MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A 47-year-old New Prague woman has pleaded guilty to charges that she threatened to kill or injure two law enforcement officers.

Federal prosecutors in Minnesota announced that Kim Rolene Hutterer entered her plea on Thursday. A sentencing date hasn’t been set, but she could get more than 10 years in prison.

Hutterer specifically pleaded guilty to one count of threatening interstate communications and one count of mailing threatening communications.

The indictment filed in April accused Hutterer of mailing letters threatening Vice President Joe Biden and FBI Special Agent Dean Scheidler, who had arrested her 20 years ago for bomb threats against an airline.

The indictment also said she made a telephone threat to an employee at a federal prison in Welch, W.V., last September.

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Comments (4)
  1. Huxley says:

    FBI govt tool can dish it out but can’t take it. Typical.

    1. Kim says:

      Except she has a history of threatening other people over the years – and has been convicted. If she is willing to threaten people that have the strength to stand up to her and tell her to stop. Imagine what she does to neighbors and other ‘regular’ people.

      Or do you think it is ok that she is threatening people and sending bomb threats?

  2. @huxley says:

    When did she state she received death threats from them? You’re just another person who hates police, try not dealing with them like a normal person, i havn’t had a convo. with 1 for 5 years its not hard to act like a human being. you’re a bag of turds

  3. em0886 says:

    Huxley….you are absolutely stupid!! lol She didn’t say that she had received threats from them…pay attention!! She has a history of making threats…she needs to get locked up before she actually acts on one of those threats and who knows how many people she could hurt. People like that need to be off the streets. Huxley needs to yank his head out!

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