GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) — There was plenty of support to remove gray wolves from the federal endangered species list from nearly 200 people who attended a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service meeting in Grand Rapids.

Conservation groups have challenged the move in court and won the past two times. At the meeting Tuesday night, veterinarian John Howe said he frequently gets panicked calls about wolf attacks on pets. Howe says in one case, a woman’s yellow lab was sitting on her deck in the middle of the day. Her 5-year-old son was 50 feet away. He says wolves killed the dog in a matter of seconds and dragged it into the woods. Minnesota Public Radio says the child wasn’t harmed.

The federal government wants to take the wolves off the endangered list in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. A 60-day public comment on that proposal runs through July 5. Some 4,200 wolves now roam the three states.

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Comments (7)
  1. Jim says:

    So a wolf ate a dog and that’s reason to take wolves off the endangered list? Shouldn’t that determination be made by whether they’re actually still endangered or not?

    Dogs get hit by cars all the time. Ban cars? My dog once bit a porcupine and we spent hundreds of dollars having the needles removed. Should we start shooting more porcupines?

    1. Dave says:

      4200 wolves is NOT endangered. A pack of 20 wolves can roam an enormous territory – 4200 wolves would mean about 210, 20 wolf packs. I’m no expert but I would say there are probably way too many wolves and are by no means endangered. They are capable of killing buffalo and farmers livestock. If they were attacking my livestock, I would want to kill them, but can’t since they are “endangered”

      1. Peace or Equality says:

        So since the human population isn’t endangered and “can roam an enormous territory”, can we kill humans whenever they irritate us or encroach on our property?! I am no expert either, but I think we could due with a few less dumb humans. There is certainly no chance of stupidity being endangered, so with your logic, we can shoot the idiots of the world?? I’ll be the first new gun owner at the gun shop the day that happens!

      2. Anita Newwolf says:

        “I would want to kill them, but can’t since they are “endangered””

        Sure you can and its been done for years …

        Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up

        Gooberment need not be involved

  2. Gordon says:

    Where the wolves are, they are no longer endangered. Taking them off the list does not mean that every hillbilly with a gun will go kill them all, it just means that population control can now be implemented and problem animals can be taken care of. Like it or not P or E, the animals of the world have to suffer for our greed and stupidity. I would love for a little darwinism of the human population, but that would be unfair and hurt someone’s feelings and…. (fill in the rest of the story as far as you want to take it). The best we can do is manage the animals that we have allowed room to live free and try to help balance what we have thrown out of whack.

    And I Need A New Wolf, don’t provoke it… ugh.

    1. Peace or Equality says:

      Well stated, I regretfully concur.

  3. PJ says:

    I agree with Gordon. Just because they are removed from the endangered list doesn’t mean a hunting season for wolves will follow. It just means that there’s a viable population that no longer needs special protection. It’s a sign we have and will have plenty of wolves. It’s a success story and cause for celebration.