ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The state’s employee unions are now in the fight in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown on July 1.

On Wednesday, when the state plans to send out thousands of layoff notices to employees, MAPE and AFSCME will launch a $300,000 TV ad campaign called, “We want to work for Minnesota.”

The ad takes a stab at republicans and calls on lawmakers to tax the rich to balance the state’s budget. The group’s website is even called

Several state employees are featured in the 30-second ad, including a road worker, probation officer and health care worker — all warning about the impact a government shutdown would have on Minnesota.

Executive Director of MAPE Jim Monroe said union employees are incredibly anxious and worried about the affect this could have on their families.

“It’s moving beyond stressful, it’s fear,” he said. “It’s fear of the unknown. It’s wondering how they’re going to pay their bills. It’s wondering how they’re going to take care of their families.”

This ad follows an ad campaign launched earlier this week by the Taxpayers League, a conservative watchdog group.

That ad calls on the governor to move forward with the budget without tax increases on the wealthy.

Meanwhile, the governor and republican lawmakers are meeting Wednesday afternoon to try and work out a deal.

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  1. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

    I got it, so since the GOP say that taxing the rich will only cost jobs in the long run, we should just lay off all the public workers and then we have no “long run” because it is all done right now. They did run on the platform of creating jobs, so this is the perfect way to do it. Let everyone go, then hire them at jobs that pay less (so they can say they created jobs) so they cannot feed their families and there is less income from taxes that they pay (so they can say Dayton did not do his job). This way they can complain about Dayton again and try to shift all the blame on him and they still look clean.
    Most of us see through this BS and all that is happening is the GOP being babies claiming they ran on not raising taxes and were elected to do this job. Before anyone starts talking about the WI DFL running and crying from Walker, are we talking about that or WI? Than this is a stupid point and does not need to be brought up.
    On the flip side Dayton DID say he would raise taxes on the top 2% and won the election as well. Now he is not able to do so because of some people saying that they were elected to not raise taxes? So who is the real winner? Not the people from MN, yet there are still people that are fighting for the GOP? Why would people put trust in a group that cannot get their homework done on time as the Gov asked for? The budget should have been given to Dayton over a month ago when he asked for it but GOP 1s again knew what was more important and wanted to make it so we would be able to vote on gay marriage next year. The people that are supporting this party are the same people that are asking Gov to get out of their lives and want it smaller, yet the party that they vote for is going further into people’s lives and making it larger by creating more laws? Again, my post name is proven 100% correct!

    1. Jack says:

      Stupidity is a good post name!
      The GOP offered a balanced budget prior to working on the Gay rights and voter ID issues. Their work was done on the budget and they were moving on to the next items on their list. The Govenor has chosen to hold up the process. The govenor does not have the ability to raise taxes on anyone until the legislature approves it.
      The government shut down will fall squarely on the shoulders of the Govenor.

      1. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

        Where are you hearing the lies that the budget was done? Why would Dayton have been asking for this budget publicly if it was already handed to him? Where is the proof that this was done as you can even look into the stories here in WCCO and find that Dayton asked multiple times and even gave them a deadline that they did not meet. Thank you for proving my name is 100% correct!

        1. Jack says:

          Is there not a balanced budget sitrting on the desk of the govenor right now that he has refused to sign?

      2. James2 says:

        Jack, you mean a lack of Gay Rights. The could have created Civil Unions but preferred to harass gays for 18 months instead. Oh, how creative. And, the Party of NO waited till the last minute to deliver a budget for tactical reasons, won’t compromise, again defining them as the Party of NO. No civil rights, no budget compromise, no decency. Ugh!

        1. jack says:

          You must be gay

          1. Jeff says:

            Who cares if he/she is? Humans are humans and deserve to be treated equally. I just hope that Minnesotans aren’t stupid enough to think that what they are voting on is about legalizing gay marriage. It i about Banning gay marriage and taking away equality of human rights. You can substitute other minority groups in place of the word GAY and would you still believe in adding that to the constitution? If you say yes to that question, then you do not believe that all people should be treated equally.

    2. Curt says:

      Dayton does not have any authority to raise taxes on anyone. It has to come from the legislature. Case closed. Shut down the govt tomorrow if you are hanging your hat on raising taxes!

      1. Mike says:

        Shutting down the government is going to cost taxpayers more money than if they did not. In other words, Republicans are raising your taxes.

  2. Tax the Unions says:

    If the unions have an extra $300K laying around to play television, why aren’t they asked to “pay their fair share”?

    I would say a rate of around 75% of the money that they confiscate from paychecks would be fair

  3. Ugh says:

    This was not put out by “State Employees”, it was an independant choice by the unions. There was no vote asking if it was appropriate or timely in any regard. Does it make valid points yes, but $300,000 dollars spent on by state unions is an obscene amount of money to spend when some of your union members may be losing their jobs and their families suffering. The money could have been put to better use.

  4. Truth says:

    Years and years of subsidizing illegal immigration, tax breaks and funding for new stadiums and endless wars have finally caught up to us.

    The 2 party paradigm between republicans and democrats is exposed to the fact that they are exactly the same. They have handed out our money, one group for wars and the other group for welfare. The endless waste and fraud had to come to an end at some time and the time is now.

    NAFTA,CAFTA,IMF,WHO and all the rest of the globalist scams have gutted our livelihood. Saving a few union jobs will be of no avail. The system is in free-fall because the role of government has morphed into a Santa Claus mindset where money is printed out of thin air to gain political objectives.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      The subject is MN, not the U.S.

      Do please try and stay on topic. What new stadiums have been funded exactly? When has MN subsidized illegal immigration? When has MN funded endless wars? Where are your specifics?

  5. Mike Merker says:

    Check your facts. Dayton vetoed a budget bill passed by the legislature along with the voter ID bill that 70% of Minnesotans polled by the star and tribune wanted.
    and you must be so proud that the unions are using money they got from the tax payers to run such commercials. They don’t care about jobs, they care about power and to keep the gravy train going.

    1. ??? says:

      @ Mike Merker
      Unions get money from tax payers? Maybe you hit your head, they get money from the people in the union, hence why they pay dues. People will really say anything to try to prove a flawed point won’t they?

      1. Try to keep up says:

        The unions are funded by tax payer money that is laundered through state payrolls.

        really not that hard to understand.

      2. KateUST99 says:

        State employess who are in unions are paid by the state, basically paid by taxpayers. Therefore, the union dues are taxpayer money.

        Did you know that most state positions are required to join the union? Whether they agree with it or not? And that they have no vote as to where the union spends their money? So, for me, the spouse of a state employee, $300K to put out some obviously biased BS (regardless of what side it represents – I’m a Democrat myself, and I think this is nothing more than propoganda!) – well, it really irritates me. That $60 PER PAYCHECK they take from my husband would do a lot for our family every month. We’d come out about $58 ahead every month 😉

        What irritates me more is that the union is so blind to what it’s doing to the state … it’s a major reason why the state is so in the red. I am happy to have the insurance benefits we do – it’s a great plan with a lot of choices. And it’s cheap, compared to other insurance plans. But I’m willing to give a little on that. Because of my husband’s job (security guard), he doesn’t pay for his own coverage, though we do pay for family coverage. So if every “covered” employee had to start paying the $40 per month their insurance premium might be, that would save the state a bundle. Also, they could raise the insurance rates to be comparable to other major-employer plans. I’m willing to give on things that make sense. The union is not. If it ain’t free, it ain’t good enough for the unions.

        Sadly, no “organization” is free from corruption. But the state employee unions fight so hard to keep people in jobs who have messed up big time. Steal stuff from your employer? (The state?) We’ll fight for you! Engage in sexually harassing behavior at work? We’ll fight for you! Take every other day off – as a sick day – under the guise of “FMLA” leave b/c of your “migraines” – but then get busted doing a photo shoot since you are a photographer on the side? We’ll fight for you!

        But they won’t really fight for MN families – b/c what good is it for our families if there are no services provided? What good is it if people are getting ZERO income b/c they’re laid off?

        And, essentially, that IS your tax dollars hard at work. (Indirectly, but it is).

        Both sides have to give. But the unions (and the legislators they have in their pockets) have to give, too. And stop being worthless wastes of money. They sure like to have their conventions and parties though … hmm … kind of like politicians …

        1. Mike says:

          If you don’t want your hubby to be represented, get another job!
          Move to Georgia or Florida and take a job in a right to work state and don’t come crying back in a year from now when you discover that your have no benefits and are working for half your current salary! Whiner…………..

          1. KateUST99 says:

            Oh, Mike … it’s really too bad you can’t read. So I’m a “whiner” for exposing corruption? And I’m a “whiner” for pointing out the obvious, that two wrongs don’t make a right and both sides have to give a little?

            The sad fact is that the state employees’ union, under its current leadership, is as inflexible and stupid as the politicians they rally against! I believe in unions and what they have done for people – but they have to be willing to bend as well. They can’t have it all, no matter how hard they try. It makes me cringe that they can’t see the irony in their inflexibility – we want jobs – but when push comes to shove, we won’t give a little to save the ones that are currently there.

            The power of the union has gone to their heads. I would hate to see what’s happened in WI happen here … but the union’s gotta give a little too. Which was pretty clearly the point I stated in my comment.

            If you had actually read my post, you would have understood my statement that I appreciate our benefits – but I would also be willing to pay a little more for them. Compared to the private sector, we’ve got it pretty sweet. Through my own employer, I’d have to pay over $800 a month for family coverage, and a $6,000 a year deductible. Awesome, eh? So I see the luxury of the state employee benefits – and while I appreciate them, there are some things that can be made a little less luxurious – things that wouldn’t really hurt a lot of us all that much (ie: raising premiums a bit).

            Why are state employees entitled to so much more than other workers? That’s my question. And one I’m sure you can’t answer, or if you can, will answer with more union propoganda BS. Times still suck out there. My employer had to lay people off. I haven’t gotten a raise in 3 years. It sucks. But at least my employer is spreading the pain around – NOONE (not even senior leadership) is getting a raise until the budget is stable. I would do nearly anything to ensure that my paycheck still keeps coming. I don’t whine about it – I’m grateful to have a job! I only hope state employees feel the same and communicate that to their union leadership.

            1. TInaF says:

              It would be great if unions were still there to protect workers. It has turned into something else over the years and there is corruption but this has nothing to do with the workers themselves or the very valuable services they provide. They should be reimbursed for them. They should have adequate benefits. We all should but things are not fair these days. We need to work on that.

              I am working for a social service organization that serves people with disabilities. We have no unions. We have not had raises in over four years to keep up with the cost of living. Our health benifits are minimal. My car is running on empty and my refrigerator is the same way. We are funded by contracts from the county. If the governent shuts down we are up —–‘s crrek even ore than we already are. Who will take care of the people we serve if we can’t afford the food and gas to keep on working?

  6. kevin says:

    I will have to layoff a group of our employee’s on friday due to a lack of work. It happens in our industry. So the public unions are telling us no one has the right to lay them off. I beg your pardon, I didn’t know that public emplyee union’s walked on water.

    1. James2 says:

      Plus Kevin, they will get rehired back, and retroactive pay, something that NEVER happens in the private sector.

  7. rational says:

    If this was done by the unions, it’s really because the fear is the dollar loss of dues they will not receive to pay for their political pandering. They use employees like terrorists use religion.

  8. When is the next strike? says:

    In a few years the government Public Union employees will go on strike and have no problem with shutting down government. They did so just after 9/11. How can anyone support them knowing they will strike and have no problem shutting down government when it suites them? Government public unions and their life time inflation proof pensions are the biggest budget buster problem this state and many other face.

    1. Union Man says:

      Once we have a safe budget we will be striking in about 18 months. Yes we do talk out of both sides of our mouth but heck, we have gotten away with it for years and years… and if you only knew the real cost of all our un-funded pensions in the future you would freak out!!!

  9. Ali to the rescue says:

    We think the government should buy all the stock of Wal-Mart and make it a government business. All the workers could get public Union wages, benefits and life time pensions. This would also make the public employee Unions much stronger and have more people to vote in the politicians who would help them the most. We could keep prices very low as tax money would be used to subsidize everything. There is no reason that public Union employee would not support this idea. It would be better for the Wal-Mart workers “Workers Rights” as unions like to say. So I am asking all government Union employees to show
    your support for this idea and write your congressman now! You have no reason not to….

  10. Mark from Minnesota Tax Wastse says:

    Minnesota Tax Waste
    These clowns are over paid, and some of the worst working records for the State Of Minnesota. Never trust the Unions, they sold out in Detroit, and the American Workers with the Illegals.

  11. TheGovdoesnotcreatejobs says:

    why are the public unions surprised that they are being attacked? They ride on the backs of taxpayers and have fattened up so much they cant be held up any longer. Everyone is hurting from this economy, its time to cut the fat.

  12. Lonny says:

    Next they will bring in the thugs from Detroit and Chicago to strong arm our congress. Things could get nasty, maybe even Michael Moore.

  13. Joe Hanson says:

    It appears they’ve been planning this AD campaign for months…

    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 30-Mar-10
    Expires on: 30-Mar-13
    Last Updated on: 07-Jun-11

  14. Naomi says:

    They are very well organized. Believe me, this is what they do for a living. Those that sold their souls to the union can only sit by and watch.

  15. Chris Dahl says:

    Wow – what is with you people? Some of you seriously need to get off the ridiculous Dayton Taxing Wagon. Were all of you taught to rely on others for what you want/need? I highly doubt it…..And Seriously – whatever happen to being responsibile for yourself?

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down”- Abe Lincoln

    1. Mike says:

      Chris Dahl
      Do the math moron. Under Gov. Daytons plan, 98% of the people of MN will not get a tax increase!

      1. Rene Descartes says:


        Logic doesn’t work with Tea Party no minds.

      2. hoskerdoo says:

        Any tax increase is unacceptable. When your budget falls short, who do you rip off to make up the differance. Oh, I see, just because you are succesful then it is o.k. for the govenment to reach into your pocket and take what they need. The next time I need a couple hundred bucks, I will give you a call and expect you to come through with no questions asked. Gov. Dayton, Sign the balanced budget that was presented to you and there will be no govt. shutdown.

    2. TinaF says:

      OOH, someone has been reading Ayn Rand again. Lots of holes in “The Virtue of Selfishness” model though. Lots of holes in this theory and hard to bring this to practicality. I am living in the holes in this logic unfortunately

  16. Common Man says:

    I do not support Government Employee public Unions. I support all other Unions. They are not the same thing and do not mix them together. We need to get rid of Government public employee unions. They have nothing to do with “Workers Rights”. They are only concerned with thier right to get more of our tax money. Oh the 2%… well the money they do not pay in taxes they use to buy the luxury products I produce. Tax them and you put me out of business. Where are my rights to support my family?

    1. Duh! says:

      Work at SuperAmerica like the rest of the Tea Party zombies.

      1. Common Man says:

        Is the government going to take ove SA and make us all state workers?

    2. MrG says:

      “Trickle down” has been disproven…giving $ to rich/businesses actually never trickles down to the needy. You need to strengthen the middle class to see economic recovery, not the rich.

      1. MrG says:

        I think it’s also time to have a conversation with the 2% who would be impacted by Dayton’s proposal. Instead of listening to people who WOULD NOT be impacted at all attack raising revenue. And listening to people slam unions like they are the anti-christ – unbelievable. Do you realize that the right to collectively bargain is recognized through international human rights conventions. Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights identifies the ability to organize trade unions as a fundamental human right. Why would we demand underdeveloped countries to recognize the right to unions, but not in our own country?

  17. Joe Hanson says:

    Is “We Want to Work for MN” ( connected to the group “Alliance for a Better Minnesota”?

    The phone number on the website 855-508-6472.
    The phone number in the Alliance for a Better Minnesota AD 855-508-6471

  18. Joe Hanson says:

    The bald guy in the AD claims “Republicans will just start sending out pink slips”.

    Isn’t it Governor Dayton, a Democrat, the one who will be sending out the pink slips?

    1. Mike says:

      Joe Hanson

      And Pawlenty left us with a 5,000,000,000.00 deficit.

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        That’s because the last Democratic controlled Legislature wanted to spend $5 billion more than projected revenue.

        “Governor Mark Dayton, leading Minnesota to a Government shutdown…”

  19. Victim Du Jour says:

    If I had $300,000 to make a TV ad, it will be a Parody of the “Explore Minnesota” jingle.

    I’d show how Social Workers, Mental Health People and probation Officers bullying around the middle class and the poor.

    Joe Maur can sing the part when he texts someone a photo if his junk and gets court ordered into a mental health class.

    Union thugs and goons are attacking every aspect of our lives for job security and budget money.

    1. Jed Clampett says:

      Victim again proves that cousins shouldn’t marry.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        All my cousins live in Northern Europe, so I guess you are more of a hillbilly than me.

      2. MrG says:

        You can read other “Victim” posts all over WCCO. A very bitter and paranoid individual…

  20. 72 year old retired union thug says:


    You are a brainwashed Glenn Beck-ite. You’d have loved Josef Goebbels.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      If you want to see Nazis talking up “Government Union” workers, check out “Triumph of the Will” on YouTube.

  21. MD says:

    Everyone seems to be complaining about how great it is to be a state employee, They are overpaid, have great benifits and are better than everyone else. If you really believe this, then why haven’t they applied for a position to reap those benifits and pay?

    1. hoskerdoo says:

      Because they don’t hire middle aged white males – just doesn’t fit the profile I guess.

  22. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    I will post a previous poster’s comment yet again: “Remember when teachers, city, county, state and federal employees crashed the stock market, or when public employees wiped out half of everybody’s 401Ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, moved most of the good paying private jobs overseas and paid no taxes? Yeah, me neither.”

    1. Sissy says:

      So whats your point?

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        @Sissy. Teachers, city, county, state, and federal employees are NOT THE ENEMY. We should not be waging class warfare on them. That is worst type of dirty politics aided and abetted by the GOP.

        1. hoskerdoo says:

          Nobody is waging war on anyone. Tell the Govener to sign the balanced budget that was sent to him and we can all get on with the business at hand – no lay offs or shutdowns. Will some have to tighten there belts? of coarse but for the majority of minnesotans there lifes will not be affected.

          1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

            Let’s see, “govener” should be “Governor.” “There” should be “their.” A capital “O” on “of” and “coarse” should be “course” and “lifes” should be “lives.” No wonder you are against teachers. You didn’t learn much in school and think teachers are the reason why. The teachers needed something to work with….

  23. kevin says:

    Thanks wcco for censoring my comments.

  24. Andrew says:

    This is complete bull. The richest 5% pays 40% of all the taxes, a wildly disproportionate amount, compared to what they use in public resources, and these people think the rich should pay more? What about the 25% of people who pay no taxes at all? How about an add that says “hey lazy ass people who don’t work or pay taxes, get off your ass.”