MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Several streets will be closed in Minneapolis on Sunday to make way for the Ashely Rukes GLBT Pride Parade and Twin Cities Pride 5K, according to the City of Minneapolis.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. Hennepin Avenue will be closed from 3rd Street South to Spruce Place. 3rd Street South will be closed from Hennepin Avenue to Portland Avenue.

Cross traffic will be allowed as usual until 10:30 a.m., when some cross traffic will be restricted on Hennepin Avenue. Cross traffic will be allowed on the following streets: 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th street.

Starting at 10:30 a.m., Spruce Place will be closed from Hennepin Avenue to Yale Place, and Yale Place will be closed from Spruce Place to Loring Park.

All streets will reopen at around 3 p.m.

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  1. I am says:

    suprised that no right wing trash is crying about the street being tempoarily closed.

    1. Common Sense says:

      I can’t wait till voters can decide on the 2012 MINNESOTA MARRIAGE AMENDMENT. We’ll see who’s celebrating then.

      1. L.Craig says:

        gays give head in public places,a hole cut in the wall,airport bathrooms,alleyways,behind shrubs in the park,etc..Always anonymously with total strangers..they’ll celebrate anything.

    2. right wing trash says:

      I am surprised that you jump to the conclusuion that all of us “right wing trash” are haters and biggots. Who’s the biggot now.

      I’m surprised that the left with trash is willing to donate their tax dollars for the extra police patrols that are needed for this event, the traffic control, etc. But I guess I’m just a hater, a biggot, and right wing trash.

      1. Mike says:

        Right wing trash – Police protection is an equal opportunity inclusive right for all. It’s constitutional.

    3. Village Person says:

      Even the women in the Parade have those Big Gay Mustaches!

    4. Gays are happening says:

      Parasites on society. The same society that does your reproductive work. Shame on you goofballs.

  2. bill says:

    We do not care. We are in church praying for your souls.

    1. markH says:

      Also known as mumbling to yourself whilst believing that you know the mind of the unknown and unknowable.

      “I find it curious how the invisible and the nonexistent look so much alike.” Christopher Hitchens

      1. bill says:

        Wow you are so intelligent. You have shown me my misguided ways. I think I’ll join your parade. See you there big boy.

    2. done my research says:

      Keep praying… we (LGBTQ & Allies) are all out having fun living LIFE

      1. jimmy says:

        While you’re having fun and living life, watch out for those pesky little STD’s.

        1. Mike says:


          Prejudice Is A Disease & Sterotyping Is Ignorant.

          1. km says:

            More than 15 million Americans get an STD each year. Today there are at least 25 STD’s and many of them have no cure. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) are spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex. Even if you use condom, you are not safe from spreading or receiving an STD. STD’s are a silent epidemic as you can have one, never even know it, and pass it on to someone else.

            1. butcaddy says:

              Parasites on societys reproductive dirty work.

          2. holepoker says:

            Enjoy your aids!

    3. Jim says:

      Bill I challenge your train of thought here. Just because someone is gay does not mean they aren’t a Christ follower. Everyone sins, people struggle with different things, leaving a comment like this does not help, people need to be loved.

  3. Lady Gagging says:

    Streets will be blocked to make way for packs of hairy bearded fairies in ballerina TuTu’s and high heels..Followed by 100s of women with Mullets that resemble Rush Limbaugh..Bringing up the rear will be the parents of these mutants carrying banners proclaiming how proud they are of their sons & daughters.

    1. Mpls girl says:

      Don’t try and say gay pride is immoral. Less than a week ago national television broadcasted women marching around in bikinis battling to see who was the best looking. Is that so much better for society? Grow up. Hetero-sexuality isn’t catered to 100% of the time. Deal with it.

      1. stay alive says:

        Enjoy your adis!

      2. Not sure about you says:

        Mpls Girl (alleged): Comparing our worst to your average. Genious.

  4. Nick says:

    I have no problem with gay people, but anyone who needs to march in a parade to declare how comfortable they are with their sexuality is probably trying harder to convince theirself than the rest of us.

    1. bill says:

      Well said. And that is how the minority gets its way. Make a seen and disdisrupt the natural flow of life.

      1. Mike says:

        You should learn to spend your time more wisely. You remind me of so many other bigots, filled with self hatred and trying too hard to deny their own compulsions. Get a life dude or join what it is your rallying against!

        1. feeling the bulge says:

          Enjoy your aids!

      2. Parasitic Gay says:

        It’s lack of sexuality they are comfortable with. You need to reproduce to have sexuality. This group is lacking that component.

    2. ryan says:

      The pride parade is not about being gay, or trying to convince oneself to be comfortable about their sexuality. Pride is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and love. Everyone is welcome. Sure you might see some things you are not use to, but its fun and a good time. This is not a time for hate or arguments.

      1. Jake says:

        No it’s NOT. It’s about pushing an agenda, trying to influence others in a ‘non violent’ way. It IS about being gay, or supporting gays, period. Go ahead and deny the truth, most of us are smart enough to see through the b s.

  5. joe says:

    Who cares if they have a parade? Have a good time!

  6. Deepthroat Bruce says:

    Hey Eddie! that was me! thanks for remembering that special moment,although it was just another day for me! Anyhow,I’m still workin the glory hole at the Bookstore,come back down & bring a friend!

    1. Rico Suave says:

      Too bad all that misguided, confused energy, couldn’t be harnessed and directed toward something useful and wholesome. Kind of a shame. Bet the media will sanitize the photos so as not to reveal what will really go on at the parade. People would be too disturbed. Selective media coverage.

      1. Even Steven says:

        Rico Suave
        Your imagination is getting the best of you. It is a time of celebration, just like what happens at all parades. If you want to see something disturbing, put a mirror above your bed before the next time you climb aboard your sister or mother.

        1. Herhseyhighway says:

          At least they don’t have to strap one on for mommy! Enjoy your aids!

        2. Rico Suave says:

          It’s not my imagination. I saw a youtube video of an NYC gay parade. It was disturbing. If you think a public time of celebration involves lewd sexual behavior that the average decent person would not bring their children to witness, is “just like what happens at all parades” I think you’ve been over-exposed to that kind of thing to the point no longer being aware of how disturbing it is to most of us, thus not being able to tell the difference between wholesome and perverse. If you burn your tongue, you can’t taste anything. When your “conscience is burned, as with a hot iron” your ability to know the difference is gone. So much so that you imagine everyone is perverse and you begin to project. Like your disturbing comment about my mother and sister. Think about this at the parade. There is help and hope.

          1. You gotta be kidding says:

            Gay is simply high risk behavior with limited purpose for society. Only a Governor with clinical depression could align with such poor choices. Get your own island and stop counting on us for your reproductive and medical services. Shame on all of you self indulgers.

  7. SEW says:

    Who cares if they have a parade,,,honestly people, so you drive a couple of blocks out your way.

    American culture has parades for just about everything, and considering the nasty angle most of you here are taking, yes they should celebrate and be proud…..can you imagine people spewing hate at you all the time, and to hate someone because of who they lay next to in bed….well that is just unreasonable, it’s like me having a problem because I don’t like the look of your wife or husband……sooooooo unreasonable! You come on here and leave a nasty comment and start off with I don’t have a problem with gays…but!! and then make some comment saying their mutants, fairies and trying to be funny with really lame jokes. It’s a gay pride parade and I think that’s great….sure there is some racy stuff going on, but you see the same kinda stuff at other booze filled parades with straight people. can’t stand jokes and comments with a stance that you don’t have a problem with the very people your making jabs at or making fun of….I’m proud to say my kids don’t have a father who teaches hate towards the gay community…..some of the best people I know are gay, they are kind, funny, loving and simply very endearing in general, they have my trust and respect. Have a great gay pride parade people….ignore hatred, more love you than hate you!

    1. Do you get it yet says:

      I guess I don’t understand your spew hate comment. I find it hard to determin who is gay, and if I did, I have nver spewed hate at them.

      They keep saying their choice is personal, but they need to parade in public for their “choice”. And I get to pay for it.

      You want to be gay, or are gay, fine with me, leave me out of it.

      Parades for “just about everything”, really? There are parades on Memorial Day, Independance Day, local celibrations. Most of which are dedicated to those who sacrificed so we are free. The gay pride parade ties in with this how??

      So do you have a problem when we organize a Christian parade, and when is straight white day?

      Sonshine festival is in Willmar this weekend also. My friend at the Willmar police office told me 3 years ago what they tell offices to go home on this weekend. The population of Willmar doubles, but they have no problems. But I guess that is all of us fairy worshopers.

      I will put up $1000 that I can go to Willmar on Monday and the grounds will be clean, and that the gay pride area will be a dump.

      Again fine if you want ot have you parade and whatever else, but pay for the cleanup and the extra law enforcement.

    2. rideemcowboy says:

      Enjoy your aids!

  8. WC says:

    This is a parade for perversion of the natural order.

  9. Curly says weird says:

    frankly I don’t care one way or another. As weird as it seems to me the comments some of you are making here while hiding behind your screens is even weirder and sicker than sick.
    I guess if you sodomize your wife or masterbate under a towel at the beach while eyeing some candy near you it makes you a God fearing rightous person huh
    Mouthes shut and keep it to yourselves and life is better for all

  10. See BS says:

    Gay Pride Parades are the Star Trek Nerd convention of the Gay Community.

  11. Dave says:

    No shame anymore. What a shame.

  12. Dave says:

    Ever see the unretouched San Fran photos? Guys on their knees sucking each other on public sidewalks while drinking urine from plastic cups while cops look on. That’s what they’re proud of.

    1. Mike says:


      I am heterosexual, but have many friends that are gay. I have never in 30 years witnessed anything like you are reporting. I think you may have a compulsion to see these things and seek them out for your entertainment. Your obvious self hatred is in need of a psychiatrist or thorough self examination.

  13. Mr. Mustache says:

    Posts are being censored, shame on you commies at CBS

  14. Mr. Nads says:

    Posts to this article are being censored by the commies at CBS.

  15. bill says:

    Tolerance ! Just see what happens when you lib cowards and soulless politicians allow Islam to take over. Do you think for one second you will be allowed in public let alone live ? Enjoy your parade. The way the world is going, Islam will be parading with your heads on a spear.

    1. Mike says:


      Islamic faith is as protected by the constitution as Christianity. Your ignorance speaks volumes about your character.
      You are no better than a radical Al Qaeda member.

  16. be afraid says:

    Good close off the streets, I don’t want to smear some q*eer with my car, like hitting a skunk reeks for weeks, keep them quarantined in case they’re contagious.

  17. Fletcherbumbuddy says:

    Have fun at your parade! At least when the horses raise their tails you know what going to come out. With you goofballs who knows!! Enjoy your aids!!

  18. holeenlargment says:

    You ever notice gays are the the same kids who got presents for poopies when they were kids?

  19. Really? says:

    Even Steven: That’s just over the top and totally inappropriate….grow up.

    1. got_aids? says:

      How does aids feel? Surprised you are offended by anything. Grow up messy pants. Man up and stop being a ninny.

    2. Gay excuse is not accepted by the AMA says:

      Dear really, please don’t cry about inappropriate behavior. Sounds like you’re calling the kettle black. I don;t know if you should man up, but please remove the pink BOA or get back in to the closet and weep.

  20. itchycrack says:

    Parisites on society. WIthour the reproductive efforts of the heteros you would be done. They bury you guys alive in China. Get a clue.

  21. Aidsiscoming says:

    I can’t beleive they shoot candy out of their behinds!! Those poor kids sitting on the sidewalks. Maybe you should do that with ping pong balls and name it a sport. Very sad mutants.

    1. Was a supporter says:

      I saw the same thing. Can’t believe they let these people vote for anything. I truly hope they enjoy their aids.

  22. Cant believe you people says:

    Just returned from the parade. Never again. There was a pack of ?? who were shooting candy from their bums. They want us normal (reproducing public) to respect them. Never again guys. Get it together.

    1. Bills sister says:

      I saw the same thing. Repulsive.

      1. This really happened on Sunday Morning says:

        ONe of them peed on my leg and tried to tell me it was raining out. Where do these people come from?

  23. @hershey says:

    Wow the guy who keeps saying enjoy your aids, we get it you don’t need to post 12 times in 20minutes, we know you’re the same interbreeder, your father is your brother, and you’re in love with your grandfather, so we understand your weirdness being a gay interbreeder in love with a family member, enjoy your 3 legged children.

    1. Mary B. says:

      This is someone else. Enjoy your aids! I think he hit a nerve actually! Good for him.

      1. hahahaha says:

        I know it hurts that you’re husband left you for a gay man, but don’t worry he gave you h.i.v. before he left you, you’re a carrier now Mary B.

  24. sitting on a bar stool upside down. says:

    Why aren’t you at the parade sweet pumpkin? Rain ruining your pink panther outfit? Skip away.

  25. Got_Aids? says:

    Gay is another word for low self esteem. Just like any other gang behavoir. The poster who said, “The American Medical Association doesn’t recognize gay as a condition, personality disorder, or anything else.” They do regognize it as high risk behavior and a personal choice. The poster who says, “enjoy your aids’ is spot on actually if you look at the evidence.

  26. generally correct says:

    A shortened life isn’t the answer. Catch a clue and get out of our insurance pool and back to the public sector. That way everyone pays in not just low risk people.

  27. Time to wake up pubblic says:

    Celebrating high risk behavior? Great stuff.

    Can’t get private insurance through your domestic partner with the restrictions in place (pre-existing conditions, waiting period)? I have the answer, legalize marriage!!! Brilliant.

    Pass the burden of your high risk behavior to the private insurance sector and let everyone’s rates go up. $2,000,000 average cost to treat consequences of this high risk behavior as of 2010?

    Gee, now the silly costumes and noises don’t sound so innocent.

    You really want to shift this expense to the private sector? No wonder the govenor promotes this event.