MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The heat and humidity have taken a toll on our Minnesota roads. The left two lanes of westbound Interstate 94 at Lowry Avenue and the left two lanes of eastbound I-94 at 49th Avenue in Minneapolis are closed due to pavement buckling.

Minnesota Department of Transportation officials are on the scene, assessing the severity of the pavement failures but there is no estimate for how long the road will need to be closed.

Motorists should avoid the area, if possible.

MnDOT was also on the scene of road buckling east of the metro. The Minnesota State Patrol spokesperson tweeted the pavement had buckled on westbound I-94 near the St. Croix rest area. The left and middle lanes were closed while repairs were being made but they are back open.

To make matters worse, due to the government shutdown, MnDOT is under minimal staffing. They anticipate longer response times for the repairs.

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  1. A Mpls Resident says:

    Thats just fantastic!

  2. Reasonable says:

    But Jason Lewis told me that global warming is a farce?

    Seriously though, isn’t this like the 5th this has happened in the last two months?

  3. bpk says:

    We should have our elected officials out to fix it. There already being paid and not doing anything.

    1. kieron says:

      Comment win! Syntax fail!

  4. Tom says:

    there are 200 critical DOT employees working you mean they can’t get this fixed?

    1. WE says:

      there are 50critical dot employees out there.

  5. I was really hoping this photo would be more shocking…

  6. Matt says:

    “To make matters worse, due to the government shutdown, MnDOT is under minimal staffing. They anticipate longer response times for the repairs. ”

    This comment is false. MNDOT has not laid off critical and emergancy repair crews due to the shut down. This was made clear at the start of the shut down that emergancy repair crews were NOT effected by the shut down. Please leave “shock value” comments out of reporting and report FACTS!

    Lastly, these blow outs happen EVERY year people, to say that they are over the top this year is crazy talk. The last few summers have been below normal temps so they haven’t happened as much, so were a little use to not seeing them. BUT, they happen all the time, nothing new to see here people, stop shaking your hands in the air claiming global warming is going to doom us all by blowing up our streets and hi-ways.

    1. Write On and On and On says:

      Do you also talk forever and say nothing?

      1. Matt says:

        I think you are the one saying nothing…. Seriously, can one not put together a response to someones comment without attacking one personally? I challenge you to dispute my comments WOaOaO, you know I am right, the artical is wrong, and I callenge you to state otherwise.

  7. Ryan says:

    Sitting in the traffic jam right now. Horrible!

    1. Dee says:

      I hope you are NOT driving while texting/using your computer…

      1. Ryan says:

        Don’t worry Dee, the modem is sitting safely on the floor near the glove box and the keyboard is on the dash with duct tape. I have the monitor hung from where the mirror used to be. It’s only a 14 inch CRT so there’s plenty of visibility.

        By the way, you’re not the fattie named Dee from St. Paul are you?

        1. Dee says:

          Well Ryan, I am from St. Paul but I’m just big boned. I think we’ve met at the feedbag chow fest last summer.