MARINE ON ST. CROIX (WCCO) — If the Minnesota government does indeed shutdown Friday, it will force thousands of people to change their July 4th vacation plans.

Erica Lesher planned on a relaxing day at William O’Brien State Park. However, instead of enjoying her final day of vacation, she had to end it early.

“We’re gonna take off and hopefully we can come back in a couple of weeks,” said Lesher.

Lesher is among thousands campers all over Minnesota who packed up and were kicked out of their campsite — just in time for the holiday weekend.

On Thursday, the DNR had already shut down state parks at 4 p.m. More than 5,500 campsites are now off limits around Minnesota.

This is happening leading into the busiest month of the year, and it means millions in lost revenue for the DNR and some families who’ve had to cut vacations short.

Last July, approximately 270,000 people vacationed at state park campsites. It’s a number that was on track for this year.

Comments (22)
  1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Yeap, the children in St. Paul just ruined thousands of family vacations due to their stubborn behavior.

    My family and I enjoy the state parks too. We have vacation plans in August. Hopefully, the state will be up and running again. But some people are already trying to have a vacation camping at a state park and it’s ruined. I blame BOTH parties for this.

    1. Both sides are to blame says:

      Sarah, I agree that both sides are to blame for this. They are acting like stubborn children instead of compromising adults.

    2. Gordon says:

      Yes, I do blame both parties (meaning Democrats and Republicans) for this gridlock. This is why we need to bypass both of them and vote Independence Party next time. We are not bound to the DFL and GOP. We have alternatives.

  2. SuggsT says:

    Impeach the governor and force him to pay for all this!

    1. bill says:

      Well said. The house and senate are doing what the malority / will of the peoply elected them for.

      1. I don't think so bill says:

        And what about the people who elected Dayton? He was elected under the premise that he would raise taxes to a FAIR rate for the wealthy. I guess the majority didn’t vote him in. Well said.

        1. Guy says:

          You are right – the MAJORITY did NOT vote for Dayton – he got 44 PERCENT of the vote – that means that 56 percent voted AGAINST him.

  3. Daryl Smith says:

    I suppose this won’t effect their vacation plans for the 4th..grow up and “MAKE A DEAL BEFORE MIDNITE!!! OYU RUINED MINE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    1. bill says:

      Stop crying and find something else to do. It’s a big country. You saw this coming. Wait, crybabys do not plan.

  4. tired of paying taxes says:

    Since the wayside rests are closed, state parks are having people leave and wrecking their 4th of July lets forget the lights on bill. Keep everything shut down until the people in St. Paul can come up with a budget that will be best for the majority of the people in MN. Remember at election time who was in office and let’s get them out of there. If can’t they finish their job in the alloted time they all need to go. Also lets save some money and redo the districts and reduce the amount of representatives and senators!

    1. bill says:

      Good idea. Stop paying state taxes as well. See what happens.

  5. rj says:

    Are all of the private campsites full ?

    1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

      I doubt it, but you’d need to call around. You may want to try North or South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin. Those states have some beautiful state parks too. If you want to stay in Minnesota, try Dunromin Park near Caledonia.

      Good Luck.

  6. rj says:

    Sounds good to me.

  7. biglou64 says:

    Can’t wait to see what this does to the national unemployment numbers. Thousands of state and contractor employees laid off. Someone needs to hit the restart button on this country. Everything is so messed up, we just need to start over from scratch.

    1. Thomas Schneider says:

      The liberals voted for a muuslum leader and they ended up with obamao. He was checking potholes in Chicago and couldn’t even do that right. If you want a 7/8 token black dude at least get one with brains. We need GW back.

  8. See BS says:

    Native Americans didn’t need State Workers to go camping.

    Parks don’t have to be closed.

  9. Megan says:

    Why are we closing things that are bringing IN revenue??? The lottery? Brings in revenue. The story says, shutting the parks down will be “millions in revenue lost”. And also, all these laid off workers… so instead of going to WORK and getting paid. They’ll be able to sit at home and get paid almost as much as their take home pay was when they were actually working while sitting on unemployment. That makes sense….

  10. Brooke says:

    Money Creek Haven in Houston is also a great place to camp! We are full for the 4th but keep us in mind for other weekends!! We are a private corporation, family owned since 1962. Visit for information!

  11. Thomas Schneider says:

    The state parks are owned by the people of Minnesota, throw the gestapo (dnr) out of the parks. They have no authority over the hard working people of Minnesota. It is just another move by the obamao administration. We don’t need a moslum running things.

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