ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A six-day-old government shutdown in Minnesota is costing taxpayers millions — a toll that will only rise the longer it lasts.

The nation’s only government shutdown already means that people aren’t spending their normal $1.25 million a week on lottery tickets. State auditors aren’t pursuing tax cheats. And 22,000 laid-off state workers are due to start collecting unemployment checks next week.

State officials won’t be able to calculate the full cost until the shutdown ends.

Budget talks Wednesday made no meaningful progress, as Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative Republicans are still divided over raising taxes and cutting spending as they seek to erase a $5 billion deficit.

The government closure also threatens to slow an already sluggish economic recovery as those who lose state-dependent jobs tighten their spending.

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  1. Looking for Leaders says:

    Bring back rational tax rates of the 1950 and 1960, so the next time we have a recession we can cut taxes in a meaningful way.
    Let start negotiating at the 94% tax rate, like it was and negotiate down from there.

    google “Historical Top Tax rate”

    1. Doug T says:

      If we go back to the silly tax rates of the 50s and 60s – can we then go back to the lower SPENDING of the 50s and 60s ??

      We might have a deal there. 🙂

  2. Looking for Leaders says:

    It’s amazing that the Founding Father were wise enough to know that all people should not be taxed uniformly!!

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States”

    Notice how taxes are excluded from “shall be uniform throughout the United States” part.

    first link if you google “Taxing and Spending Clause Wikipedia”
    first link if you google “Historical Top Tax Rate”

    1. Deano says:

      Great point!!

    2. Rico Suave says:

      Great idea. Let’s tax the rich into the dirt and see how many move their business elsewhere. Thou fool. It doesn’t say whether they could or should tax non-uniformly, just that duties and excises should be uniform. Since they exclude taxes from that line doesn’t mean anything. And you could just as easily conclude that to mean they wanted to tax the poor more, and the rich less. And just because the tax rates used to be extremely high doesn’t it’s wise to go backwards. Unless your goal is to throw a wet blanket over the economy.

      1. Looking for Leaders says:

        @Rico Suave, ooooh Rico, not being so sauve now,,,,

        Please consult a constitution lawyer, it means exactly that we/they could have different tax rates. Oh wait we already do have different tax rates.

        Thou art confused, I never stated in that post we should raise the taxes but as compare to the anti-tax extremists a leader knows it should be discussed. And based on the deterioration of our state and federal infrastructure and systems I think it’s a logical move.

        There already is a wet blanket on the economy.

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    Governor Mark Dayton – holding Minnesota hostage, day 6.

    1. Facts are painful says:

      Republicans – the Party of 7700 citizens.

      Who is holding who hostage?

      1. Wishing for a Solution says:

        They are both wrong, I am more of a republican. I see nothing wrong with the republicans wanting to spend within their means and I see nothing wrong with taxing the highest 2 percent. HOWEVER, the problem is, we are all adults and need to work together to come up with a plan that benefits us as a whole. There isn’t a need to cut 5,000 state employees and maybe end up just taxing top 1 %. But why don’t we really try figuring out how to work in our means, budget for raises, programming, ect and come together for a reasonable solution?

        1. Doug says:

          Your just like them all. Cut all the programs that don’t affect YOU! Right? Cuz if they cut some program that made it possible for you to drive your $200,000 cigar boat down the Mississippi, you’d be OK with that right? I don’t think so.

          Enough is enough, the wealthy have cheated the tax system for far too long and now the entire country is seeing the disaster that has created. Tax the wealthy at a flat rate like the middle class and every financial problem goes away.

          1. GN says:

            Fool, too many government programs, too many government employess, too many benefits for those government employees, too many businesses have closed or gone off shore because of those government employees. For every government employee you are paying for two, they flat live too long and to much of a financial drain on our system. Now that government and union have basically merged we have a disaster. Start doing some real research, stop listening to the news reporters, unplug your TV and read everything you can get your hands on and analize, analize, analize. To get the economy going, get people back to work, reduce the deficit is a piece of cake yet totally impossible because of the total ignorance, and getting worse, in our society.

            1. Looking for Leaders says:

              @GN where do you get this stuff? jobs move offshore because companies refuse to pay local workers reasonable wages (greed?)

              Example Foxconn is a company that employees +800,000 employees in Asia, ect , it has begun opening facilities in Brazil to find a cheaper workforce because Chinese employees are demanding higher wages. Yep, that’s those American unions causing problems.

      2. Kirby says:

        Brilliant! THat should be the MN GOP’s new slogan: The party of 7700

    2. Doug says:

      Nice misconception, MORON! Mark Dayton is doing what he was elected to do. He ran on the idea that he would make the wealthy FINALLY pay their fair share, he was elected on that idea and now the people of MN DEMAND he produce!

      And stop acting like we want the wealthy to pay more than all of us, they already pay MUCH MUCH MUCH LESS!… They just need to play by the same rules as we all do, and we wouldn’ thave this budget mess.


      1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

        Very good Genius Comrade Doug-

        We too want to seize the wealth that the EVIL Republicans have achieved by abusing poor workers such as yourself. We also want to nationalize all of the businesses that have not already moved out of Minnesota.

        As Comrade Karl was fond of saying, “Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. No more rich. No more poor. Just workers in a workers/welfare state.”

        We will also elevate the obvious victims of capitalism such as yourself to high positions in this new government, because your obvious intellectual superiority demands it!

        Power to the proletariat!

        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

        1. Mike says:

          Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

          Republicans are only half of the equation and not exclusive to paying taxes. Gov. Dayton was elected by a majority of Minnesotans on a platform that the upper 2% would pay more of their share of taxes. Stop your pathetic attempt at humor and do us a favor and move to a tax free state, loser.

        2. today's the day...tomorrow says:

          I check these blogs— obsessively —just to read Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao. There may be money in this for you. Bravo!

      2. enough said says:

        And all those fraudulent votes that passed allowed his election.

        1. Mike says:

          enough said
          Voter fraud in the state of Minnesota is a figment of your very small imagination. Look at the stats, it is almost nonexistent and parallel to your intelligence.

    3. Nica says:

      Republican extremists – holding Minnesota hostage, day 6! Stay strong Governor Dayton. Do not compromise the moral obligations our citizens have to the less fortunate so that millionaires can have more discretionary money!

    4. StraycatStrut says:

      “Get’r Done Dayton” is still asleep at the wheel. At least he signed a Concussion Helmet Law…. our tax bucks at work……. Dayton still in the Taxpayer funded Mansion on Summit?

      1. What??? says:

        You are acting like the GOP was doing their jobs this entire time and not playing around. Guess you forgot about the month that they were working on gay marriage being on the ballot next year? I would point out the other things that made them drag their feet but I will let you do some searching as you seem to need to do your homework.
        This is not either parties fault. This is the people of MN’s fault for voting in people that were opposed to each other from the start. We heard all of them say what they were running for and still voted them in. People always want to blame the other guy and never look at what caused the problem to begin with. My kid is not that bad, it is the music, video games, his friends, it could not have anything to do with the way I act as a parent. Same rules apply here.

        1. just sayin says:

          At least the GOP opted to put it to a statewide vote! Dayton denied that one – so who does Dayton really support? Looks like those gay liberals can laugh themselves out of that one….. Way to go.

          1. Mike says:

            Gov. Dayton supports all people, including minorities. That is what this country stands for, not what the Republican legislature proposes by driving another divisive wedge into a social issue supported by bigots only.

          2. STIL-H2O says:

            “At least the GOP opted to put it to a statewide vote!”

            NOBODY deserves to vote on this issue. Rights are not to be decided by votes.

        2. jordanj says:

          Dayton did say that the Government would not be shut down…remember?

          1. Looking for Leaders says:

            In response to a very specific question during a debate, he stated he would not shutdown the government to get the tax increase he wanted.

            He couldn’t sign the “light on” bill that would have kept it running, because it included new bans on abortion, stem cell research and voter ID requirements that republicans inserted.

          2. StraycatStrut says:

            @jordanj….. the question is does “Get’r Done” Mark Dayton remember what he said…??? Maybe that concussion helmet he’s wearing now is too tight cutting circulation off to the brain…..and costing 22,000 state workers their jobs. They gotta be happy they voted for Mr Mark.

  4. get it done says:

    The State Law Makers need to remember there are people out here not just “Dems or Repugs” and get this done. People need jobs and employers can not hire due to the Background study down, this helps out the economy!

  5. Stacy says:

    Shutdown means shutdown! This judge needs to quit restarting services that have nothing to do with keeping a person alive.

    1. Derrick says:

      If the depressed person doesn’t get the treatment and get sicker and suicides, that would mean counseling keeps them alive.

      1. Guy says:

        Hey – I’m depressed that we have a MORON for a governor. Dayton should resign – that would cure my depression.

        1. Guy says:

          Nah – I think I want to stick around until the 2012 elections & see all you leftist DIMocrats get whopped big time. That will cheer me up for sure.

          1. me again says:

            Guy, man … we should go do some golfing – you rock!

        2. just sayin says:

          I second that! Dayton is a fluke!

          1. Mike says:

            Gov. Dayton was elected by a majority of people who voted. What part of that don’t you understand?

            1. Bill J says:

              Majority of people nope, look again we had 3 major parties he got more votes that the others but not a majority

  6. Bill Clinton says:

    Mark can end it all by signing the budget presented to him. Stop punishing the citizens of Minnesota Mark. We know you are set for life after having done, well, nothing. Others need a paying job to survive. Sign the budget as presented Mark.

    1. Looking for Leaders says:

      Governor Dayton, never sign a budget that includes things that republicans presented you with in the “lights on bill” , such as new bans on abortion, stem cell research and voter ID requirements. Stand strong

      1. Stacy says:

        Hummm, you don’t want voter ID requirements, would that be because Dayton would not have been elected without the illegal vote or maybe your not here legally.

        1. Looking for Leaders says:

          Nope,same reason a number of governors have vetoed it

          google “governor vetoed voter id bill constitutional”
          quick look show NC, NH and MO

        2. Just Cause says:

          @Stacey A question, if Governor Dayton was elected by a rigged election, why didn’t they also do the legislature elections? Seems silly to me, if I was to rig an election I’d want control of the legislature also.

          1. just sayin says:

            Because Legislature is voted by the area they represent, where you live… not as a state WHOLE.

            All those ballots in each area, had all dayton’s name on it.

        3. TRUE AMERICAN says:

          stacy were is your PROOF that there was illegal voting …………………….maybe Florida or Arizona …………………..and who pays for the people who cannot aford to pay for a Minnesota state id ………………………as for being here legally I an Minnesotan 100% born in Grand Marais raised in St.Peter My great grandparents immagrated from Norway and Denmark Maybe we should check wheather your here illegally or NOT !

          1. Stacy says:

            @TRUE AMERICAN As usual the first thing out of your mouth is who is going to pay! Seems to me most of us pay to have a driver lic., don’t see much difference or maybe you and the other libs want us that work to pay for driver lic. as well.
            As for your online name, from most of the c@3!p you spout maybe you shuould change it to TRUE EUROPEAN. I think you would be happier there.

        4. Pete J. says:

          I saw bus load after bus load of illegals going up I35 to vote. It took hours for all the bus loads of illegals to pass. I guess it took that many to rig the election. I assume the media and many others including the police and election officials were blind last election day. We MUST stop them from doing this again! Good point Stacy. Keep up the crazy BS – it is fun to read.

        5. What??? says:

          Back up your claim or stop with the stupid rhetoric. I read it someplace so it must be true huh?

          1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

            remember What??? as we are learning if the rebublicans say it its the fricken Gospel acording to Butterball Sutton rebublicans don’t need facts they makeup their own truth ……………………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            1. Citizen says:

              @True American. Absolutely right. The GOP never lets facts get in the way of their delusions. You have only to read the conservative viewpoints on this article and others. And when the CONservatives have no factual rebuttal, they resort to namecalling, sputtering, stammering, and bullying.

        6. Mike says:

          How many voters committed fraud in the last election and what was the percentage that didn’t?
          It’s a non issue dear, like your opinions.

    2. Doug says:

      Yes, Mark, stop “punishing” the wealthy citizens in Edina! LMAO, what a fricken joke. Go back to sitting next to your pool sipping a margarita while the rest of us work, lady.

      Greed is the ONLY problem with MN’s budget right now.

  7. Carl says:

    I see Tony Sutton is getting a paycheck now. Does this mean the MnGOP isn’t still a half million in debt? How can the GOP cut funding to states and pay Tony Sutton $100,000 a year while failing to pay those counties for their work two years ago? These people cannot manage their own party.

    Praise Jebus, God loves the selfish hypocrite, Amen.

    1. Middle of the road says:

      Carl, Would that be the selfish hipocrits that want to spend everyone else’s money, but not their own? Those same selfish hipocrits that want abortion, but do not support capital punishment? Or is it the selfish hipocrites taht pray to the god of Government, but refuse to believe in a devine maker? Which selfish hipocrites are you talking about?

      1. What??? says:

        Middle of the road
        That post is supreme irony. You talk about all kinds of hypocrites yet the entire post is hypocritical as you have to stand somewhere as well.

    2. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

      Why is Tony Sutton getting a paycheck from the GOP?? Does that mean Michael Brodkorb doesn’t need to get a job either and they can just wear suits and puff their chests out on TV and get a paycheck? What a crock!

  8. Just Cause says:

    I really think WCCO should put the posters IP address next to each post, it would reveal all the out of state people and all the people posting under multiple aliases.

    1. Sean says:

      Having to sign in would clear up a few thing to keep it so several people can’t claim to be Citizen. The only problem with people posting under several names is when they answer their own posts with another wacky response.. For those people who are abusive they could then lose the ability to post as wcco could block the IP address

    2. Libby says:

      It was great humor how southern mom wrote back so much differently when she thought I was a man. LOL that woman is wired differently

      1. Citizen says:

        @Sean and Libby. Southern mom has her wires crossed. I have already directly contacted WCCO and traded e-mails about the problem with the posters mimicking other posters “names.” The CBS national news website makes a poster log in and take a unique name so there can be none of the mimicry. WCCO is considering that. The abuse, namecalling, and mudslinging get really old. As does the poster who calls everyone “Comrade” and socialist when he/she doesn’t even know the definition of socialist.

  9. kevin says:

    To all the liberals, Please answer this question. How would you handle all the welfare cheats, unemployment cheats, prisoners who get better healthcare then people who have lost there jobs and are now on medicaid? Please add in illeagls who are using up our medicaland educatoin funds meant for citizens

    1. Just Cause says:

      @kevin on the “prisoners who get better healthcare then people who have lost there jobs and are now on medicaid”, I think the courts actually ruled on that a while ago and continue to enforce it

      use google
      courts rule prisoners must get health care

    2. Sean says:

      That is why there is enforcement. The question is then does it cost more to enforce than pay the cheats? The second problem is if they cut the budget to enforcement how do you catch them. If people do not report what they see that also hampers enforcement.

    3. Doug says:

      The amount of money that is used up by those “cheats” as you put it, is about 5% of the amount of money lost by the wealthy cheats that take place in the tax code.

      Christ. Your talking about some poor shmuck getting an extra $100 a month vs some fat cat stealing an extra $25,000 a year from the state coffer.

      1. dan says:

        Stealing $25,000 per year? Sounds like the State Tax Auditors are missing the boat. Maybe we should plug the holes in the boat rather than buying a bigger motor. Let me translate for you: We should stop the govt waste before we try and raise anyones taxes.

        1. Sean says:

          8 years of Pawlenty being the chief administrator of the government did the number of administrators go down other than that for the first term the Lt governor was the transportation commissioner. If a person bent on running for President is your governor and he can not shrink the number of workers with all of his people running the departments there is not much there to cut.

          1. dan says:


            Did I say anything about Pawlenty cutting any waste? Nope. He is far too Liberal in his social agenda, global warming and weakness on Border contol.

            1. Sean says:

              They deleted my post.I will try again without links
              Pawleny backs creationism, says global warming is not true and sent the National guard to New Mexico. That is hardly a liberal social agenda
              Your quote was
              “We should stop the govt waste “.
              For a candidate with a no new tax mantra, would it not be reasonable to expect that Pawlenty would reduce waste. His commissioners could have figured out in 8 years how much less staff was needed.

          2. CHESTER says:

            yes and she collected two checks one as lt gov and one as com of MNDOT

              1. Sean says:

                I forgot to add, it was the lesser paid job she got paid for.

    4. Nica says:

      Kevin – how many welfare cheats, unemployment cheats and prisoners do you know for a FACT? Are these the kind of people you hang out with so that you know this for a FACT? Or are you just trying to throw in something that has nothing to do with the discussion of the government shut down?
      My answer to your question is, turn in all of these people that you know are cheating – there are laws to deal with them.

      1. EBT only in MN says:

        Let’s start with only allowing EBT cards to work in MN. EBT cards have been used in all 50 states. Why should someone in HI need to used EBT card from MN?

      2. KEN says:

        But not enough people to make sure those laws are upheld. I called MN hot line to report that my employer was not sending in my deductions, he was keeping them and all I got was, “We do not have enough people on staff to go after everyone. ” It was about $9,000 that was taken from me and I still have none of that money. So cheaters can cheat in MN.

    5. What??? says:

      You ask for more regulations and then at the same time you want less Gov. This is a strange mix but I will give it a shot and try to explain how this could work. To check into the “cheats” as you call them you would need to create an agency of some sort that would follow up on all claims to make sure they are legit. Kind of like insurance companies have to check and see if a claim they get is a real claim. As far as the health care that you are asking about, a very ignorant comment as “liberals” have been wanting this for some time and then when Obama makes the first move to getting this for all Americans, the GOP does all it can to crush it and make him change his original plan. As far as the illegal’s, this is just rhetoric and there is never going to be a way that you can keep them out 100%. If you have an idea on that I am sure that nobody would want to keep them here. Just because someone is liberal does not mean that they have a bleeding heart on all of these topics and that they are harboring illegal’s. This is just a talking point and has no base. Yes there are people that fight for these people but they are not liberal, they are just idiots who claim to be liberal, kind of like there are a lot of GOP that claim to be intelligent, same difference. (I know, I know, that last one was a cheap shot but I could not resist lol.)

      1. Sorry Just cause, name withheld says:

        @ What????
        V chip everyone. Then you would have scanners at the grocery store, emergency rooms, and the drive through window at the taco stands. Give permission for the person at the drive through window to shoot the illegal. Have you figured out I am not serious?

  10. Hiya Kevin says:

    The same way I’d handle employers who hire illegals and CEOs whose companies rig bids, pollute the ground and air.

    Throw ’em in jail. But the GOP targets a minority for scrutiny while protecting the Lake Minnetonka crowd.

    As to the prisoners – I’d make sure ALL Minnesotans get proper health care. The Repubs are too busy pandering to the health insurance companies to do the right thing

    There are dishonest people everywhere.

  11. dkauls says:

    Sorry for those who had to leave the state parks a couple days early. But, it seems to me we can get by just fine as is for awhile longer. Will be interesting to see the results of this self-appointed budget panel. Resolving how to raise and spend $34-38 billion over the next two years? Have an answer by the end of the week? Really, really silly. A business with $10 milllion in revenue needs more time than that. Not these guys, though. Must be real go-getters.

  12. kevin says:

    Polution, you mean like meth heads distilling there drugs in some nice forested and that takes years to clean up.Then when they go to prison the tax payers get to fit him with a new set of teeth

  13. kevin says:

    Just Cause, Just because the courts rule on it does net make it right. When PETA wants to make a point they always look for some left leaning judge.

  14. drummer says:

    We’ve had since last November to prepare for this shutdown. I hope no one was surprised by it. On one side you have an undisciplined, self-indulgent addict trying to make up for his personal shortcomings despite his privileged upbringing. On the other hand are the Bible-thumpin’ “hold-the-liners”, concerned primarily with gay marriage and being able to plug somebody who walked on your deck. Angered by the shutdown? Don’t be. We voted for it last November.

    1. ME says:

      Get over it you voted and your party lost.

      1. Just Cause says:

        @ME you make no sense?
        Do you mean the Republican party lost the governor seat?
        Or do you mean the Democratic party lost control of the legislature?

      2. CHESTER says:

        NOT in Northern Minnesota DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kevin says:

    I’m not at all angered by the shut down.Dayton should be a little worried.

    1. ME says:

      Kevin you must be wealthy because you dont have anything better to do!!!!

  16. Julie Martelle says:

    A poor man once told a rich man, “I have something that you will never have.”
    The rich man said, “What could you possibly have that I can’t have.
    The poor man replied, “Enough”

      1. drummer says:

        Then the poor man took a nap before going to his mailbox to pick up his government check.

        1. legal immigrant says:

          Very true.

          1. ME says:

            I dont think your legal. I think you work for the gop for $2.00 hr.

            1. happy guy says:

              I want to see this shutdown go on for a LONG time.
              Maybe dayton will resign because he’ll realize he was a failure like his last term.

              Secondly, the more we go into debt, and Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling, the more my silver and gold goes up! 🙂

    1. Old Grunt says:

      The most intelligent comment I read on this page.

    2. Citizen says:

      @Julie Martelle. Well said, Julie. The problem with greedy people who like money is that they can never HAVE IT ALL.

  17. KEVIN says:

    Liberals never have enough . Thats why they want to tax to death everyone that has made something of themselves. As a liberal always says ,what’s mine is mine what’s yours is ours.

    1. today's the day...tomorrow says:

      Is all caps KEVIN the same guy as lower case kevin?

    2. Sad little man KEVIN says:

      What liberal has “always said” that? Have to love when people make general statements as they are quoting people.
      As KEVIN always says, I spew whatever garbage that I can possibly think of out of my mouth and because you cannot hear me online I ramble and rant things that do not make sense or have any factual base.

  18. Minnie says:

    Wow! They met for a WHOLE HOUR yesterday? They should be locked in a room for 18 hours straight every day until this is settled.

    1. today's the day...tomorrow says:

      Exactly Minnie. Accept, I want this thing on the floor, televised, for all to see.

      1. Minnie says:

        When I go back to work (I’m a state employee) I’m going to go in for an hour a day, not accomplish anything, and see how long I get to keep my job.

        1. today's the day...tomorrow says:

          Don’t forget to fight like a child with your co-workers.

          1. Republitaliban listen says:

            I think the Republitaliban teabaggers have the market cornered on fighting like children.

        2. drts says:

          Minnie: My guess is for life.

        3. Stacy says:

          That will not be much of a change. That is probably what you were doing anyway.

    2. Tan pup says:

      Don’t forget! They ALL get paid – with YOUR taxes! Oh, and any meals are on YOUR dime, their milage is paid by the tax payers too – oh, need I forget they still have health coverage too? Since the GOP thinks that all the taxes we pay are just for the lazy and for those who DON’T want to work, these “leaders” should forgo all their perks paid by the tax payers of MN. By the looks of Ms.Koch, she could tolerate a few days without a meal! Just saying “fat and happy” = GOP. Perfect comparison!

    3. bshaffer says:

      Maybe the Governor and all the legislators in Minnesota should not receive paychecks until this mess is settled. Then maybe they would come to some agreement.

  19. Alfred says:

    “The shutdown resulted from a budget impasse over how to erase a $5 billion deficit.”

    Terrible reporting, simple awful.

    The Republicans passed a balanced budget that increased spending 2 billion dollars.

    This is all about Dayton. The guy needs to go back to the nut house.

    1. ME says:

      NO! This is obout the RICH NOT DAYTON!!!!!!

      1. Can you belive hiim? says:

        This is about Dayotn trying to raise taxes while the eceonomy wants to contract. You should not be able to vote for stupidity.

        1. I don't know what to believe says:

          What contract does the economy want? Next question, what the heck does that mean? Last thought, him has only 1 i. Might want to edit and make sense if you are going to try to belittle others.

    2. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      Alfred you can only shift were the money is comming from for so long then you need to find NEW revenue to finally pay for it………………….pawlenty shifted for 8 years and NOW we need to find NEW revenue to finally pay off pawlenty’s debt!

    3. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      NO Alfred that was not a balanced budget it was steal from education to pay something else the pawlenty administration still owes 1.4 billion from the last budget YOU CANNOT KEEP STEALING FROM PAUL TO PAY PETER EVERY TWO YEARS LIKE THE REBUBLICANS WANT TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. Taxpayer says:

    If a village’s water supply dries up, and your village offers to carry water to them to help with a leg up, when can you stop bringing them water?

    The problem is too many people expect help forever…

    Eventually both lakes will dry up, then what?

    If you need assistance because you cannot make it, then do something to get the ones who abuse the system off of it. Otherwise, we will stop carrying water for everyone.

    To our leaders, “Cut the budget, do your job, supply everything essential with less.” It may be harder to do, not as easy as using an open checkbook, but you can do it.

    1. Tan pup says:

      Your right, if you keep giving the rich breaks (taxes) and say it’s OK for the really wealthy not to carry their share of water, they won’t. However, they still expect to drink from the well.Taking advantage of the system goes both ways. Let me put it this way; if i make $50,000/yr should I be paying 10% less taxes than you pay if you make $49,000 per year?If the rich want to take their cash and leave the state; so be it, go to the five other states that don’t have taxes; WY, LA,, KY, MS, OR – and see how your quality of life is then. If you don’t like it here, paying taxes, you also have the option of moving to those states. In fact, I will help you pack.

    2. jordanj says:

      We have too many liberals working at the Welfare office and too many liars trying to get as much as they can for no abuse to happen. Liberals want to share everything except what’s theirs. Today, what is deemed necessary by liberals is not what I feel is necessary. I don’t think Welfare can be fixed unless it’s stopped completely and we start over with new laws and we all understand that if someone is on Welfare, they cannot live as well as someone who works. Never happen! If more than 50% are collecting, we are doomed.

  21. meow says:

    GOP = GREED and FAIL

    Republican Party of Minnesota on Tuesday for uses the shutdown as an opportunity to fundraise. The party sent out an email to supporters asking for money to retain legislative majorities and blaming Dayton for the state shutdown. At the same time, the party announced that chairman Tony Sutton would start drawing a $100,000 salary — even as the party remains in debt and owes several counties money from the 2010 recount nine months ago.

    1. Kirby says:

      Republicans value power and winning over actually paying their debts to counties…I think that says a lot about this party and the leadership. Hey, they will just borrow it from somewhere…better yet, they will make the counties borrow the $ and never pay their debts. I think that Tony Sutton guy could eat a county.

  22. Cash says:

    Keep it shut down… The only thing I have noticed is I get to work faster because of the reduced traffic but then I’m one of those taxpayers. You know those that pay in and get none back and use minimal government services.
    By reading the story, there sure are alot of businesses at the state teat.

    1. Tan pup says:

      Yep, it’s all about you. Don’t get anything back-really? Cross any bridges on your way to work? If so, any fall down? Use mass transit? Have a diver’s license/tabs/plates? Gone to college/tech/university? Children go to school? No kids – OK-fine. Like clean air/water/lakes/parks with ATV trails? Do you like electricity for your computer/TV the lights in your home? Police/fire/highway support? Ever been laid off? Ever had an accident and needed help? Your parent’s/grandparents living with you? Who signs your paycheck? Who’s teat are you sucking from? Why should you get paid? I’m not getting anything from your employment?

      1. just sayin says:

        What? Get it together man.

      2. Nica says:

        Very well said!

  23. kevin says:

    Prior to the shut down Dayton was parading down Broadway with the gay rights parade instead of negotiating

    1. Ralph says:

      Was it at the same time the GOP was at the Stillwater bridge?

    2. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      and you moron rebublicans were in parades on the 4 of July insted of negotiating then again they DON’T KNOW HOW TO NEGOTIATE JUST DICTATE

      1. Love Da Libes says:

        And your moron liberals were bringing in more immigrants that I can support! Oh and nice job Gov goggle eyes….I hope that Mondale will step in now and do the Job that Dayton has failed on…..get over it liberal trash! We voted the Republicans in to strighten out your free loading arse!

        1. Confused Republican says:

          @Love Da Libes I’m confused I thought Republicans created the jobs? But you’re stating that the Liberals are doing it!

          The immigrants are here because people keep hiring them , if people didn’t hire them they’d go away.

          So which is it? Are liberals hiring these immigrants or republicans? Based on your logic so far I see how you voted.

          1. WhyWorkAnymore says:

            The reason immigrants are imported is for jobs. You are correct.
            However, I lived through the change in Minnesota when local people used to fight to work at those jobs. Suddenly the plants couldn’t find local people to work.
            It turns out, with the increased handouts, they were not fighting for a bar stool at the local pub.
            Why work when you can sit on your arse and use your EBT card…

            1. Bud says:

              Just an FYI, a percentage of the immigrants from Somalia were polygamists. A friend of mine that worked at a gov run agency reported that they had several legal immigrants, who asked where on the form they can put their second and third wife.
              Unfortunately they were told they cannot have more than one wife in America.
              Too bad for them, but you libs will like this, the other wives were setup as single mothers with their own set of handouts and were housed right next to the hubby and the first wife. The worker at the agency was more than willing to help these poor, helpless people. This was their first experience of America; you think they got off the gov handouts yet?
              Yeah, we need to pay more taxes and import more people. We sure do…

              1. jordanj says:

                Bud, this is true, I also have heard Somalian men talk about their second wives. That’s a big problem in America, the Immigrants coming to America now are not assimilating. They want to keep their laws, flags and want no part of America but what they can take. Sad, but true.

            2. just sayin says:

              And the reason they are hired is because LIBERAL lawyers scream RACIAL DISCRIMINATION if you don’t!

            3. Confused Republican says:

              Yeah like those hundreds of jobs that Chipolte couldn’t find any residents to do, until a federal audit, then all of sudden they found new people to work (for higher wages) after they had to fire 350 illegals.

              Or the four construction companies that have been in my neighborhood in the last nine months, not a single english speaker among them. Despite there being lots of people that would take those jobs at fair wages, but the illegals work for half (or less).

              It’s about the money, the same reason tech companies outsource to China and India. Here it’s just local outsourcing using illegals.

              1. jordanj says:

                Go into Chipotle now. I went back a week ago and found only Hispanics, most not speaking English. Where did all those workers who replaced the initial Hispanics go? Fired? We need another raid!

        2. What??? says:

          Love Da Libes
          You may have voted GOP across the line, but Dayton was voted in as well. How do you not understand that after making a statement like that? He was voted in after saying he wanted to raise the taxes on the top 2%, this is not new news and you seem to have the impression that he just started saying he wanted to do this. You call liberals trash yet the way you speak sounds like you are straight from the trailer (why do I hear Jerry, Jerry,Jerry in the background?). Gov goggle eyes is just apathetic insult, are people not even trying anymore.

      2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

        Dear Genius Socialist/Marxist American-

        Welcome home! You have found your calling. The Communist Party need new leadership for we are dead!

        Power to the people!

        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

    3. Tan pup says:

      At least he’s not hiding in the bushes and trying to legislate morality and telling people what higher power to worship!

      1. Hunter says:

        No, he closed his office doors and is hiding under his desk. Gov Goofy has raised the state terrorist threat level to the color of Pink !!!

        1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

          thats why after 1hour of meeting with the Great Govenor of Minnesota Mark Dayton koch and zeller leave in a huff crying and whinning tipical whinny a$$ rebublican!…………… there chioce is now lets put 5000 state employees out of work or raise the tax on rich people 2% it’s not a hard choice raise the taxes because putting 5000 more people on unemployment is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. dan says:

            Probably 5000 that dont need to be on the public payroll anymore. It appears the sky hasnt fallen yet.

            1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

              dan get real if they are working and doing their jobs why should they lose them ? lets raise the unemployment by another 2% thats really smart

              1. dan says:

                Because we do not need them to run the State?

              2. jordanj says:

                Because we have to budget and there has to be cuts!

  24. Lisa M says:

    Perhaps suspending all their paychecks, benefits, and other perks would speed up this nonsense. What’s good for the goose….

  25. Everybody needs to start looking at who is really at fault - GOP says:

    All of you people who are blaming Dayton for this don’t know what really this is all about and keep shooting off your mouths.
    First of all, in that so called 34 billion that the GOP is saying that is the budget on what we will be taking in is wrong, the federal government 2 years ago gave each state a certain amount of money that was part of the stimulus package which was a one time thing, well the GOP is trying again to count that type of money from the Feds to give each state more money and that is not happening that is where they are coming up with 34 billion when in reality we are not getting that kind of money again so we are going to have to come up with more revenue to complaisant for that money we are not getting that is why Dayton wants to tax the very rich and they can afford it because it is a tax on their personal wealth not businesses and they do not use their own personal money for their business they use the money that the business makes.
    So if we do not get the total Feds money that the GOP is saying we could get then where the hell do you people think the money is going to come from if not the rich it will be from the poor and middle class by way of property tax hikes.

    1. The more they make, The more they spend says:

      The true spirit and core of real conservatives is dead. The true spirit and core of real liberals is dead. Both parties are corrupt. These loyalists do not represent MN—they just got our vote and ran wild with their agendas. “We” voted in a governor that promised to raise taxes. “We” voted in a legislature that promised to not raise taxes. And, here we are.

    2. Doug says:

      Thats because the GOP does not care about reality. They care only about their wallets. Their stance is “The wealthy shouldnt have to support programs that they don’t use, therefore, we pay less”. The problem is they don’t realize that all those boats using up 200 gallons of gas for an hour of pleasure costs the environment dearly and clean up costs money. All their little “pleasures” end up costing us all in the end.

      1. dan says:

        How do you figure that the wealthy pay less? They are in the highest tax bracket paying the most overall tax dollars collected by the State of MN.

        1. What??? says:

          Not hard to understand that 9% is less than 12%. Middle class pays the 12% and upper pays the 9%, if this is really a question then the answer is not going to do any good as you would not be able to comprehend it anyway. If I have $1 and am taxed 12% I am left with $0.88. If you have $10 and are taxed 9% you are left with $9.10. of course the amount that you are going to spend on the taxes is higher than I would pay, but do you not understand that the % is not the same. This is the dumbest argument that has ever been made and for some reason it has become a standard for the GOP rhetoric. Do Republicans not know what a % is or how it is calculated, maybe one reason that Dayton wants to put more money into education, so the children of the GOP can learn basic math.

      2. Hunter says:

        Ladies and Gentleman, Dougie Dougies stupidity provides us with yet another great example that our MN herd needs to be thinned out some. Obviously, this indvidual gets up each morning and enjoys a tall glass of stupid juice to start his day. Here is the Reality Dougie—a wealthy person buys a boat. The dealer in turn uses the boat profits to against his business expenses (employees) and business taxes (state, FICA, FUTA). The dealer orders another boat from the manufacture (who takes the money and uses the profits against his business expenses and taxes). The boat owner pays sales tax on the boat. He pays a state license fee for his boat every two years. He pays someoneeach season to dock and store his boat. He pays fed and state gas taxes on the millions of gallons used. He pays a business for yealry maintenance to his boat. In the end, this person’s pleasure doesn’t cost us, it provides the means for other people to have a business and the government to suck off of from tax and fee revenue. That’s Reality! Dougie, your ignorance shines in your posts…..keep up the great work!! It helps others see the stupid grunts of our MN herd.

        1. Me says:

          You drink stupid juice thats why talk out your a_ _??

      3. The more they make, The more they spend says:

        I don’t think there’s any room for tree huggers here. There’s already plenty goin’ on. Stick to the basics. Yep, I have a boat.

    3. Hunter says:

      It’s called spending and managing within your means. How hard is that to figure out?? Budgets should be based and designed around income, plain and simple. You don’t spend more than you receive. Tax and fee revenue collections have decreased (been decreasing) the last two years, however, Gov Goofy wants to increase government by 15%. Duh?? Also, his desired tax initiatives is not taxing wealth, it is taxing personal income….two distinct matters, so get your facts straight. And correction, my liberal friend, this current crisis is all Gov Goofys fault. His expertise is conducting televised press conferences, demonstrating his stupidity with everything he says, showing us his deer in the headlights look and the nervous mouth twitch. This egotistical kook is an national embarrassment to us all.

      1. Reasonable says:

        Actually the original proposal was an 18% increase which would allow for additional hiring and raises in outstate employees who are pretty ignored while you blame any and all spending on a few impoverished black people in Minneapolis.
        Also included in that 18% is paying for what the last Governor decided to pass on down the road after deciding to run for President instead of re-election as Gov in his own state. That amount makes up nearly 10% of the increase and is not up for debate. So in reality, your (R)’s are presenting a less than 2% increase while your (D) Gov is trying to get people who actually work a small raise as well as creating room for social programs that will keep them scary inner city folk from bringing their crime to your nice lawn in the subs.
        Wow. What a horrible thing to do. You’re right, let’s cut everything so that we basically have a further divide between the haves and the have nots as the haves “work hard” to get there and by golly if you work hard too you just might get there yourself.


        1. dan says:


          Its time for the Democrats to pony up a bit of the blame as they controlled the makeup of the budget for the past 30 years. The govenor can only sign or veto the budget. Pawlenty tried to cut out the waste but was stopped in the courts. The small raises and creating room for a few more social programs is the problem. If we dont have the money we cant increase anything. Fool must be related to Citizen!

          1. ME says:

            You forget Pawlenty finished the budget himsilf.

          2. Sean says:

            Steve Sviggum was house Majority leader from 1999 to 2007. Dave Jennings in the 80’s. They are Republican. If he was the majority leader his party was in the majority. Arne Carlson and Pawlenty were both listed as Republicans, Governors for a total of 16 year. Plus we had somebody from that third party for four years.
            The budget process starts with the governor and the omb

            Pawlenty would not have not have tried to do an end around the budget process it would not have ended up in the courts.

            What new social programs are being asked for by Dayton?

            Is there anything in your post that is accurate?
            Try to remember your history next time

            1. dan says:

              I have a box of rocks that can argue better than you. Who has controlled the MN Senate over the past 30 years that signs the final bill prior to being submitted to the Govenor? Answer: Democrats

              1. Sean says:

                It takes both houses to pass a bill.It takes a governor to sign it. Funny, that is the only thing you can argue back on. Insult when you can not make a point

            2. dan says:

              The new social programs was in reference to Reasonable’s prior post.

          3. TRUE AMERICAN says:

            thats because he was trying to do it ILLEGALLY

            1. dan says:

              I would agrue to say it should be illegal for the Democrats to push a budget onto the State of MN that was not balanced. All they could do was hope the tax revenues would cover it. Oops they came up short but now somehow its Pawlentys fault. What a bunch of bone heads!

              1. Sean says:

                Would you say the same for the GOP budget this year as it has a revenue prediction far greater than the states OMB’s prediction of revenue?

                1. Reasonable says:

                  Sean, it’s kind of not worth the effort. Dan just doesn’t understand how government works. He’d rather believe in the GOP economic reality that is stuffed with Unicorns and a balanced budget based on the Vikings winning the Quidditch Cup this year. Their general philosophy (granted this is the federal level I’m talking about) is that the economic downturn that strangely coincides with reducing the tax brackets somehow or another made things better and if we just keep on this path that is obviously making things better (well, for some at least) then things will keep getting better. Those of us stuck in reality realize that things are slowly but surely falling apart. I would venture to guess that actual social/civil unrest is maybe 10 years away from now if things continue on this current trajectory.

    4. Guy says:

      This means that you need to REDUCE the budget EVEN MORE – not dig us into a BIGGER hole.

      Repubs are already giving WAY too MUCH. CUT CUT CUT!!!

  26. I accept says:

    Make no mistake, whether you are a repuiblican, democrat if independant, your state government has failed to do their job and need to be held accounatble.

    The voter holds the power only if we accept it,.

  27. Please Help Us says:

    For God sakes call the Gov and Republicans! The govenment MSUT be turned back on! My EBT card is being rejected! My free daycare is gone! My free medical is gone!! My babies are afraid! Their daddies are on the run! How dare you racists do this to us! Its our human rights to have all these things! As soon as the Human RIghts Office opens again, I am filing several suits….

    1. Reform says:

      You are a prime example of someone who doesn’t deserve help!

  28. kevin says:

    True American, are you having trouble selling your EBT card to get money for cigs and beer on this nice sunny day?

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      kevin you have NO idea who I am I have NO EBT CARD I don’t smoke or drink I actually am a locked out of work state of Minnesota employee so until you walk a mile in my shoes don’t think you know me and NO YOPU COULDN’T DO MY JOB SO KI$$ MY A$$

      1. Norge says:

        In other words another union goon being told by your goonie bosses to fill the forums and comment sections with your union-goon blather and politcal agenda. You’ve probably only walked a mile to get to the water cooler…and any nimrod can do a state job! Thats how you go hired!

        1. Reasonable says:

          Yeah, anyone with a master’s in chemical science who makes sure that the drinking water supply isn’t poison is a state employed nimrod. But hey, keep hammering those nails for $16 an hour Norge. You obviously have far more virtue!

      2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

        Dear Genius Socialist/Marxist American-

        We KNOW YOU and we feel your pain. Someone who is so obviously intellectually superior to all others is valuable to us. Take a deep breath and try and remain calm. The EVIL Republicans are obviously making you angry intentionally. Do not fall for their sordid tactics. WE will get revenge on them late, by having Comrade Dayton raise their taxes even higher or by placing even more useless rules and regulations on their businesses!

        WE NEED YOU. We have IMPORTANT work for you comrade. You are no good to us if you have a nervous breakdown from all of this and are locked up in St. Peter.

        Power to the proletariat!

        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

  29. Shocking says:

    Oh No !!! The sky is falling and this State is in big trouble. The welfare folks may be forced to look for a job. Old people and sick people are going to die. No temporary freebies for anyone. More MN people may become accountable. God help us all!!

  30. Daniel1956 says:

    To all those that voted for the Republicans that ran on a platform of shutting down the government rather than raise taxes: I imagine you’ll blame Dayton, but YOU are to blame. Period.

    1. dan says:

      Ran on the platform of shutting down the govt? Wow what rock did you just crawl out from under?

    2. Bruce says:

      I have heard a lot of Repubs and Teabaggers talk about their goal to “strangle the Beast” (meaning cut off funds for the state government). I think dan wasn’t paying attention to what the Repubs were saying about that.

  31. Putz says:

    Let’s just take all the money everybody makes and give them food stamps and bus passes. Then we will have all the money we need

  32. TRUE AMERICAN says:


    1. Dan says:

      You should know, look what just happened in November. its going to be a repeat next Fall if Democrats keep it up.

  33. MeMa says:


    1. me says:

      They already pay more than the rest of the working class idiot.

      Go away and read for a change.

  34. Chris says:

    State of Minnesota is losing money in the shutdown? What a lie! The state isn’t spending money because the majority of people spending the budget money are laid off!

  35. Chris says:

    Hey, I make about $100k and I pay about 50% of my income in taxes which is a lot more than I did when I worked at Hardees flipping burgers in college! Lol, I love the lies of the liberal Democrats on here.

  36. Chris says:

    Funny how the most foul mouthed people with the worst grammar on this forum are people like TRUE AMERICAN that work for the State of Minnesota! Lol!

  37. Jason says:

    You are all wrong. This is the whole problem with politics…you are all either Republican, or Democrat. That doesn’t solve our problems…that doesn’t let people work FOR the people. I would love to see both parties disappear and see things go back to the way they used to be….people leading the people. Look at yourselves. You are all too blind in your finger pointing and rages to see that people who need the aid are not getting it. As hard working Americans, we have a duty to help our fellow Americans get by. What this should show everyone, is that these people should not see another term in office. If they cannot put aside their differences to do something simple, to make compromises where necessary to get our government up and running, then they should not be in a position of leadership.

  38. Stacy says:

    TRUE AMERICAN-Change your online name. I find most of your comments more like TRUE EUROPEAN. LOL

  39. Republitaliban listen says:

    It’s pointless to comment here since the Republitaliban teabagger idiocracy holds forth. Let’s go back to the stone age and just kill the weak to feed the strong.

  40. iworkformymoney says:

    I was raised to work for living and give it my all when doing anything. The welfare abusers get free handouts for being lazy and not working. What is wrong with this picture? You get out of something what you put into it, not the other way around. I pay more in taxes in a single year than most people make in 10. Punish me for trying! I work hard to make sure all losers get a free ride. Seems fair…

    1. Bruce says:

      Everyone who collects SS and getting Medicare is getting more money out than they put into the system, …so you work for their (your parents) money, too. Anyone out there inherit some money? A lake cabin? Condo in Florida? Inherit anything?? If you think government is too big, give your inheritance back to the people who paid for it, if your parents collected SS or Medicare (they all did).

  41. Old Grunt says:

    Kind of looks to me like most of you have signed on to what both political parties want you to buy. They want you to be divided by ideology, religion, race, gender, etc. This is what allows them to stay in power. If you have not figured this out yet, you are not paying close enough attention to what they are doing. I work for a local government agency, I make about 50K per year, I don’t have one of those outrageous pensions you read about. I guess that is because I actually work for a living. In the department I work for there are 48 office support and supervisors for 43 workers on the street. Is there something wrong with this? You bet there is, but when it comes time to cut the budget it is always the people that do the work that lose their jobs, not the semi useless drones in the office. This is only one of the problems that are pervasive in all government offices. This will not be fixed by elephants or jackasses. What we really need is political leadership that understands their first and only priority is to work for the benefit of all American citizens regardless of background. On the tax issue, I have no animus toward those who make more money than I do, however I do believe they should pay the same tax rate, percentage wise that I do. What is wrong with that? For the record I am a Vietnam Vet, no hero but I did earn my CIB the hard way. Come on people we are all Americans, and Minnesotans, Let us not be divided and subjugated by people whose only agenda is to remain in a position of power over us.

    1. Reasonable says:

      Well said.
      Though you miss on the flat tax (if that’s what you’re suggesting) as it would essentially mean that the wealthy (or rather those with really high income) would pay astronimcally more of the whole than most complain that they already do. Put simply, how many of you and me will it take to cover one Joe Mauer?

  42. Rico Suave says:

    Hey TRUE AMERICAN, no one misses you or your job. We’re all doing fine without your cleaning the drinking fountains or whatever it is we’ve been wasting money paying you to do. No wonder you’re so ticked off. You finally see how little you matter to the function of this state. I guess if all I could do is a government job, my self esteem would suffer too. Oh well, we need ditch diggers too. I just wish they didn’t spend 7 & 1/2 hours a day leaning on the shovel. Don’t worry, the guv will buckle soon, and you’ll be back to work(ahem) real soon.

  43. MN Citizen says:

    Jason- You are right. Our Government leaders have 1 job to do. Run our government, They failed and are still getting paid. Republicans, Democrats, doesn’t matter. They have one job to do and they couldn’t get it done. I am just a young citizen of Minnesota who is being economically punished. I am also disappointed in my fellow citizens who like are government leaders would rather point fingers, and find blame rather than find a real solution.

  44. Give me Liberty says:

    If the government is running a deficit, how can shutting it down cost the public money?

    Yes we are losing revenue, but we are saving expenses. Let’s do some accurate reporting for once instead of opinion pieces.

    If I was a Democrat I would be compromising pretty quickly before everyone realizes what a waste most government programs really are.

    No compromise for the GOP. You have already sent Governor Goofy a balanced budget. Stay strong.

  45. StraycatStrut says:

    Its been reported just today that the “City of Dayton” (NW burbs) is renaming its city to: “Shutdown Town”.

  46. sp says:

    My Brother-in law has been sent home from work- road work- so now no job, no mortgage payment, no food for the family! these folks are hurting and trying to work- they should be negotiating 24/7- this is BS- they should be locked in a room together until this is ironed out-
    TAX THE RICH! The top 1% take all the $$ and control this country only to shrink the middle class more and more and grow the poor WAKE UP republicants!

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