ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered a 90-day suspension for a lawyer who was arrested in a Winona courtroom for possession of cocaine.

Chuck Ramsay of New Brighton was charged with cocaine possession in January 2009 after exhibiting unusual behavior at the courthouse while defending Jack Willis Nissalke.

Last year, he was sentenced to two days in jail, 10 years probation, a $2,500 fine and community service. Court documents indicate he has also gone through treatment for chemical dependency.

Justice Alan Page dissented, arguing that a 90-day suspension didn’t reflect the harm Ramsay caused nor would it deter similar acts in the future.

Ramsay was arrested while defending Nissalke on charges of terroristic threats related to the investigation of a homicide in 1985. Nissalke was later convicted of murder.

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Comments (17)
  1. Equal Opportunity says:

    Did Allan Page reflect similar dissent on past court decisions for the parallel behaviors of his friend and ex team mate Carl Eller?

    1. Alfred says:

      Carl Eller’s case never went to the state supreme court you idiot.

      A couple a Minneapolis cops picked the wrong man to f*** with. The system protected them and prosecuted Carl for defending himself.

      1. Equal Opportunity says:

        Alfred, not sure why you called me an idiot? Said nothing about a formal decision. Hmmm.
        Hope your impulse control is better tomorrow. I bet your girlfriend will be back home before morning… It will be ok dear.

      2. Mellow Yellow says:

        Yo Alfred, the $$ checks will start up again soon. Bro Dayton signed something today. Mellow out man.

  2. trl the alligator says:

    so did Page think the punishment was too harsh or not harsh enough?.

    1. Alfred says:

      He didn’t think it was harsh enough.

      1. Michael Clark says:

        And I agree with him on that; it WASN’T harsh enough

      2. Norf says:

        BS, he said it was too harsh goof. Right before he went to play golf.

  3. GN says:

    It is obvious the individual is a government employee. Slap on the wrist and here is your pay raise. Dump the fool.

    1. right on says:

      Incorrect. He’s a private practice criminal defense attorney.

    2. em0886 says:

      He would get retainer fees and only paid if he wins the case, there are billable hours of course but it’s not like he gets paid from the state…he’s not a public defender.

  4. Roxanne Green says:

    Know if that was you are me. will we would been in jail waiting trail. 2dys wasnt long enough. and he should be a lawyer any more. like GN said it just a slap on the waist. . and there goes are taxes.

    1. christiandemocrat says:

      If someone is in posession of a controlled substance, you could receive 10 years. Again, we take bribes over time. Money talks. Continue to pay everyone off so you can get off. The rich don’t have to live by “you do the crime, you do the time” Paris Hilton has been caught 3 times with coke. Anyone else is 3 strike rule. Mommy and Daddy padded everyones pockets, so their baby could have a life, but us poor folk get life.(behind bars)

      1. Cocadial says:

        Coke is not a crime, it’s fiddy cent a can. Coc on the other hand is.

      2. em0886 says:

        It first of all depends on the amount for the possesion…different amounts carry different sentence lengths…for anyone for a first time possession charge if it’s small enough they always try treatment first and probation. Second of all this is Minnesota and not California…we do not have a three strike rule in this state. However I think that we should and it would only apply to felonies….his possession would have been a misdemeanor. I understand the frustration with the situation and I beileve that he should be suspended much longer from practicing law…at the same time though sometimes the best people to work in the field are those that have been through similar situations. “Poor folk” do not just get life for no reason.

      3. em0886 says:

        10 years….you rarely hear of that…it would need to be a second or first degree possession, plus if they have been in jail while waiting for their trial they get credit for time already served plus good time while they are in prison.

  5. GOPSUX says:

    Another republican hard at work.

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