COSMOS, Minn. (AP) — One of the largest community wind power developments in Minnesota has celebrated its grand opening.

The project near the central Minnesota town of Cosmos is made up of two wind farms owned by separate local groups: Adams Wind Generations, LLC and Danielson Wind Farms, LLC. They were formed by neighbors, friends and farmers who saw it as another way to use their land to generate income.

The two groups collaborated by using the same wind developer, turbine manufacturer, general contractors, attorneys and finance teams. The 24 turbines at these two sites will generate 40 megawatts of power, enough to power 10,000 to 12,000 homes.

They held an open house on Wednesday in Cosmos, which is 17 miles west of Hutchinson.

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Comments (7)
  1. Rico Suave says:

    I wish the claims of wind power’s performance and potential were true, but sadly they aren’t. I hope some people who live by these wind mills and were promised they wouldn’t feel or hear them and their home values wouldn’t drop will post some comments about this.

    1. Huxley says:

      Which claims aren’t true? If you are going to make statements like these you should offer up statistics and studies to back up your claims. Be specific. Provide numbers, cost analysis. power output over time vs. the input needed to get them up and running, things like that. The companies investing heavily in wind power have done this research and the results have supported wind power. Unless you can show us otherwise. Simply saying “wind power is dumb” doesn’t give us much to go on. Are there any studies you can provide that support your opinion? If not you sound like an idiot. I wish I could buy into your unsubstantiated claims, but sadly I can’t. If you want to post your opinion get a facebook page. Otherwise play the big boys game and provide numbers and facts. Did you know that at one time there were windmills on almost every farm providing pumping capabilities or power to the farms? They went away with the advent of cheaper but much dirtier sources of energy, like coal and nuclear. Do you think nuclear power can stand on its own? The answer is no, it cannot. See this: “Wall street doesn’t like nuclear power,” says Arjun Makhijani of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. The fundamental fact is that nuclear power is too expensive and risky to attract the necessary commercial investors. Even with vast government subsidies, it is difficult or almost impossible to get proper financing and insurance. The massive federal subsidies on offer will cover up to 80 percent of construction costs of several nuclear power plants in addition to generous production tax credits, as well as risk insurance. But consider this: the average two-reactor nuclear power plant is estimated to cost $10 billion to $18 billion to build. That’s before cost overruns, and no US nuclear power plant has ever been delivered on time or on budget.”

      1. Rico Suave says:

        So your source says Nuke power can’t stand on its own shills for the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, so case closed? No bias or political motivation there I’m sure. Sorry I didn’t cite my sources, and frankly I won’t bother. It wouldn’t sway you anyway. But I assure you (or at least anyone who hasn’t shut out all dissenting views) that there is an extremely long line of expert wind-power detractors. I’ve heard too many of these actual (not pseudo) experts speak at length on the topic, to fall for the scam of wind power. On the face of it, without needing any kind of degree aside from a degree of common sense, wind power is very inefficient and unreliable with poor returns on investment, though it is heavily subsidized. If it weren’t, there simply wouldn’t be any. It’s just another liberal wet dream. Nuke power could easily survive without subsidies and is only expensive to build because of over zealous environmentalist regulatory interference. If anything about it is expensive, it is unnecessarily so. And its safety record is unparallelled for the amount of cheap, super-clean energy it’s produced. There’s a very good reason wind power went extinct a couple generations ago, much like passenger trains. But liberals can’t stop progress and take us backwards in technology fast enough. What’s up with that? Oh that’s right, they’re saving the planet.

        1. Jim says:

          Yeah, it’s liberals who are stopping progress and want to “take us backwards.” LOL. Rico, your post is comedy gold. GOLD.

  2. Rob Strack says:

    they tell you how many homes will be provided energy, what isnt said, is how much it cost.

  3. Bill says:

    Let’s see, if a project costs more than in creates, that’s a bad project….right?

    Why don’t liberals get that?