By Esme Murphy

Finally, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and leading democrats have called for Rep. Anthony Wiener’s resignation. He has responded by saying he will take a leave and go into rehab.

The fact that it took democratic leaders this long suggests a paralysis based on concerns on how the scandal might reflect on them, rather than maintaining the dignity of the congress and promoting a higher standard for all elected officials. At first what appeared to be a single act of obnoxious behavior, spiraled into repeated lies about  what had happened.

Then came revelations that this had happened before and that Rep. Weiner was engaging in Facebook “affairs” with numerous young women. The final shocker was that he was having private online conversations with a 17-year-old high school junior.

That his behavior was so reckless suggests a narcissistic arrogance that brings to mind the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky affair. Ironic note here: President Clinton officiated at Weiner’s wedding last year.

It is also deeply troubling that prominent democrats failed until now to call for him to step down. Even more disappointing is that prominent democratic women failed to make that demand sooner. These are, after all, not just elected officials, but mothers and daughters.

Professor David Schultz of Hamline University likes to say it is the suburban soccer moms who win elections. I know soccer moms. Believe me, I know a lot of them. And the Weiner saga and the failure of democratic leaders to take a tough stand on behavior that is clearly treading on the predatory is a failure that may cost the democrats more than a few votes.

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  1. David Nelson says:

    Weiner’s district is over 50% behind him and his wife is behind him. Your contributing to his political character assassination while at the same time making your pay check off sensationalizing this. Hypocrite? How about looking into the path these photo’s took to becoming public from his private interaction with private citizens. How about story’s on internet security? How about using this to teach about privacy rights vs public jobs? Do you want your entire life blogged about like his enemies have done to him? How about the drunks, prostitution visits, etc by standing members of congress. Bottom line is a blogger like you took the time to gain these photo’s and then use them for his advantage. Where is the uproar over privacy laws? Come one Esme lets be politically and adult on this. Let’s look at why this blogger decided to try to put a bullet to this man’s head just like the nut in Arizona did to congresswoman Gifford. This was nothing less then a character assassin at work.

    1. Trev says:

      He did this to himself. He used public tax payer resources to engage in this behavior. Then, when he got caught – he lied. The lying about it for a week it what is most disturbing. He couldn’t even be man enough to fess up and take responsibility for it after he got caught. These are our public officials…yes we expect them to have higher standards. Our government is in shambles and these officials need to make key decisions. Where is the character assassination?? This was self induced.

    2. gtV says:

      You miss Esme’s points entirely! How do we as a Americans respect a Congress or elected government officials who not only do not respect their various positions or their constituency but engage in unethical, undignified behaviors that we ourselves abhor?

      Just look at past and present history and you will find the a great culture, enlightened society, or benevolent civilization falling into the abyss of political excesses, malfeasance, ethical aberrations, and wanton self-indulgences is on the slippery slope to abysmal catastrophic cultural failure and/or oblivious ignominious historical disappearance. Think about it! The reality of what I said is happening now!

      Res Ipsa Loquitur! {Latin: “This matter speaks for itself”!}
      Need I say more?

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        @gtV. And you miss the point that his constituency that elected him supports him. Shouldn’t their opinion count? They wanted him in office and he is their representative. Really, the rest of us don’t count. So, unless he faces some criminal charges over this, it is really only the business of his CONSTITUENTS WHO ELECTED him. And his poor wife….

        1. gtV says:

          @citizen de MN
          According to news outlets and legit newsbloggers from his district, constituent opinions are changing faster than greased lightning all the facts are becoming known.

          Any “auto-de-fe” behaviors he is now exhibiting is becoming to no avail when ethical and historical precepts are garnered against him. In essence he has violated his oath of office and his constituency’s trust. It is to his ethical &/or political benefit to immediately resign disappearing into rehab and life correcting actions than facing all the approaching and ignominious uproar that is streaming his way.

          In other words Wiener should fall on his political sword, leave town, and get his life and personal affairs in order. His political life and constituents’ trust will have to be re-earned be his political life is again re-established.

          1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

            @gtV. Perhaps a recall election would be the most appropriate here. It would be nice to let the voters have their say who put the man in office.

    3. Citizen of Minnesota says:


    4. Depa0013 says:

      Your comment makes little sense. A grown man, who is supposed to be an upstanding member of society is sexting young woman. The facts are very simple, this should be set forth so that everyone can see what he really is. If it was my 17 yr old he was texting you can bet I would paste it all over the web after I called the police. Why are you defending this pervert? Lets blame it on the lack of privacy rather than the lack of morals. Lets blame everyone except the person who did the act. There is no character assissin here, he has no character to assassinate. There is no privacy laws when you are using taxpayer money and computers. Quit defending the pervert.

  2. Jayne says:

    How is Weiner’s name pronounced? A wiener (hotdog, frankfurther) is a wee-ner. Weiner should not be be a wee-ner, should he? Should be why-ner? Ask a professor of German please.

    Also, why do you say your guests are “in studio”? I see them in your studio, or in the studio.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      Picky!–Picky!!! You miss Esme’s points entirely!

    2. Les Johnson says:

      If you’re looking for a German pronunciation, the letter W is pronounced as a V, so it shouldn’t be Why-ner either. It would be VY – nayr.

  3. Gloria says:

    Yes, calls for Weiner’s resignation were long overdue from Democrats. They should have reacted immediately just like the Republicans did about David Vitter. Oh, wait. David Vitter got a standing ovation from Republicans when he returned to the senate. Hmmm…double standard? It’s okay if you’re a Republican?

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      President Clinton Sexually assaulted 2 Women and kept his job, and got oral sex from an intern. The only people who get the “Benefit of the Doubt” from the media are Democrats.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        @Vic du Jour
        You are full of the proverbial beans as usual!!! The Rethuglicans are no angels either!! It’s time to get your head out of the sand to smell the abhorrent ethical stink in D.C. and the Capitol. Your “Benefit of Doubt” [blame the media] premise doesn’t wash anymore. The GOP wrote the book on “benefit of doubt” distasteful behaviors long before the Democrats.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          A Massage therapist accused Al Gore of grabbing her hand and dry humping her hand. All while laying naked on his back and making silly Forrest Gump noises.

          So many Double Standards from the fascist “corporate run” liberal media.

  4. richard says:

    First of all, I think he’s wrong….for the pics and lying. However,am I wrong in thinking that Pelose did jump on him upfront? Others waited until they found out he was lying to condem him. Esme, what was the timeline?

  5. self made victims says:

    Weiner’s behavior aside…

    What’s with the comment that the women didn’t condemn him fast enough because they are mothers and daughters. Apparently sons and fathers don’t have a clue about what’s right and wrong?? Seriously??

    This entire article is ripe with stereotypes, assumptions and innuendos. In fact, several of the same behaviors the author condemns.

  6. Josh says:

    Right on Esme!!….keep up the great blogs!!

  7. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    How does this rise to the same level as Schwarzenegger having an illegitimate child with his maid (an employee), and then covering it up for 10 years while he paid her to keep silent thus enabling him to continue as governor of California? I don’t remember any cries of condemnation from the GOP saying he will never again be elected to public office? Just questioning the salaciousness of this story.

    1. gtV says:

      Arnold is a different case altogether. To keep this short, Arnold has lost his wife, his good name, and political future he may have thought he had. His constituency is ZERO! For the time being Schwarzenegger has dropped out of sight. Even Hollywood is questioning is movie viability and his financial drawing power.

      At least Arnold knows when he has been “86th-ed” due to his human failings and self-indulgences. What goes ’round comes eventually comes back around. Schwarzenegger should tell Wiener to leave town and hide; “out-of-sight is truly out-of-mind!” “I’ll be back!”–maybe wishful thinking for both men at present. Time will tell!!!

  8. Donna says:

    Rep. Weiner is a sexual deviant. He’s no different than men that expose themselves … the only difference is that he uses the internet!

  9. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    @Donna. Being a deviant is not against the law. Weiner’s constituents still want him to be their representative, and their wishes should be what count here.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      What lemonade or tea have you drinking? You must really love this guy and what he stands for and has done. It’s obvious by your comments here on this thread.

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        @Swamp Rat. I can’t stand the guy. But, his constituents elected him and it should be their decision whether or not he steps down. Unless, of course, criminal charges are leveled.

    2. republished says:

      Yea but indecent exposure is against the law. I don’t care what his constituents think he needs to step down and charge it to the game.

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        So, when is he getting charged? Nothing has been said about that.

        1. republished says:

          Just because you break the law doesn’t mean you’re going to be charged with it. What kind of perfect world do you live in?

        2. Citizen just like you says:

          If I’ve committed a crime but didn’t get charged with it does that take away the fact that I’ve committed a crime? I’m still wondering where your logic is citizen.

  10. Frank says:

    I could care less about the matter, I just think the headlines are priceless.

  11. Donna says:

    @Citizen of Minnesota. Against the law?? Lets see what eventually comes out about his exchanges with a 17 yr-old. He is a sexual deviant and I hope, for the sake of his family, he follows through on a treatment program.

  12. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    @Donna. 17 year olds are considered “of age” in most states. The age of consent is usually 16. Just pointing this out to you.

    1. It's okay to show your weiner says:

      So you would condone that type of behavior? What if the 16/17 year old was your daughter?

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        Condoning his behavior is not the substance of this article. It is his being asked to step down. I firmly believe (unless criminal charges are leveled), that the constituents who elected the man should be the ones who say whether he steps down or not–a recall election should be in order here. And, for your information, plenty of 16 and 17 year olds both male and female are having sex of many kinds, and under the law 16 is the age of consent in most states. Whether or not you like this activity as a parent is beside the point. Of course, a responsible parent doesn’t like it. It still does not rise to the level of illegality. I would appreciate your not putting words in my mouth and creating some sort of spurious argument where there isn’t one.

        1. Johnson says:

          No but thinking that this sort of behavior is acceptable appears to be the substance of your posts.

          1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

            If you could READ and COMPREHEND you would know that this is not so. I think Weiner’s behavior is reprehensible and shows an incredible lapse of judgment and ethics. However, the question should be does it rise to illegality? If so, he should step down. If not, then I believe his constituents should have a say in whether he goes or stays–a recall election seems more appropriate. I’m trying to elevate the discussion to a point past a knee jerk reaction to “off with his head.” After all, I remember a certain blue dress and a certain president who continued in office.

          2. Citizen of Minnesota says:

            Also, Johnson, why do you and the other posters have such an aversion to a recall election? Wouldn’t that get Weiner out of office? Or is everyone here afraid that Weiner might continue in office and that his constituents might want and like him in spite of his moral turpitude. Isn’t that the real reason? His constituents might still stand by him in spite of everything? And isn’t that choice to keep or throw him out really his constituents who elected him? I have yet to see anyone here address that option, including Esme.

            1. citizen of MN too says:

              Yea we had this really cool teacher in high school but one day he showed us his junk and was asked to resign. We as students still wanted him teach but he was forced to resign anyways. That’s life.

              1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

                @citizen of MN too. These are not the same types of offenses. I’m sure the teacher was charged with a crime. Weiner has not been charged with a crime–YET. When he does, things will change. As it stands, he is being asked to step down. He doesn’t have to step down–he is elected to his post. If he does not have the good sense to step down–then what? He continues as an embarassment which is why I have been pointing to a recall election. Unless he is criminally charged, a recall election is the only way to get rid of him if he refuses to step down. You need to understand the process here. He is ELECTED. He can stay if he shows the bad judgment to want to stay. He will be totally ineffective for his constituents, but I still think the choice to keep him, unless he is criminally charged, rests with his constituents and a recall election because if he doesn’t step down–what choice is there? Do you get it yet? Criminal charges make all the difference. And those haven’t happened–yet.

    2. please don't breed says:

      Then give me your daughter’s cell phone # so I can show her my junk.

  13. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    I love Weiner

    1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

      This is not my post. I’ve started to see a lot of this mimicry happening on here. So, I will flag this comment to WCCO so that discussion is not inhibited by this garbage.

        1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

          @ur sad. I have a life and I live to post just to irritate people like you! Guess I’m successful. LOL.

      1. US citizen says:

        Let me know how that works out for you. I’m sure WCCO will get right on it.

        1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

          @US citizen. Yeah. I doubt ‘CCO will do anything and that is sad. I am very tired of half a story in the reporting, or a story just meant to titillate or whip up the emotions of people. That is not journalism. This man is a serious problem. I want to know if there will be criminal charges. If not, will he have the decency to resign? Doubtful. He hasn’t shown any honorable behavior so far. So then he will continue in office as a horrible embarrassment. That is why I have been pushing for a recall election–then his constituents will get rid of him–hopefully.

          1. Green Eggs and Ham says:

            If you think that “this man is a serious problem” then why are you sticking up for him?

            1. Les Johnson says:

              Where did he stick up for him?

              When will you learn to comprehend that which you read?

  14. Victim Du Jour says:

    Mark Foley loves Weiners too, and he was tough on sex offenders and child molesters.

  15. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    This is an excerpt from the News-Leader (A Gannett publication on line):
    The memory of the American people must be shorter than I thought. Just a few short years ago Sen. David Vitter was caught consorting with prostitutes in New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. The reaction to this matter spoke volumes about the way the Senate Ethics Panel handles these issues. While no one is condoning what Rep. Anthony Weiner did, let’s make sure we understand what has gone on here.

    Vitter confesses to physical contact with prostitutes, and breaking the law, by purchasing sex from prostitutes. And he’s still in the Senate. Weiner at no time had physical contact with any women, and never broke a law. While sexting may be a questionable practice no laws were broken. If Weiner has to resign, then Vitter most definitely should also resign.

    There’s obviously a dangerous double standard at work here.

    1. The Grinch says:

      If my reputation got so tarnished that my colleague’s were asking me to resign I’m pretty sure that means game over. Realize that these are liberals like yourself (I’m just assuming) asking this guy to pack up and go yet you’re still defending him? I don’t get it.

    2. Grinch says:

      But according to you it’s okay as long as Vitter doesn’t get charged with a crime even though what he did is morally bankrupt in most people’s opinions.

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        @Grinch. By the way, Vitter was reelected by his constituents with 54% of the vote. He refused to step down and won reelection after admitting to consorting with prostitutes. He’s still in the Senate.

    3. leave the state says:

      How does it feel to waste soo much time posting comments on these articles yet you accomplish nothing?

  16. stranger in a stranger land says:

    Whatever side you are on … this blog is by a reporter is the antithesis of journalism – I would expect this from a hack, but a REPORTER? WOW … just WOW I wont ever take you seriously again, Esme…ever…and I am also having doubts about WCCO in general because of this blog. Is THIS why you are on “on air personality” & not a print reporter? The content alone illustrates what is wrong with the media today … salaciousness factor overules all

    CLEAR DOUBLE STANDARD: Weiner broke NO laws, NOR is there evidence he violated congressional rules…which is decidedly different scenario than Vitter … AND, lest we forget ENSIGN (wow, to not mention him really means people have short &/or wildly selective attention spans Ensign refused to resign until the Senate Panel was ready to slam him. As noted, they received SUPPORT from the republicans. The Dems threw Weiner “under the bus.”

    PS Since so few news outlets are independent – as in, not owned by a right-leaning corporate entity – quit yapping that mantra about the “liberal” media and think for yourself already.

  17. Disgusted says:

    I think we should concentrate on whether this congressional person ,,,,a real weenie, by the way…has the capacity to make good decisions. He has proved to be a little lax in that area and is such an abrasive a-hole that he has few friends to defend him. He’s an enbarassment to those that have to associate with him and has proved himself to be a hypocrite. He needs to disappear from the landscape so we can move onto the next scandal. I wonder how those poor schlubs that elected him feel. He shot himself in the foot and now needs to limp out of sight.

  18. Victim Du Jour says:

    I wonder how other people with the last name “Weiner” feel?

    It’s a perfect storm of embarrassment for the name “Weiner”

  19. StraycatStrut says:

    Will bet Weiner is still in Congress 1 year from now. Democrats seem to hang onto poitical hacks for some reason…ie: Clinton, Rangel., Ted Kennedy. Guess it goes so “unlimited -anything goes- limited value- no morals” behavior…. makes them heros to their own party. I say…. break out the Weber and lite the gas on Weiner.

  20. Kevin says:

    Let those who have never did anything wrong theirself continue to cast stones.

  21. Huxley says:

    What tripe. He broke no laws. The voters are free to decide his fate in the next election. Just as Louisiana is free to throw out SENATOR VITTER for patronizing prostitutes. Ill support the Weiner withdrawal- just as soon as David Vitter resigns for paying for s.ex. Idiotic prudish reporting. Move on. We’re about to go bankrupt, the massive protests in Greece, criminal bankers being rewarded with taxpayer funds, etc. Pathetic excuse for journalism. Shame on WCC0.

  22. Marilyn says:


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