AIKEN, S.C. (AP) — ABC News says a reporter trying to question GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was pushed and shoved by members of her camp after a campaign event in South Carolina.

Network news senior vice president Jeffrey Schneider said reporter Brian Ross was shoved Tuesday as security tried to block him from the Minnesota congresswoman while he asked whether she had to miss votes because of migraines. Schneider said Ross has been a victim of worse violence but added no reporter should be roughed up pursuing a story.

A spokeswoman for Bachmann did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

An online news site claimed Monday that Bachmann was reportedly sidelined by headaches. Bachmann says her symptoms are controlled with medication and have not gotten in the way of her political work.

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Comments (65)
  1. Jack Noff says:

    Ok, the funs over.

  2. Yasser U Betcha says:

    hahaha – Ol Michie will soon learn that just because the maroons in her district elected her twice while turning a blind eye to her idiosyncrasies, does not mean the rest of the country will. Just because our homegrown press never pursued her with the hard questions, doesn’t mean the national press and bloggers won’t.

    Even her Pastor asked her to leave the church for fear that she will bring unwanted press to it and find out something.

    *rolling eyes* not the kind of publicity MN needs, but as you say in that state “Could be worse, ya’know”

    1. gmadden says:

      And so one of the “hard” questions is the issue of her migraines and how this has affected her voting? At least I would assume this is what you mean based on the story and your response.
      I do not agree with her politics but I also do not agree with the use of contempt against those with whom I do not share a consensus.

      1. Ankle Biting Chihuahua says:

        You have obviously never listened to Michele speak.

    2. Gus says:

      Gee, I cannot think of another candidate that had church problems, can you?

      1. Tom says:

        @ Gus: Let me try and answer that question. That was with Obama and Rev Wright. But the team of McCain and that nut Rev Hagee got a pass. So when Bachmanns pastor asks her to quit the church that says alot.

        1. Obumbles Fumbles on the Budget says:

          Obama and the crazy hater Rev Wright are similar to Bachmann. Sure. You keep kidding yourself.

          So, how many days does it take Obama to do a budget? Or, is it true that he doesn’t have a grasp of even the most simple “economic” tools that he’s incapable of doing a budget. 800 days and counting? Really? Good leadership. Not.

          Yah Sure, you betcha.

          1. me says:

            Well, at least Obama didn’t fill the family coffers by fostering kids and receiving farm subsidies.

    3. Bachmann Rocks! says:

      Go Bachmann! We love you.

      1. Larry says:

        Hehehe they are stooping low now. You must be scaring them now Michelle. Go girl! God Bless you!

        1. The Architect says:

          Finding fault after fault and skeletons in the closet of a political candidate with no brains does not amount to anyone “being scared” Larry.

          I classify your comment under the heading of “People who just don’t know what they’re talking about.”

      2. Rocks in her head says:

        Yes, Michele, you go, go far away.

  3. See BS says:

    Greedy and fascist Media Corporations are doing everything they can to discredit Michelle Bachmann.

    GOP is always up against huge media corporations when they run for office.

    1. Mike says:

      And which President of the United States met radio talk show hosts in the White House? That answer is George Bush and he met with right wing, conservative talk show hosts on more than one occasion. What is one of the unequivocal defining components of fascism in regards to the media? Controlling Mass Media. especially in war time. Remember all those calls to patriotism and if you were critical of the policy, you were considered not anti American? Remember who started that call and who reinforced it? George W. Bush and the right wing media. Their is you fascism a-hole.
      Corporate driven media is anything, but progressive or liberal. The only thing the media is guilty of is shining a spot light on Michelle and it appears the heat is starting to fray her at the seems.

      1. See BS says:

        Liberal media corporations are the only Fascists in this country. Fox News just broke their corporate monopoly on public opinion.

        Michelle Bachmann is the epitome of an “American Girl” and she wants to debate Obama without a TelePrompTer.

        1. MB Lover says:

          Michelle is hot!

          1. Old Spice says:

            Everyone in Minnesota is hot these days, and they smell like it too.

        2. me says:

          Debaters don’t use teleprompters. That’s why they’re called debates and not speeches.

          1. See BS says:

            Debates on evil corporate run media stations come across scripted to me.

            Media Corporations and their greedy and evil shareholder will never allow a Presidentual debate to happen at a State Fair — with the media on the sidelines.

            Why not have a debate in a public place, and allow the public to ask questions?

        3. The Architect says:

          She’s not like any “American Girl” I would ever bring around my American Family.

      2. Fire the CEO now says:

        Whatever. Republicans, Democrats. Both parties are not showing leadership.

        However, our current President has not done a simple budget. He’s borrowing trillions of dollars each year to pay for stuff we just can’t afford.

        This is a leadership problem, not a party problem. The President/CEO needs to go so we can get some true leadership to get our country back in order.

        1. Obama Madoff with Social Security says:

          On top of that, there is no Social Security trust fund. it’s a house of cards just like Madoff — who went to jail. Slow down the payments going in and it collapses. I sure how there isn’t a bunch of people ready to retire soon!

    2. King says:

      Yea like Fox news *

      1. See BS says:

        So one 10 year old cable news station is suppose to be the same as 3 50-60 year old Major network Television Corporations, thousands of local affiliates (including Newspapers and magazines, dozens of major Hollywood companies, Public Radio and Television?

        There is no reason why our whole Election Process has to be run by greedy corporations.

        At least MPR should let minor party candidates ask a few questions at their State Fair (Major party only) debates in front of the public.

  4. Norge says:

    Next time puch ’em in the mouth…see how well they can ask questions after that! These jerks assault people all the time with their mics, time to start punching back. NO MERCY for the lame -stream media!

    1. Shawn says:

      That makes sense. Idiot.

    2. Ted says:

      Norge, how would you know? Or are you just blowing stinky air?

    3. Jake says:

      I agree with Norge, especially since this idiot Ross asks a stupid question about Michelle that’s really NOBODY’S FRIGGING BUSINESS. Being a reporter doesn’t give you the right to be a bully. I don’t recall this idiot Ross asking googley-eyed dayton about his meds (which I would be much more concerned about) when he ran for gov last fall.

      1. Tom says:

        @ Jake: When you are running for President it becomes everybody’s business! So now you are saying putting a mic up to a persons face so that they can answer a question makes that reporter a bully? That is a stretch. If you don’t want your nutty pride and joy Bachmann to be hounded and asked questions then I would suggest to you to have her drop out of the race.

      2. smb says:

        So finding out if she missed votes based on migraines is nobody’s business?
        Personally I think that is our business. She can barely do the job she has. Actually she isn’t doing the job she has, she has missed 9 of the 15 votes on the economy.

      3. The Architect says:

        When did asking a question become “being a bully”?

        What other questions should be off-limits because they’re “nobody’s frigging business”?

    4. Tom says:

      @ Norge

      Have you actually seen a reporter hit people with their mic? Or do you just consider a reporter putting mic in front of someone asing a question an assault? So then basically you are saying then the next time a reporter from FOX news puts a mic in front of someones face from the Dems side then that dem has the right to deck the FOX reporter?

  5. Jay L. says:

    Good times. I can’t wait to watch this woman squirm and wiggle like the snake she really is. I hope they drag her husband and her through the mud until they end up getting divorced because it’s caused so much stress. She is nothing but nasty, cold, and she deserves everything in return that she is giving out. I hope that she ends up meeting her match in this election and it ruins her political career. Old ladies like her who come from trailer parks need to put the smock back on and get back to work at the Pik-N-Save or Big Gals Pay Less.

    1. The Architect says:

      @ Jay


  6. Kevin says:

    I love the liberal media…….any strong conservitive woman….Attack! Attack! Attack!!!

    1. The Jig Is Up says:

      Kinda like the relentless attacks on Hilary, no?

      1. frozenrunner says:

        The attacks on Hillary are justified. My gosh you can’t have a woman who can speak without misspeaking.

    2. me says:

      Bachmann is not a strong, conservative woman. Kay Bailey Hutchinson is. Olympia Snowe is. Bachmann is not fit to serve them coffee.

    3. The Architect says:

      What strong conservative women are you referring to exactly? I can’t think of any.

  7. Barry O. says:

    I am afraid of Michele, let’s discredit her now!!!!

  8. Montana says:

    You know what this current crowd of GOP liars want is to turn the United Sates into China, where only a few giant corporations run things, they own the factories, the apartments, the grocery stores, the gas stations, the newspaper and magazine publications, the radio stations, the television stations and you pay them and they get all the benefits, and if you do not like it go jump off cliff. Well some Chinese workers seeing that as individuals that they cannot progress have done just that by committing suicide.

    The current crowd of GOP liars want to steal Medicare from the elderly, they want to abolish a woman’s right to choose and have control over her own body, they want to abolish collective bargaining rights for our Unions, and on top of it all they want to blame the poor, the middle class and the public sector workers for a recession that the GOP created (Thanks to the Dullard “W”), while their beloved “Fat cats” continue to pay themselves exorbitant salaries, bonuses, fringe benefits.

    The GOP is like the “Chicken Littles” always saying that the “Sky is Falling”, like the same ones that were the “Chicken Hawks” (“W” Wars), big talk no courage.

    The United States, favors creativity wherever it can be found. We’re apostles of prosperity and defenders of the free exchange of ideas and when more people in more countries are free to rise, to invent, to communicate, to dissent, it’s not the doom of United States leadership, its the triumph of the American way.

    Generations have worked hard and sacrificed much for the country to reach this point (individuals and our Unions!), and with further hard work and sacrifice (along with our relentless self-doubt) the United States will rise again, we do not tire and we are coming back, no matter what Faux News and their GOP “Chicken Littles” lackies keep saying about our nation. Never Bet Against the United States, watch out GOP, we are coming for you! The win in New York was the beginning but the next will be Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and later the other states of our nation.

    Bill Maher, nails it!

    1. Lou says:

      I am sorry, but hard work and liberals do not mix.
      Funny this article mentions hard work, where is the part about free handouts?
      The liberals won’t be happy until everyone receives a free hand out, our national debt is so large that we don’t turn into China, China owns us, thus we become China.

      1. Tom says:

        @ Lou

        Would consider tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires a hand out?

        You average liberal works just as hard as average conservative!

        And your party the GOP put us back in debt from 2000 -2006!


          Yeah! Blame it on Bush. That’s right. Obama’s budget is reigning in the debt.

          I remember a show called the “6 million dollar man”.

          Now we have a “6 TRILLION DOLLAR PRESIDENT”.

          1. me says:

            Dude, seriously? Do you know that Bush wasn’t including his little wars in his budget?

            1. Tom says:

              @ me

              That is how the conervatives work if REAL history doesn’t make them look good then they just make up their own history to make themselves look great!

              And when you have these conservatives posting on how smart and intelligent and great Bachmann is it doesn’t say much for their intelligence!

              And if these conservatives would actually google everything that Bachmann has said so far and how much of it has turned out not to be true and how much of hyprocrit she has turned out to be it might give these conservatives a headache also.

      2. Liberals are Jet Haters says:

        Yeah. It’s all the fault of the people owning corporate jets!

      3. GOP backers are blind says:

        # Lou. Can you really be that ignorant of other people. Liberals and hard work do not mix. Are you really that hateful of a person? Or just so stupid about the world?

        1. Citizen says:

          I would pencil in “all of the above” on the scantron sheet for Lou.

    2. See BS says:

      I can make a funnier skit about the host in this clip. He’s just hiding in the safety of his corporate studio.

      Sorry, but when I watch reality shows on the east coast, it’s pretty easy to laugh at the Deebags in his “small” audience.

  9. drts says:

    And so the meltdown begins.

  10. Thomas Schneider says:

    The liberal press needs to be punched, I wouldn’t waste the energy on a little push. Of course we know the press are like politititions and lie all the time. So next time Michele punch them.

    1. Shawn M says:

      What? Are you paying any attention at all to what you are writing on here? Perhaps spell check or some common sense would be in order. Good grief. Its clowns like you that get clowns like Bachmann elected in the first place.

      1. Darby says:

        Yes the people are that hateful. Without the fear of reprisal, the true self of the right wing shows through on this board. Hateful, mean, disparaging, and hypocritical.shine through for all to see.

  11. sux tob lib says:

    The liberals are scared of her because she could be the FIRST presidential woman in history… and could gain a lot of women votes.

    And she’s hot too!

    1. The Architect says:


      Hot in what way exactly?

      What are you specifically saying is so “hot” about her?

      I think you need to rethink your standards on what constitutes a female…

    2. Citizen says:

      Yes, this populist is terrified of MB–truly terrified that she thinks she is presidential material. That alone supports the theory that she is delusional. I’ve known vegetables that have more brains than she does.

      1. Citizen says:

        I think Iowans like MB because she reminds them of an ear of corn–except for the part about corn being a genetically engineered hybrid. MB’s corn couldn’t be that…

    3. smb says:

      What is it with everyone saying she’s hot? For one thing her looks should have nothing to do with her electability, her intelligence should. Unfortunately she has very little of that to speak of.
      And secondly, are you people kidding? I guess stupidity and bigotry are sexy to conservative men because obviously it has nothing to do with looks.

      Also, as a woman I’m offended that I’m expected to vote for her just because she’s a woman. She would set back women’s rights by centuries.
      Lastly, as a liberal, I’m more scared of the people who would actually vote for her.

      1. The Architect says:

        “What is it with everyone saying she’s hot?”

        I’m wondering what they’re seeing that I’m not seeing. She doesn’t have any of the qualities I would require in order to judge a woman as “hot.”

  12. Snickering up North says:

    Everyone is hot right now, what is your point? Michelle doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hades right now.
    When you’re running for Prez, you are in the spotlight, privacy is a thing of the past.
    She can’t expect special treatment because she is a woman or has migraines.
    Do men get special treatment when they are on ED meds, or Prep H? Nope.
    Privacy is gone. Answer the questions Michelle.

  13. JoeyJoJo says:

    Maybe she and her husband could pray the headaches away.

  14. sailstoo says:

    Michelle Bachwards is a carrier. She’s been giving Minnesota migraines for years.

  15. sailstoo says:

    To the baggers, this is a hot chick. Says a lot.

  16. Ethel says:

    Hey, maybe she can “pray the migraines away”, I mean, if they can “Pray the Gay Away”, why not migraines? Right

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