Since the day after the All-Star game is typically the most boring sports day of the year, I’m putting out a plea to help out a fellow Twins fan.

The fan’s me. I need help converting my girlfriend from a Chicago White Sox fan to a Twins fan.

A couple weekends ago my GF, Coley, and I entered a video contest sponsored by Sears Auto Center to go on an ultimate baseball road trip this summer. A week later we were notified that we are one of 10 finalists!

Now here’s how YOU can help:

Go to

Scroll down and watch our video. If you like it, please vote for us! We’re “Team Petey and Coley.” The top two finalists with the most votes get to go on their road trip.

Our trip would start at Target Field watching the Twins beat the White Sox. After that we’d head to Chicago to go see a CUBS game. Our last stop would be in Cleveland to see the Twins play the Indians.

If we win, we’d get to compete against the other winning team by producing videos along the way. Those videos will be voted on and the winners get extra baseball prizes along the way.

To vote you just need to provide an email address and create a log in password. You can vote once a day!

Please help a Twins fan out!

Vote for Team Petey and Coley!

Comments (9)
  1. Jodi Curson says:

    Go Coley and Petey!! Great to see your story on the news! Good luck!

  2. Familyguy says:

    Better yet. Help a family that is struggling go on a vacation with their children. Vote Traveln Whitneys. Please

    1. jamie moses-hafler says:

      i have three wonderful children and the best vacation is a staycation! let someone without rugrats enjoy life while they still can.

  3. Familyguy says:

    Are you joking? You think its better to keep your kids home then go see three baseball games in three different cities. That is sad. These young people can easily afford to take themselves on a vacation. I have to pay for a family of four, but my family loves enjoying time with each other exploring america. WE just need your help.

    1. g_marchand says:

      @Familyguy– Sorry about your money problems… Two words: imagination vacation!

  4. Sarah F. says:

    Maybe that girls a poor college student, havent you ever heard of school loans? Give em a break!

  5. phil bayly says:

    don’t do it coley! the white sox rule! ok, the twins beat them like a rented mule. but someday that will change! someday dunn will hit something besides another strikeout record! white sox rule!

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