DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The first of two trials for a Minnesota teenager charged in the slayings of two Iowa convenience store clerks is scheduled to begin Monday in Carroll County.

Michael Swanson, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in the Nov. 15, 2010, shooting deaths of clerks in Algona and Humboldt. If convicted in either of the slayings, the 18-year-old from St. Louis Park, Minn., would face a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

The first trial is on charges in the death of Sheila Myers, who was working at a Humboldt Kum & Go store when she was killed. The trial was moved from Humboldt County to Carroll County because of pre-trial publicity.

Swanson’s trial in the Algona slaying is scheduled for July 27 in Lyon County.

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Comments (11)
  1. insignificant says:

    “life” in prison seems abit illogical,eh?…When does a person cross the line to not being a person anymore,as seems to be the case with this young guy,taking the lives of two clerks he happened upon…his Spirit appears to have left it’s habitation and went somewhere else…an act not ever re-habilitated…so true justice here,in my humble opinion, would be to rid the Earth of the shell left of this boy and burry it six feet under

  2. bankargh says:

    Hang ’em high. No need to pay to keep this piece of trash alive for the next 50 years.

  3. Justice will be served says:

    As disgusting as this crime was even this young man deserves his day in court which is what makes the American Justice system so great. In the end, though, the jury members will hand a guilty verdict on all accounts of which he will never again see the outside walls of prison. My heart goes out to the parents of this kid who now must wrestle with the demons the rest of their lives wondering :”where have we gone wrong?”

  4. Clint Make My Day banters says:

    yep – let him walk into the courtroom though the side and then promptly out the other side to a noose. I’ll place it around his pathetic neck if no one else is willing to, and kick him off a stool.

    Maybe out of every pathetic punk I have seen this one makes me blood boil the most of all.

  5. Sammi Silverweb says:

    this is disgusting i am friends with people who lost Sheila, it is distgusting and he deserves to rot in hell… i dont think jail time should be an option!

  6. blakie says:

    where is Jeff.beerguzzling redneck with the racist jokes.

    1. William KKK hates these kinds of chaps says:

      Why is he needed ? and who is he ? Naaa – I don’t care.

      A noose or a bullet. I care not which but care that it’s done. Or handcuff and chain him, cut him up good and toss him in a pen with hungry hogs. Makes no difference to me other than I want him dead

  7. Someone with a brain says:

    Typical American political correctness not putting this horrible person to death. What’s the point in paying to keep him alive for the next 50 years?

  8. o says:

    hey smirkmen I hope you rott in hell

  9. andrew eisenbacher says:

    I was in jail with this fruit cake but of coarse he was isolated because he’s a no good murderer. I realize that if I didn’t change my ways I would be looked down upon.I knew Vicky. Not friends but I met her once or twice and I can’t believe this idiot was so cruel. Come on she gave in to his demands and he thought she could identify him? Come on you are wearing a ski mask dumb ass!

  10. fred says:

    here is the reason for the death penalty. lethal injection would be way to kind. this sub-human deserves to get what he gave. bust a couple rounds to the back of his head, then throw whats left in a dumpster!

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