ST. PAUL (WCCO) — In the two weeks since Minnesota’s shutdown began, Republican House and Senate leaders have called five times for Gov. Mark Dayton to call a special session. They say the shutdown is “completely unnecessary” because there’s agreement on almost every aspect of the major budget bill.

They say they are so close that they could quickly pass them and get laid off state workers back on the job.

“We are within less than 1/2 of 1 percent within the governor on these funding bills to bring 16,000 people back to work,” said MN House Majority Leader Matt Dean, of Stillwater. “That is to say, 99.5 percent in agreement.”

But it’s NOT TRUE.

There’s no agreement on any single budget bill, and the ones on which they might be close contain “poison pills” that Dayton says he won’t accept.

Republicans say there’s 100 percent agreement on spending, but that’s MISLEADING.

According to Dayton, the two sides are $128 million apart, and that’s just the money stuff.

Dayton says he objects to underfunding special education, eliminating integration aid and early childhood programs.

Also, he says he won’t accept school vouchers and collective bargaining restrictions for teachers that are contained in the bill.


Dayton says he won’t sign other budget bills that also contain provisions: Cutting the state workforce 15 percent by 2015 (4,800 workers), a GOP ban on stem cell research and budget cuts to metro area transit.

Add up the numbers, and Dayton says the two sides are $1.4 billion apart, which is roughly the amount of money he’s trying to raise through higher taxes or other revenue — not close to the agreement Republicans claim.

Dayton vows he won’t agree to any one bill until he agrees to all of them.

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  1. Joe Hanson says:

    “Dayton says he won’t sign other budget bills that also contain provisions: Cutting the state workforce 15 percent by 2015 (4,800 workers), a GOP ban on stem cell research and budget cuts to metro area transit.”

    How many State employees are currently laid off?

    1. Jason says:

      I bet that 15% of those laid off are happy he’s fighting for there jobs. And who’s fault is it they are laid off???

      1. Gus says:

        It is Dayton’s.
        He is the only one who denied a lights on bill!!!

        1. DTM says:

          No, it’s not Koch or Zellars at all….they’ve been totally willing to compromise. Wait, my bad. They haven’t. And hey, must be nice fr Zellars, he continues to receive a paycheck. Dude’s a Doooosh

    2. jimmy says:

      The reason the state is shut down is because the GOP signed pledges with the economic terrorist group known as the taxpayers league. These terrorist are trying to destroy the country and the state for their own greed.

      1. Les says:

        Can you explain how living within our means is destroying the state?

        1. jimmy says:

          It’s only living within our mean since the GOP and Venture cut the taxes in the late 90. Before that we had a rainy day fund.
          So let me ask you did your company ever decide to cut their income, when times were good?

          1. Tommy Two Tones. says:

            But why do you need a rainy day fund EVERY YEAR. Live within the confines of the revenue generated. This isn’t Robinhood anymore, you can’t steal from the rich to pay to the poor.

            1. Pete says:

              This guy is brilliant – steal from the rich to pay the poor – The rich have been stealing from the poor in this state for years. Let’s botton line this – the conservatives believe 1.7 million Minnesota families should pay more to live in Minnesota and do this because we believe the 7700 wealthiest Minnesotans are going to create jobs. Newsflash – They never have and they never will. The conservatives love to create crisis and chaos and then try to blame it on the other guy. Just like Tim Pawlenty – according to him – he left us with a surplus. The rich do not “create” jobs – They use and loose people depending on the economy. They have had 10 years to prove otherwise and look where we are now. Anybody who buys in the GOP argument (what ever it is since they really haven’t provided one yet ) is much more gulible than a person should be.

              1. davet says:

                You people throw out a lot of talking points but you lacks facts, or understanding. Explain to us how the rich steal money from the poor.

              2. ken says:

                Totally agree. The rich don’t create jobs they create protect your own Republican butts. You say live within your means? why do millionaires need millions to live within their means?? also republican’s are the IBM’s of the world, pay someone millions of dollars including bonuses to save the company money. The guy turns around and lays off 500 and he gets a bonus for saving money.

      2. bill says:

        the reason the state is shut down is because Dayton won’t call a special session. The GOP said they would sign a lights on bill and work could go on till they got a buget worked out. I beleive the bill was on his desk by the end of march. Daton waited till the session ended, then vetoed the bill. The Govenor can put the state back to work all he has to do is call a special session. You are right about Greed the GOP gave a 6% budget raise Dayton wants more.

        1. jimmy says:

          The GOP never passed a lights on bill so why do you lie? Koch claims to have written one but refuses to show it to anyone.

          1. Bill says:

            But you happen to know that it had stem cell research and voter ID toed to it? Wow, you are a brilliant mind reader!

            1. jimmy says:

              I heard the question asked of Koch she didn’t answer. No one has denied my claim. Let Koch or Zellers deny it.

              1. Bill says:

                So if no one has seen the bill how do you know it had stem cell research and voter ID limitations included?

    3. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      This article isn’t a BIASED is it? Pat Kesslers description of POISION PILLS are what better than half of Minnesotans voted for. That is MILEADING itself, just like offer to COMPROMISE, start at $40B (or choose you ridiculous number), and come down half-way – there I’ve compromised.

  2. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    Dayton why don’t you come back to the capitol instead of running away from your job. Newsflash telling the people of MN your budget plan doesn’t get anything done sooner. Remember we voted for you politicians to make these decisions for us and apparently it’s too hard to agree on a budget. Hope you are all enjoying your vacation provided by the taxpayers of MN. I think I will take a vacation and send a bill to the government for reimbursment. It’s only fair we pay for you and you can pay for us.

    1. jimmy says:

      The GOP has refused to talk to Dayton or the bargain in good faith. Mostly do to the pledges they’ve signed with the tax payers league on behalf of multi national corporations that are trying to destroy our state and our nation.

      1. Louis says:

        Get lost jimmy,
        The only pledge they are fulfilling is to the MN tax payer.
        Dayton is pledging to you moochers.

        1. jimmy says:

          Can you show me that pledge with the taxpayer. The only pledge I know that they signed was the one with the economic terrorist Taxpayer League and the League pays no taxes.

        2. Matt says:

          moochers? the rich made their money off the poor and tossed them out when they were no longer needed. Hence the high unemployment rate. its about time they pay their fair percentage.

          1. dan says:

            Any examples of this grand theory of yours??

          2. Me says:

            That’s right Dayton is working it is the GOP not doing there jobs and if they don’t put something dayton’s desk there will be no special session.

      2. Common Man says:

        Gosh….this kind of trash thinking is so much like 1950s Russian propaganda it make me laugh. Jimmy the cold war is over. We won with capitalism. People like you have got to face the fact that “Working hard for the good of all people” turns into “I’ll just let everyone else work hard and just take my share”. Soon everyone wants to join you so “Everybody just wants to take a share but no one want to work”. Now we are all equal in no body has anything. See, did not work in the USSR, stop thinking it will work here. Think about it now before you respond.

        1. jimmy says:

          @Comman Man

          I guess you must be one of those people that believe that the Founding Fathers were communist because they did not pick Capitalism as the economic system for the country.
          Funny thing when China discarded communism as their economic system, they chose the same economic system the Founding fathers chose.

  3. Pat says:

    Thank you, Governor Dayton, for standing up for average Minnesotans. The Republicans, lead by Koch and Zellers haven’t been willing to talk truth, and are bent on wrecking this state to protect the very rich from even a penny more in taxation. Your stand is a good one, and needs to be taken by every democratic or progressive leader in the state. Republican talking heads, talk radio hosts, and politicians have dominated enough of the air this year. Time for common sense and the real needs of the people to be addressed in these budget talks. You stand for poor college student, the sick and elderly, k-12 students and their parents, and a whole lot of property tax payers who are being burned in the Republican plan for Minnesota. Stand firm! We are with you!

    1. Embarassed says:

      I think I have heard enough of this BS!! Dayton runs away from his duties and tax more money from the upper class! Excuse me but Dayton is upper class and yet he hides his money in South Dakota!! Dayton is the one wrecking this state! He wants to tax the rich, well let him tax himself then!!! Duh! Excuse me Pat but I don’t think a lot of people are with you when you say “We”!!!

      1. jimmy says:


        Yes I am “embarrassed” for you to. Seems you have no clue as to what a trust fund is or how it is set up. Your only knowledge appears to come from people that are paid to tell you what to think. Honestly I think a fifth grader could do a better job of research.

        1. Bob says:

          @ jimmy

          What are you talking about? He knows exactly what he is talking about. Why does Medicated Mark have his trust fund set up in S.D.? It is to avoid paying MN state taxes on any income it earns. If our own Billionaire Governor wants to spout his “Tax the Rich” slogans than he should keep the money his family earned off the back of hard working Minnesotans in our state and pay his “fair” share of taxes. I completely agree with him and look forward to your knowledgable response.

      2. mark g says:


      3. kevin says:

        you are right but dont blame the the middle class teachers and government employees lets close these tax loop holes. i am a dem and just want fair wages for working people

      4. Matt says:

        yes running away from St Paul to go talk with the people and republicans to work out a deal is a bad thing. He didn’t put his money in South Dakota, I also don’t think you realize how income tax works. You only get taxed on Income, not money sitting around. So why does it matter if it is sitting over in South Dakota. Also banks now of days are world wide. all my money is sitting in some datacenter somewhere in the world.

        1. dan says:

          Talking to Teachers and Administration in St Cloud this week is hardly speaking to Republicans. Please give me one organized group of Republicans he has spoken to on his run and hide road tour??

        2. Billy says:

          “You dont get taxed on money sitting around” Have you ever heard of earned interest income. Probably not as people who collect Welfare usually dont have money sitting around that earns any interest.

      5. DTM says:

        Actually Dayton’s family put the money in the trust in South Dakota. He cannot move it. Learn a bit about trusts before start spouting out your party’s MIS-information.

        1. Bob says:

          What are you talking about????
          Of course he can move it. It’s a trust fund and he doesn’t want to move it because he doesn’t have to pay state taxes on the interest it earns because it is in S.D. Please do not be so ignorant.
          His familty put it there so they wouldn’t have to pay the outragously high MN state taxes. It is such a joke for this idiot to spout his “Tax the Rich” slogans and be so hippicritical with his own money.l

  4. Jan says:

    I’ve heard enough about Dayton’s “Draconian Cuts” to program dollars that never existed in the first place. Those are projected increases to programs that, quite frankly, Minnesota cannot afford. The budget that is currently on the table is bigger than any other in Minnesota history. Explain how that is less than before. My family hasn’t had an increase in income for over 3 years with both my spouse and I gainfully employed. Why should automatic increases be expected in a stagnant or declining economy. Enough is enough! Do your job and sign the budget bill.

    1. LaurenMN says:

      Explain how that is, Easy! After 10.5 years of a republican run country, NO jobs have been created. In fact, 1.5 million jobs have been lost because of giving the highest income earners a welfare tax break and creating huge deficits. The ‘so called’ job creators did NOT create jobs. However, if we go back to Clinton, he created 22 million jobs during his administration, when taxes were lower for the middle class, which are the small business ‘real’ job creators. They need to have a middle class well off to purchase so they can grow. Republicans have cut us off at the neck. So now, people are unemployed, people are homeless, 25% of children live below the poverty level, and when that happens they’re not paying taxes. They are a drain on society. We need to help the middle class and working poor so that they can spend and that can happen when the top 2% start pitching in.

      1. Tommy Two Tones. says:

        Have you lost your mind completely. Its been a Democratic run senate and house at the US capital since the early 90. Congress didn’t change parties until November of last year. Prior to that the Democrats could even get a budget passed even when they are in control. So point the blame for jobs at themselves. The Democrats were the ones holding the purse strings until November 2010. The GOP has not been in control for the past 10 years you are wrong.

      2. Billy says:

        More MN ignorance!

    2. Embarassed says:

      Dayton is the one dragging this state down just like he did as a senator!!!

    3. kevin says:

      most peoples lives in minnesota are pretty good dont fall into the trap that we are in dire straights

      1. Proud to be American! says:

        Kevin- You are so right! Work hard, save as you can, live within your means and when rainy days hit, you will be okay! I know this is true because I lost my job and even though times are harder than they were, I’m still doing okay without state aid.
        Welfare is there as a ‘stop-over’ – for those that really need it and should never become a way of life. I thank God everyday that I live in America! Take a serious look at other countries and how they live and know that because you’re an American, you do have the freedom to leave here and live elsewhere if you’d like.

  5. KMAH says:

    Republicans … blah, blah and more blah, The corporate world and rich are deep into your pockets.and you want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and muddle class. Good heavens are you really the Christian Right. Something is wrong with that.

    Kudos to Dayton … Stubborn and willing to fight to the bitter end. He probably won’t even run but he will win this battle which is the will of the people. The Reublican’s social agenda and the shutdown will provide insentive for the Democrats and Independents to vote them out in 2012.

    Thanks to Governor Scott Brown in Wisconsin … You really turned the Republican Party around. I think you’re looking at your pink slips.

    To all … Sleep well tonight!

  6. LaurenMN says:

    Well my friends who voted republican say they will never do it again. They did it on the promise of jobs and these inexperienced freshmen didn’t write one job bill. In fact, we went from an unemployment rate of 6.6% to 8%. Ever since, we started with Pawlenty and these GOP legislators, the quality of life for Minnesotans has plummeted. We are the next Mississippi with the poorest, least educated, most obese citizens. I think anyone who voted for these thugs should be ashamed. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to know that the worst 10 states in the U.S. are all RED states. That’s not who we are and people have no one to blame for their situation but themselves if they voted for any republican.

    1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      I’m sorry Lauren but what planet do you live on? Check your facts, and your economics. And the the only thing we have in common with Mississippi is the river.

      And BTW the RED states are the ones with the highest employment rates

      1. LaurenMN says:

        You republicans can NEVER provide literate feedback. Insults yes, but nothing worthy of reading. My numbers are correct and I don’t need an economic lesson. But since you couldn’t provide any data to support your comments I can assume you are educated by FOX. They don’t have supporting evidence for their claims, because there is NONE! As I said, we are moving TOWARD the next Mississippi, the dream red state for you republicans has an unemployment rate of 10.6.

      2. jimmy says:

        @its the stupid

        You should check your facts. Minnesota had one of the lowest unemployment rates, before the GOP shut the state down

        1. Tommy Two Tones. says:

          Check your facts Jimmy only Governor Dayton can shut down the state and only Dayton can call a special session. According to the law if Dayton simply does nothing the state will be shut down until February when the legal start of the 2012 session begins. Then its beyond Dayton’s control what gets passed in Congress.

          Which is precisely Dayton’s plan. He is to much of a coward to negotiate or deal himself.

          1. Matt says:


            There is no reason to call a special session when there is no agreement and republicans are not willing to move an inch. The Republicans are the coward because they are not willing to negotiate. Dayton has been trying to negotiate. When the Republicans did agree on a budget they added some social issues to make sure dayton wouldn’t agree. You need to learn your facts

          2. DTM says:

            @Tommy Two Tones….And Koch and Zellars are cowards of the wealthiest 2% of Minnesotans….Maybe if they cared about ALL their constituents….

      3. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

        I suppose the USDOL stats dont fit in your Liberal mind as of rational, but the blue states on average have a higher unemployment rate then red states (8.78% vs 9.04%).

        And who has been in control of MN?

        1. jimmy says:

          Before the GOP shut the state down MN. unemployment rate was 6.6%. I guess this blue state is kicking the heck out of your theory

        2. DTM says:

          @It’s Stupid…Who has been in control? Well, for the previous 8 years it was TPaw and his magic Veto pen

    2. GAllen says:

      I guess the jobs that Obama promised and watched unemployment double doesnt matter, support the Democrats as they talk a good talk!

  7. Murph says:

    Repugs seem a little upset that Coors had to shut down.Cryin in their beer maybe?Yeah and guess what Repugs,none of the other big corporations will like your plan so much either! There is one little loop hole you forgot to cover,Dayton knows what it is and I won’t say more! Think it over! The game is over!

  8. anon says:

    holy caps batman!

  9. William says:

    Why would anyone admit to being a Republican? How embarrassing.

    1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      Yeah, we should be embarassed to stand for individual initiave, lower taxes, and freedom. from goverment excess.

      1. kevin says:

        i would bet you have no clue what you pay in taxes but you pay less then 15 %. your taxes are the same now then they were in 1955, if you are paying more you are making a nice amount. my family made 160 last year and paid 13% after deductions not to bad quit your crying

      2. LaurenMN says:

        You should be ashamed for standing for anti-women’s rights, anti-marriage rights, anti-freedom of religion, and anti-voting rights. Republicans stand for welfare for billionaires, while not helping children, handicapped, and the elderly. You want to bring children into the world unwanted and you are the first to abandon them. That’s a lot to be ashamed of and that’s why most people don’t admit they’re a part of that group.

        Democrats stand for lower taxes on the middle class and we are happy to help when necessary, we appreciate the fact that our taxes are lower than at any other time in our lifetimes. We don’t complain about helping people, we want to pitch in to create an economical society that works for everyone and not just the wealthiest. We want our children to have the best educations, we want to care for our elderly, and we want them to have healthcare and security.

        1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

          Yes, yes, blah blah and Republicans want to kick old ladies, steal from handicapped and hate puppies. We’ve heard the robot zombie “anti this and anti that” from the programmed left before.
          And I agree, let’s “pitch in” and give to the poor and downtrodden, you just use your own money, I’ll use mine. And don’t feel so magnanimous –forced giving is not giving at all.

          1. LaurenMN says:

            Those are my own thoughts. Taken directly from the legislation passed or attempted to pass in recent months. Taxes are your responsibility as an American and to complain about paying taxes when they’re lower than they ever have been in our lifetime smacks of insincerity. Put on your big boy pants and quit whining. Besides the only person who wants to raise your taxes is the GOP. Their goal is welfare for the top and property taxes on all of us and they’re adding hits when you file. I hear that will be out soon what the GOP is planning for middle class. Dayton is the guy trying to help the middle class from being stuck with the bill again.

            1. Tommy Two Tones. says:

              Why don’t you pay your fair share Lauren. How many tax breaks do you get. Lets see:

              Earned income credit, itemized deduction including mortage deduction, education credits, child tax credits. Why don’t you pay a flat 10 percent off your wages and see who pays more.

              10 percent of 10 million is a heck of a lot more then 10 percent of 50,000. So tell me again who doesn’t pay their fairshare.

              1. Common sense says:

                LOL! So then the this rich person that makes $10 million dollars will have $9 million dollars, and that person that pays $50k, wil lhave $45k. Lets see $9 mil or $45k. This seems proportional,

                Lets do this; I’l ltake a 20% tax on my $10 Mil and you can have the $50k with no tax. You won’t hear me whine one bit.

                Let me explain something to all the Republicans on this page…something that either has eluded you, or you don’t have a fricking moral cell in your body to care about: Just because someone has made $10 Million dollars or $1 Million or even $250k, doesn’t mean it was made by fair/honest hard work. Even if it was, there are many more lower level workers that has worked just as hard if not harder to barely make ends meet.

                And if you make the argument that that’s the way it has always been….WELL GUESS WHAT? WE THE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE ALL THAT! Horay for democracy.

                1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

                  Why do you care what some else makes? The “Tax The Rich” is pure envy. nothing else. IF we all focused on the problem (spending) we wouldnt be arguing over who to taxes, or who to”stick the bill with – Get it?

                2. Common Man says:

                  Wow this is boarder line insane….

                3. Common Man says:

                  The Democrats got your head right where they want it. You are the poster child for class envy. Mission complete on your brainwashing. You are one step away from “Mob rule” government.

                4. Stacy says:

                  What makes you think that because someone worked harder than you or went to school to get a better education so they could make a better living should have to pay more to you lazy people who did not and just want to get by. Not our problem!

        2. Me Too! says:

          Per LaurenMN: “Democrats stand for lower taxes on the middle class”
          Hmmm..makes me want to just sit there in the middle-class kingdom and never strive for anything better…

      3. Matt says:

        The Republican Party – The greediest 10% of the population using the dumbest 40% to get into power.

        You gotta realize the Republican party is only looking out for tax breaks for the rich. They think if the Rich has more money they’ll create jobs for the middle class and poor, which has been proven to be a lie

        1. A Mpls Resident says:


    2. shrugged says:

      The Repulicans like to cherry pick what they want out of their party. See, their ladders (minds)are short so they only see so much. Anyone with an arial view (unbiased opinion) would run from that mess and take cover quick. I see a split party: bible bangers and big business. The lost souls are known as “unions”

  10. Esther says:

    It seems to me that the president and the governor both don’t want to deal with the long term spending problems. They would rather the next guy do it. In the meantime they want all of us to increase spending with gargantuan budgets that we simply cannot afford.
    If we simply “tax the rich” that will not solve our problem. We need to look at ways to reduce our spending, and tighten our belts. We need to do it now, not 10 years from now.

    1. Darby says:

      MAybe they learned from Pawlenty

  11. LaurenMN says:

    The best way to deal with the debt problem is to raise revenue on the most fortunate. Both the Obama and Dayton’s budgets brought down the deficit years before the GOP or Cantor. In fact, Cantor’s budget didn’t START bringing down the deficit for 10 years out. Obama’s did on the first year.

    I think you’re confused with Reagan who created debt and passed on to Bush papa, who created debt and passed it on to Clinton, who paid off the debt and passed NOTHING on the Bush baby, who created more debt than every president before him added together.

    1. Jake says:

      Ah, no, Clinton didn’t pay off ANY real debt, he only slowed it down after the republicans took over Congress in 1994. He also had a BOOMING economy after the 1991 Gulf War (courtesy of BUSH), and oil was dirt cheap, which allowed automakers to make record profits (they say 10 grand per SUV or full size pickup). But then, he hosed us big time, by signing off on NAFTA, Free trade with China, the 1996 Telecom Act (which set up the BUST, which started almost a YEAR before BUSH II took office, and he FAILED to get Bin Laden, when he had a great chance to take him out. So, do you kneel at the feet of Clinton these days, like some others?

    2. Jake says:

      Clinton was a JOKE of a president, all he did was sell out this country, and line his own pockets. Do you know that he now has a net worth of something like $200 Million, and Hillary adds another $34 Million? For WHAT?? For signing NAFTA, free trade with China, GATT, and the 1996 Telecom Act, which led up to the bust? Are you really that clueless?

    3. Jake says:

      Obama ran record deficits from day one that made Bush look like a penny pincher. What history book did you read from?

  12. Jake says:

    The more that Kessler opens his goofy mouth, the less I like him. He tries to come across as a ‘middle of the road guy’, but he’s NOT. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool, full-fledged liberal. I’ve seen many posters say that they could balance the budget with $34B in revenue, and I could too, and it wouldn’t mean throwing granny in the nearest ditch, either. The productive PRIVATE SECTOR middle class are getting slaughtered, and dayton’s plan does NOTHING to help them. The unproductive, breeding like rabbits types are breaking our financial back. dayton has embarassed this state like no other governor, he even makes jesse look good.

  13. Jake says:

    dayton and obama are playing out the same playbook, and it’s gonna be the reason why they both go down after just one term.

    1. LaurenMN says:

      Jake, care to make a wager on that? I be Dayton and Obama get second terms and the GOP gets thrown out on their ears. So far it’s looking good. Seriously, you can’t believe the money I made when Obama was elected. Republicans were clueless because they only watch FOX so they don’t really know what’s going on in the world. They only know the lies that the right wing corporate agenda wants them to think. It’s really kind of a riot.

      1. Stacy says:

        I will take that bet if when I win you get the hell out of the USA!

        1. DTM says:

          @Stacy..I’ll make the bet with you. You win, I’ll get out of the US. I win, you just get the hell out of Minnesota.

  14. LaurenMN says:

    Jake, wait a minute, is that liberal what Kessler said? You aren’t use to news that reports facts are you. That’s the Fox agenda that is just commentary and no facts. You can’t put a slant on the facts of what each did and said. You just report it. And there is nothing liberal sided about what he said. It’s just what it is. Maybe you think it sounds better for the liberals because you are coming over to our side.

  15. Gagged says:

    Didn’t we see this before…Dayton leaving before the job is done….keep the state shut down…cut spending and cut taxes.

  16. Lucas says:

    The GOP way: Everyday Minnesota workers pay millionaires a billion dollars to build a stadium; CEO pay exceeds If you get sick and need a cure, oops, too bad for you; stem cell research will be stopped. CEO’s and the millionaires will travel the world for the best cure. If the GOP doesn’t get the facts right; call it a gaffe.

  17. Jake says:

    I listen to and read from ALL of the local medai., except for ‘air amerika’. And this is coming from a private sector union guy with over 30 years invested. This so called shutdown is only aggitating those who PAY taxes, and they will not forget what dayton has done. So, how much money DID you make when obama got elected?? I got none. In fact, my union was ready to go out on STRIKE, but cancelled it because they didn’t want to disrupt his DNC crowning in Denver. So how did that HELP ME??

    1. jimmy says:


      “So how did that HELP ME??”

      There it is folks the great conservative whine, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME”

    2. Dayton Sucks says:

      Um, Jake….his DNC crowning happened before he got elected….

  18. Jake says:

    LaurenMN, you should seek out Clinton and kneel at his feet. He is your hero, and he has something to give to you.

    1. LaurenMN says:

      Could you have worked for 30 years and still not have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old. Republicans, I don’t expect much from you, anyway. Shouldn’t you get your guys to negotiate if you want the shut down to end. Dayton has given up almost everything, but will not negotiate services for the poor. That’s fair right? Get your guys to work.

      1. Jake says:

        GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK. Gayton has given up “almost everything”??? Are you for real? HE has given up NOTHING. Tell the POOR to kick out the illegal aliiens, then tell the poor to GET TO WORK. Give up the welfare and start paying taxes, that’s one way to start putting this country back together.

        1. shrugged says:

          Gay slurs too. Hmmm. Wish our ancestors would have said this to your ancestors when they docked. Or are you a Native American? Nope, didn’t think so.

        2. DTM says:

          Wow Jake, you really don’t have much to add – at least nothing intelligent.

          But you’re amusing in a sad way so go to it, little guy.

    2. shrugged says:

      and vulger, wow you are a prize.

  19. Larry M. says:

    Republicans are supposed to be representing all the people of Minnesota, instead they have decided to represent 7000 millionaires. They are also have been cowards, Dayton is waiting for their counter offer and they won’t put any offer on the table. This is a republican shut down they have shown they are not working for the people of Minnesota but only their special interests groups and for their party. They should resign for malfeasance..

    1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      Larry and Lauren, my offer is that you pay my $1million so I can help babies and old ladies. NO? ok, I’ll compromise on half that NO? Well you must hate old aldies and babies. This is just a stupid a Daytons “offer”..

      1. shrugged says:

        Ya just gotta laugh when a steadfast REPUG spouts off with statements like this. Your party is anchored to the religious right, whether you like it or not. “Babies and old ladies” are actually your issue. Anti-abortion—those babies on welfare belong to your party. How ‘bout those Christian tenants of compassion and charity your party’s holy rollers preach—or at least look like they do for an hour on Sunday. Where’s all that? Not all democrats stand with their hands out—they actually practice your party’s preachings without the stranglehold of Jesus. That last bill contained abortion and stem cell bull. I’m certainly proud to not be anchored by either of these ridiculous parties. Try it some time.

    2. Jake says:

      Don’t know what planet YOU live on Larry, but I would guess that REPUBLICANS are supposed to REPRESENT THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THEM, just like the OTHER SIDE. dayton is an idiot. To say that only the GOP has special interests supporting them is the epitome of hypocracy.

      1. shrugged says:

        How about being all up and up with the Pro-Life but not wanting to fund a dime towards Planned Parenthood.
        How about keeping Terry Shaivo alive and loving Grandma until 100 but not wanting to fund Social Security or Medicaid. Grandma stopped working around 60 ya know.
        How about being all for big business but hey, forget about the employee—they just need minimum wage and that doesn’t need to be raised. COLA? Huh?
        I could go on but I think the picture has been painted. Repulicans have failed themselves by swimming in their own hypocrisy. If that’s what you want representing you Jake, say it loud and say it proud.

  20. Sam I am says:

    Simple math: if you have 34.5 billion in revenue you can only spend 34.5 billion. You don’t get to choose and say – gee I want to spend more.

    And I didn’t even need a teleprompter or need to shut the government down to figure that out.

    1. Citizen says:

      Imaginary money, Sam I am. Can you say that? IMAGINARY MONEY. That is how the GOP “balanced” the budget they presented to Dayton. IMAGINARY MONEY that will be dropped on Minnesota by the federal government–NOT! Anyone, but anyone, can balance their budget with IMAGINARY MONEY. Good luck with that concept.

  21. Jake says:

    Stem cell research?? How many support that , outside of the U of M or the Mayo Clinic, who BOTH get TONS of TAX DOLLARS?? The projected revenue for the next two years is about $34 Billion, so that’s what you have to work with DAYTON.. NO MORE. End of story.

    1. shrugged says:

      I bet you think science is the devil dancing, don’t ya Jake?

    2. Stien says:


      Easy buddy! Go to Wisconsin and buy some lottery tickets and a few beers. Who needs stem cell research? Do you live in a cave?

    3. DTM says:

      Jake, many people whose children or family members with horrible diseases/ailments support stem cell research. And, The Mayo get TONS of TAX DOLLARS? Really? I’m sure you can support that bold statement, right?

  22. mat says:

    Isn’t anyone going to hold this guy, dayton, accountable to bringing Minnesota to a screeching halt? This guy, dayton, is totally ridiculous.

  23. Citizen says:

    I say bravo to all the conservative posters on this website. The more you talk, the more you help your hated “liberal” movement. Nothing like giving a party enough rope to hang themselves. Yap, yap, yap. The more you post, the more everyone see what the ReTHUGlicans really stand for. Here is what the Dismal Political Economist has to say about the reality of economics and tax cuts:

    So we need a better name for these tax cuts. Here are some suggestions

    1. The Welfare Plan for Billionaires Tax Cuts- maybe a little too truthful

    2. The Budget Busting Tax Cuts- Good abbreviation, the BBTC

    3. The Helping Campaign Donors Tax Cuts – see point 1 above

    4. The Tax Cuts for People Who Have Everything -Nice marketing ring to it.

    5. The Only Tax Cuts You will Ever Need- Not true, Conservatives have even more tax cuts lined up for billionaires.

    6. The Tax Cuts That Keep On Giving- Well they do, don’t they

    7. The Permanent Temporary Tax Cuts- Well they will be

    8. The non-Job Creating Tax Cuts- Well, where are the jobs?

    The same logic holds true against Republicans and Conservatives who want to blame many of the problems of 2011 on the Clinton Presidency. Foremost among these are the housing crisis, mortgage securities problem and the failures of Government Sponsored Enterprises Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. No Republicans, Democratic President Clinton (and Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson) did not create these problems, these problems were created in the Bush Administration. Once history can look objectively at those years it will confirm that reality.
    Hey, GOP, enjoy those delusions while they last…

    1. RetiredWilliam says:

      Housing Crisis = Barney Frank. Check your facts on how many times Republicans asked for an investigation into the workings for Fannie & Freddie. No worries said old Barney, no worries…………………..Anybody worrying now?

      1. Citizen says:

        @Retired William. Spain has the same financial housing market problems we do, and it didn’t have Barney Frank or Fannie & Freddie. Things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Dig a little deeper.

  24. Ted says:

    The GOP is committing suicide. A recent poll said like twenty percent believes that there should be budget cuts and no new taxes while the rest say they would like budget cuts and taxes on millionaires. Our elected GOP is on the wrong end of the spectrum and will not be seen or heard in 2013. Thank God for that.


    OMG you are all stupid; both sides are not working for us they are only working for themselves. King of the hill, who is the bigger bully, etc. If they really were working for US THE PEOPLE AND I AM TALKING ABOUT BOTH SIDES than this would have been done a long time ago. I don’t care what you say they are BOTH AT FAULT AND YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SEE THAT. Oh wait you are like the politicians you just like to bicker and fight as well you get your kicks out of that so you don’t have to look at the big picture it is easier to blame someone else.


    I have been working all my adult life and I look at the present and the past and you know I see no difference who is in office, what political party. They are not looking out for me they are only looking out for themselves. They talk a good game and they tell us what they think we want to hear, and you know we are so set on believing one over the other that people don’t see they are not working for us anymore but their own agenda.

  27. Stacy says:

    I think Dayton should be arrested for crimes against the state. Throw him in the street and tar and feather him then run him out of the state.

    1. jimmy says:


      I’ll forward your threat against the Governor of MN. to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I’m sure they will love to talk to you.

    2. shrugged says:

      DEM hater + Witch trial antics + tar and feathers = tea bagger
      I’m so proud of you. How’s Michelle?

  28. Give me liberty says:

    Kessler has no credibility and should be ashamed of himself. What a liberal puppet. Get out of journalism is you can’t have objectivity.

    1. dan says:

      He is trying to make up for DFL Don’s retirement

  29. kevin says:

    I would like anyone to give me one good reason that we continue to backroll People that have been on welfare for years. Just give me honest answers. Oh, and don’t forget the ones that are second and third generation welfare adicts.

  30. Bob says:

    Medicated Mark is an embarrassment to the entire State. Honestly the people who voted for him should be ashamed. I really don’t see how anyone can think his childish behavior is anything but that. How can you cheer him on? Get to work you big baby.

  31. sporty007 says:

    You know this blame game is really getting old – neither party has ever had our best interest at heart the only people either party cares about is the special interest group which is funding there campaign at any given time. Just taxing the rich isn’t going to magically fix all of our problems – we also need to seriously cut spending and it isn’t going to matter what gets cut because people will be whining. There is no “instant” fix for this problem.

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