and they close up shop disappointed. So I always try to stop there, or send the kids there, to bolster their confidence.

          I don’t like getting wet. Sprinklers, water balloons, beaches, or wherever. Just not my thing, unless it’s rain. I wasn’t a big fan as a kid either.

          I don’t have a boat to get out on a lake, where temps can be a little cooler with the breeze off the water. I’m stuck on shore in the weeds for now. I really wanted to fish yesterday and the day before and couldn’t handle the temps. And the fish don’t usually bite for anything when it’s hot and sunny.

          I’m pretty heat sensitive. I really can’t function well in extremely high temperatures, and would rather do nothing in the cool A/C than my favorite past times in temperatures I can’t tolerate.

          1. laura says:

            les now that I can understand you don’t like the heat and that is fine but don’t be sarcastic towards me because my children and i have a lot of fun in the warm weather or other people’s comments because they list many ways to have fun and stay cool,. My biggest grip is that usually the same people that complain when it is hot out are also the same people who are complaining when it is cold out. I never complain about it being too hot because I am one that complains all winter long about how cold it is.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              I’m sorry if you thought I was being sarcastic towards you. That was not how I intended my comment to be interpreted.

              I was really just making conversation, especially since we obviously have very different reactions to heat, cold, and the seasonal changes of our Midwestern homes.

              No harm, no foul?

              P.S. I’m not usually the one complaining about the cold in the Winter, although I do hate it. My favorite seasons during the year are the 2 weeks of Spring, and the 4 weeks of Fall. *wink*

  14. 60 and sunny, anyone? says:

    I, for one, liked the cooler temps. This hot stuff is no fun. And I never complain during the winter – you can always dress warmer in the winter but you can only get so naked in the summer.

  15. Matt says:

    Is there still snow on the ground around Midway stadium? After today…

  16. St. Paul Girl says:

    No a/c in my apt. Staying quite cool with the blinds down to block the sun and ceiling fans on. I have an exhaust fan in the bedroom to push hot air out during the day and flip in around to bring cool air in at night. If you’re smart you can live comfortably without running the air constantly. Plus after a day your body acclimates to the temperatures, it’s often dealing with the huge temp/humidity swings going from a/c to outdoor and back to a/c multiple times a day that will wreck havoc with your body.

    ps my apt is a third floor walk-up built in 1911 with windows facing west and south, no cheating that afternoon sun here

    1. factman says:

      Wow you have an exhaust fan in your bedroom, you take alot of dumps in there? I gotta think a 90degree bedroom might explain your being single.

  17. Nancy Aleshire says:

    One thing I noticed after liviing in the south–actually Oklahoma which is a south central state where it does get over 100 on a regular basis is people are a lot more sensible when it comes to dress. You don’t see men in jackets or long sleeves for that matter and women have ditched the pantyhose. You can still look professional and be comfortable at the same time.

  18. A/C is king says:

    Wow people the weather is to hot for some and not to hot for others, I worked outside for 9 hours today, i believe im still a normal person because i want to sit in the air cond. But seriously any1 who says they prefer not to have a/c is lying, since some of you think this is perfect weather then thursday i hope you don’t freeze to death when its 69, i know i’l be outside all day enjoying the temp.

    1. laura says:

      a/c is king… my dad hates a/c he is almost 67 years old and has never had a/c in a house he has lived in nor would he ever have it. I don’t think he is lying one bit, he complains when he goes into a house or business that has the a/c on because he is too cold. My dad is in good health and just enjoys the warm weather and he will be complaining when it is only 69 but I am pretty sure he won’t freeze to death but thanks for your concern.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        My dad is 64, and several years ago he had to have Central Air put in his house so he could be IN the house without being in the basement all Summer long because it was TOO HOT without it.

        My people aren’t built for dealing with high temperatures and high humidity. We aren’t from the desert or the tropics.

      2. @Laura says:

        Well your dad may have woman parts, only women say their freezing constantly, maybe if he did something with his life he could afford air, because yea when its a 100, the average house indoor temp is between 85-90plus, sounds comfy lol, and your guests appreciate sweating to death im sure.

        1. laura says:

          @Laura you don’t know my dad, my dad and mom have been married for almost 45 yrs, my dad has worked for the same company since he was 18 years old and will be retiring on June 30th. Pretty sure my dad has done more with his life than you ever will. My parents raised 6 successful, law abiding citizens and although at times they struggled, we all made it through. My childhood was wonderful and my parents were very involved in our lives. none of my friends every complained about us not having air conditioning and we had these things called fans and ceiling fans in our house that kept it cool. Pretty sure my dad doesn’t have woman parts because he is more of a man than you will ever be and I don’t need to know you to know that for a fact. I also didn’t realize that having air conditioning in your house determined if you were successful in life. You are an idiot too by the way and that is no joke

  19. Mel says:

    They cancel class when it gets too cold, and the schools are heated. Yet, they don’t cancel classes when it’s over 100 degrees with no ac in the schools. Those kids can’t concentrate when they feel like they are in a sauna all day.

    1. Mel says:

      When the wind-chill gets below a certain temperature, they cancel or delay school. The kids waiting for the bus can get frostbite. It doesn’t happen every year, but neither does 100 temperatures.

  20. Dave says:

    I would not want to be a cop in north (or south) Minneapolis tonight.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Tonight, tomorrow, next year or any other time…

  21. Rocky says:

    wonder what they did in the early 1900’s or 1800’s before so much as an electric fan even existed and yet everyone seemed to be living longer than just 40 to 80….. HMMMM? air conditioning has made alot of pansies!

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