MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Motocross racing fans will gather in Millville, Minn., Saturday night to watch a Minnesota star at the top of his game during Lucas Oil Motocross Championship .

Ryan Dungey has reached the pinnacle of his sport. Last year, the then 20-year-old from Belle Plaine, Minn., made a historic splash in his inaugural year of racing, becoming the first rookie to ever win the premier Supercross and Motocross titles.

Dungey grew up on a dirt bike, and he has been riding since he was five years old.

“My dad got me into [motocross],” Dungey said. “He did it growing up as a kid, so when my brothers and I were born, he got us a bike and it just kind of went from there.”

Getting to the top of the motocross mountain is hard enough, but Dungey knows that staying on the summit is even harder.

“That’s the hardest part, you know, staying there,” Dungey said. “It’s a combination of challenges, but it’s a great opportunity to prove a lot.”

Since becoming a motocross star, Dungey’s career has made him relocate to Florida, where the tropical weather lets him train all year around.

Despite the move, Dungey remains a Minnesotan at heart. He still loves the Twins and the Vikings, but he knows where he needs to be in order to grow as a motocross racer.

“It’s a 24/7, you know,” Dungey said. “If we are not riding, we’re resting.”

Dungey said when he’s not on his dirt bike, he works out by running and riding his bicycle.

  1. MXRacer says:

    Should have been at the track!! The race took place during the day on Saturday btw…

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