MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Anticipating a state shutdown, Hennepin County has sent layoff notices to 1,300 employees.

Most of the layoff notices went to employees in the county’s Human Services and Public Health Department. County officials say that department provides safety net programs like food support, and services like restaurant inspection and disease management.

Other layoff notices went to staff in the Taxpayer Services Department, which operates the county’s Service Centers. Those centers provide driver’s licenses, car tabs, birth certificates and fishing licenses.

The layoff notices launch a 10-day waiting period. The notices mainly affect staff whose job cannot be performed during a state shutdown.

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Comments (9)
  1. Johnson says:

    Thanks Republicans…

    So much for your “Job Creation” pledge.

    You will all be voted out in 2012!

    1. bernie says:

      thank your gov, he was out parading instead of working. The buck stops at him not the congress.

    2. Alfred says:

      Sorry dum-dum, Hennepin County is run by liberals.

      That’s why your taxes keep going up and the government keeps getting bigger.

      Keep voting for Democrats and keep complaining. Someday, maybe you’ll figure it out.

    3. Mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      You really need to know politics

    4. Bobber says:

      Republican legislature sent a budget to Dayton that increased spending by more than six percent. So why doesn’t the govenor sign it? Looks more to me like the union controlled DFL Govenor is the road block.
      How much more can Minnesota taxpayers afford?

  2. Davve says:

    2 thumbs up!!! shut the gov. down. we tax payer can’t afford to keep them there anymore.

  3. Mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    Now maybe we can save some real money!

  4. Mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    What is really sad is the Unions will get all that back pay when this is over. How does one get a job like that? Maybe WCCO can do a story on that! Oh I forgot WCCO supports the Unions and not doing the real story.

  5. Rico Suave says:

    These layoff notices are more an attempt to stir up a Liberal Wisconsin type mob than anything else. The guv could just as easily send notices to the departments that will be affected IF there is a shutdown. He wants to use fear and stir up the mob in advance to angry protest, like the Wisconsin mob that did millions in damage to their own state property. That mob trashed their own city after the state voters elected a Republican legislature and governor to fix their budget problems. These notices are an attempt at inciting the same reaction to terrify the citizens and GOP into acquiescing to the spendaholic in the mansion. The sad thing is, it just might work.