TENNEY, Minn. (WCCO) — The teeny, tiny town of Tenney, Minn. has voted itself out of existence. With a turnout of 100 percent, voters approved a motion to dissolve.

“The official count has been completed,” announced Mayor Kristen Schwab on Wednesday.

The vote didn’t take long, “not with three people voting,” chuckled Schwab.

According to Schwab, the vote was taken because, under Minnesota statute, towns generally need five to seven council members to run a government. Mayor Schwab says one advantage of living in a town of three is that everybody looks out for each other and nothing bad happens.

Tenney is, or was, located in Wilkin County in west-central Minnesota. The vote now leaves Funkley — with a population of five — as Minnesota’s smallest community.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

Comments (5)
  1. K. says:

    Now what happens? Do these three stay where they are or do they move away? If they stay, where’s their mailing address? The next town over?

  2. DARREN says:

    I am guessing a town that was built on a railroad line many years ago, as so many small towns were, and with the railroad having abandoned almost 60% of the railorad tracks that were once such a big history of Minnesota, more towns are going to have this happen the next few years. Sad story, I am sure there is alot of history with this small town. R.I.P

  3. um says:

    Why would people have to move away?

    Your mailing address has little to do with where you live so that likely won’t change. In the past I’ve lived in one state but, because my mail came from my nearest postal facility, my mailing address was in a whole different state.

    I think it’s a great story, though. What fun in that town.

  4. Mayor Kristen Schwab says:

    No we aren’t moving away I just put a newer trlr home on my property! We will still receive our mail as normal because we established as recognized federal zip code

  5. LeAnn Field says:

    This story makes me sad. My Dad grew up in Tenny. My Grandpa was Newton Kegley. Lots of memories as a kid. No matter what the name is, it will always be Tenny to me. And yes it is happening all over the world to small towns. What a shame. Very sad to loose history.

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