MANKATO (WCCO) — An 82-year-old Minnesota man who survived the Korean War says it was nothing compared to what he encountered in Canada. He says a black bear kept him captive in his cabin for hours, trying to get at his food.

Lloyd Vollmer is a story teller and recently decided to write a story for his grandkids. So, he left his Mankato retirement home to spend last weekend at his cabin, which is located in a remote area past Thunder Bay in Canada.

But his time away became anything but relaxing. He says the bear surprised him, ransacked his cabin and tore into his chocolates.

Vollmer’s son Gary says encounters are common for the family, including grizzlies in Alaska. However, to Vollmer, this was different.

Vollmer threw a firecracker and the bear left. That’s when he decided to pack up the car.

The bear didn’t decide to stay away, however.

“I turned around and the bear was 7, 10 feet away, coming at me,” said Vollmer.

He jumped in, but not before the bear got a swipe.

“He hit me with his paw on my left leg,” said Vollmer.

He was able to close the door and waited.

“I tossed a firecracker at him and he only moved a few feet. He kept circling the car until dark,” he said.

Hours later, in the morning, Vollmer was able to leave. His children took him to the hospital in Mankato — his heart still pounding and leg throbbing.

“Since then, everyday has been a bonus to me,” said Vollmer.

He thought he had a heart attack, but after being checked out, doctors think he had an anxiety attack. He also has a deep bruise on his leg, but it’s already healing.

Vollmer says he had thrown his camera into a bag into the back of the car and he couldn’t get to it during the ordeal.

Comments (10)
  1. Bare my Ass says:

    Keep the Jack flowing my friend Keep the Jack flowing. rotflmao

  2. Pavel says:

    Why not drive away?

    1. Bears! says:

      He probably didn’t drive away because his car keys were most likely in the cabin while he was loading up the car. When he saw the bear so close to him, the car was probably the closest safe place.

  3. we says:

    Bear v.s. car car wins!!!

  4. Sara Savoy says:

    He didnt drive away because he couldn’t. He thought he was having a heart attack.

  5. Saw the BEAR!!! says:

    He has been sober for 25 years!!! How do I know that??? He’s my Dad…and I am damn proud to say that he is still independent and living his life to the fullest! He shot a bear in the same area about 10 years ago. He is a good man and would have no reason to lie about this attack.

  6. jan says:

    Why did he shoot a bear 10 years ago? Was that bear attacking him too or does he just like to shoot animals for fun? I’m happy he survived

  7. trl the alligator says:

    that bear had taken his car keys and was taunting the guy trying to get him to open the door, he was willing to trade the keys for the chocolates but couldn’t figure out how to convey the idea, as he was circling the car he was thinking of how he could get them. ……..perhaps, just perhaps that bear KNEW it was this guy who killed his uncle 10 years ago……….just sayin… IS possible.

  8. pat says:

    Nothing like making fun of an old timer who had a terrifying experience, grow up

  9. mel says:

    My grandma chased a bear out of her strawberry patch by beating a pan with a metal spoon. I love the firecracker part of this story. That is ingenuity at its finest. If he was my father/grandfather, I’d be so proud.

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