APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota Zoo was open on Sunday after a court ruling allowed the zoo to fund itself. But the zoo did have its doors closed on Friday and Saturday as part of the state government shutdown.

The fact that the zoo was open for the Fourth of July holiday was good news for a lot of families.  Even when the bears are sleeping, there is still plenty to see and do here.

But while everyone is having a good time, many adults are not happy that the zoo ever had to close in the first place.


“It sort of stunk that the zoo had to court just to be re-opened, but we’re really glad that they let them do this so we could come here as a family and spend the day,” said Rayna Herman of New Hope.


“Government officials should have found a way for them to balance the budget, just like all the families in Minnesota. We’re all working hard trying to live within our means, that’s what the Minnesota government should be doing as well,” said Ellen Tamarkin of Maple Grove.

While the kids are enjoying all the animals, like otters swimming and a big cat taking a cat nap, they are also glad the zoo is open again.

“I would have been bummed out, because we would have had to just sit at home,” said one little new visitor.

“If its closed nobody comes and sees all these animals,” said another kid visitor.

At the zoo’s splash pad, kids and adults were glad they could spend such a nice day cooling off in the multiple fountains.


“We are very glad that it’s open. This was our plan for the weekend, and if it had been shut down, we would have been running a little low on things to do with the family,” said Monica Heil of Shakopee.


“This is really fun; nice that they have the water for the kids to play in when it’s hot, so they’re all excited about it,” said Jennifer Martineau of Eagan.

The Minnesota Zoo is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Comments (6)
  1. Carl Popham says:

    After one wolf got out of it’s holding pen and trotted harmlessly past zoo visitors on the walking path, and obviously not being threatening to them, The zoo employees killed it with bullets instead of sedating it with tranquilizers.The reason given was that tranquilizers would take too long. My social worker.pointed out, correctly, that wolves are pack animals and would adhere to the hierarchy before taking off into unknown territory. My social worker and I have boycotted the Minnesota Zoo until until they find better ways to handle those situations.

    1. Al says:

      Your social worker? What?
      Anyway, continue sitting far away and judging a situation you weren’t part of. Lame.

  2. Happy 4th! says:

    I love the MN Zoo and won’t stop going EVER!

  3. Rod Breheim says:

    Why can’t just ONE legislator, who had some “intestenal fortatude” to submit a bill that would state: no compensation in ANY FORM or manner, no pay, no per diem after the REGULAR legislative session is done. PERIOD…….END OF DISCUSSION!!

  4. Joe Larson says:

    Seems to the places of business that were generating money. Should have been left open.And those that were not closed.Start at the capital.All expense and no work completed.Perhaps that should take a reduction in pay,when they are unable to complete there work in regular session.

  5. Cut Spending says:

    If the Zoo can fund itself, why do they get subsidies from the State?

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