BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Minnesotans are being offered the chance to help determine a vision for the state’s transportation system for the next 50 years when the Minnesota Department of Transportation hosts a workshop Tuesday at the Mall of America in Bloomington.

MnDOT Commissioner Tom Sorel says Minnesota’s current financial challenges and aging infrastructure make establishing a vision even more important. He says Tuesday’s event is one of a series of workshops giving Minnesotans opportunities to communicate their expectations for transportation today and for the next generation.

The process is meant to help the agency ensure that future transportation planning efforts better align with Minnesotans’ expectations.

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Comments (4)
  1. gtV says:

    Here’s a chance for MNDoT and forward thinking Minnesotans to think beyond the proverbial reactionary thinking of today’s transportation needs and plan for a unique infrastructure future. Just think; overbuilt expressways to Duluth, Up North efficient highways, high speed rail [Empire Builder & Duluth North Star] with Amtrak across the state, Park-&-Ride mass transit lots with links to a revamped MTC/RTA system, and revamped intrametro expressway/highway commuting infratucture all under a 22nd Century traffic management control system.

    Yes, it will cost some money to institute such progressive changes but just think of the jobs, energy efficiencies, quality of life, economic growth, and transport efficiencies this state will gain and exhibit to the world! It’s time for Minnesota to be in the future and show the globe what makes us Minnesotans great!

  2. Darren says:


    If you want to pay for it, go right ahead.

    1. gtV says:


      Sorry fellas, didn’t a wise old sage &/or poet call comments like you just made as being reactionary and lacking insight or vision? Just think where this country or state would be without people of insight and vision? The present situation we face in this state, whether economically, politically, or historically, is partially based on leadership’s or government’s lack of insight toward the future! Think about it!

      For example, where would the Social Security and Medicare programs be today if Washington political bureaucrats hadn’t had their hands borrowing from these programs general funds? Have they paid back what was borrowed? NO!

      Where would the DoD be today if President’s Eisenhower’s foreshadowing remarks about the industrial-military complex were heeded?

      Where would this state be today if remarks by former Governors, like Carlson, Quie, Perpich, and even Ventura-foreshadowing the present unbalanced topsy-turfy political and economic state budget depression-were heeded?

      Where would this state be today if all political entities would put aside petty differences, greed, power-trips, and stupidity for compromise, togetherness, and vision?

      It is one thing to be optimistic but it is another, by not pessimistic or self indulgent, to work together as a people for a common good. If it takes hard work and tax revenues then so be it. Our country and state were built on hardwork and visions to provide for a future prosperity and good quality of life.

      Call me nuts or an idealistic nimwit but being pessimistic and lackadaisical about life and everything in general is not a way to enjoy life. Come out and enjoy the sunshine &/or fresh air then get involved in improving things for mankind. You will feel better in the long term.

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