ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A 36-year-old Forest Lake woman has pleaded guilty to stealing from the mail over a 10-month period, according to the United States Attorney’s Office.

In federal court in St. Paul Thursday, Christina M. Steiner was sentenced to three months of home confinement, 200 hours of community service, a letter of apology to the U.S. Postal Service and her other victims, and restitution in the amount stolen.

According to Steiner’s indictment, between December of 2009 and September 18, 2010, Steiner stole between $600 and $800 in cash and gift cards from the mail entrusted to her as an employee of the Forest Lake Post Office.

Steiner resigned from her job on April 26, 2011.

This case was the result of an investigation by the USPS-Office of Inspector General.

Comments (14)
  1. HooDatIS? says:

    she should be slapped in the face with a bag of nickels until she bleeds

  2. Matt says:

    She should pay back the 10 months of pay too

  3. Ronald Raygun says:

    Another republican hard at work.

    1. Jim Saporito says:

      What is a “postal service”?

  4. Ronald Raygun says:

    Another liberal hard at work.

  5. Daryl says:

    Sounds like a quality person.

  6. Going Postal says:

    Is it true that due to Public Union Employee rules we have to pay her $32,000 a year for the rest of her life for her pension. Plus all medical benefits for her and her family.

  7. shrugged says:

    Hey, at least we don’t have to feed, shelter, and clothe her in our prison system. Saves us a little dough. And Going Postal, why wouldn’t those rules of compensation of 32,000 be retracted for this? This is a felony, is it not? Shouldn’t she be dropped completely from her job and any life-time pension? Huh?

  8. Robbed says:

    All of my visa reward gift cards were stolen, I saved enough points for $250.00 in visa cards for x-mas ordered five and never received them. They never found them and never found who was responsible I guess I know now!! Oh wait I lived in Lakeville must have been another corrupt postal worker!!

  9. St Paul says:

    We live in St Paul Midway area. We have the best postal worker ever!! He always smiles, is courteous, never loses our evnelopes on the side of the steps like past workers have, and he was a Marine!! Wonderful guy!!! Oh and we don’t get other folks mail either!!

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