MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man involved in a drive-by shooting that left an innocent 12-year-old girl paralyzed will learn his punishment Friday.

Marlon Lozano-Montano, 18, pleaded guilty earlier this month to assault in the first degree for the benefit of a gang.

In November 2010, Lozano-Montano, who was then 17, was in a car containing three gang members, one of which shot at a group of people as the car drove by.

A bullet missed the group, but hit 13-year-old Guadalupe Hernandez, then 12 years old, while she was standing outside of a friend’s home on the 3400 block of Chicago Avenue South.

Guadalupe was hit in the neck and remains paralyzed.

Prosecutors said Lozano-Montano believed the people near Guadalupe were in a gang because they were wearing “baggy clothes.”

WCCO-TV has followed Guadalupe’s health since the shooting. Some stories with more information on her can he seen here.

Sentencing for Lozano-Montano will start at 1:30 p.m.

Comments (22)
  1. whatspoliticsgottodowiththis? says:

    so this is what politics have become huh? Makes me Proud of the American political system and how successful it’s become.

  2. Lynn Swon says:

    Good, hang the as*ho%$ for his ignorrance! It’s just very sad that this had to happen to an innocent little girl, and now her life will forever be changed. Gang bangers are cowardly losers that need to stop hurting innocent people with their senseless violence!!!!

  3. He's in a mess of trouble says:

    just send him to Marcus Bachmann’s clinic. They will heal him and make him change through prayers.
    They accept Medicare/Medicaid and any other form of taxpayer payment too. 😉

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Take him out back…….

  5. Diversity Training says:

    Aint diversity grand? Illegal Mexican gang member shoots an anchor baby….so now WE get to pay for the gang member in jail…..and the little girl will require medical assistance the rest of her life…….this whole diversity thing…you know sanctuary city thing is great…….

    1. Where is the love? says:

      Diversity is an amazing thing. I’m sure if you only read about White people killing and shooting one another everyday, you would get sick of your own kind. So embrace it.

      1. Kevin says:

        I cant embrace it….I am busy reloading…..

      2. Paul says:

        What are you stupid! Who are you trying to impress? “Diversity is an amazing thing.” Oh lord!! lol

  6. Ivan says:

    Hey “Diversity Training” and some of the rest of you, the article says nothing about the status of either of them. But I see how quick you are to assume they are not here leaglly. The evil here is the gangs, how sad the police anti-gang task force was so corrupt! We need real leadership from our police departments.

    1. Kevin says:

      Sorry Ivan…but if you followed this case…it was reported that he is an illgeal and the young ladies mother has been here 7 years illegallly and does not speak english…..No race card….just the facts….

  7. coolbreeze says:

    Maybe if these Mexican criminals were better shots, we would have a better kill ratio. To all you illegal types, learn how to aim, hold your breath and squeeze the trigger. When mowing down other dirtballs, think quality and not quantity.

  8. Jim Saporito says:

    You have to give them credit. They don’t do this in neighborhoods where the news anchors live, or where the doctors and lawyers live, or where the local politicians live. They know if they did, somehow, magically, something could be done about it.

  9. Justme... says:

    Man, he’s an ugly one…. I agree with the previous poster, take him out back behind the shed.

  10. factdealer says:

    I say paralyze him and dump him on the street, lets see him try to survive, prison is to good for some criminals, and for the record if you have a clue about this story I believe the girl was an illegal.

  11. Ifonly says:

    If im ever given only week to live, I will take 4 guns to the ghetto and walk around at 1am with a white hood on, and every banana peeler that speaks to me will be shot.

  12. trl the alligator says:

    another illegal alien comes to “the sanctuary city” thanks to Ryback and now an innocent girl is forever changed by a bullet……THIS is a predictable scenario when fools like the Mayor of Mpls give safe haven to criminals and encourage them to come here and then they commit crimes and suck off the welfare system and all the other human resources US TAXPAYERS pay for….ithis most likely WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if our officials addressed illegals as the criminals THAT THEY ARE and took a proactive stance and had these people arrested and deported as soon as they were ascertained to be illegal. Mayor Ryback bears much responsibility for WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS INNOCENT GIRL and ALL the crime perpetrated by people who should NOT BE HERE yet are allowed to be and actually encouraged to be……THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS… hope this POS gets 40 years in prison…..we NEED the death penalty in Minnesota…….WE ALSO NEED TO BE RID OF RYBACK and his harmful ways.

  13. Lower Middle Class man says:

    No matter what sentence they give this POS – Its far less than he would have received from me. had this been one of my family Members. He would be praying for a long Jail sentence!!!!

  14. Jack MeHoff says:

    Make him an organ donor and once you have everything you can use out of him, discard him out back.

    1. Jack Noff says:

      You would take his organ

  15. RetroDude says:

    Dirtbags shooting dirtbags. It’s sort of poetic justice. Now, if someone would shoot Lozano-Montano we’d be good to go on this one.

  16. Jake says:

    With animals like this, the only answer is to fight fire with fire. That is all that they understand. After these types have been ‘nuked’, then you can start to rebuild society with some useful purpose. It’s been proven time after time.

  17. Jake says:

    Nice mug shot. He could win first place at the next Halloween contest, and he doesn’t even need a mask or makeup.

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